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The 8 luxury  chalet style mobile homes at Votre Vacances bridge the gap between the traditional mobile home holiday, and the boutique hotel experience. They combine customer service and the real personal touch, with complimentary luxury touches including hand wash and lotion, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, as well as  tea and coffee supplies; whilst still maintaining the ideal of creating a family holiday where memories are made, and talked about for years to come!

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Votre Vacances provides 8 chalet style mobile homes, in the old orchard of Chateau La Foret.  The 19th Century Chateau at the centre of the park, stands on the spot of a medieval fortress, and evidence of the Chateau’s past can be found everywhere, from the bar and games room that are housed in what was the old stable, to the restaurant and massage rooms located in several of the original farm buildings including kennel and pigsty’s.

The buildings of Chateau La Foret may be from a fairy tale land of Prince and Princess, but the facilities are well and truly of this century, including swimming pools, a tennis court in the old walled garden, bouncy castle, mini-farm and mini-golf in the courtyard, Lakeside Café (which serves incredible Crepes!), and one of its most unique attractions, Le Grand Defi, an action adventure course with zip-wire obstacle course, paintballing and laser tag.

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It would be easy to spend the duration of your holiday at the Chateau, but you’d be missing out on all the Vendee (a region often overlooked) has to offer.

The Vendee itself is situated on the West coast of France, just below Brittany, and just above La Rochelle, and as such makes it an easy region to get to, especially if you have little ones, as there are several airports nearby including Nantes and La Rochelle with regular flights from the UK, as well as ferries to Le Havre, Caen, St Malo and Roscoff, from Plymouth and Portsmouth with Brittany Ferries.

The Vendee is known as the region where the Atlantic meets pine forests, and lush salt marshes, as well as having a micro-climate similar to the Riviera; and offers over 250km of coastline- with a large sandy stretch only a 15 minute drive from Chateau La Foret, as well as 900km of cycle paths and routes that stretch the length and breadth of the region.
We would love for you to come and explore a new destination, whilst enjoying the freedom of a traditional camping holiday, accompanied by the facilities of a boutique hotel, with an historic backdrop.

If you would like to experience a truly family friendly holiday in one of Votre Vacance’s luxury boutique style static caravans then make sure to mention “Mumbler” when booking for the best rates on your  holiday.

For more information or to book you can visit the website

Harrogate Ladies’ College is a school providing an all-round, high quality academic education for girls and boys between the ages of 2 and 11 and for girls only between the ages of 11 and 18.

The College, or HLC as it is usually known, is made up of two constituent parts:

Highfield, our junior school or prep and Highfield pre-prep department for girls and boys aged 2-11;
College, our girls’ only 11-18 section which is a girls’ boarding/day school.


We would be delighted to welcome you to an Open Morning so that we can introduce you to our excellent family of schools. To reserve a place please contact our Events Team :
Email :
Tel : 01423 537045


If you would like to visit one of our schools, but can’t make the Open Morning, we would be happy to arrange a personal visit for you instead. To organise a personal visit or to request additional information about one of our schools, please contact our Events Team on 01423 537045 or email


Edie field 300x200Days out over the summer are such fun if you are lucky enough get the opportunity to spend some time with your children. Often parents worry about the cost as the school summer holidays tend to be around six weeks or longer so it certainly starts to add up once you’ve enjoyed a few days out at some of the amazing places that we have on our doorstep here in Yorkshire. If you are looking for some ideas for days out or activities with little/ big ones this summer which are either free or cost only a small amount of money then read on ?

Days Out
Homestead park and Rowntrees park in York have huge play areas plus paths to cycle around or spaces to play football or just run around and feed the ducks. Local parks around York/ North Yorks are great such as Riccall.
Another idea is to head to Skipwith common or Wheldrake woods as they are great for balance bikes/ scooters/ den building etc.
child-1226954_1920Valley gardens in Harrogate or the one in Knaresborough have a paddling pool for free and play areas. East Park in Hull is similar too. Go strawberry/ fruit picking! Go for a bike ride somewhere you haven’t been before. Head over to the seaside to Fraisthorpe beach or maybe Filey for lots of space to run around with a ball. Cycle around the cycle paths in York from Murton to the hospital. Put a bike seat on your bike or trailer although a trailer isn’t as easy to manoeuvre through the barriers! Cycling from York to Selby and back for a day out is fun with older children and there’s plenty of areas to stop on the way and picnic or play. Allerthorpe country park is very cheap to get in and has a play area, animals, a walk, sand pit etc plus a cafe. York maze has a season pass which is a good price and you can go as often as you like. We used it sometimes for just the odd hour as there are so many different things to do. So worth the money. Check out the ‘Days Out‘ section here for more ideas.

Rainy Days – getting out
If it’s wet weather then head to the outdoor play area at the designer outlet at York. The National rail museum in York is free and you can take your own picnic too.  Make going shopping more fun for older ones say to ikea, give them challenges to find the most expensive item they can, order five different items in price from lowest to highest etc. Hire out books from the library. Over the summer most libraries do a reading competition to read a certain number of books. Children normally get a free pack and free certificate once completed. Free to join the library too.
Copyright_Nik_Pickard_2013-337Days at Home
You can do plenty of things at home that don’t cost much money. Here is a summer holiday list for you to work though…


  • Painting outside with just a brush and water (little ones love that).
  • Helping in the garden, collecting sticks, playing pooh sticks in a stream.
  • Invest in a sand pit or water tray that they can use outside daily.
  • Freeze items into Ice and let the child chip away at them using a spoon or watch over the day to see how they melt.
  • Chalk to draw on patio – Use chalk to draw a road and use scooters to ride on or toy cars to drive around.
  • Teddy bears picnic in the garden or at the park.
  • Treasure hunt around the garden.
  • Using old material cut up to do weaving on the garden fence or simply do it with paper and scissors, you can can use coloured paper or even newspaper or wallpaper.
  • Bug hunts (wilkinsons sell bug catchers for about £4)
  • Use bin bags (of a lighter colour) and write letters of the alphabet on using a marker pen. Put two bamboo canes inside it to make it stick into the soil then give your child a water gun. They have to spray a letter and say the sound or they could spell a word by spraying the letters in the correct order. You could adapt this for spellings a child is learning at school or new words etc or making sentences.
  • Draw a target on the floor using chalk and numbers or use hoops. Throw a beanbag into the target and add points against a friend.
  • Use a hoop to throw or roll a ball into from a certain point in the garden.
  • Make a fairy house in the garden.
  • Mix and make potion/perfume in the garden using things collected such as leaves and rainwater.
    Sometimes creating an ‘outdoor box’ of resources with things such as clip boards and paper, chalk, magnifying glasses, large pegs, pencils, big sheets of material, sellotape etc in can be a great starting point to give them the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity outdoors.



  • Playdough that you’ve made is fun
  • Giving kids lots of different containers and kitchen utensils plus some water/ ice and the children should be happy for a while!
  • Builders tray from B&Q can be used for so many things such as keeping Lego/ duple, Ice cubes etc.
  • Make a story come alive with say five little ducks and make a scene using cut grass, pebbles, water etc for chin to retell the story.
  • Freeze water in balloons with a bit of food colouring and let them watch them melt or chip at them with little tools.
  • Attach drainpipe to a piece of wood to make a large marble/ ball/ water run.
  • Make some instruments using toilet rolls or empty bottles. Fill with rice etc and use sticks from garden to play.
  • Pop up tent filled with different toys or different games.
  • Leaf/ coin rubbing
  • Use the Internet to find out facts about where they live. Research and visit if needs be. Take photographs and make a fact file.
  • Create an ‘all about me’ bag/box. Collect items that make them who they are. Eg photos of family, tickets of favourite places they like to go to, favourite toy, drawing of best friend, picture of their house, draw a family tree.
  • Using an old roll of wallpaper draw around your child and let them use collage materials including old fabric to glue to decorate and put clothes on.
  • Write to your child from an elf/ fairy and leave letters sprinkled with glitter. Your child can write back to them telling them about their day or asking them questions.
  • Make a fruit salad together or encourage them to help you make a meal by helping chop veg etc.
  • Use rice/ flour/ pasta with a variety of cups/ pans and spoons to measure out and play with.
  • Make a den using old sheets and pegs.

Copyright_Nik_Pickard_2013-322These are just a few ideas that might keep some little ones entertained over the summer. All children are so different but hopefully there’s something there that you could try with your child.
Have a lovely summer and enjoy that special time with your little ones that wake every morning with endless energy! Hopefully some of these ideas will help you survive the summer holidays ?

Special thanks to Emma for putting this blog together originally for

If you have something that you think would be useful or interesting to parents then please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you! Send in your blog ideas here





See the full photo album on the Mumbler Awards website

The lovely people at Heal invited me to their medical and wellness spa to try out their signature medical pedicure. It’s a fab idea – bringing medicine and beauty together under one roof. Heals has been open for around a year now, and is owned and run by husband and husband team Oliver and Matthew.

As soon as I entered this place I instantly felt relaxed. They’ve nailed the interior design – it’s an Instagram and Pintrest dream! The smell of the place was divine and the staff were utterly lovely and super attentive. Mumblers – if you are in need of some much needed pampering time you have to check this place out! Hair salon, chiropody, beauty and reflexology – they do it all!

Oliver is a trained podiatrist and is so passionate and knowledgeable about what he does. He believes – and rightly so – that medicine shouldn’t be utilitarian, it should be enjoyable. The medical pedicure is essentially a full pedicure but done by a medically qualified podiatrist using the correct sterilized equipment. I cannot tell you how gorgeous my feet looked and felt after Oliver had done his magic! No more hard skin – I could now give my little girl a run for her money in the soft feet stakes!

To finish the pedicure Oliver handed over to his husband, and in-house beautician Matthew – who finished my feet off with a gel polish. Matthew was equally as lovely and passionate about Heal as his husband. I have to say, this is one of the best – actually scrap the one bit – this is THE best pedicure I’ve ever had! The products they use throughout their spa are very luxurious, and all super environmentally friendly.

It’s worth mentioning they do a loyalty scheme – collect stamps each time you receive any nail polish service. For every six stamps – you get the seventh service totally free! As well as this they also run a subscription scheme called Devotees. For £14 a month you receive a treatment or product worth greater than your fee. Their July Devotee treats included eyebrow tint and shape, file and polish or a milk body spray. I think it’s a great gift idea – I’ve added it to my Christmas list already!

For those of you that fancy some child-free time – get down to Heals, set in Harrogate’s beautiful Montpellier Quarter, as quick as your soon-to-be beach-ready feet will carry you! In fact, if you mention Harrogate Mumbler when booking you will receive 25% off your first beauty or medical treatment. But hurry – all good things must come to an end, and this offer is only valid for June appointments.

For more details check out their website

Guest Blog by Gill Bruce, GB-Digital

It’s been almost three years now since I chose not to return after maternity leave to my job at a local marketing agency. My eldest child was starting school and it felt like the right time to break away and form shorter working days that would benefit me and my newly-expanded family.

I see a lot of ads on social media these days, appealing to mums in particular to ‘quit the rat race’ and ‘work from home’; with suggestions for all types of self-led positions, from virtual assistants and product sales for companies like Younique and Arbonne, to courses that will enable you to become a social media manager. This is basically what I do now for my living and a couple of years into freelance social media management, I wanted to tell you about the pros and cons of my job, so that you with hopefully get a balanced view for a change!


* You can (do some of the) work whenever you want to.

Thanks to scheduling apps such as Buffer or Hootsuite, it is easy enough to plan a week or two’s worth of scheduled content and simply set a timer for the posts to go out. By doing this, you can be sure that a client has a steady stream of content. It can be easy to get organised and fit work into childcare days (definitely get childcare – it’s too tiring to work effectively when baby sleeps and there is relaxation to be had. Trust me on this one!).

* There’s always something new to try and something to learn

Whilst the ever-changing features of social media channels can be tough to keep up with you’ll always have something new to try. You will also build up confidence in trying out apps for making video and designing graphics – although I get professionals to make a lot of my graphics because design is definitely not my strongest point!

* You’ll find your digital tribe

It didn’t take long before I ended up in a chat group with some fellow social media managers from across the world. We swap tips, critique each other’s work and have a good moan when the going gets tough. I’ll be meeting up with a few of my gang in September at a conference, which I’m really looking forward to.


* Not everything can be scheduled if you do things properly

Whist I see many social media manager adverts talking about how you can ‘schedule everything’, that’s simply not true. The posts that I create are only half of the story. Each client requires regular networking, so that they are liking, commenting and interacting with the people that matter most to them. It’s worth considering how this will be managed on a regular basis, as trying to do this when young kids are around is unlikely to work.

* Creativity and tiredness don’t mix!

If you’re a new parent, or your kids (like mine) say no to sleep, it can be a drain on your creativity. I find it quite stressful to worry about fulfilling my client work if I’ve not had enough sleep. I get around this by minimising my networking time to short, sharp bursts. Staying on top of scheduling definitely helps here!

So there you have it! If you have any questions or want to know more about how I work, just drop me an email to and I’ll be happy to chat to you


Belmont Grosvenor is an independent day school for boys and girls from three months to 11 years.

Rated ‘excellent’ and ‘outstanding’ in its most recent Independent Schools Inspectorate inspection, BGS is set in 20-acres of beautiful grounds at Swarcliffe Hall, Birstwith, just a few miles from the centre of Harrogate.

BGS is a warm, friendly, family school which places the wellbeing and happiness of its children at its heart. Parents are encouraged to feel part of BGS, sharing and enjoying this precious chapter of their child’s life.

Pupils flourish in this special place where every experience, from joining Magic Tree Nursery at the age of three months, to leaving BGS in Year 6, promotes a child’s self-esteem and enables them to learn and grow with confidence.

Inspiring teachers encourage children to seize opportunities, take risks and discover what excites and interests them across our wide range of academic, sporting and creative activities.

Every day at Belmont Grosvenor and Magic Tree Nursery is an Open Day, so please get in touch and arrange a visit by calling 01423 771029 or emailing

Headmistress: Mrs Sophia Ashworth Jones

Nursery Manager: Joanne Henderson

Belmont Grosvenor School

Swarcliffe Hall




Tel: 01423 771029
Visit our website


Found out more about Forest School at Belmont Grosvenor here.

Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter


You Tube channel

We love a day out – and no day out is complete without an ice cream right?  It’s a tough job, but all in the name of research, I’ve been in search of the best ice cream-based day out in the area. A little niche I know, but there is some seriously good ice cream making going on around here!

On to the important stuff – ice cream!

If you’re heading down to Valley Gardens then check out our first recommendation:

Vanilli’s on Cold Bath Road.

These guys have some seriously good ice creams, and milkshakes. I can highly recommend the salted caramel, mint chip, lemon cheesecake and honeycomb flavour. By the rate I’m going and if the weather stays sunny I’ll be able to get through the whole menu by the end of next week!

Next on our list is Ripley Castle.

Only a short drive from Harrogate, Ripley is gorgeous! We just went for the Gardens and Parkland admission. We took a walk round the castle’s beautiful lake into the deer park. There is also a gorgeous walled garden and walled kitchen garden to have a good walk round. I love places like this – somewhere I can let my toddler run around and I know she can’t go too far. There’s also a few children’s play area – we had to literally drag my little girl away from the big multi-coloured wind chime! You could easily get lost in this place for hours – we did! And all that walking certainly builds up an appetite. So this calls for one thing only – the world famous Ripley Ice cream! It’s located a short walk from the castle entrance. According to my eight-year-old nephew – the bubble gum flavour is the best ice cream in the world – EVER! I’m all over the deliciously creamy vanilla flavour! You can also get your fill of Ripley ice cream at the café in Valley Gardens.

Our third ice cream-based day out took us to Birchfield Ice Cream Farm.

This place is just brilliant – and a big hit with you guys, as it’s always getting a mention on in the Facebook chat group.  The farm is currently closed – although they are due ti re-open on Saturday 25th July.  For the time being though they are still serving their delicious ice cream and their play park is open.  The Elderflower ripple is a favourite at Mumbler HQ!  They must rear some seriously happy cows on this farm to produce such tasty ice cream!


Billy Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour!

I’d heard so much about this place – and WOW – it did not disappoint! I felt like I’d walked on to the set of Back to the Future. We got ourselves a seat in the outdoor area – in the swinging wagons! Our daughter LOVED the outdoor play area. There are also indoor barns that the children can play in for a small fee – as it was such a lovely day we didn’t go in – but I’m sure we’ll be back later on in the year to check them out! We went all in on the ice cream – coke floats, strawberry milkshakes followed by a serving of rocky road and key lime pie flavoured ice cream. All ridiculously good. We went to Hesketh Farm beforehand, which is only a few minutes’ drive away and I would highly recommend it. Animal feedings  throughout the day, along with brilliant play areas – the indoor ones are currently closed. There’s also Bolton Abbey near by. But in all honestly, we could have happily spent all day at Billy Bob’s!

*Updated July 2020:  Billy Bob’s is now back open – however due to government guidelines the indoor play areas are currently shut.  There are plenty of outdoor play areas, you must book a slot, and only for use if dining there too.

Stump Cross Caverns

Stump Cross Caverns are now open.  Its a great day out for all the family – and with so much space up there its so easy to socially distance.  Whilst they were closed, they operated the now infamous – Stumpy Van – serving the most wonderful ice cream sundaes I’ve ever seen!  The van and cafe are open throughout the summer serving delicious Brymore ice cream.

Mrs Smith’s Cafe

New for summer 2020, Mrs Smith’s have installed a new icecream freezer stocked full of creamy gelato made right here in Harrogate at local favourite restaurant and cafe, Brio’s. There is a full menu of sundaes, shakes and freakshakes all available to eat in or take away as well as slush, cones and cups with a whole host of toppings and sauces! There’s even fresh churros and dairy free and vegan options too!

Its all part of their new summer plans to help the cafe adapt and ease out of lockdown. The icecream menu and a new food menu for preorders including their usual favourites plus burgers, parmos and tapas can be enjoyed inside or out in their garden area which has boxes of construction toys allocated to each outdoor table and sanitized between customers.

Table bookings and preorders can be made online at or the full icecream menu is available for walk ins too.

This weekend we paid a visit to the fabulous Castle Creamery in Knaresborough.  A must visit when you’re in the area!  They have over 50 different flavours – from various ice cream dairies!  The menu can change but when we went they had some fab flavours: white choc chunk, bakewell tart, tutti fruiti and blueberry crumble to name just a few.  The choice at this place is unreal, with over five different types of cones, 50 flavours, endless different free toppings and too many sauces to count!  Little one went for the rainbow cone (obviously), strawberry ice cream covered in smarties!  Hubby went for one of their legendary milk shakes – cookie dough!  They were soooo good!  Grab yourself an ice cream, walk through the Castle down to the river and enjoy a fab day out.   Then, if you’re heading back into town from the river treat yourself to another ice cream after that walk!

So there you have it – the ice cream-based day out bar has been set pretty high. But as always we’d love to hear your recommendations – I’ll happily do more ice cream eating, sorry – I mean research!

We’ve got a great roundup of local bonfire and fireworks displays in Harrogate & Knaresborough on our dedicated Bonfire & Fireworks page here. As well as a real useful blog on how to stay safe this bonfire night.

This year we’ll be heading down to watch the Harrogate Stray Charity Bonfire on Saturday 2nd November 2019.  It’s organised by the Harrogate Round Table and is one of the few bonfire events where there is no entry fee.  But do remember this is all for charity and Harrogate Round Table are reliant on your donations – so please give generously.  We’ve been going for a few years now and really love it! A great family feel with a real community spirit to the event.  

