Summer Holiday Activity Sheet in Harrogate

It’s back!

The Summer Holiday Activity Sheet in Harrogate has been refreshed with some new things to do and it’s now available to download!

If you want a simple plan for the summer, with a good mix of free, paid for and at home options then just download our summer holiday activity sheet by clicking on this link Summer Activity Ideas Sheet Harrogate Mumbler

You can see it below – we have one all filled out for you (with a few spaces for you to add in your favourite things) and also a blank version so you can plan your own fun summer.

The idea is to print it out, stick it on the fridge and complete all the activities, colouring them in as you go!

Whatever you do, I hope you and the mini mumblers have fun and make the most of our wonderful town at this time of year.

We’d love to see what you get up to so please send us in any photos of you and the Mini Mumblers completing any of these activities and we’ll add them to our Insta page!  Email us on [email protected]

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