Unfortunately every year the costs rise for this bonfire (health & safety requirements are much stricter than they used to be, and anti-terrorism measures have to be put in place.) Naturally this is all how it should be, and we are all extremely glad that the organisers take it all seriously to ensure that the public can enjoy a safe & secure community bonfire for all. However all these extra safety requirements come at a cost, and the Harrogate Stray bonfire can not be a loss-making event.

Harrogate Stray Bonfire 2019

Some people incorrectly think that the council fund the event- they don’t! Historically the council used to give the Round Table some cash each year towards the cost of the fireworks but this money stopped a few years back.

The bottom line is that the Harrogate Round Table are all volunteers and they organise this massive event because they are a community-minded bunch of guys and they like to give a bit back to their town. The Round Table have been very kindly supported by local firm CNG who stepped in to fund the fireworks in 2018 and pledged to support the event for 3 years.

The volunteers will be out shaking their buckets at the bonfire to 1) cover the £10,000 that it costs to put on the event and 2) hopefully raise a bit extra to give to their nominated charities some cash. The Harrogate Round Table also know that the Stray Bonfire is one of (if not THE) biggest annual fundraiser for the local scouts. If the Harrogate Stray Bonfire was to have to stop or if it were to be run by a commercial company, not only would the public probably have to pay to enter, the Scouts would miss out on this brilliant fundraising opportunity. 

It is vitally important the ALL stray bonfire attendees give what they can to the official bucket shakers. If you don’t then there is a very real risk that the event will cease which would be a huge shame.

The bonfire is held on the Stray alongside Oatlands Drive, close to St. Aidans School.  There is limited parking in the immediate vicinity so be warned – the area is likely to be highly congested.  Timings are approximate, but the bonfire should be lit by 6.30pm, followed by fireworks around 7pm. Stray FM will be there from 6pm!

Bonfire Night & Firework Crafts

If you’re looking for some crafty fire work related ideas then look no further!  Last year my daughter came home with some brilliant bonfire pictures from the child minder – a bonfire made from all the lovely colourful leaves she’d collected from a walk, and a very colourful firework display – all you need for that  is a piece of black paper, lots of paint and a finger or two! If like in my house, no one can bear to throw the empty toilet roll away, then fear not – we now have a use for them! Get the kids to make them into little rockets and decorate the house with them.  Or – pimp up the finger painting firework display, cut slits around the top of the toilet roll all the way round. Fan it out, and voila! You’ve got yourself a firework stamp! Dip it in glitter and paint for the ultimate firework effect!

This might be something for the older kids to get involved in – Fireworks in a jar!  Get a jar and fill it ¾ of the way full with warm water. In a separate bowl, mix 3-4 tablespoons of oil and several drops of different food colouring.  Use a fork to gently mix the oil and food colouring together. Gently pour the oil mixture into the jar and let the fireworks happen!

Bonfire Night Parties

If you’re hosting a party this year then fear not – here are a few kiddy friendly food ideas in keeping with the theme!  Pizza’s are always a good shout – for kids and adults. We tend to get the mini margarita pizzas and have lots of colourful toppings that the kids can use to make their own edible firework display!  Fruit rockets (aka fruit skewers!) are another great idea for little ones – and healthy too! Breadstick sparklers are another winner – Dip your bread sticks in melted chocolate, then decorate with hundreds and thousands, edible sprinkles and stars or even edible glitter!

Bonfire night isn’t bonfire night without sparklers!  But if you’re anything like me, then the thought of trying to get your child to hold a sparkler brings you out in a cold sweat, then fear not we have the answer – carrots!   Stick the sparkler into carrots, they don’t conduct heat, are easier to hold than a thin piece of metal and allow the sparkler to be held further away from the body.

Whatever you do this Bonfire night, have fun, wrap up warm and most importantly stay safe!

When Rudding Park invited the Harrogate Mumbler brood to dine in their Clocktower restaurant I’ll admit that I was apprehensive; I’d never eaten there myself but plenty of my friends have. They told me how lovely it is and what a fantastic place it is for a romantic meal for two or to get together with friends. Not a single one said that they had taken their children there. In fact when I mentioned that I would be reviewing it for Mumbler, without exception they said that it was a shame as I’d have a much nicer time without the little ones in tow.

Well friends, how wrong you were!

If I’m truthful I was actually feeling dread at the prospect of taking a “spirited” (and very prone to tantruming) two-year old and her five year old sister to the Uk’s No 1 hotel. I’d had visions of them terrorising business lunches and generally causing a nuisance in such a smart restaurant. The reality couldn’t have been further from the truth.

We were warmly welcomed by the Restaurant Manager and as it was such a beautiful and warm day we decided to sit outside on the huge terrace. There were outdoor games available such as quoits, Jenga and a football, but most importantly a vast open area of garden for the children to safely explore.


The waiting staff were incredibly attentive without being overbearing and they provided my two girls with activity bags and crayons to keep them busy. They served the children’s drinks in plastic cups without being asked- one less thing for me to worry about!

The children had their own extensive menu to choose from- both my girls elected to try the “make your own pizza’s” which I thought was great value at £5. The waitress brought out the pizza ingredients (along with chefs hats!) for the girls to assemble and then took them away to be cooked. I chose a few plates from the “Yorkshire Tapas” menu (Honey and Mustard drizzled Sausages, Yorkshire Feta and a Voakes Pork Pie) and was thoroughly impressed by the taste and quality.


The children’s desserts were well priced at around £2.50. I would have liked to try a few of the delicious sounding options such as banana split, waffles and ice-cream and donuts, however both my daughters wanted the fruit cocktail with chocolate dipping sauce. The portion sizes were very generous and both girls were served a beautiful looking dish of seasonal fruit and berries to dip inside a lovely rich chocolate sauce.

To finish off my daughters were given a Dottychino (a warm foamy-milk drink topped with a dusting of cocoa) and some lovely little Dotty the ladybird shaped petit-fours (Dotty is Rudding’s family mascot)

My girls both loved their experience at Rudding, but critically so did I! I cannot remember the last time that I was able to have a such a relaxing lunch out with young children and the opportunity to enjoy a two and a half hour meal (with desert and coffee!) whilst the children were happy and entertained. I did not want to leave and now I can’t wait to go back!

Next time I will take some of my friends with their children and we can enjoy the gorgeous surroundings and food all together.

Disclosure: Rudding Park did provide us with a free lunch for the purposes of this review. The opinion I’ve expressed here is my own.

Congratulations to all of our winners from last night and thank you all for making the evening such a massive success!
Our 2014 MUMbler Award Winners are;
Favourite Retailer: Stomp
Favourite Nursery: Twinkles
Favourite Preschool: Little Crickets
Favourite Attraction: Hesketh Farm
Favourite restaurant: Billy-Bobs Parlour
Favourite Class: Waterbabies
Favourite Parties: Little Rascals
Mumprenuer: Rachel Hick
Childcarer of the year: Rachel Hill
Highly commended Childcarer: Diane Hall

We also smashed last years charity raffle total and raised an amazing £1370 for Thea’s Trust!

Thank you all so much for voting and supporting these amazing winners and for making our Harrogate Mumbler community so great.

Sally Haslewood (AKA Headmistress Mumbler!)


Onions. Do you know yours? My children certainly do. They can sniff them out like hunting dogs, carefully picking them out of a dish, letting out a whine of “I don’t like onions.” So when I got a jar of Mercers Red Onion Marmalade from the kind folks at The Mercers of Yorkshire, I rubbed my hands together with delight at the prospect that it was mine, all mine (and maybe a little for Mr Sloan).

IMG_7407We tried the onion marmalade in a sandwich, with some suitably sourced Hawes Wensleydale and sourdough bread from Farm Bistro in Harrogate. I really enjoyed the sweet and almost smokey flavour of the marmalade, which would be fantastic paired with sausages, pies or cold meats too. All was good. We had delicious adult food that the children weren’t interested in at all. At least they weren’t interested until they spotted the jar of Mercers Lemon Cheese. Gutted. I thought I’d hidden it away for me to use for baking, but my boys use their same sniffer dog noses to hunt out sweet treats. I didn’t feel bad about allowing them the lemon cheese as a sweet treat, as I have the peace of mind that all of The Mercers of Yorkshire products use only natural ingredients. And so the lemon curd was devoured on more of the sourdough toast. No sweet bakes for me. Gutted.

IMG_7546I just had to get my baking fix, so decided to use the Mercers Red Onion Marmalade paired again with the Wensleydale cheese, to conjure up some of these delicious savoury scones. Surprisingly, the children overcame their onion phobia and scoffed the scones too, a sign of just how delicious the Mercers Red Onion Marmalade is!

The Mercers of Yorkshire will be exhibiting at the BBC Good Food Spring Show in Harrogate, on stand Q80. We are already big fans of their English Breakfast Marmalade and Salted Caramel Sauce, but there are so many other products that they have in their range – I’ve spotted a Mercers Beer and Black Peppercorn Wholegrain Mustard that I’ll be purchasing, no doubt alongside some more of their Lemon Cheese.

Preheat your oven to 220c, 425F, gas mark 7 and line a baking tray.

Sieve 175g (6oz) self raising flour into a large bowl and rub in 25g (1oz) margarine. Stir in 75g (3oz) grated Wensleydale cheese, and lightly crush in 1 tsp coriander seeds by rubbing them between the roots of your palms.

Make a well in the centre, then add 2 and a half tbsp Mercers Red Onion Marmalade. Beat 1 medium free range egg with 2 tbsp milk in a jug. Use a table knife to ‘cut’ in the marmalade, adding the egg and milk mixture gradually until a soft dough is formed (you won’t need it all).

Bring the dough together with your hands and gently shape into a round, 1.5cm in thickness. Cut into 8 triangles and space out onto the prepared tray. Brush the tops with the left over egg and milk and sprinkle with some extra Wensleydale cheese.

Bake for about 10-15 minutes until golden brown. Remove from the oven and place on a cooling rack.

We enjoyed ours with a simple spread of butter, but they would be quite delicious served with an extra cheese and onion marmalade or some cured meat.
Good Food Show Harrogate MumblerGuest blog by Nohreen Sloan. You can read more from Nohreen on her blog and to read her ‘top tips’ to achieve successful scones!

Samples of the Mercers Red Onion Marmalade and Mercers Lemon Cheese were sent to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions on the products are my own.

No? Me neither until yesterday, but I’ve just signed up for the governments “Tax Free Childcare” scheme and already I’ve saved £12 on a single day school holiday club for my two daughters next week by using this scheme. The Tax-Free Childcare scheme works like this: For every 80p you put into your Tax-Free Childcare account, the government tops it up by 20p, you then use the money to pay for childcare- effectively tax free.

So what is the Tax-Free Childcare scheme? Very basically, the Tax-Free Childcare gives eligible families up to £500 every 3 months (£2,000 a year) for each of your children (under 11 years old) to help with the costs of childcare, for free!

The best bits?

  • It can be used for school holiday clubs & camps not just regular childcare.
  • It doesn’t have to be a regular amount each month. You can even do it as a one off payment (eg summer holiday camps)
  • You can get Tax-Free Childcare at the same time as 30 hours free childcare if you’re eligible for both.

How does it work?

It takes about 20 minutes to set up your account on the .GOV website. Once it’s set up and you’ve been approved, they set up an on-line account for you and then you pay in however much money you want into your account. The government then tops up your account by 20%. You pay your childcare provider from this account (note; it takes a day for the money to show in your account then up to 5 days for the payment out to the child care provider)

Tax-Free Childcare covers most normal childcare providers (as long as they are with a regulator such as Ofsted, the Early Years Register or the Childcare Register) , such as; before & after school care, pre-schools, nurseries, playgroups, childminders etc. The provider must also be registered with the Tax-Free Childcare scheme so check before you try and pay with the scheme!

When you log in to your Tax-Free Childcare account, you’ll be able to see details of all local registered providers. If your setting is on there, you’ll be able to send payments directly through your account to them. When I checked there were 48 different providers registered with the Tax-Free Childcare scheme in Harrogate and 28 different providers registered with the Tax-Free Childcare scheme in Knaresborough. 

It’s different from Childcare Vouchers because you don’t have to do this through your employer and it works for self employed people too. Naturally there is eligability criteria and it isn’t open to everyone so you should check the official guidance here however in brief the eligibility is this…

Eligibility (in brief)

  • You (and your live-in partner or spouse) must be working at least 16 hours per week (This includes being self-employed/ director of your own company)
  • You (and your live-in partner or spouse) must earn minimum £131.36 per week and a maximum £100,000 per year
  • Your child must be 11 or under and usually live with you. Kids stop being eligible on 1 September after their 11th birthday. Adopted children are eligible, but foster children are not. Rates & maximum ages are different for children with disabilities.
  • You cannot get Tax-Free Childcare at the same time as claiming Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Universal Credit or childcare vouchers. Important note: Your Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit will stop straight away if you successfully apply for Tax-Free Childcare. Check which scheme is best for you by using this calculator. 
  • Once approved, you’ll be able to pay money in to your Tax-Free Childcare account using your debit card, by setting up a standing order, or by making a payment from your bank account.
  • Only one parent can open the account (though multiple parents can use it) but you’ll need to decide which parent should set up the account.

You can check out the full eligibility criteria and apply here:

Am I eligible for Tax Free Childcare

How does it work in practical terms?

I used the scheme to pay for a day holiday club for my 2 daughters. The cost should be £30 each so £60 total. Using this scheme it has actually cost me £48, so I have saved £12.

I won’t lie, it was slightly faffy to set up the first time round, but now it’s up and running it should be much slicker next time round.

Here are the steps you need to follow;

  1. Apply for Tax-Free Childcare on the website here
  2. Add in details for each eligible child
  3. HM Gov will text you with instructions of how to log in & find out if you’ve been accepted.
  4. Once accepted you will be given account details for your child/ren
  5. Check that your childcare provider is registered & that they will accept TFC as payment. The childcare provider will give you specific instructions of how to book at their setting.
  6. Add sufficient funds to your child’s account (eg for my £30 per child bill I did a bank transfer for £24. The account was then topped up by £6 by the state to bring the total to £30)
  7. Don’t worry if you overpay- you can withdraw funds (although I didn’t try this)
  8. It takes around 24 hours for the funds to be available to withdraw.
  9. Once available you select the childcare provider from the list & pay them directly.
  10. It can take up to 5 days for the childcare provider to receive the money so I’d suggest that you take a screen shot & let them know it’s coming.
  11. You need to reconfirm eligability every 3 months. I haven’t had to do this yet but I’ll update this blog when I do.

Note: I’m not a benefits expert so please take professional advice before applying, particularly if you are in receipt of other benefits, thanks Sally. 


CzE76ClXUAAkOofA & E departments in hospitals in the UK are extremely busy at the moment and Harrogate is no different. The Harrogate District Foundation Trust website is urging patients to think twice before they come in to hospital. Should you visit your GP or perhaps your pharmacist? You can read the full article here

“Staff at Harrogate District Hospital are urging people to only attend the Emergency Department (A&E) in the case of a genuine accident or emergency.

The department – in common with many hospitals across the country – has been particularly busy in recent weeks and those people who don’t require accident or emergency services should consider other options first, such as calling NHS 111 or visiting their pharmacist.

Over the past fortnight the hospital has seen an increase in the number of acutely unwell patients, which means the Emergency Department has been extremely busy and admissions to hospital – where people have needed inpatient care – have increased.


Options for local people include:

Self-care: minor symptoms (headaches, sore throats, stomach upsets, etc) can be treated with off-the-shelf medicines available from your local pharmacy, convenience store or supermarket.

Pharmacy: expert advice and treatment for minor symptoms and conditions. Some are open late and on weekends, no appointment necessary. Find pharmacies at

GP practice: For more significant illnesses and long term conditions, make an appointment with your GP. When your GP is closed, called NHS 111 to access urgent GP services.

Minor Injuries: Your GP might be able to treat minor injuries; call the practice to check. There is a Minor Injury Unit at Ripon Community Hospital, Firby Lane, Ripon, HG4 2PR. It’s open seven days a week, 8am-9pm.

NHS 111: Not sure which service you need? NHS 111 is a fast and easy way to get the right help, whatever the time. Call 111 when you need medical help fast but it’s not a 999 emergency. Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones.

Emergency Department or 999: For serious injuries and emergencies only. There is an Emergency Department at Harrogate District Hospital, Lancaster Park Road, Harrogate, HG2 7SX.”


Nobody likes a show-off but I’m delighted to let you know that Mumbler Ltd is a finalist at the 2017 Harrogate Advertiser Business Awards! (#sorrynotsorry)

The most fabulous thing is that it’s in the category “Family Run Business of the year” which also recognises the hard work of Commercial Director, my husband David “Mr Mumbler” Haslewood and our Franchise Director (and York Mumbler owner) Emily Pickard; my sister.

Mumbler has been around for almost 6 years now. In the very early days it was just a small Facebook chat group that I created to help me find out what was going on in my hometown for babies and kids. There was no big plan for it, and certainly no business aspirations. It just helped me to get through the sleepless nights with my newborn as the other friendly mums shared their tips, advice and collective wisdom.

The group grew beyond all expectation and along came the seed of a business idea- the opportunity to create something totally locally focused which would be extremely useful for parents and at the same time, a platform for businesses to advertise on. was “born” in November 2012.

Harrogate Mumbler was the perfect business for me. It allowed me to develop and grow a new company whilst being a stay-at-home mum to my two daughters.

The business was such a success in Harrogate that we incorporated in 2014, and we began the journey replicating the Mumbler concept as a franchised business. The first 3 territories that we trialled in 2015 were Hull and the East Riding, York and Leeds.

2016 was a year of massive growth for Mumbler. Emily Pickard took the plunge and left her corporate job to join the company and now runs her own franchise in York along side managing the new franchisees into the business and being mum to her two daughters. More Mumbler towns came along, and we now have Ripon & Nidderdale Mumbler, Stockport Mumbler, Stratford-upon-Avon Mumbler & Wakefield Mumbler who have all built vibrant Facebook support and chat community groups as well as their website businesses.

Each Mumbler franchise is run by a very special type of person. They are all very different with different skills and backgrounds but each one is motivated and ambitious to create a business that they can be proud of. They are all working mums and they all run their Mumbler websites around their families. They share their expertise with each other and they help and encourage each other to do well. Each one is building a much needed community resource as well as make a living for themselves and their families.

The last quarter of 2016 and first quarter of 2017 so far have exceeded all expectations and we have new Mumbler Franchisees in 12 further territories in various stages of development. Look out for live sites in Crawley, Stourbridge & Kingswinford, Norwich, North Leeds, South East Leeds, West Leeds, Doncaster, Barnsley, Ryedale, Wharfedale, North Kirklees and Swindon coming very soon!

It is absolutely wonderful to be a finalist in the “Family Run Business” category at the Harrogate Business Awards as not only is Mumbler Ltd run by me and my family, it is a business for families and I’m incredibly proud of that. It is the families that use our Mumbler websites and Facebook groups that make us a success and I’m incredibly grateful to all of you who have helped us along the way.

You can see all of the 2017 nominees here

**Update** We only went and won didn’t we!? Thank you all so very much! Mumbler Ltd is absolutely over-the-moon-chuffed to be the 2017 Harrogate Advertiser Business Awards winner of the Best Family Owned Business.

Harrogate Advertiser Business Awards Winners Mumbler Ltd Sally Haslewood, David Haslewood and Emily Pickard

Commercial Director David Haslewood, Managing Director Sally Haslewood and Franchise Director Emily Pickard with Ethos Asset Management



‘Fun is FREE’ Have lots of it this Summer Holiday in Harrogate!

Pupils at Harrogate Ladies’ College are today celebrating excellent A level results which saw the girls achieve 6 times more A* grades than predicted and an impressive clean sweep of A*-A grades in Further Maths.

There was a time when subjects like maths were considered “male” subjects, and few girls even took a maths or further maths A Level, never mind would consider a career in a STEM industry. Well not any more! Schools like Harrogate Ladies College continue to smash these out-dated stereotypes. Here at Harrogate Mumbler, we hope that the pupils at HLC are feeling (quite rightly) very proud of themselves.

The pupils at the school achieved top results across all subjects with 81% of all grades at A*-C level.  It was in Maths and Further Maths, however that the girls achieved their best results with 50% of all Further Maths grades at A* and 100% at A*-A.

This was the first year of the new, more rigorous A level Maths and Further Maths exams which Ofqal (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) describe as having significantly changed from the previous courses.

According to the Office of Fiscal Studies, girls account for just 28% of all students taking Further Maths at A level, but Maths graduates earn 13% more than the average graduate.  The Girls’ School Association reports however, that pupils are 75% more likely to take Maths A level in an all-girls school.

Sylvia Brett, Principal of Harrogate Ladies’ College commented, “There’s a lot of discussion at the moment about the gender gap and the importance of encouraging girls to take STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.  I’m particularly pleased that as an all-girls school, we’re leading the way in this area.  We put a lot of focus on encouraging girls to be bold, to be brave and to think differently about their subjects and their future careers.  Our Maths results are testament to this and I’m delighted to see our girls now going on to study amazing STEM related subjects at university such as Medicine, Computing, Pharmacy, Neuroscience, Criminology and Aerospace.

“I’ve seen a lot of hard work and determination from the girls and I hope that they are all very proud and that the results announced today will give each and every girl the opportunity to follow their own individual and unique path in the world.”

The Yorkshire Agricultural Society is urging the Government to relax rules around term time trips after highlighting the educational benefits of the Great Yorkshire Show.

The Society is inviting the Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening, Shadow Education Minister Angela Rayner and Yorkshire MPs to the show which is now England’s premiere agricultural event. Show organisers want to highlight the educational offering of the show and are appealing for greater flexibility for schools to allow parents to bring their children.



The move comes after last week’s High Court ruling which saw a judge state that unless a child is sick, absent due to religious observance reasons, or unable to attend because their school transport did not arrive, they must attend school – unless the head teacher has stated otherwise.

Charles Mills, Show Director, said: “Education is at the heart of the Society’s ethos and educating the younger generations about the importance of farming is vital. We fear that with the current High Court ruling, less and less children of school age will visit the show unless it’s part of an organised school trip. We are writing to Government Ministers and Yorkshire MPs to ask them to support a proposal from the Yorkshire Agricultural Society to waive this restriction so that parents can bring their children to the Great Yorkshire Show. We want them to come and see for themselves how valuable the show is in showcasing the very best of agricultural life as well as supporting the farming industry.”

The Yorkshire Agricultural Society organises a raft of educational programmes for school children throughout the year with the flagship event being the three day Great Yorkshire Show which is always on a Tuesday – Thursday in the second week of July, during term time.

This will be the 159th show, bringing together the very best of British food, farming and countryside life over three days and attracting over 130,000 visitors.

Charles added: “A discount is on offer for school trips and while some Yorkshire schools organise official trips, it’s a grey area for other schools who don’t. For instance some headteachers allow parents to bring their children to the show but others won’t sanction it so this means children are missing out. People are uncertain about what they can and can’t do and we are calling for flexibility and clear guidance so that we can continue to welcome and educate the younger generations and parents can do so without fear of repercussions.”

The show brings the town and country together so farmers can understand more about their customers and the public gets a better insight into what’s involved in putting food on the table and the important role British farmers play in doing that.

There’s everything from falconry to dry stone walling to some of the world’s best sheep shearers. There’s the chance for visitors to see the latest in agricultural kit and technology and the finest livestock.

The Great Yorkshire Show has 8,500 animals, important national competitions like Cock O’the North and this year the Charolais Cattle Society will hold its Summer National Show.

There is also a Discovery Zone created specifically for youngsters who can learn about healthy living, the environment and the countryside, in a practical and interactive way.

Featured Listing

GT Service

G T Service20% Mumbler Discount

Book your car in for a  service, MOT,  fix or health check and receive this discount on any parts!

Any car, shape, model and size!

Quote “Mumbler” when you book in!

At Mumbler HQ, we pride ourselves on only recommending local businesses and services who we genuinely believe in and our partnership with G T Service is no exception. Mumbler have been a customer of GT Service for 5 years now and they never fail to provide a top notch service.

Tom and his team are extremely knowledgeable but explain things in plain english, telling you about your options and the associated costs.

You don’t need to pay to find out what is wrong with your car either- GT Service offer Mumblers FREE DIAGNOSTICS as well as an amazing 20% off parts and servicing.

Tom and his team are friendly and approachable- as a dad of two Tom knows how inconvenient an out-of-action car can be and they have curtesy cars for you to borrow, can arrange collection and delivery or you are very welcome to wait in their comfortable showroom where you’ll find a pile of magazines and a selection of toys for the kids.

Whether it’s regular servicing, tyres, unplanned maintenance or breakdown or finding your next car, contact G T Service for the best price and service locally.

They are located across the road from Follifoot Riding Stables, just off the bypass by the new rugby ground.

GT Service Ltd
Unit 1D, Follifoot Ridge Business Park,
Pannal Road,

T: 01423 623 366



I’m sure that most residents in Harrogate will be aware that there is a BIG cycle race coming to town for 10 days this September. If you’re anything like us at Mumbler, we have struggled to work out which roads will be affected when the circuit around Harrogate is used (and when they’ll be closed & open) so we’ve put together a handy graphic to help you out. You can download a PDF of the graphic here. 

This graphic relates to the Harrogate Circuit only. 


In addition, Parliament Street & West Park will be subject to closures during the day time pretty much all day every day (as the finish line is located there) and road diversions will be in place. Also Kings Road, Cheltenham Parade & Ripon Road/ Swan Road & Crescent Road will be subject to additional closures (as the races enter Harrogate each day on this route before heading up to the finish line on West Park)

To see detailed information for each day of the week visit our Harrogate Mumbler UCI pages here


Face to face, online and pre recorded classes
Harrogate and Knaresborough
  • Pilates
  • Circuit training
  • Boxercise
  • HIIT training
  • Yoga
  • Strength training
  • Stretch
Book online:
Face to face classes
£10 PAYG or unlimited classes for £35 per month no contract
Online classes

£5-£7 PAYG or subscribe from £20-£35 per month

Featured Listing

Jodie’s Story…

Thur 28/11/19     08.30-19.00

Thu 05/12/19      08:30 – 19:00



Guest Blog by DJ Mark Green

Dad of 3 and Mumblers resident DJ Mark Green talks this week about the latest must have entertainment combo for your next event.

The summer season for parties and events is well and truly in full swing and it will come as no surprise that weddings are taking the number one spot when it comes to “booking type” in June & July.

I find myself this week preparing for an exciting run of 4 weddings (thankfully no funerals) in 4 days, which is an endurance test but not that uncommon for me in the summer months.

The interesting thing about this summer is the amount of DJ & sax bookings that are coming up. I’ll have a sax player working alongside me for 3 of my 4 gigs this week – which is great fun and very cool! DJ & sax (or any musician) is by no means a new thing, however the demand for it at weddings and parties in 2018 has been immense.

As a multi-genre events professional, it puts a big smile on my face seeing different elements of entertainment seamlessly working together at events such as weddings. It helps move things forward, keeps things fresh and with sax, helps bring new life to classic party tracks – from Motown to Hip-Hop or Pop to House… it works great!

So… thinking of having a DJ & Sax combo for your next event? Here are a couple of things to be aware of when booking –

* Most sax players will be able to jam along with almost any tune, however it takes a lot more than a good player to deliver a memorable performance. It’s always a good idea ask for video/website links to see them in action before you book.

* Does the sax player have a wireless set up? This is a must for me as it enables the player to move around and interact with the dancefloor.

* What experience does the DJ have? If the DJs skill set is limited, you can expect the performance to be too. Ideally your DJ needs to be competent in mixing beats and harmonies to pull off a good sax set. Again, video links and websites are all good ways to ensure you’re booking a professional who can deliver.

* Have the duo worked together before? I’ve pulled off some great parties in the past where I’ve only met the musician an hour or so before, however the set is always more fluid if the team has worked together previously.

The DJ & Sax bookings are still coming in for summer 2019 so I don’t think it’s a fad that will have disappeared by Autumn. Percussion, electric guitar and violin are also great ways to beef up a DJ set, so if you’re planning an event and are looking for something a bit saxier… I hope this has helped.

See you on the dancefloor,

DJ Mark Green



They may be closed physically but our local libraries still have plenty of resources available to you online.

You can borrow eBooks, eAudio, eComics and eMagazines. New titles are being added daily, so keep checking the website.

To be able to access these amazing facilities, all you need is to make sure you have an NYCC library card and PIN – if you haven’t then get in contact at or call on 01609 533878.

They have also renewed everyone’s loans until the end of June so don’t worry if you have a few at home that you didn’t get a chance to return before lockdown.

Our local libraries have also got lots of great ideas on how to keep the kids entertained:


New Library Quiz – You need to like and follow your local library’s Facebook page in order to take part. They will then ask all sorts of questions each day from 10am with the answers posted at 6pm.

The quiz will run weekly from Wednesday -Sunday, so you have plenty of time to take part.


Saturday scavenger hunts – See what you have got in your book collection at home and post photographs of the books you find.

The Book Trust – Family fun activities including storytime, videos, quizzes, games and drawing with illustrators.


Harrogate Community Radio – They are hosting an amazing storytime at 4pm each day. All the storytimes are available to listen to again at any time.


Comics & Graphic novels – Writer and illustrator David O’Connell has a huge collection of free comic and drawing activities for children on his website.


Barrington Stoke – They have some fabulous free resources that are dyslexia friendly along with reading suggestions to encourage readers to pick up a book. They also have colouring sheets, wordsearches and puzzles.


Harry Potter Fans – J.K. Rowling and her Wizarding World partners have launched a wonderful Harry Potter at Home site to banish boredom. Really great fun to explore.


For more information check out their Facebook groups – links below.

North Yorkshire Library and Information Service

Harrogate Library

Knaresborough Library

Bilton & Woodfield Community Library

Starbeck Community Library

Ripon Library

Birthing Pool 4The long awaited birthing pool at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust Maternity Unit is now installed and ready to use.

The birthing pool room is large and spacious to encourage mobility, has ambient lighting above it which can be adjusted to suit individual tastes and also has the benefit of a pull down double bed. The Maternity team are absolutely delighted with the room, which has been completed to a high quality specification. We can’t wait for women planning to have their babies with us to use it!

The refurbishment project is running approximately 4 weeks behind schedule and we ask women to remain patient with us as the work continues. Work continues on the upgrade of the en suite facilities, meaning that a number of delivery rooms remain out of use. Temporary delivery rooms have been created on the unit, meaning that our capacity remains the same despite the environment looking different.

The Midwifery work station is currently  being replaced, meaning that the intercom system and security cameras are temporarily out of use. During this phase of the refurbishment, Delivery Suite access and exit is via Pannal Ward. Doors to delivery suite remain secure, and the cotag (baby tag) system functions as normal.’

Although the completion of the rooms is behind schedule, the contractors are working very hard on accessing any other areas of the project they can complete. As a team we would also like to say how impressed we are with the contractors, who are polite, courteous and non-intrusive, despite working in difficult conditions.

Carpets on Pannal and Delivery Suite have been taken up and replaced with new wood effect flooring, which along with freshly painted walls makes the unit look fresh and spacious.

Birthing Pool 1 Birthing Pool 3 Birthing Pool 2

The Maternity Assessment Centre has also been completed, and is open Monday to Friday for maternity triage and antenatal day unit appointments. Again, the team are very pleased with the new area and feedback from women has been positive.

On behalf of the whole of the Maternity team, I would like to thank you for your patience during this time, and hope that you will enjoy the new look unit and its facilities once it is completed.

If you have any queries about the refurbishment, please speak to your Community or Hospital Midwife.

Customised Growth Chart Update

The Maternity team at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust would like to thank all of the women between 28 and 42 weeks pregnant, who we have recently contacted as part of our customised growth chart look back exercise, for their co-operation and support.
We have now contacted every woman in the identified group, and with the exception of a very small number we have yet to receive, we have viewed all of the growth charts kindly sent in to us.
We are delighted to say that the look back exercise has identified examples of excellent midwifery and obstetric practice. A very small number of women contacted required some amendment to their existing plan of care, but in the majority of cases we were reassured that care was appropriate and that growth scans and fundal height measurements have been plotted and acted on where necessary.
If anyone wishes to discuss their individual plan of care further, please contact your Community or Antenatal Clinic Midwife.

Sara Keogh, Head of Midwifery, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

Mumbler Awards 2015The 2015 Mumbler Awards in association with Wonder Media were held on Friday night, at the Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate. Once again the room was filled to capacity and the excitement and buzz filled the room.

Mumbler Awards 2015270 guests were treated to a circus themed evening, which began with a fantastic fire juggling display outside the hotel. Inside, guests were treated to an amazing colour explosion, with a streamer “Big top” and giant balloons suspended from the ceiling.

Guests were invited to try out their hand at plate spinning and juggling during the drinks reception and were thoroughly encouraged to “Clown Around” when they reached their table, with a selection of wigs, noses, glasses and teeth and the all-important “selfie frames.” Guests were also treated to delicious handmade chocolate table favours from the Harrogate Chocolate Tree

After a warm welcome from host and founder of Harrogate Mumbler, Sally Haslewood, guests were encouraged to tweet their photos to @hgatemumbler using the hashtag “#MumblerAwards” The photos were then published on the big screens throughout the dinner. You can see more of the pictures by visiting the Harrogate Mumbler twitter feed @hgatemumbler

Mumbler Awards Clowning Around Selfie Mumbler Awards Selfie Clowning Around encouraged sign  Image

During the dinner of antipasti followed by a duo of pork and choux pastry “Swan” guests were challenged to unleash their inner clown by creating a balloon sculpture. The winner of which was judged by theme sponsors, Butterfingers.

Waterbabies Winning Sculpture

Waterbabies Winning Sculpture

The sculptures were beyond impressive and included a replica Eiffel Tower, complete with neon “Paris” sign, a turtle, and a variety of others- some identifiable and some not! In the end it was “Waterbabies” monumental structure which stole the show and earned them a bottle of bubbly.

A raffle on the night raised £1090 for Mumbler Sarah Lovell’s chosen charity “Cardiomyopathy UK.” Sarah is running the London Marathon 2016 in aid of the charity and the total raised at the Mumbler Awards has helped her smash her fundraising target.

Room shot 2 Balloon Madness Funcare Logo Eiffel Tower!

After the meal, it was onto the main event, the presentation of the 2015 Mumbler Awards. With over 380 businesses and individuals initially nominated, 57 finalists and over 9600 votes to count it was tense. Every single business in the room deserved to be there and they were delighted to read some of the lovely comments made by their customers as the shortlist in each category was announced.

Award Categories


There could of course, only be one winner in each category and you can see who won, as voted for by the people of Harrogate below.

Congratulations to all of those who were finalists and the winners and thank you to all of the businesses who supported us the Mumbler Awards 2015!


Sponsors Logos

Winners 2015

Blogger of the Year – The Unmumsy Mum

Mumblers’ Favourite Retailer- Stomp

Mumblers’ Favourite Day Nursery- Woodlands Day Nursery

Mumblers’ Favourite Pre-School- Western Pre-school

Mumblers’ Favourite Class or Activity- Baby Sensory

Mumblers’ Favourite Local Attraction- Hesketh Farm Park

Eating Out With The Kids- Billy Bobs Parlour

Mumblers’ Favourite Party Provider- Little Rascals

Mumpreneur of the Year- Melanie Vauvelle-Don

Childminder or Nanny of the Year -Sue Harrison

Teacher or Childcarer of the Year- Lesley Smythe, La Leche League


So Saturday night is take away night in our house – is anyone else finding the 3 meals at home full on?  It’s the thinking about what to have every day 3 times a day….so  this Saturday we treated ourselves to Gino’s.  There are 5 of us in our house and the kids were in their element, as were we!
We had a look at the menu and wanted to have everything!  It was hard to decide so we went for a bit of everything……….for starters we shared a massive garlic bread with cheese – it was delicious, along with some Aranchini – wow they were divine – we just had to eat them quickly before the kids grabbed them all.
The main courses were fantastic & as we were eating my hubby said ‘wow it feels like we are in a restaurant’ which it really did – everything was presented perfectly.  For mains we went for pizza’s, steak & prawns.  The pizza’s are big enough to share and the portions were generous.  The steaks were cooked to perfection and really tasty – and the Truffle Fries – oh my goodness they were good!!!  We had the Calabrian Style King Prawns – these were stunning – king prawns in a spicy sauce – it was sooooo good!!!
We were so full but wish we had ordered desert to have later!
I can honestly say this was the best take away meal we have had in lock down & I can’t wait to visit when they open their doors again.  We opted for the collection service which was great – you select a time and your food is waiting for you and everything is done in a way that adhere’s to all the safety measures.  We live about a 15 minute drive from Harrogate, but the food was so well parcelled up it was like it was fresh out the oven when we served it!
Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!
To order go here.
Reviewed June 2020.
Disclosure: Mumbler was lucky enough to receive this for free however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account of our meal. Phew, we really enjoyed it! (otherwise that could have been awks!)

Guest Blog by Lovely Lane Photography

So you’ve missed the 14 day window…

How important is it to have your newborn images taken before your baby is 14 days old?

There are three ‘ideal’ developmental stages for having professional images taken of your baby:

1. Newborn sessions – when your baby is less than 14 days old

2. Sitter sessions – when your baby can sit up independently but can’t yet walk

3. First birthday sessions – sometimes done as ‘cake smashes’

Newborn sessions are best taken before your baby is 14 days old (ideally, between 5 and 10 days). Some photographers feel so strongly about the timing of newborn shoots, that they won’t accept commissions for babies over the age of 14 days.

The main reason for this is that many parents love the curly poses that epitomise newborn photography. Newborn babies can adopt these poses when they are first born because at this stage, some of their bones are made of cartilage in order to allow them easier passage through the birth canal. Once they are born, the cartilage starts to turn into bone so very quickly, babies become much less flexible; by the time they are 14 days old, those curly poses are much more difficult to achieve.

Another reason photographers prefer to photograph babies under two weeks old, is that older babies are much more alert and less likely to sleep through the session. Babies who are awake, are very difficult to pose – they know their favourite comfy spots and won’t be coaxed into position while they are wide awake.

So if you’ve gone beyond that 14 day window, can beautiful images still be achieved, or will you need to wait until your baby is at the sitter stage?

The answer to that depends on your expectations; if you want curly newborn images, then you may be disappointed; babies do develop at different rates and curly poses may still be achievable for some, but it’s much less likely after 14 days.

However, if you have an open mind about what images you’re going to get and you are willing to go with the flow, beautiful images can still be achieved.

By working with your baby’s own movements and responding to the situation in front of us, the session can still result in beautiful images; instead of whole-body poses, we can focus on close-up images of the baby’s beautiful features; organic, lightly-posed images ensure that the focus is on your baby. The current trend for props and poses may eventually become dated but simple, classic images of your newborn baby will never go out of style.

If you are interested in having a newborn or ‘nearly new’ session taken in the comfort of your own home, please get in touch.

Website: Email:


The Pirates Village at Santa Ponsa, Mallorca is a fantastic family holiday destination and Mumbler would happily recommend it after visiting for a last minute family holiday in 2014 at October half term break. It’s totally set-up for families and Jet2 Holidays run flights (and whole package holidays) from Leeds Bradford airport which helps keep travel time to a minimum.

When we arrived at Palma Airport, we were expecting a long coach transfer time, however Santa Ponsa really isn’t that far from Palma. The extra time was to allow for multiple other drop off’s on the way. My daughters couldn’t believe their eyes when we arrived at the hotel though- the view from the road is AMAZING!


Pirates Village is a  3* hotel and it’s got a really big pool, it’s also a very easy walk to the beach. It’s not luxurious, but for a fairly reasonably priced holiday with young kids it is perfect, if they’re happy, I’m happy!

The rooms have a twin bedroom, a decent sized bathroom then a living room with 2 single sofabeds, a mini kitchen and balcony. The rooms are a bit basic and a touch dated but spotlessly clean so we weren’t bothered (note Jan 17, the pictures recently look like the bedrooms have been upgraded) The hotel was full when we were there (Oct/Nov half term) and so the all inclusive buffet could be a bit of a scrum but the staff were very friendly and the food was great. Yes, I did witness some hotel guests eating MOUNTAINS of chips and chicken nuggets at every meal however there was plenty of choice including delicious salads, fresh fish and traditional Majorcan dishes at each meal. It’s served as a help-your-self buffet which is great for ensuring that young kids don’t have to wait.

The pool was fab- a bit cold when we were there but that was November so we can’t really complain!

The evening entertainment started at 8/8.30pm which was just a bit late for my 2, but we would put them to bed and then we (adults) could sit on the balcony (as all the rooms overlook the pool and entertainment area) and watch the show, taking turns to nip down to the bar to collect the drinks. We had the all inclusive package and the quality of the wine and beer was fine- I was expecting it to be a bit ropey but was pleasantly surprised.

Majorca is beautiful too- we were only there 4 nights but I’d love to hire a car and go exploring next time. The resort is probably about 30km from Palma Airport.

Top tip- take pirates outfits for your kids! If not, there is a Chinese souvenir shop on the street parallel to the hotel which stocks Pirate stuff! “

Another Mumbler review….

“We went to pirates village in Majorca last year, pirate themed, all inclusive. entertainment, kids club and pool were fantastic, around pool is invaded by pirates twice a week, we have booked again for next year, jet2 fly there from Leeds Bradford and prices very reasonable. Without wanting to sound like a snob we have struggled to find a fab family hotel with all stuff the kids love that’s not tacky and rowdy.This is fab ” MS Oct 2013

Visit the Jet2 Holidays website here for more details and photos of Pirates Village.


All mums to be are offered screening to find out if there is a chance their unborn baby has Down Syndrome but what is Down Syndrome, what does it mean for your family/your child and what support is available to you?

Some families decide not to continue with the pregnancy, some go on for further testing and some decide to do nothing at all. There is no right or wrong way to process the news that there is a chance (not risk) that your unborn baby may have Down Syndrome. Our advice to you is to ensure your research and information is accurate and to reach out to local support groups. We believe that as part of any expectant parents’ research talking to parents who are walking this path is crucial.

When you are ready, Shine21 is here to support you in whichever way we can.

Who are Shine21?

We are a North Yorkshire based charity which supports children aged 5 and under with Down Syndrome and their families. We strive to raise awareness of the condition and ensure our children are treated fairly and equally in day-to-day life. Shine21 is run by parents who have children with Down Syndrome and are on the same journey as you.

What we do

Our ethos is ‘empowering parents to help their little stars shine’; we achieve this by:

  • running developmental groups
  • hosting expert speakers
  • fully funded Level 1 Makaton training.
  • supporting parents and expectant families with relevant up-to-date information
  • hosting a resources library
  • hosting social events for our families to meet up and gain mutual support and friendship

Development Groups

Our development groups are unique in the fact there are only 4 children per session. This allows each child tailored support to meet their needs and developmental stage. They cover a wide range of areas including sensory play, speech sounds, vocabulary as well as physical and social development. As the children grow different resources will be introduced such as See and Learn, Maths Mum and Colour Semantics.

Expert Speakers

Shine21 is passionate about listening to the needs of the families. We have funded a number of professionals to discuss specialist areas such as toilet training and feeding. When a parent asks for support we do all we can to help.


All children with Down Syndrome will have a level of delayed speech. It is typical that our children will use Makaton to communicate until their oral speech develops. To ensure you are fully equipped to support your child we offer fully funded Level 1 training to families delivered by a qualified Makaton tutor.

Support and Advice

Receiving a high chance or confirmed diagnosis can be overwhelming. However, we feel strongly that being able to talk to someone who is on the same journey and has experienced the same emotions is essential. We do not judge, we are just here to listen and support.

We hold fortnightly zoom sessions for parents to chat, discuss any concerns and most importantly celebrate the children’s achievements.

Resources Library

From information books to specialist resources, there is a lot of information and tools available to support your child. Although it is fantastic that there are these interventions, this can be overwhelming and costly. Shine21 has researched into the best resources available and purchased them so you can borrow them at no cost to you. We also provide advice and support around the use of these resources, so you do not feel outfaced and understand how to use them with your child.

Shine21 in the eyes of our families

Here is the feedback from the people who we strive to support and are at the core of every decision we make.

“Thank you for everything that you are all doing. It really does make a difference. When we start on this journey, it’s very overwhelming but knowing the support is there is amazing and we do feel lucky.”

 “Thank you, it’s amazing the support we feel we receive from everyone here. As newbies you’ve made us feel so welcome and supported. We all can’t wait to get to know everyone”

 “It’s safe to say we have an extended family and we are very lucky. Just a big Thank You for everything you’re putting in place for our gorgeous little ones”

 “We wouldn’t want to be on this journey without you”

 “I just wanted to say a big thank you for all you do; this charity and the people who are involved have made such a massive impact on our lives. Thank you for the resources, the groups, the support and just the everyday amazingness. I am so grateful my daughter gets to attend the groups and today has reminded me how lucky I am to have you all

Time to shine?

If you’d like to see your little star shine even brighter, please get in touch so we can warmly welcome you and your family to Shine21.
Visit Website


I’m pretty new to Harrogate – I moved up here from east London with my husband and daughter a few months ago. So far so good, Harrogate has certainly lived up to the hype. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, clean and from what I can gather has the ratio of fried chicken shops to people just right, something east London definitely doesn’t! But by far my favourite area to hang out in with my little one in tow is the super child friendly Cold Bath Road area.

So here you go Mumblers, my top 5 baby and toddler friendly things to do in the area:

1. Shopping
It’s one of the things that makes Harrogate unique – the amount of small independent shops. And there are plenty of them on CBR – especially children’s shops. Hopscotch for shoes, Still Gorgeous for clothes and Little Alligators for toys -to name just a few. If your little one allows it, there are plenty of shops for us parents too, Illingworths Hardware are an Aladin’s cave of household & hardware bits and bobs; they seem to specialise in having every single thingumy-jig that you could possibly need! – my personal favourite shop is The Lighthouse.

2. Eating
Believe me, I’ve done my research for this article. There’s so much good food to eat, and places to eat it on the CBR! Tilly Peppers and Cold Bath Deli get a special shout out for being so kiddy friendly (and of course serving delicious food). Manna Bakery and Mama Doreen’s for your cake fix and on a sunny day the kids are lining up outside Vanilli’s ice cream parlour. For most of my adult life I’ve been on the search for the perfect fish and chips – and last week I found them! Oliver’s fish and chips are delicious, and they do a fab children’s menu too.

3. Pinewoods
The Pinewoods are located at the back of Valley Gardens. Great if you want to go on a long walk – and a good one for dog walkers too. If I’m having trouble getting my daughter to take her nap, I’ll put her in the buggy and go for a walk in the Pinewoods. You can walk all the way to Harlow Carr through here – with the most amazing views over the Yorkshire countryside at the Pinewoods Panorama vantage point.

4. Playgroups
There are two baby and toddler groups in the area. We are regular visitors to both. A great place to socialise, and not just for the children! I’ve met some lovely parents and carers at both groups. On Tuesday you have Westcliffe Toddler group at Westcliffe Hall 10am-11.30am. On Wednesday and Friday Western Primary school hold a stay and play session from 9.30am-10.45am. Both cost £2 per family and include a snack for the children and refreshments for the adults.

5. Valley Gardens
Last, but my no means least, the Valley Gardens. I love this place! Literally a place to go whatever the weather! In the short time we’ve been here we’ve gone sledging, sun bathed, and spent many a rainy day jumping in the glorious Valley Gardens muddy puddles. The (Mumbler Awards winning!) children’s play area is huge – and so much to do for all ages, including a skate park and crazy golf! A lovely little café for hot chocolates on the cold days, and THE best ice creams for the warmer days! Really looking forward to spending most of our summer here – there seems to be lots of family friendly events on during the next few months.

Guest blog by Kayti Mewis

Editors note:

I can’t help but add in a footnote here as whilst the whole Cold Bath Road community is AMAZING for families (my own children attend Western School and we love it!) it is also a really fantastic place for couples without kids and for date nights! Therefore I am going to add in a cheeky number 6. Places to go out on an evening… Sally x

6. After dark…

My own personal favourites are as follows:

The Last Post. This is a small but perfectly formed pub. They don’t do food (other than crisps!) but have a fantastic selection of gins, beers etc. They quite often have sports on in there so either avoid/ go along when the match is on depending on your preferences.

La Feria, this is an amazing andalucian style restaurant offering a delicious selection of tapas, chicken and daily specials. The churros are Mumblers favourite dessert in the whole of Harrogate; no lie! There is a wonderful terrace (if the weather is good) although they do have a good stock of patio heaters and blankets if mid-winter “al fresco” is your thing.

Finally, “Hoxton North” not strictly speaking Cold Bath Road, but close enough for us. It’s a cafe/brunch place by day and turns into a cool bar in the evening. It’s also available for private hire for christenings, 40th birthdays parties etc. They offer an immense selection of gorgeous brunch/ lunch items by day, but if you’re just going for a drink later on, the view from the massive windows over Montpellier hill is just lovely.

Sponsored blog  by The Little Gym

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a truly miraculous time.  It is exciting as well as challenging, it literally turns your world upside down (of course in the most positive way) and on top of that, there is not one but 1000s of manuals on what you are supposed to do!  It does not matter how many parenting books you have read, there is so much to learn and when it comes to the crunch much of this learning happens through trial and error.

Nowadays, there is such a large range of activities and classes on offer, it is difficult to sift through the options and decide what is best for your baby in order to best support his or her development.  Studies indicate that movement feeds the brain and lays the foundations for learning.  It is important to encourage movement in the early months of baby’s life to help them reach developmental milestones. Click here to find out more about the benefits of early movement.

The Little Gym Harrogate offers classes for children from as young as 4 months.  The Bugs class (4-10mths) is a 45 minute long parent and child session which is designed to support babies overall development through the use of age appropriate developmental gymnastics.  Children are exposed to the rich multi-sensory environment.  This allows them to learn and helps them gain a better understanding of the world around them.  More importantly though, they explore the gym environment with their senses as well as their bodies.

Everyone learns through processing sensory inputs.  Our sensory system picks up information and generates an appropriate response/reaction.  You may know about the five most common senses; touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight.  But did you know about the other two hidden senses?  The sense of balance (the vestibular system) and proprioception (our sense of where our bodies are in space)?  Those two senses play an absolutely crucial role in our lives and without them, we would not be able to function.

You may well be wondering how we can develop these?  Through MOVEMENT and the key is starting in the early months of a baby’s life.  This is when The Little Gym comes in, the skills Bugs do at The Little Gym, such as rotational activities on the floor, moving across inclined mats as well as the balancing beam, weight bearing skills on legs and arms and gripping/pulling with the arms all feed into the child’s development.  Along with the sensory stimulation, children develop much needed strength which aids them greatly in reaching milestones.  These include rolling, sitting up, crawling and so on.

The lovely thing about the Bugs classes is that the learning is not only for the children but also for you, the parent.  Spending time in the gym with your child teaches you about different areas of child development and the theory behind why we do specific activities; you can practice skills learnt at the gym at home and gain confidence in how to support your baby safely and you will definitely enhance the bond between you and your child.  it is also a great chance to make friends and grab a coffee after class!!

Get in touch for more information by emailing or calling us on 01423 701560 or on facebook Our classes continue until 12 yrs of age.  Check out our full class details

The Little Gym Harrogate Team

The nominations are in and they have been checked and counted. Competition was tough and the number of nominations rose by a massive 25% since last year. A huge congratulations to all of the businesses who were nominated but these are the ones who received the most nominations and made it to the shortlist.

Now it’s over to you, if you want to win a Mumbler Award you need to ask your customers, friends and family to vote. They can do so (and read all of the voting rules)  here- remember, if you cheat, all of your votes will be deleted! 

You can download “Vote for us!” posters, social media banners and badges here. Remember, if you want to win, then you have to ask your customers, friends and family to vote for you!

Winners will be announced at the black tie Mumbler Awards Dinner on Friday 24th November at the Old Swan Hotel. Request your tickets here

Drum roll please….

Mumblers’ Favourite Children’s Retailer Sponsored by Warmerlife:

Little Alligators


Mumblers’ Favourite Day Nursery Sponsored by Watson Training Services

Happy Jays Harrogate
Little Dragons
Play Away Day Nursery
Safehands Day Nursery Harrogate
Smarties Day Nursery
Tiny Teapots Day Nursery
Woodlands Day Nursery


Mumblers’ Favourite Pre-School Sponsored by Raworths Family Law

Little Crickets Pre-School
Little Dragons Pre-School
Performatots Harrogate
Play Away Day Nursery Pre-School
Western Pre-School
Woodlands Day Nursery Pre-school


Mumblers’ Favourite Class or Activity Sponsored by Ethos Asset Finance Limited

Baby Sensory
Harrogate and Knaresborough Toy Library
The Creation Station
Turtle Tots
Western Parents and Toddler Group


Mumblers’ Favourite Children’s Attraction Sponsored by G T Service Centre

Billy Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour
Hesketh Farm Park
RHS Garden Harlow Carr
The Valley Gardens
Winkies Soft Play Harrogate

“Eating out with the Kids” Sponsored by Stewart Amos, Mortgage Advisor, Barlow Barton

Billy Bobs Ice Cream Parlour
Jamie’s Italian
Mrs Smiths Cafe
Pizza Express
The George (Wormald Green)


Mumblers’ Favourite Party Provider Sponsored by Harrogate Hair Studio

Painting Pots Knaresborough
Rascals Entertainment, Harrogate
The Creation Station
Winkies Soft Play Harrogate



Mumpreuneur of the Year Sponsored by BCT Accountants

Tory Hardy, Water Babies
Verity Hardcastle, Shampooches
Sam Rich, School’s Out
Stella Riley, Water Babies
Josy Thompson, Funcare Ltd
Melanie Vauvelle-Don, Rascals Entertainment


Childminder/Nanny of the year Sponsored by Chris Jones Martial Arts Academy

Stephanie Fagan (Mud and Puddles)
Sue Harrison
Alice McIntyre Childminding Services
Chanice Windham


Teacher/Child Practitioner of the Year Sponsored by Elavon

Naomi Branton, PlayAway Day Nursery
Tory Hardy, Water Babies
Claire Magill, Western School
Matthew Pullan, Funcare/ Rascals Entertainment
Hannah Scaife, Woodlands Day Nursery
Paula Stewart, Turtle Tots


Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 15th October 2017

Click here to vote!

Local mum of two and co-founder of “My Expert Midwife” Claire Charlton shares her top 11 essential kit for labour.

1. Drinks. You probably won’t want to eat anything in labour, and even if you did your body won’t be able to efficiently get the nutrients it needs. In labour  your body just needs glucose; coconut water, energy drinks such as lucozade sport (not carbonated) are all excellent sources. Aim to drink regularly and mix the sugary drinks with water. Try freezing small bottles of water and removing them from your freezer as you’re leaving for hospital, that way you’ll have a ready supply of cool water.

2. Food. You really won’t want to eat. Imagine marathon running and eat what they eat during a race. Glucose tablets and glucose gel packs are excellent. If you really do feel like eating something keep it easily digestible; crackers, fruit etc.

3. Flip Flops This will protect your feet from communal areas within the hospital and also allow swollen feet the ability to cool.

4.Comfy Clothes. Some women prefer to wear nothing and others just a big baggy shirt of t-shirt. Give some thought to how you’ll feel in labour and what you’ll be most comfortable in.

5. Your Own Pillow. Many hospitals lack comfy pillows and also have a limited supply of them. If you do feel that you would benefit from having your own pillow with you just remember that it may become soiled during labour and birth.

6. Headphones & Music. This is self-explanatory but give some thought to your play list ahead of time

7. Partner’s Picnic. Many hospitals don’t offer facilities for meals out with normal office hours. AS you can’t predict when your labour will start it’s a good idea to pack a bag for your birth partner to ensure that they are kept well fed and hydrated. Sandwiches can be pre-frozen and removed at the same time as the water.

8. TENS (TENS for birth offer an excellent package) This is an excellent form of pain relief. You may already be using this during transfer to hospital but you will need to order this in advance (usually by 36 weeks of pregnancy)

9. Spritz for Bits. A cooling and soothing blend of lavender, tea tree oil and witch hazel. Perfect to help sooth post childbirth swelling in your vagina and also feet and legs.

10. Wheat Pack for Back Pain Relief. Most hospitals offer facilities to heat these for you in a microwave, some don’t though so it’s worth checking with your local hospital first

11. Lavender Oil. An excellent essential oil to relax you and ease muscle tension; great for pain relief too. Add a few drops to a tissue and seal in a plastic sandwich bag (or similar). This allows you to take deep breaths of lavender oil when needed and won’t have a sleepy effect on others in the room. Alternative you can use My Expert Midwife’s ‘fantastic skin elastic’ contains lavender oil, for massage in labour.


The most honest, straight-talking pre-and-post-natal product range has arrived for mums to be and new mums. My Expert Midwife – developed by midwife and mum duo Lesley and Claire – is a no-nonsense collection designed to tackle taboos around pregnancy and childbirth.

The four launch products – Spritz for Bits, No Harm Nipple Balm, Fantastic Skin Elastic and Peri Prep Your Bits – have been designed to provide a highly-effective solution to the physical side effects of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. From irritated, stretching skin and sore, cracked nipples to vaginal swelling, perineal tears and episiotomies, the My Expert Midwife range is specially formulated to soothe, calm, prevent infection and aid healing, providing women with the safest ingredients necessary to restore body confidence.  Plus, each product comes complete with its own individually designed dispenser system to ensure no-fuss, no spill and easy application.

The My Expert Midwife range is available to purchase online at

Featured Listing

Votre Vacances


There they were, a small team of twenty somethings, with tanned skin, wearing shorts, and t-shirts, along with the pre-requisite ankle bracelet, bought from a local market, a little tatty and worn …a badge of honour for their summer working in the sun.

In that instant, at 7 years old, I knew I wanted to be like them.

That was my first impression of life as a holiday rep on a resort in Europe; an idyllic, simple life, but with the responsibility of making someone’s holiday memorable.

Fast forward 20 years, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in 5 countries, 16 campsites, had hundreds of team mates, and met thousands of customers whilst working for a large company; and now, I have my own little business, Votre Vacances.

I wanted to bridge the gap between the traditional mobile home holiday, and the boutique hotel experience, combining customer service and the real personal touch, with complimentary luxury touches including hand wash and lotion, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, as well as  tea and coffee supplies; whilst still maintaining the ideal of creating a family holiday where memories are made, and anecdotes of the holiday repeated and recited for years to come!

2016-07-12%2023.06.39 2016-07-12%2023.06.14

Votre Vacances provides 8 chalet style mobile homes, in the old orchard of Chateau La Foret.  The 19th Century Chateau at the centre of the park, stands on the spot of a medieval fortress, and evidence of the Chateau’s past can be found everywhere, from the bar and games room that are housed in what was the old stable, to the restaurant and massage rooms located in several of the original farm buildings including kennel and pigsty’s.

The buildings of Chateau La Foret may be from a fairy tale land of Prince and Princess, but the facilities are well and truly of this century, including swimming pools, a tennis court in the old walled garden, bouncy castle, mini-farm and mini-golf in the courtyard, Lakeside Café (which serves incredible Crepes!), and one of its most unique attractions, Le Grand Defi, an action adventure course with zip-wire obstacle course, paintballing and laser tag.

2016-07-12%2023.09.22 2016-07-12%2023.07.56 2016-07-12%2023.07.30

It would be easy to spend the duration of your holiday at the Chateau, but you’d be missing out on all the Vendee (a region often overlooked) has to offer.

The Vendee itself is situated on the West coast of France, just below Brittany, and just above La Rochelle, and as such makes it an easy region to get to, especially if you have little ones, as there are several airports nearby including Nantes and La Rochelle with regular flights from the UK, as well as ferries to Le Havre, Caen, St Malo and Roscoff, from Plymouth and Portsmouth with Brittany Ferries.

The Vendee is known as the region where the Atlantic meets pine forests, and lush salt marshes, as well as having a micro-climate similar to the Riviera; and offers over 250km of coastline- with a large sandy stretch only a 15 minute drive from Chateau La Foret, as well as 900km of cycle paths and routes that stretch the length and breadth of the region.
We would love for you to come and explore a new destination, whilst enjoying the freedom of a traditional camping holiday, accompanied by the facilities of a boutique hotel, with an historic backdrop.

If you would like to experience a truly family friendly holiday in one of Votre Vacance’s luxury boutique style static caravans then make sure to use the discount code “Mumbler” when booking for a fabulous 15% discount on your 2016/17 holiday.

For more information or to book you can visit the website

The official “Eat to to Help Out” scheme is finished but there are plenty of local restaurants in Harrogate & Knaresborough who have decided to offer a similar (or better) deal from September.

We are listing them here as soon as we hear about them so check back! If we’ve missed anyone or if you spot any details that are incorrect then please let us know here

Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Harrogate & Knaresborough that are extending the “Eat Out to Help Out Deal” in September

  • So Bar and Eats Harrogate.

Continuing through September.

  • Inn at Cheltenham Parade

2 courses for £10, 3 courses for £15

  • The West Park Hotel

Continuing the offer through September

  • The Kestrel

Downloads their  app to receive 50% off main meals until 9th sept

  • Revolution de Cuba

Extending the offer until further notice

  • Starbeck Tandoori

Extending the offer until further notice

  • Gino D’Acampo

Continuing the offer on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd Sept.  You will need to join  Club Individual.

  • La Feria 

Continuing the offer through September!

  • Mackenzies Farm Shop

Running through September, Mon – Thurs, 50% off your food bill only, up to the value of £10 per customer.  You need to book in advance for discount to be applied – use code SEPTEMBER20

  • Banyan

Running through September, Monday and Tuesdays.

  • Manahatta

Running through September, Monday and Tuesdays.

  • Slug and Lettuce Harrogate

Running through September.

  • Cardamon Black

25% Mon- Wed up to £10 per head.

  • Bored of Sandwiches

Free smoothie when spending £7.50 or more on a bowl . Monday to Wednesday , takeaway only .Offer applies to collection only in Sept!

  • Queens Head Kettlesing



  • Mojo Harrogate

MOJO Harrogate are continuing the scheme Mon-Wed through September

  • Fashion House Bistro

25% off your food bill after 17.30 on Tuesday and Wednesday.





Sponsored Blog by Little Sleep Stars

Whenever I work with a client and ask what their sleep goals are, “sleeping through the night” is almost always on the list – sometimes it’s the only goal! Parents will often tell me that they don’t mind, and often enjoy, helping their child fall asleep at bedtime, whether that’s by rocking or feeding to sleep or just sitting beside the cot holding their child’s hand. I absolutely understand this because there was a long time when I loved the peaceful twenty minutes of sitting with my little boy whilst he settled to sleep – a lovely, calm moment between the two of us in an otherwise busy life.

But here’s the rub: no matter how settled and happy your little one is when they fall asleep, they will wake in the night. And not just once – more like three or four or even five times. Not because there is anything abnormal about them – quite the opposite in fact; night-waking is a very normal and healthy biological function.

As adults we are so practiced at putting ourselves back to sleep that we navigate these inevitable wake-ups without rousing fully and often have no memory of waking at all. Those children whose parents would describe as “sleeping through” or “sleeping for a solid 12 hours” have woken, but they have resettled quickly, easily and independently each time. And therein lies the key to a child “sleeping through” – they need to be equipped with the skills, security and confidence to return themselves to sleep when the inescapable wakings occur.

Sometimes I am asked what is wrong with rocking a child to sleep. Actually, there is nothing wrong with it – as long as a parent is happy to do that every time their child wakes in the night. Once the newborn-sleep stage is over (usually around 3-4 months for most babies), with the majority of little ones that’s the choice, put them to sleep – at bedtime and when they wake in the night – or support them to learn how to initiate sleep for themselves.

How to best equip your little one with the skills they need varies from child-to-child – there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Good sleep plans are bespoke, enabling each wonderfully unique child to learn the skills of great sleep in the most suitable and gentle way possible. There is one hard and fast rule – never, ever, should a child be left to cry-it-out, alone and unsupported. The key to lasting sleep success is a child’s confidence to resettle in the night, safe in the knowledge that their care-giver hasn’t abandoned them. Hence any method a parent chooses should ensure the child is always responded to.

For a free 15 minute chat about your sleep situation visit


10 Games for Easter

10 Ideas for Days Out over the Easter Holidays within an Hours Drive of Harrogate

Easter Holidays in Harrogate

Easter means its holiday time for you but also for your little ones! If you are not sure how to keep your kids entertained over the school break we are happy to inform you that there are loads of amazing events taking place in Harrogate and in surrounding areas within an hour’s drive.

To keep the little ones entertained for the two-week stretch, Harrogate Mumbler has picked out some of most fun things to do for families in Harrogate & Knaresborough this Easter…

1.   DEAR ZOO LIVE! Harrogate Theatres

After a successful debut tour, Dear Zoo the timeless children’s classic book returns to the stage in 2019 on 17th & 18th April

Age recommendation: 2+

For more information : Visit our Harrogate Theatres page

2.   Easter at Thornton Hall Country Park

There’s something for everyone this Easter at Thornton Hall Country Park!  Egg-citing Special Events include …

THREE WEEKS of extra activities during the school holidays (Monday 8th – Friday 26th April):

Open daily from 10am.  Normal farm admission prices apply. Visit the websitefor information on the daily activities.

  1. Easter at Harlow Carr

Keep your eyes peeled for the Rhyming Rabbit on a hop about the garden trail and enjoy craft activities based on the picture book by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks and brought to you in association with Macmillan Children’s Books.

Over the Easter weekend, there’s a chance to meet the Easter Bunny himself as well as real-life versions of some of the book’s best-loved animals.

Running: 30th March to 29th April 2019


Crag Lane, Harrogate HG3 1QB

  1. Mother Shipton’s Cave – Hoppy Easter Adventure

Hop along to Mother Shipton’s during the Easter Holidays and follow the trail to help Little Bo Peep find her sheep! You can also meet bunnies Betty and Clover and solve puzzles and clues for a chocolatey treat. The park will be transformed with props and actors, creating an engaging and interactive Easter event suitable for all the family.

Hoppy Easter Adventure running from 1st – 28th April 2019


Prophecy Lodge, Knaresborough HG5 8DD

Easter Fun at Piglets Adventure Farm5.     Easter Egg-stravanganza Fun at Piglets Adventure Farm

With new egg-citing activities, cute baby animals and lots of family fun, there’s plenty to see and do this Easter at Piglets Adventure Farm.  Take part in the new Easter Egg hunt, collect eggs from hidden chicks around the farm to earn a special treat. There’s also new live Animal Shows and The Magic Hatter returns with comedy magic and Springtime silliness too! (See website for timings of shows as vary by day)

Running 30th March – 28th April 2019


Piglets, Nr York, YO32 9ST

  1. Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre

Monday, 15th Apr 2019 – Friday, 19th Apr 2019

Easter crafts, colouring activities and chocolate treats. Drop in daily, £2.50 per child. Cafe will also be open for treats for grown ups.

50 Bond End



7.   Easter Activities at Studfold Adventure Trail

Fairy-Themed Easter Egg Hunt

13-28 April, Studfold Adventure Trail, Nidderdale

This Easter youngsters can indulge their love of fairies and pixies while hunting for eggs at Studfold Adventure Trail in Nidderdale.

Go karts, ride-on mini tractors and den building activities are also lined up and families can make the most of being outdoors by bringing their own picnic or pre-ordering one from the Nidderdale Way Café at Studfold.

Admission is: £6.50 per adult; £5.50 per child with free entry for under 3’s. There’s an extra 50p per child to receive an Easter surprise.

For more information including staying overnight in the tranquil surroundings of Studfold’s camping and caravanning site visit

8.    Family Race day at Ripon Races

Thursday 18th April 2019

An ‘Easter Family Day’ where there will be lots of fun, games and surprises for children, as well as quality racing. For more information read our blog here

9.   The Great Knaresborough Bunny Hunt

From the 13th to the 28th April 2019, Painting Pots Knaresborough presents ‘The Great Knaresborough Bunny Hunt’.

15 Ceramic bunnies will once again be exploring Knaresborough town centre. Can you find them?!

Check out The Great Knaresborough Bunny Hunt face book page for any more information!

10. Harrogate Public Swimming Pools

Have a lovely day out with family in one of the five public pools around Harrogate  (Hydro, Knaresborough pool, Ripon Spa Baths, Starbeck Baths, Nidderdale Pool)  during Easter . See the Easter 2019 timetable here

We hope you have a great Easter Holiday!

*Details correct at time of publishing 10 April  2019.

**Please check all event details prior to visiting in case of change and for details of admission charges and opening hours.**

10 ideas for days out & things to do in Harrogate and Knaresborough during May half term

The 2019 May half-term is upon us and for children and parents in Harrogate and Knaresborough it is a fantastic opportunity to get outside & visit some fantastic local attractions. If the weather doesn’t hold or you’re looking for childcare during the May school holidays then don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too.

Family friendly attractions are usually busier during this week-long school holiday and there is also a public holiday on Monday the 27th of May 2019…so what is required are days out that all the family can enjoy together at minimal cost and maximum fun!

Here is our top 10 list of things to do in Harrogate and Knaresborough or within an hour drive for active, creative and fun family days out. For our full school holidays listings visit our May half term page here or our daily events calendar here. 

1. Mother Shipton’s Knaresborough- Unicorns & Dinosaurs

This May half term trot to Mother Shipton’s for a day of Unicorn magic and have a roarsome time searching for Dinosaur footprints.Unicorns and Dinosaurs are in the park and you never know what you might find!

The park will be transformed, creating an engaging May Half Term event for all the family.

Date : 25th May to 2nd June  | Event times: 10am to 5.30pm (last admission 4.30pm).

For tickets & more information visit 




2. Harlow Carr -Get set, Grow!

Children are being encouraged to get, set, grow at RHS Garden Harlow Carr during half term. Enjoy a daily garden trail, storytelling with the Garden Detectives, indoor crafts and outdoor workshops – activities vary daily.

Date 25 May – 2 June| Event times: 9.30am–5pm

Free for members | Normal Garden Admission for Non Members




3. Childcare Activity Camps – Sporting Influence at Harrogate Ladies College 

A typical day at camp will consist of up 5 hours of fun activity including games, sports and arts & crafts. Every hour we offer up to 4 different activities and in a day there will be around 10–15 activities taking place at camp. These activities vary from traditional sports such as football, netball and tennis, to more modern sports such as tchoukball and klask.

For children in School Years 1 -9
Venue: Harrogate Ladies’ College
Standard Day: 9:00am – 3:30pm
Early Drop Off From 8:00am
Late Pick Up Until 5:30pm
Phone: 01423 522999/07517973417  Email:



4. Childcare Grange Partnership – May Half Term at Bilton Grange School 

The holiday club is based at Bilton Grange CP School and is open from 8am – 6pm every holiday excluding Bank Holidays.

May Half Term starts on Tuesday 28th May – Friday 31st May  (Monday 27th =Bank Holiday)

For children age 3 – 11

Call 01423 509333 or visit for more info and to book online

5. Harrogate Theatre – Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots is no ordinary cat. Clever and charming, he takes life in his stride and befriends everyone he meets. The only thing is, he always seems to bring his master, Jack, bad luck.
Join Puss and Jack on their adventure as they meet a flurry of lovable characters, and even come face to face with royalty!
This child friendly performance lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Dates : 30th May 2019 to – 31st May
Age recommendation: 3+

Tickets £7 – £6

Book now:

Box Office 01423 502116


6. Dino Hunt around the Enchanted Forest – Stockeld Park 

25th May – 2nd June

This is no ordinary forest walk…this is the Stockeld Park Enchanted Forest and somewhere deep inside, dinosaurs are on the loose! There will also be fossil dig, Dinosaur art & craft and fun with The Stockeld Rangers.

Book your  tickets for May half Term :




10 ideas to make walking with kids more fun!

Exercise options are limited at the moment so your family walks might be feeling a bit like Groundhog Day! We’ve come up with 10 ideas to help make getting some much needed fresh air and exercise a little bit more fun…

101 Things To Do With Kids Indoors (and your own garden)

If you’ve decided to spend more time indoors this week – then this blog is for you!

A quick divorce based on irreconcilable differences. Guest Blog by Raworths Family Law

Sounds good doesn’t it. A quick divorce. Once you’ve made the decision you want it to happen. We see many married couples who do wish to separate and resolve matters as quickly and as amicably as possible.

So many will consult with their legal advisor having seen and heard in the media that the latest celebrity has had a ‘quickie’ divorce on the basis of ‘irreconcilable difference’. They see this as being the ideal solution for them to resolve the difficult situation they find themselves in.


To their credit, but is it possible?

We have now seen the most recent of celebrity couples to separate and file for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Brangelina no more!

However, it comes as a shock to most that under the jurisidiction of England and Wales, a divorce based on ’irreconcilable differences’ is not an option.
Angelina quoted irreconcilable differences when filing for divorce. America has its own set of laws surrounding divorce and many people don’t realise that our laws are significantly different. There has been much talk on this side of the pond about the concept of a “no fault” divorce being introduced.

This is not an option as yet and the reality is that the only ground for a divorce is to show that a marriage has irretrievably broken down.  This needs to be proved by relying on one of five facts



1      adultery

2.     unreasonable behaviour

3.     desertion

4.     2 years separation with both parties consent, or

5.     5 years separation.





Many people feel that it is unfair that if they wish to divorce straight away (rather than wait for a period of at least 2 years) they must give details of the other persons behaviour that caused the breakdown. They believe that this approach is archaic and unhelful and many lawyers agree too.  This is even more so the case where there are children of the family and where parties wish to reamin on amicable terms for the benefit of the children.

One of Englands most senior judges, Baroness Hale, believes that a no fault divorce should be introduced. If nobody is to ‘blame’ for the breakdown of a marriage under the current system, both parties must wait until they have been separated for at least 2 years which brings with it its own problems and risks.

This 2 year waiting period comes as a suprise to many people and often, when discussed with an individual, they seek a quicker option having ‘just grown apart’ or ‘we no longer share the same interests’. These are of course relevant and justifiable reasons to decide to separate but they are not sufficient to satisfy a court that the marriage has broken down on the basis of the other persons behaviour.

In these circumstances you will need to put together what will be described as a ‘statement of case’ and your lawyer will be adept at putting together a statement in the mildest terms possible yet comprehensive enough to satisfiy the court that there is sufficient grounds on the basis of unreasonable behaviour to proceed with the divorce.




Quickie divorce

Is there really such a thing? Possibly Brad and Angelia will divorce very quickly however, in short, under the law of England and Wales, as it stands today, there is no such thing as a quickie divorce.

It is also a myth that one type of divorce is quicker than another, regardless of reason for the divorce, as long as the divorce is agreed by both parties and not defended, the proceedings take place at the same court and are processed in the date order they are received. The impression given in the media that celebrities can use their status to ‘bump them up the list’ is, in reality, not the case.

Most divorces (not taking into consideration resolving the children and financial issues) will take approximately 4 – 6 months to complete.
Speeding up the divorce process



There are many factors that can make a separation quicker than the average. Before starting divorce proceedings, have a think through the following:

–                Agreeing the process and wording with your spouse before proceedings are issued

–                Finding your original marriage certificate or obtaining a certified copy

–                Choosing the right lawyer with experience, knowledge and understanding

–                Your spouse returning the Acknowledgement of Service form (the form sent to them by the Court to confirm that they have received the papers and that they agree to information provided) back to the court promptly

These are all important steps you should take when starting your divorce procedure. They can help to make sure that your divorce goes through as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Have any points raised in this blog raised questions for you? Give me, Jo Broadhead, or any member of my team here at Raworths a call. I am a Senior Associate in our Family Law team and you can contact me on or on 01423 566666.


Stray bonfire 2016

A huge thank you to the staff and children at Little Dragons Day Nursery in Harrogate for making such a fabulous “Guy Fawkes” for the Stray bonfire on Saturday 5th November 2016.


The annual Stray bonfire, now in it’s 45th year is organised by a dedicated team of volunteers from The Harrogate Round Table. The event (quite rarely these days) is a free to attend community event.

The Harrogate Round Table rely entirely on the generosity of the attendees to give what they can to the bucket shakers. All the money raised goes to local charities. This year the nominated charities were Yorkshire Cancer Research, The Rainbow Fund and Our Angels. The final total is yet to be announced, but is expected to be in the thousands.

The event is also a major fundraiser for the district’s Scouts, who as usual sold a great variety of hot food, drinks and treats.  Western School PTA were also at the event selling glow items and raised over £1000, which will be shared between the School PTA and the Round Table Charities.

A massive thank you to the Harrogate Round Table who once again gave up an entire weekend to organising and clear up this event once again, and also to the corporate sponsors, Fishers Removals, FTAV for the stage, lights and sound, Speedy Hire, Stray FM and 9xb.


IMG_3436 IMG_3442


20 cheap and easy summer activities

School’s almost out for summer and quality time with the kiddos is right around the corner – but how to fill six whole weeks without breaking the bank? Unless a lottery win is in the near future, my kids will have to rethink their grand summer plans and compromise on a few activities closer to home. Cheap doesn’t have to mean boring though, and with a bit of creative thinking, you can plan a summer break to be proud of! Here are some quick, easy and cheap summer holiday ideas around Harrogate & Knaresborough to make memories and save pennies!

  • Have breakfast on the Stray or in the Valley Gardens. Pack up an easy breakfast – we usually grab some croissants, yoghurt tubes and fruit – and beat the playground crowds. The kids will love having breakfast outdoors and there won’t be a queue for the swings! If you’re feeling brave then make it extra fun by letting them go in their jammies. If it’s warm enough pack their swim stuff & a towel as all the paddling pools in our district are now open until September (find out more about the council paddling pools here) 

  • Make popcorn – we love this easy popcorn recipe from My Fussy Eater. You just need a brown paper bag, popcorn kernels and a few minutes. For the “old fashioned” version, just heat up a tablespoon of oil in a pan, add the kernels (and a lid!) and leave them until the popping slows down (usually about 2-3 minutes) you can then add your favourite topping.

  • Lick ice lollies – in the bath or paddling pool! It’s a great way to cool down and you don’t have to worry about them getting sticky!

  • Decorate bikes – gather some craft supplies like stickers and streamers then let the kids transform their rides into the brightest bikes on the block. They’ll love showing off their new creations and burn off energy riding them around later.

  • Have an “unbirthday party” at home – A whole summer off school is reason enough for a party! Go the whole hog with balloons, party games, streamers, a pinata and a cake. You don’t have to worry about cards and presents, or inviting people if you don’t want, just spend the day partying with the kids!

  • Embrace face painting: You can get lots of cheap kits in the shops, some come with stencils and accessories too. Experience has taught me this is best done outside and NOT anywhere with a light-coloured carpet!

  • Make invisible ink with the juice of half a lemon and a few drops of water.

  • Invent a code and write each other letters to crack. Even better, combine it with a treasure hunt around the house and get the kids to decipher the code as they search for clues.

  • Hold a Neighbourhood or friends Sports Day – gather the local parents and kids together and hold a good old fashioned sports day – or night – in someone’s garden, or somewhere else that’s safe (on the stray or in one of the parks) . Think egg and spoon races, sack races, wheelbarrows, all the oldies and goodies. Don’t forget a parents v’s kids game of rounders!

  • Try geocaching: we love Geochaching at Harrogate Mumbler! Geocaches are treasures hidden by other players; usually little plastic containers with a few trinkets inside. You download an app, get GPS information for the geocaches you want to find, then start hunting. There’s usually a logbook inside and you can take one of the knickknacks home, leaving one of your own behind for the next people to find. There is a detailed (paid for) app however the free version is plenty good enough for you to try it out to see if you like it.

  • Backyard camping – skip the drive to the campsite, shower blocks and shared loos and pitch the tent in the back garden. They can play camping all day, and even sleep in it at night if they’re feeling brave. If you haven’t got a tent but want to try it out, drape a large sheet over a climbing frame or swing set and the kids can still play in it.

  • Write a story together – you could write a line each, either by saying it out loud or by writing something and folding it over, then passing the paper on. We also like to write sentences onto pieces of paper, put them into a bowl then pull them out to create a wild and wacky tale.

  • Visit the pet shop – Pets at Home often run school holiday workshops where you can hold the animals and learn all about them (we did one over Easter and loved it) but just visiting to look at the animals is always a hit.

  • Buy a pack of chalk (big chunky sticks if you can) and make giant snakes and ladders, hopscotch, or draw huge pictures on the path, patio or a back street (if you have one)

  • Sign up for the library reading challenge – it keeps their hand in reading over summer, and they can collect a prize at the end. This summer the North Yorkshire Libraries summer reading challenge is: BLAST OFF! SPACE CHASE and is for all 0-11 year olds.


  • Make nature faces: use what you have in the garden or go on a walk to collect flowers, twigs etc then make fabulous faces with your finds.

  • Have a water fight. This one never gets old and kids particularly love it when they get to soak you!

  • Make banana bites: chop up a banana, spread it out on baking paper then stick it in the freezer for a few hours for a deliciously icy, sweet and healthy treat!

  • Toast Smores over a campfire – An American treat! For an easy Smore, toast a marshmallow over the flames then stick it between two chocolate digestives. Delicious!

  • Turn the garden into a science lab: take the mess outside and conduct some cool and easy experiments. There are some good ones here.

  • Make a marble run with sticky tape, toilet rolls and cardboard

Don’t forget we’ve updated the Harrogate Mumbler School Holidays Activity Sheet for 2019 and that too has loads of great free ideas on it (as well as paid ones) Download a copy for yourself here & pin it to your fridge. Colour the shapes in when you’ve done them.

Things to do in Harrogate in the summer.


2019 Harrogate Mumbler Awards Winner Revealed

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who made the 2019 Harrogate Mumbler Awards in association with Bristol Street Motors Vauxhall the biggest & best yet!

Mumblers’ Favourite Children’s Retailer sponsored by Harrogate District Chamber of Commerce

Winner: Hopscotch

Highly Commended: Games Crusade

Mumblers’ Favourite Day Nursery sponsored by Watson Training Services

Winner: Little Explorers Day Nursery

Highly Commended: Safehands Day Nursery

Mumblers’ Favourite Pre-School sponsored by Raworths Solicitors

Winner: Performatots Harrogate

Highly Commended: Mud & Puddles

Mumblers’ Favourite Class or Activity sponsored by Verity Frearson

Winner: Hartbeeps Harrogate and Wetherby

Highly Commended: Børn of the Forest

Mumblers’ Favourite Children’s Attraction Sponsored by G T Service

Winner: Birchfield Ice Cream Farm

Highly Commended: Brimham Rocks Adventure Farm

“Eating out with the Kids” sponsored by Stewart Amos Mortgage & Protection Advisor

Winner: Billy Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour

Highly Commended: Little Breads at the Hydro

Mumblers’ Favourite Party Provider sponsored by Biffa

Winner: Painting Pots Knaresborough

Highly Commended: World of Their Own

Business parent of the year Sponsored by BCT Accountants

Winner: Vicky Little, Fiit Like a Girl

Highly Commended: Emma Spalding – Emergy Fitness & Wellbeing

Childminder/Nanny of the year Sponsored by Freedom Taxis

Winner: Katina Lacey

Highly Commended: Emma Quick

Teacher/Child Practitioner of the year sponsored by White Rose Beauty Colleges Harrogate

Winner: Vicky Little (FiiT Like a Girl)

Highly Commended: Ruth Watson (Watson Training Services)

The Mumbler Community Award 2019 Sponsored by CNG

Winner: Kenneth Webb. Award accepted in his memory by his daughter Karen.

Newcomer of the Year sponsored by Bristol Street Motors

Winner: Little Breads @ The Hydro

A huge thank you to: FTAV, Reel Film, DJ Mark Green, Nik Pickard Photography, The Doubletree by Hilton Majestic Hotel, Pickard Event Services, Wonder Media and of course Liz Theakston Events.

Note: I’ve added all the photos to this blog and I think that you look MARVELLOUS however if any of you absolutely hate your own mug shot, then drop me a message (with a screen shot of the offending image) & I’ll remove it.  Sal x

2020 Love Local Award Winners: Rainbow Award – Sponsored by DJ Mark Green

The Harrogate Mumbler Love Local Rainbow Award Winners

This final category was open to any business, group or individual, based in the Harrogate or Knaresborough area who doesn’t fit into any of the other categories but who deserves to be recognised.We asked you to tell us who they are & why they deserve a thank you.

If you have been mentioned here, we hope that it will be a lovely reminder for you in the future about how grateful the Harrogate & Knaresborough community are for everything that you do. If you are a winner & you would like to claim your certificate then please fill in this quick form here so that we know where to send it to!

Click here to download Winner Badge – Rainbow Award as a PDF

If you know any of the nominees, please be sure to tell them they’ve been nominated! We want to spread this lovely news far & wide!


Evie, Kayti & Kate at Harrogate Mumbler

  • A special “Rainbow Award” thank you to the Harrogate Mumbler team. Evie, Kayti & Kate are the brilliant team working behind the scenes to keep Harrogate Mumbler running. They have worked from home throughout the lockdown, whilst juggling their own families & home-schooling.They continually innovate & improve Harrogate Mumbler and have ensured that local families can find out everything that they need to know, when they need to know it.  It is no exaggeration to say that I’d be lost without them. Their hard work is helping me ensure that Harrogate Mumbler remains a viable business throughout these incredibly difficult times. Thank you ladies so much x


  • Also a huge thank you to one of our Grandma Mumblers, Victoria @copperhillstudio for producing such fantastic Mumbler colouring in sheets throughout lockdown. You’ve kept hundreds of mini-mumblers busy! 

Love Sally x

Anne Marie Hall (Little Darlings of Harrogate)

  • Her window displays have been created selflessly and have cheered up Skipton Road! She has also been a voice for the local area, as people return to shop in harrogate.
  • This lady should have been celebrating her shops first birthday in April. She has been working so hard building her online shop and keeping her shop going whilst also homeschooling her son and being a mum. We are so proud of how far she has come in the last year and for keeping going through out the lock down .

Ashley from Mum2Me

  • She’s one of the best people I know and I’m so lucky that my friend told me to go to Ashley’s coffee morning. Mum2me helped me get my confidence after my little one was born, I was so lucky to be able to go along to the fitness classes and coffee mornings before all of lockdown happened. Ashley is so kind and caring and always made sure every single mum who went a long, felt included/happy/safe. She made sure we all drank a coffee while it was hot and took a breather. She’s so good at looking after others as it’s so natural to her. I really think she deserves to be recognised for it! Amazing lady!

Beach House Surgery, Knaresborough

  • During lock down I had to take my son to see the Doctor (not covid related) The Doctor ( Dr Mcavoy) we had a zoom appointment with was fantastic didn’t rush us and was thorough ( this was obviously when the pandemic was high). We then saw in person Dr Marfell who did forewarn me that he would have all the PPE equipment on on order for my son not to be scared. Again thorough examination, did not feel rushed. I feel very lucky that we have these fantastic people to help us when we needed it most but not only carried out in a professional manner but a friendly one especially during the very scary tines of lock down.

Bella Gough

  • Raised money “climbing Mt Everest” on her stairs while on lockdown in her house.

Charlie Lovatt 

  • For genuinely caring about people. She set up a group for self employed people to help them understand what was going on with grants available etc plus helping promote local buisness through her pages

Claire and Louise from Heaven and Hell

  • Not only do they provide a brilliant wide range of physical activity from Pilates, HIT, boxercise, yoga and Zumba with Great energy which really kept me afloat during lockdown! But they put on a disco and brought in over £700 for the NHS!

Coppice Valley

  • Coppice painted rainbows in all of their windows and made it a challenge to make the best rainbow. They also did so many arts and crafts challenges and activities for the children.

Dance Matt

  • Raising money for the Harrogate theatre doing a dance a ton for 12 hours raising more than £1000

Dawn Taylor

  • Mrs Taylor is the office manager at Coppice Valley Primary School. She has gone above and beyond over the last few months. When ever you have a problem or any queries she is there to help you out and is super efficient and always very smart!

Doe Harrogate

  • Doe Harrogate has worked tirelessly to still meet the demand for her yummy products…. she needs a holiday I reckon!!!

Doorstep Photographers

This was fantastic project capturing wonderful family photos on your doorstep! Well done to the girls that organised this and captured so many memories.


  • Best restaurant in Harrogate, great value, excellent service A menu inspired by the world, traditional Yorkshire, American, South America, Asian cuisine, Turkish even a German dish. (So gooood!!) I kept the best for the end…. EXCELLENT BREAKFAST, using LOCAL FARMERS to guarantee a high quality product.. definitely need business and people with this kind of mindset .. now more than ever with this pandemic… Best independents restaurant, always an excellent service and great food. Having a huge selection gluten free , vegan… must try the vegan brownie , I am not vegan , but this dessert is to die for !!!!! Dog friendly restaurant, and I almost forget the best part …. breakfast serve till 4pm, what or who can beat that ?? Can you imagine the pleasure of having a amazing tasty really feeding breakfast late on Saturday ?! The best solution after a Friday night out !!! Well I’m gonna stop there as I could write a book about them saying how much they are amazing!!! FARMHOUSE – THE RESTAURANT HARROGATE DEFINITELY NEEDED !!!!

Fostering North Yorkshire Foster Carers

  • All the Fostering North Yorkshire carers have continued to provide safe, nurturing care to children in need throughout the pandemic, often juggling many different challenges along the way. They ALL deserve a massive shout out and a huge Thank You!!!!

Harrogate district hospital

  • I’ve heard so many lovely stories about how hard they have worked and have friends who have worked there throughout, thanks to all our NHS staff
  • Staff at Harrogate Hospital- Just because!
  • Woodlands ward: Making sure children have the best experience in hospital under the circumstances
  • Midwives at Harrogate hospital: Supporting mums to be during this really scary time

Harrogate District Round Table

  • They have been volunteering behind the scenes every Friday during lockdown to shop for food & deliver it to the elderly around Harrogate. Well done HDRT!

Hazel Roman

  • Just a great service provider who deserves recognition for what she does.
  • Is a fantastic baby massage and yoga group who deserves to be recognised is hard working


  • When lockdown and Corona hit KidSmith appeared. They created some wonderful designs to raise money for charity. Hermione and Phoebe may only be young in years but there kindness and spirit is fully grown.

Knaresborough Delivers

  • They have created an amazing service so support locals. Efficient deliveries and friendly staff – they really must have worked so hard!

Laura Dudley @ Painting Pots

  • She brings all the rainbows to my world !
  • Apart from offering a delivery service for families to paint their pots at home, Laura also organised the most lovely painted hearts project – the hearts that people decorated were then taken and given to local key workers to spread some gratitude, joy and love. Laura, you are such a community hero, you think up the most lovely ideas to help others, often at your own expense. I’m sure the key workers loved receiving their little tokens of love xxx
  • Laura is one of the most likeable people I have ever met. She’s honest, works hard and has great ideas. Her takeaway pottery kits are fabulous, my son and I really enjoyed painting our pottery! Always lovely to see her smiley face
  • In the first few weeks of lock down, laura &jhuh was passionate about posting a video or post every day on the painting pots page. These posts were craft activities, games, fun ideas that families at home could try. She wanted to help other families in lock down to be creative.
  • Did an amazing job not only producing hearts for hearts for hero’s but also raising money for NHS workers, Laura always puts other people before herself and makes lots fe so much more colourful just like a rainbow.
  • For getting kids to paint rainbow themed small Keep sakes which can be sponsored and donated to key-workers directly as an appreciation of their work during lockdown.

Musicality Kids

  • Hannah has worked incredibly hard to create her own business, entirely from scratch. She has props, a magic circle blanket, different theme each week, wonderful playlists, and an overwhelming enthusiasm for introducing children to music and rhythm. This is only her second year running her business, which has had to completely shut during lockdown, and she is so missed within the Harrogate community. My little boy can’t wait to get back to class. Whenever Hannah is allowed to open safely again, we’re hoping for a space theme the first week back, as Musicality kids is out of this world!

Pannal & Burn Bridge coronavirus group

Set up & managed by Katie Burke. The group have helped local people, set up a support network, created a food bank which has been supporting 13 local families & kept us updated on local openings / options.

Pots 2 Go Ceramic Cafe

  • My girlfriend and I had to self-isolate for a little while due to having Coronavirus symptoms back in April, and during this time we felt a bit trapped. A friend of mine recommended why not order a DIY-kit from Pots 2 Go in Harrogate as something that might be quite fun and good to do together. This was a great idea and I think we’ll be going in to do similar again once the shop is open.
  • Pots2Go deserve a special mention and a thank you for keeping so many children creative and doing art at a time when normal schooling for these sorts of creative activity has ceased for the best part of a year!
  • Pots2Go are amazing! Would love for them to be recognised for all that they do. I ordered a Pots2Go at home kit in the early lockdown period when everything was really uncertain, and it was honestly so nice to do some art and keep occupied! I’m so pleased with my bowl – thank you very much Pots2Go!
  • Thank you Pots2Go for getting me and my family painting again. After not doing anything very creative at all since secondary school, getting to think about what I was going to paint, and create a lovely plant pot for my home during lockdown was really special. Your DIY kits have been brilliant, and I can’t wait to visit the shop again soon once you can reopen!
  • I nominate Pots2Go for the Harrogate Mumbler Rainbow Award because they need thanking for all the DIY home kits they’ve been delivering all over Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Their Facebook page has always kept positive whilst they couldn’t be open, and instead they’ve innovatively been getting children (and adults!) painting at home as a family activity. I ordered a kit with my mum and got creative again after such a long time. I painted a clock, and I can’t wait to see it once it’s been fired, and my mum did a plate for the wall. The next time we do one, we’ll try to capture our dog’s paw-print!
  • My sister and I ordered a kit and had a fantastic time painting a princess, and I did a lemon-themed fruit bowl. Pots2Go seemed so friendly and organised, and they delivered and collected the DIY kit for me too – we’ve now got some amazing creations to remember our lockdown experience by. Such a brilliant little business – Thank you Pots2Go, we can’t wait to come and paint again!
  • Pots2Go is a fantastic place to visit for all age groups, young and old, and for all abilities (fortunately!). Zoe is a fabulous host, full of enthusiasm and great ideas which make visits really enjoyable. We really hope Pots2Go thrives once lockdown is fully over.

Sid Lovatt from Penguin pants3d

  • Because he has gone above and beyond producing thousands of face shields for key workers using his 3D printers.he is amazing


  • Great customer service.

Stump Cross Caverns

  • Such a lovely Stumpy team – their enthusiasm and determination to carry on through COVID has been great. Love their ice cream van, amazing views and always friendly service. Great idea!

Sweettooth Knaresborough

  • A fantastic company set up in lockdown by an ex student of mine. Her entrepreneurial skills and fabulous style have created a wonderful business that I hope goes from strength to strength!!!

The Weekend Factory

  • They set up a group of local businesses delivering meals, crafts, essentials, gifts… As a single parent, they accomodated my needs and were really flexible. I really hope the business carries on in the future!

Victoria Smith-Dunn and the Oatlands Community group

  • Vic has set up a volunteer group to look after the community. She has raised money for local projects, supported the hospital and organised family events that bring people together virtually. She’s an angel.
  • A woman who really did provide hope for all during lockdown. Her selflessness and warm personality shine through with all the volunteer work she has done leading the Oatlands Community charity work. A true inspiration

2020 Love Local Award Winners: Star School – Sponsored by Stewart Amos, Financial Advisor with 2Plan Wealth Management Ltd

Initially we said that we would only publish the comments when we got 5 or more but having read them all, we’ve decided to ditch that rule! Everyone who received a nomination deserves to read their message/s of thanks & support!

Star School Sponsored by Stewart Amos, 2 Plan

Thanks to our amazing award sponsor, Stewart Amos, we have some lovely certificates to give out to all nominees. We hope that it will be a lovely reminder for you in the future about how you adapted your teaching and how grateful the Harrogate & Knaresborough community are for everything that you do for our children. If you are a winner & you would like to claim your certificate then please fill in this quick form here so that we know where to send it to!

This award is to recognise schools setting that have gone above and beyond whilst on lockdown.

We’ve also got some digital badges for all nominees. Please help yourself & download your badge.  You are welcome to use them wherever you want- on your social media channels, on your websites etc. Let everyone know how loved you are!

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Love from Sally, Kate, Kayti & Evie at Harrogate Mumbler x

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Winners of the 2020 Harrogate Mumbler Love Local “Star School” Award 

(In alphabetical order)

Ashville College

  • They have been great setting work for all years, whilst still engaging with the children via messages of encouragement and praise etc.
  • For continuing to provide an education for all our children from reception through to 6th form during lockdown. All teachers on hand during the school day, delivering live lessons and sticking to the timetable

Aspin Park Academy Knaresborough

  • Fantastic online teaching package that was available within days. High quality content, always improving. Good regular communication. I feel they’re trying to do their best for my child
  • They have been fantastic throughout, keeping in touch via emails, letters, phone calls even sending out a little gift for their pupils in the post. The head teacher and all staff have been brilliant. My daughter loves her school and we’re lucky to have them!
  • As a family of 2 keyworkers you have gone above and beyond to keep us in these roles even when our roles increased. You have been such a warm and stabalizing influence in this stressful time.
  • Amazing support for my children throughout lead by the fantastic new head teacher
  • Amazing support and care shown towards whole family. Engaging and interesting activities set for the children.
  • I’m so proud that my children attend Aspin the school have been amazing since day one of lockdown. Regular telephone calls asking how we are all getting one and if we need any support from them. Emails updating us with what is happening and even wrist bands for all the children which was such a lovely touch. The well being of both pupils and parents has been the priority from the teachers and any issues has been felt with straight away. Emails even being replied to at 10pm, Aspin Park isn’t just a school it’s a family and that has shown this past few weeks.
  • The work that has been set has been a fab standard, they also sent my daughter a band which she adored- she loved it and felt valued and remembered. They also produced a video on You tube which she loved watching Aspin School reacted very quickly to the lockdown and within a couple of weeks had an online learning platform with high quality learning materials. Feedback has been sought to continue to develop and improve it. The communication and engagement from the Headteacher (Mrs Robertson) has been first class throughout. The process of Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 returning was very well managed and again communication was clear on what to expect. I was happy for my child to return in the confidence that they would be safe. Considering the Headteacher was new to the school and has had to deal with such unprecedented circumstances and done it so effectively and compassionately is a fantastic achievement. Thank you and well done to all of the staff at Aspin Park Academy.
  • They have been nothing short of amazing. Supportive, encouraging, thorough work sent home with detailed instructions, and almost immediate feedback from teachers on pupils work. A regular newsletter and a community feel. They also sent out rainbow wrist bands to make all pupils still feel part of something despite lockdown. We received regular phone calls and e mails checking we had everything we needed for home learning and checking progress made with work set. Since returning to school communication and support offered is still exemplary…
  • They have tried really hard to be supportive with letters and phone calls and even sending everyone of their students a band through the post. They have gone above and beyond.
  • They have been great sending work during lockdown and have accommodated our needs.

Belmont Grosvenor School

  • The amazing team of talented teachers who stood up an online learning program with lots of support for our child with special needs during this unusual time!
  • The teachers provided so much support and continued to teach the children via google classrooms so they didn’t miss out on their education.
  • They have excelled during this time of uncertainty. They are a real partner in educating the children and identified a way to bring all of the children back this year in a safe way.
  • Belmont Grosvenor have been wonderful. They provided a fantastic range of lessons and activities for the children to get involved in and given lots of positive feedback to the kids through the lesson platform. With weekly ‘Show & Tell’, Book Review and Celebration assemblies, they have maintained the same wonderful school spirit in lockdown. Regular phone calls from the Pastoral Care lead have been a much needed boost. Thank you Belmont Grosvenor!
  • They put the children’s mental health and education first from the very start. As a parent I appreciated how quickly they switched from normal to create the homeschooling curriculum and lesson plans each day. They responded to all of their work and stayed connected through online assemblies. All of the teachers and staff were flexible and supportive and we honestly cannot thank them enough.
  • All staff at BGS have really gone above and beyond during the last few months. They have provided some inspiring work remotely on a daily basis coupled with teaching videos and weekly challenges and projects. Staff have been “available” at all times of the day to answer questions and support, sometimes with phone calls and Zoom calls direct to the children. The Pastoral lead has phoned parents weekly to check in and ensure each family’s health and well being is OK. The Head Mistress herself has run a weekly Book Club via Zoom with the children, and ensured at least 2 celebration and show and tell assemblies each week via Zoom. It has really kept the School community together. In addition the School has produced some “Feel Good” videos for the children too. Now Lockdown is easing, the School has been incredibly proactive in getting ALL children back to School in a safe way. The children are having an absolute ball. There is so much outside play: den building, bubbles, hop scotch, really good old-fashioned fun done in a very creative way. Outside drama, singing, the list goes on! All I can say is, the staff have worked incredibly hard around the clock, but still remain so happy and positive around the children and parents.
  • Sophia Ashworth Jones and her team have been outstanding. They have led zoom assembly’s for all year groups, virtual lessons have been conducted, an amazing variety of work. Communication has been fantastic throughout. Support provided for parents on days when homeschooling was a “challenge”. Weekly newsletters, celebration assembly’s, weekly learning habits and weekly wellbeing ideas shared. Though the use of tapestry for the younger children, email, what’s app and zoom the teachers have taught, communicated and motivated every child and parent teacher in the school. They have created a virtual community that is as special as our physical school community. Since coming back to school they have taught outdoors and made the children feel very at home with the “new normal”. Thank you BGS for all that you have done, do and continue to do!
  • The already strong relationship between families and staff members has just been reinforced. BGS has once again not failed to deliver especially during these tough times. Focusing on care and welfare combined with a can-do attitude to provide continued top quality education to our kitchen tables including virtual assemblies, core subjects, topic work, online support and constructive feedback, BGS deserves a huge pat on the back! Thank you to everyone.
  • The amazing professional team at Belmont Grosvenor School have acted superbly during the difficult times. Looking after both the best interest of the children and supporting the parents to which we are very grateful.They put the children’s’ mental health and education first from the very start. As a parent I appreciated how quickly they switched from normal to create the homeschooling curriculum and lesson plans each day. They responded to all of their work and stayed connected through online assemblies. All of the teachers and staff were flexible and supportive and we honestly cannot thank them enough.
  • Belmont Grosvenor has always been a fantastic school, but it has really surpassed itself during lockdown. When most other independent schools offered a 20% reduction in fees to compensate for the fact the children were not able to be educated at school, Belmont went over and above with zero fees in order to assist with the finances of the Belmont families, helping them to be in a better position when children return. During lockdown, the home schooling support was outstanding, with comprehensive weekly timetables, daily work packs, twice weekly Zoom assemblies, Zoom book clubs, regular support phone calls from the incredible teachers, etc. When the Government allowed Head Teachers to use their discretion regarding the reopening of schools, Belmont made the decision to open up the entire school in a safe and sensible manner, with the reintroduction of year groups being staggered until most pupils were back at school by the 24th June, except for those shielding families. The wellbeing of the children has always been a priority at Belmont, and lockdown has been no exception. Speaking personally, my Y1 and Y3 children have had a very happy, anxious-free reintroduction to school, mainly because the incredible Head Teacher and outstanding team of staff have done everything possible to make the children feel safe and at ease during a very difficult time. I can’t express enough how very grateful I am that my children go to such a wonderful school that puts the wellbeing of its children and families first. For the incredible way the school has dealt with lockdown during these uncertain times, I wish to nominate Belmont Grosvenor School for ‘Star School’.
  • Belmont Grosvenor School staff set the children up for success from the very beginning of lockdown. One teacher, Mrs. Nicola Shillam, told the Year 1 class right before lockdown “You are going to learn very well from your parents because they are the best teachers. After all, who taught you how to walk and talk and ride a bike?” My child came back happy and confident in his parent’s ability because of that and I’ll admit Mrs. Shillam’s confidence in me helped more than I care to admit. The staff rolled out an excellent distance learning program that was easy to access and implement. Now that the entire school has been welcomed back, all our children feel very happy and secure. 2020 was not an easy year for any of us, but Belmont Grosvenor staff has made it easier on their students.
  • The school went above and beyond from the start to the end of lockdown and are continuing to do so! From daily emails and feedback to online assemblies. The communication from school regarding reopening has been great and we feel very happy with the adjustments staff have made within school to keep our children and staff safe.
  • Belmont Grosvenor School have been absolutely fantastic through this challenging time. They have put our children first in every way and have cared for the families who have faced a wide variety of challenges over the COVID-19 months.

Bishop Monkton School

  • For doing their best to keep in touch with the children and encourage them through a very uncertain time.


  • Amazing support to both key workers and those doing home schooling. Excellent resources, online lessons with the teacher, structured work to do and hand in, comments received back from teachers, regular communication. In short, they have responded amazingly to the Covid situation.
  • School has done an excellent job providing care for key worker children and online learning throughout lockdown and ongoing.
  • Amazing support and family feel! Special thank you to Mr Coxon!

Burton Leonard Primary School

  • The school and staff are amazing and always go above and beyond to help out in any situation. During the pandemic the teachers have called all those pupils that weren’t from key works to make sure the whole family was doing ok, & to see if there’s anything they could do to help with home schooling. The school is at the heart of our village, I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t love the school and it’s teachers.

Coppice Valley Primary School

  • It is so lovely to see how interactive the school are with the children and the local community. I really enjoyed the book swap that they did for world book day which really relieved the pressure on parents trying to find fancy dress costumes. Great way to think outside the box!
  • My niece and nephew go to this school and it’s lovely to see them thriving and so happy. Such a family friendly school.
  • They are welcoming to every student and make everyone feel happy and joyful.
  • They have been amazing as always throughout this unsettling period but the one thing that makes them stand out from every other school is that they are determined to get every single child in their school back in school for a period of time before the summer holidays. The children really are at the heart of everything they do.
  • My friends and the great teachers.
  • Constant communication from teachers with work for home schooling, phone calls to check how everyone is doing. Regular contact throughout lockdown about any changes. Listened to parents concerns.
  • Supportive, encouraging, just incredible. So much support for the kids, so much focus on their mental health and being incredibly supportive for the parents when dealing with returning to school.
  • Keeping as many children as possible in education.
  • They have done so much to keep the pupils learning and entertained. Some are back now inc one of my daughters. She is so pleased to be back and I feel confident with all their hard word. The best head teacher too..she was amazing on the BBC news. All so caring and all put the kids wellbeing and safety first.
  • We’ve felt so looked after by school during the period of the pandemic, the school leadership have been so fantastic at communication and making sure that the whole school family are ok.
  • The school has done an absolutely outstanding job throughout the lockdown period. The children’s mental health and education has been at the heart of everything they’ve done. Regular contact with parents, excellent home learning with emails to teachers and an excellent recovery curriculum on return to school. As they are well aware of their children they have worked hard at planning what is best for them. This has been done through the classroom layout (big empty space with desks around the outside of the classroom for regular circle times together, stories, drama etc.), the thorough activities focusing on their personal, social and emotional health. Their work is truly valuable and the children have come back with smiling, happy faces – what more could you want!
  • This school has made some amazing developments in the last year. The staff are skilled and think the world of all the children. The school has a lovely environment and ethos, it is going from strength to strength.
  • Amazing in how they have kept us informed of the changes during lockdown, providing suitable work for the children and adapting how they work and keep in touch with the children and their families, using facebook storytime, newsletters, and emails. they have thought carefully as to how they can get every child back to school for short periods of time before the summer, well done coppice
  • Coppice Valley primary school have been incredible in supporting the children; sending stories home, providing them with artistic ideas, supporting their work and doing themed days. All staff go above and beyond to try make everything run smoothly💚💙
  • Coppice Valley primary school have been incredible in supporting the children and staying in touch. Also sending care packages.
  • Two of my children go there and throughout the lockdown they have been focusing on the mental health of each and every child at that school. Regular phone calls, teachers answering parental emails at all times of day and night, live weekly facebook stories, prerecorded art and PE activities, fun newsletters and also trying to get every single child in school back at some point before summer. Amazing school. Amazing staff.
  • Coppice Valley primary school have been incredible in supporting the children; sending stories home, providing them with artistic ideas, supporting their work and doing themed days. All staff go above and beyond to try make everything run smoothly.
  • They have supported both the children and parents from day 1 of lockdown. They have been proactive by checking in with the families religiously. We may have been apart but my love for this school and everyone in it has grown much stronger over this strange and unknown time.
  • They have been amazing throughout lockdown, ensuring all families are safe and happy. Since school has reopened, they’ve been brilliant at communicating with parents to enable children to return to school safely!
  • They have been brilliant keeping in touch with the children and providing them with home learning to ensure they don’t fall behind. Teachers have worked so hard at home and in school, they do a fab job!
  • We have had excellent communication throughout this difficult time, helping to put anxious parents minds at ease a little.
  • The Head Teacher and every last one of the staff work so hard for all of their pupils, parents and the wider community. They are friendly, welcoming and go above and beyond nothing is to much trouble. Throughout lockdown they have been there continuously. They have done many videos telling stories, quoting poems, sending visual messages at the end of the phone or email if you had any queries or just needed reassurance. The home schooling has been good too. Easy to follow informative and of course fun! Coming back to school was a joy to see all the familiar faces stood waiting to greet you ALL with a friendly, warm smile on their faces! Very comforting.
  • During an incredibly difficult time, they have been a fantastic support to us, providing workbooks, offering numerous different daily activities for us to carry out, calling us regularly to check how we are and posting videos of the teachers reading stories which the children have adored. Once it was announced the schools would reopen, they have done a fantastic job of keeping us up to date with everything that’s happening. Contacting us again by phone to talk through what the plan is and asking for our thoughts on what we wil be doing. Providing videos of the new classrooms for us to acclimatise the children, posting videos of the different ways into school for the different bubbles so it is very clear and we can maintain social distancing. I was scared about sending my little boy and delayed him coming back for 2 weeks. I was worried it was too soon and the number of deaths were still very high. Coppice were so flexible and helpful and reassured me. I am delighted he is back at school now and loves it, I know they will do everything they can to keep the staff and children safe. The school looks fantastic, the bug hotels are stocked full, raised beds bursting with vegetables, all the new planting is coming on wonderfully, the kids have so much space outside and I feel very lucky my little boy attends such an excellent school.
  • Our children have been supported throughout lockdown by their class teachers and as parents, we have been updated regularly by headteacher Mrs Meadus on any changes to government guidelines. Mrs Meadus has written many insightful blogs along the way and also appeared on BBC News.
  • Coppice Valley Primary School has been engaged from day 1 of lockdown providing information, help and support to all children and parents. They sent out regular emails to parents and carers and they very quickly put a Home Learning Support page up on their website with lots of useful information, advice, links to e.g. mindfulness activities. Each class has had homework for each day of the week on their Class Pages and teachers have been very engaged throughout lockdown giving feedback on homework, questions, etc.. They also put a weekly newsletter together with lots of fun little articles, sharing what families and children got up to at home and even ran different competitions. An absolutely excellent school supporting children and families through and continuing to do so now during the phased return back to a new-normal! Coppice Valley Primary School really deserves this Award.
  • As always we feel that Coppice have put the children’s mental health before education to check in on us on a regular basis, providing the right amount of home schooling activities and providing this in a variety of ways. We feel we have been listened to and actions have been made to ensure the children and the teachers safety is paramount at all times.
  • The staff constantly go the extra mile and truly care for every child, they have all worked tirelessly to stay connected to every family.
  • All the staff volunteered their time in whatever way they could to look after Key Worker & Vulnerable children during the school closure and holidays. They’ve all gone above and beyond many times over. A fabulous team!
  • The School have been great throughout lockdown. They have really supported the children throughout and are continuing to help as much as they can for those still being homeschooled. For the first 6 weeks they produced a weekly newsletter called the ‘Coppice Chronicle’ which was great at keeping everyone informed not only about school but general daily things about what the pupils had been up which was great to read. In my opinion they should definitely be nominated.
  • Went above and beyond during these trying times to keep the children engaged and upbeat.
  • Throughout lockdown Coppice staff have worked extremely hard to keep online learning going With new fab ideas daily, also by keeping in contact with families making the children feel connected to their individual classes and teachers.
  • The school has been great during lockdown, from the head to all the staff where they have worked hard by continuing to keep in touch and set work for the pupils. It is great they are giving all the children the opportunity to return for 1 week before the summer holidays.

Dacre Braithwaite C of E Primary School

  • The whole staff have been endless supporting us parents at home. Sending down work daily, with plenty of links and guides to help explain anything we might not remember! Weekly zoom sessions for each class so they can share stories, have games together, and just see each other, fantastic. Emails to check up on your child’s wellbeing, as well as us parents. I wish I could nominate them a hundred times, they’re truly helpful and amazing.
  • Wonderful organisation to ensure a safe transition after lockdown. All round fabulous school
  • For being brilliant throughout lockdown, providing consistent support for home-schooling, while caring for other children in school in a relaxed but safe way.
  • All the staff have worked super hard, they have adapted to the situation and made sure every child/ family have what they need. whether it be tailored home school learning or support with their wellbeing. They have kept a constant link with the children through their weekly Zoom sessions that have been fun and engaging. Also they have a radio station that was started over lock down to try and link the school community and keep them informed. Well Done Dacre B!!
  • In these tricky times Dacre Braithwaite staff have been absolutely amazing in their never ending support of everyone in the school community, both children, parents and governors. They have constantly been at the other end of the phone or email helping and guiding the families, not only with the home learning, but also with the ‘wobbles’ we all have had during the lockdown. They are ALL stars!
  • Dacre Braithwaite school is like our extended family – it’s such a lovely school that our boys love. The home schooling they have set at short notice is set out really well and the weekly zoom class is great fun. All the teachers go above and beyond for each and every pupil. We are so lucky to have such a great school nearby.
  • On the last day at school before lockdown the children were sent home with a pack of basics – exercise books, key spellings, etc. From day 1 of lockdown we have received every morning at 8.15pm an e-mail with a full days timetable of work form the school complete with all relevant attachments. Other than the specific literacy and numeracy school adopted a theme project based approach so children in 1 household across different year groups could work together on the same theme to make life easier for parents. Children had a Zoom well being call with their entire class and teacher every Wednesday so they could catch up and check in. Parents have been encouraged to send in photos and videos which are all then displayed on the Class pages of the school website. The choir worked on and virtually recorded a song together. The teachers have been contactable at all times to answer questions, discuss any issues and support parents where required. Now the Year 6 students are back at school they are doing a virtual end of year play via Zoom and a virtual Leavers assembly
  • Commitment to children and families during the unsettled times. Supportive and dedicated staff.
  • Super team effort between the staff and families. Flexible in their approach and adapted to the needs of the farming community they serve. Brilliant relationships between the staff and families. Supportive and encouraging at a time of crisis.
  • The staff at Dacre Braitwaite have been amazing since lockdown. The online learning has been really clear and easy to follow and the staff have been so supportive. We’ve had weekly newsletter keeping us in touch with each other and photo galleries on the website of all the children’s work. We’ve also had Wednesday Wellbeing Zoom sessions for each class to keep the children united where we’ve played games, done quizzes and had fun challenging each other. Plus, we’ve even had one of the dads running a radio show on What’s App to keep our school community united. Our school community has stayed together as a family throughout showing what a star school ours is!
  • For the daily homeschooling work, and the amazing effort all teachers are putting in to make sure all kids have the right amount of work during this hard time. For the wonderful support the school has provided me through the very difficult frost few weeks of been a single parent of 3. It’s not just a school it’s family
  • My children have only been at the school for a year and right from the start we felt like part of the family this continued into lockdown and there has always been someone there I have never felt alone with the home schooling the daily emails have been encouraging but not over whelming. Great job team Dacre B!!
  • This school is always amazing but has managed to go up another gear in lockdown. We have maintained having a school newsletter and Dacre B awards each week. We have had a weekly radio show organised by one of the parents with shout outs, dedications and interviews. The choir was able to still participate in a virtual VE day choir organised by Mrs Stokes. We have been encouraged to send photos and videos into school of our children completing work or other home activity and this has been shared on the Dacre Braithwaite website allowing children and school to stay connected. School sent a survey out for feedback part way into lockdown asking what was working/not working and this then saw the teachers work together to adapt the home school work. A great change was that in an afternoon they ensured all key stages had a common theme so adults at home could find it easier if teaching 3 or more children across the different year groups. School has had a 2 way communication all along via call or email and weekly well being zoom calls to check in on how pupils are doing and maintain our lovely family culture.These involved class games/shares so that pupils could see each other. School has also been super organised and welcoming to children returning. Our daughter has had a smooth transition back building up days back to full time. They sent photos of the classrooms so the children could see how they were all set up and work at school has reflected that at home so children feel connected. Examples of great home learning has been displayed in the classrooms and shared so that those still at home feel included. Our schools vicar has also recorded messages and songs that may have normally been in assembly so the school messages and connection is still there. New Reception starters for September have all been sent out Buddy letters with photos of older children in new year 6 who will help look after them and also been sent photos of their classrooms and teachers and a bit about their day etc. All new reception have also been given an ‘All about me’ pack to do so that school can still get to know them. Dacre Braithwaite’s staff have all been smiley, welcoming and encouraging throughout the whole experience and there to listen to any concerns but most of all reminding parents that all work is suggested and that they will support all children on the return and that the children’s well being is the most important thing in all this. Dacre Braithwaite is a ‘star school’
  • The school vision statement is “live life to the full” . This is taken from John 10 where Jesus says ” I have come that you may have life and have it to the full”. The love and warmth that envelopes one as you enter the school is testament to that statement. This is emphasised strongly by the teaching and care that radiates downwards from the Headteacher through all the dedicated staff. The children are happy, kind and keen to learn and to realise that learning is fun and hard work is always rewarded by success. DacreBraithwaite School is certainly a “great place to be” where “life is lived to the full”.

Follifoot C of E

  • Fantastic support during lockdown. Daily e-mails from teachers, phone calls if you needed, then fun daily Zoom calls with well being activities, scavenger hunts, quizzes, reading stories etc Its clear to see in every communication how much all the staff care about the children and what a lovely atmosphere there is. The head has worked tirelessly to get as many children into school as possible and to support parents and staff. A wonderful school which has coped brilliantly with all the recent challenges!

Gateways School

  • For keeping lessons going every day throughout lockdown; following the normal timetable. The children’s education and learning has continued almost as normal with face to face online lessons backed up with some amazing online resources.

Goldsborough Church of England Primary School

  • They’ve done so much in terms of support for all families.

Grove Road Primary School

  • As a grandma, I have been able to keep up with assemblies and other posted work from the lovely teachers who have worked in school and from home.
  • They have gone above and beyond with calls, visits, care packages. A fabulous online learning platform and a weekly virtual assembly. They have remained open for keyworkers children and the school was also a local hub providing lots of childcare.
  • The headteacher always puts in 100%
  • All 3 of my children attend here, staff were aware of my concerns over home schooling 3 kids with SEND from before lockdown even though it was necessary as I was being told to shield. My kids are extremely hard work some days due to their varying needs and often these needs clash with the other childs needs and chaos happens. It’s broken me several times during lockdown and I keep pulling myself back up. The teachers at the school have listened to me, phoned to check on my wellbeing as I’m struggling and helped to provide tools to aid my childrens needs. They have a fantastic online learning platform that I have used with the children a lot but the teachers also dont pressure me, if I cant get schooling to happen one day they’ve said they know I will have tried. They’ve also been impressed with what I have managed so personally I feel their caring from afar and can’t thank them enough for supporting me and checking on me. It’s tough being a parent carer, being screamed at in meltdown episodes several hours at a time daily takes its toll, and not being able to have a few hours break a week is hard to manage. They also do an online school success assembly every friday morning which I quite look forward to as they exude positivity and at the end me and the kids sing along to their -Well Done’ song which always gives me a boost. Thank you Grove Rd.
  • Our wonderful school have kept our children learning and happy even when they were closed. We loved getting headteachers awards and taking part in zoom assemblies.
  • We have had nothing but support through this lockdown. We have had phone calls and messages to check in on us. Teachers have delivered packets of work and treats for the kids. We have had amazing online work consistently throughout. Even an amazing assembly every Friday posted on YouTube, including awards for the kids! Just feel very lucky to have such great educators and support!
  • For genuinely caring and looking after pupils and the staff. They are very well organized and helpful.
  • Have gone above and beyond for every child within their school community, and wider community also being the Hub school for primary aged children of key worker children from other school on weekends and throughout the holidays. Grove Road children have benefitted from online learning with immediate teacher feedback, resource packs sent home, small gifts for every child to show they are being thought about by the school. Phone calls home just to say hi and check-in, fun online assemblies every week. Challenges for pupils and their families to enjoy together, the list goes on. They have been amazing incredibly supportive.
  • They have been outstanding with there support daily work via seesaw stories everyday contact with your teacher on line celebration assemblies. The list is endless nothing has been too much trouble Mr Parkhouse and team GR are just fabulous making a very stressful situation much easier to navigate and also children going into school now my daughter one of them they have made a strange different situation feel safe for them and not too daunting, my daughter cry’s when she is unable to go on a weekend.
  • They became a harrogate hub, offering childcare 7 days a week to key workers children. The teachers have worked incredibly hard to interact with parents and children for homeschooling through an app called seesaw. And they have opened to year 6 with fantastic distant measures in place.
  • They have gone above and beyond throughout the whole of lockdown. Constant online work , daily feedback, phone calls, a weekly celebration assembly on u tube. They have all been amazing!!!
  • They have done an incredible job by supporting children and the families.
  • Through out lockdown they’ve just been on the other end of the phone and computer if needed. Work is sent daily alongside optional tasks and fun activities. They’ve done a virtual assembly every Friday which my kids love. They’ve helped other children that don’t even attend the school by providing them with a safe place for holidays while key workers do their amazing job.
  • They have gone above and beyond by supporting children and families.
  • Amazing teachers keeping activities and awards going for the children. Assembly on a friday live so all children were recognised for thier work at home. Phone call from teachers to talk to children and parents to see how they were and supporting each other. Great community
  • Have gone beyond and above daily online work and catch ups. Making sure the children do not miss out on their education.

Harrogate Grammar School

  • My children went to other schools in Harrogate so there is no bias here whatsoever but I have to say they way children and teachers pulled together to make PPE when it was desperately short goes over and beyond. I have been inspired and humbled by their good hearted nature and the way they got the community behind them.
  • I’ve been so impressed with the way Harrogate Grammar School have handled online learning throughout lockdown. They’ve provided a good level of support and work and plenty of feedback. When I hear from friends about some schools in other parts of the country, I’m truly grateful that my children attend this school.

Harrogate High School

  • For checking in with us and for recognisesing that the emotional needs of our kids at this time is just as important as the academic

Highfield Pre-School

  • Zoom classes every day. Full pack of online resources. Amazing

Hookstone Chase Primary

  • They’ve kept my kids entertained and safe while we’ve been working throughout
  • We’ve had such great support over lock down with great communication for my daughter and great things to get us though this
  • They have been absolutely fantastic at sending work home, helping print work when its needed, support from the teachers and teachers assistants has been amazing. They have stayed open during lockdown for vulnerable and key worker children and supported the children and their families.

Kettlesing Felliscliffe Primary School

  • Kettlesing school has been fantastic throughout the lockdown period. All the staff have been great, teaching the key worker children and supporting parents with ‘homeschooling’. We have been kept up to date with the work via the seesaw app and zoom calls. Over the last few weeks when other children have returned to school, the staff have ensured a smooth, friendly welcome back which has such a positive impact on the children & they have adapted to the situation so well. Thanks again…. You’re great 😀
  • Amazing, caring, focussed and professional staff who show compassion in all they do with the kids. The kids really are the centre of this school and they have shone even more during covid and kept my children safe and cared for during uncertain times. Best decision I ever made moving my kids to this school. Well done Lisa and team
  • Helped our little boy settle back in at school after lockdown and have been very supportive of his additional needs

Killinghall C of E Primary School

  • The school is small, both in building space and teaching resource, yet they have provided weekly work for our child in year 2. Although our child has not been able to go into school we have been given plenty of work to do at home but never made to feel as though we HAVE to do it. There has been a weekly class meeting on Zoom which has been facilitated by the class teacher. No online lessons have been provided but with both myself and my husband working full time at home this may not have worked for our situation. The school has kept us informed of the progression during the easing of lockdown and has been very inventive in getting all children back into school for at least one session with the use of increased space using marquees and bell tents. Primary schools have been hit hard throughout the pandemic and all staff at Killinghall school should be congratulated for what they have done for the children.
  • This small village school has done so much for pupils and parents during lockdown. Work was provided for children to do at home even before full lockdown occurred, so that those children in Shielding/ self-isolating households could still work. Every year group has been catered for. When pupils could go back Reception, Yr1 and yr6 were invited. Due to the small school building there was no room for more. However the school has been very proactive to find new ways to make space, some teaching can now go ahead in tents/ marquee placed in the grounds. Key worker children have attended throughout. Further children have been invited back prior to the end if the school year. The last couple of weeks of term will include at least one session for every child, if they are able, to attend in order to prepare for the transition to their new class in September. As parents we could not have asked for more.

Knaresborough St John’s Primary School

  • They have been fabulous throughout the whole lockdown, teachers have kept in touch with parents & children. Have set out great lesson plans. And they’ve gone above & beyond over all.
  • They’ve done a fantastic job of both supporting home learning and reassuring concerned parents by handling the return to school for reception, year one and six so well.
  • For being simply the best, so caring and supportive. The children’s best interests have been at the heart of everything they have done. We can not thank them enough.
  • Having had all four of my children attending, I have a great experience in the school, the staff all work exceptionally hard for the pupils, and have honestly been amazing during the covid-19 pandemic, they are honestly a credit to the knaresborough area, we have had fantastic home learning to work from, and constant support with emails and phone calls weekly to ourselves checking on how the children are getting on at home, and keeping in touch, no need is too big from the staff for parents or students and I honestly can say I’m proud my children attend this school. They have worked so hard to keep children safe, and parents supported and informed on everything from day one of my children attending.

Meadowside Academy, Knaresborough

  • The staff have worked together as a team to offer the best service possible. Every class teacher has regularly been in contact to speak to the parent and children. The school have put the well being of the children and parents first. They have gone out of their way to drop items off at houses, including food to those families that are financially struggling. Each class has set up daily activities that have been simple to follow but also engaging and fun. They even organised a virtual sports week for everyone to take part in. The school is a true family and I am so pleased to be part of it.

New Park Primary Academy

  • Amazing throughout keeping in close contact. Mr Mold the head teacher is wonderful
  • This school was amazing before lockdown and my children have thrived here. During lockdown the school was in constant contact keeping us updated and sending work and resources and offering food parcels to those who needed it. The teachers called the parents and children just to check in on us and if we needed anything they would deliver if we didn’t have the materials. Im proud my children go to this school
  • Definitely new park academy should get this!! They’ve been an absolute amazing support during this crisis. They’ve taken my daughter in whenever were required as me and my husband are both key workers, even during school holidays. They’ve been in contact regularly to see if we need any help and to generally see how we are. They’ve been a massive support to my daughter, who is 5, throughout it all, helping explain the situation and help keep her happy and anxiety free. She’s so confident and understands the situation we’ve been in & are currently dealing with. She started back properly this week and comes our with a huge smile on her face every time. The teachers definatly go above and beyond for their students and I will be forever greatful for the support we as a family, have received from them throughout this awful situation. ♥️

Oatlands Community Junior School

  • The teachers like Jessica Houseman have been amazing. Not only did they provide amazing support during lockdown but they helped to keep spirits up with lots of activities which my children loved. thank you
  • Have provided support for vulnerable and key worker children. Gave out food hampers when government not providing vouchers over Easter.
  • They have supported the children with online help & even lent our IPads to some children

Pannal Primary School

  • Been brilliant in both support for home schooling and getting the kids back to school!
  • Great contact, fab home learning & very supportive
  • They have maintained a good schooling environment throughout, and have adapted to ensure that the children are given as much support as possible.

Richard Taylor School

  • The work sent out and the lovely comments snd interactions from teachers and teaching assistants has been incredible. My niece Ella was over the moon to get a mention on the headteachers online learning video and both Ella and Ollie have joined in with online worship and listening to teachers read stories. Thankyou
  • Definitely Richard Taylor school they have been excellent and so supportive even when I had to message my daughters teacher upset as I couldn’t get her to do the work she’s replied with guidance and support late at night since reopening the staff have gone above and beyond welcoming back and making it as fun and normal as possible ❤️
  • All the staff have always been great and my daughters love going to school but in the light of the pandemic the school have come into a league of their own and have been amazing in every respect

Ripley Endowed CE Primary School

  • They have been amazing at supporting our children through this difficult time. They have sent work for children, run zoom meetings for children to learn, talk and communicate with their friends, provided fun learning activities, sent little gifts to the children, sent emails to parents, phoned parents and children to check on their well being and provided time for pray and reflection if needed.
  • Ripley have really thought about the whole child’s needs throughout this pandemic.

Ripon Cathedral School

  • The headteacher & all staff have kept regular contact, helped with children returning to school & keeping in touch with those at home. Always putting the children first. Have been open, honest and totally understanding & reassuring. All staff are working so hard to provide regular support.
  • The work sent home, the support emails and the transition back into school has all been handled brilliantly.
  • A team of amazing and dedicated staff, who are always smiling and who go above and beyond – this has been even more apparent during lockdown. They have been so supportive and encouraging, with amazing communication from the school to parents, thinking outside the box with lessons and pulling together as a team so brilliantly. Wonderful school!

Rossett Acre Primary School

  • We have had wonderful support for my daughter and plenty of encouragement that we are doing the right thing. There seems a genuine concern for the childrens’ welfare and happiness. We’ve really enjoyed the fun staff videos and challenges that we get too. A fantastic team – proud to be part of this school.
  • The whole team at Rossett Acre have been incredible!
  • They have done a brilliant job of looking after keyworker children in lockdown and supporting those at home with an innovative and fun curriculum but also appreciating that not all parents can do it all
  • They have continued to support both our children throughout the whole time. Both my husband and I are keyworkers so have had to send the children in every week, they have made it a safe and fun learning environment, and now our youngest is back full time and loving it
  • As the academy hub school, Rossett Acre adapted very quickly to welcome children and teachers of key workers from other schools, while continuing to provide regular home learning packs, on-going support and communication and encouragement to those at home.
  • Teachers who have worked so hard to keep in touch with pupils, provide a balanced curriculum, and provide for the wellbeing and safety of our children when schools reopened.
  • The teachers at Rossett Acre have been great throughout lockdown and beyond. Detailed home learning plans and teachers corresponding with parents and children through the app to encourage and provide feedback. Then on the return to school they have been so welcoming and supportive ensuring that although things are very different, the children are still loving school. Thank you to all the Rossett Acre teachers!

Rossett Secondary School

  • The school has provided my son with care and support whilst me and my husband have been working (one in nhs one in maintenance) The senior teachers have worked tirelessly.

Saltergate Junior and Infant School

  • Reopening to all years from next week. Careful planning and well thought out
  • Mrs Mortimer and her team have provided amazing communication throughout lock down helping children and parents still feel part of the school community. For providing ongoing care for the key worker children staying open on Bank Holidays and during school holidays. The fantastic letters, telephone calls and video messages from the teachers to each child. The organisation and communication for the return to school for those able to has been fantastic to ensure the safety and happiness of all the children.
  • For keeping my grandchildren safe when they returned to school . Part time, social distancing and small classes. Cleaning regime and still welcoming 😀
  • The school as a whole has gone above and beyond in hard times for both the children and the parents. Ive never once worried about my children being in school. Once a week I get a phone call to check on how we are all doing. This school has helped my children massively throughout lockdown
  • They’ve been amazing during lockdown. Sent packs of work, emailed us, phone call, video message. Excellent!
  • They have been so supportive throughout the run up to lockdown and during. They’ve stayed in touch with parents and pupils who are at home, been open for key workers children throughout. They have been brilliant at helping with home schooling and having packs available, delivering them if you required, having lots of online resources. I couldn’t have asked for more.
  • Because they have been amazing and gone above and beyond during this time. We’ve had exceptional support from the staff, telephone calls, personalised letters, video messages, tailored made work for pupils. The communication between school and home has been excellent and Mrs Mortimer and her team are all superstars.

Scotton Lingerfield Primary

  • Fantastic approach to a return to school setting for key workers, reception, yr1 and 6. Making children feel at ease and happy to return to the school. Supporting parents/carers to feel reassures that safety measures and emotional well being is at the forefront of their interaction with children.
  • Great communication throughout and still kept the kids engaged. They’ve welcomed back the Yr 6 kids so that they can end their primary school days with happy memories, while keeping everything safe for them. Thank you so much x

St Aidan’s C of E School

  • Online lessons have been clear, varied and interesting. They have kept our children engaged throughout lockdown and the children often talk enthusiastically about lessons and topics they are covering. The school have kept parents and pupils informed about educational and welfare matters and have always answered my queries quickly and to the best of their ability.

St Joseph’s RC Primary School

  • Staying open for key workers and providing wonderful support to my family when needed.
  • For being fantastic throughout lockdown providing brilliant home learning and weekly newsletters and keeping in touch with the parents and children.
  • My daughters school have been incredible throughout lockdown, from the phenomenal home learning my daughters teacher provided with a daily schedule of learning with YouTube phonics and literacy lessons and live story times to the provisions they have put in place to make the childrens return to school so safe and happy.
  • Their communication during lockdown was great- not pushy, but supportive. The way they have worked tirelessly to welcome the kids back so far has been amazing. They care so much and deserve recognition!
  • For their excellent home learning and support during lockdown and on reopening to reception year 1 & 6
  • My child started reception in September and we think this school is simply wonderful. During the pandemic they have not stopped communicating with parents and keeping us updated. Weekly newsletters with children’s home schooling work and birthdays is always a pleasure to read. They made the transition back to school so easy and my child always wants to tell me about his day. Thank you!

St Peter’s CE Primary School

  • Our two children have loved being part of the key worker groups, even though they have a different teacher they really enjoy lessons. We are teachers but they much prefer being “actually” taught by Mrs Morris. The school has been so organised and accommodating with pick up times while ensuring social distancing and hand washing routines.

Starbeck Community Primary School

  • They have been amazing through out all of this, supporting us and our children. My daughter went back a few weeks ago and they made us both feel so relaxed and happy about the situation.

Summerbell Dance Academy

  • Miss Jennie (my dance teacher) is always thinking about us and doing great things like giving us weekly challenges that get us dancing and take our mind off the stressful situations. I love my dance family and can’t wait to see them again.
  • Because this school is so supportive and is like one big family! Each child and adult in the classes miss Jennie offers is taken care of and loved! Such an amazing environment to grow!

The Forest SEND School, Knaresborough

  • The staff at Forest have worked tirelessly providing workpacks as well as online learning, activities and just downright fun and uplifting material via their social media platforms. They have gone above and beyond education, ensuring their most vulnerable children have a reason to smile but, most importantly, letting all of the pupils know they are safe, loved and very sorely missed. So much has been going on behind the scenes that the wider public don’t see but no matter what their personal circumstances they have been there for the children and worked each and every long day.

Tockwith C of E Primary Academy

  • As well as looking after key workers children, teachers have sent out videos and work for the children every week day. Chrome books were lent to those who didn’t have them, reading books were available for you to exchange, zoom class calls have frequently been held. It has always felt like school is in the back ground helping and supporting us throughout lockdown.
  • The teachers have been amazing, using the SeeSaw app to get the school work out and provide video and audio feedback for our 7-year old. Also arranging Zoom calls so that all the children could see each other. Brilliant!
    Go above and beyond to make a difficult time easier for the children
  • Amazing support from all teachers. Zoom calls and loads of work to do at home!
  • Fantastic at communicating with parents and children throughout lockdown. Caring teachers and online daily work and videos to help parents and children with homeschooling. Prompt responses to any queries or questions. Tockwith is a FANTASTIC school!!

Western Primary School

  • I have boys in Reception and Year 4. The teachers have been resourceful, reliable and so consistent from the first Monday morning of lockdown. The Trust and acting Head have been speedy, transparent and very thorough in their communications. The Hub care continued through the holiday. Wellbeing services continued including one to one counselling online.
  • Outstanding provision and support for the children during lockdown.
  • Outstanding online provision for all children, with twice daily, live, online lessons for every child in KS2. School has opened up to as many children as physically possible exactly as they have been asked to do. As a parent I couldn’t be happier.
  • I can’t even begin to describe the amazing support that they’ve given the children, and the parents! The preparation and planning, the consistency, the thoughtfulness, the dedication. They have online presence every school day, provide guidance and help outside of the school day. Provide a varied and interesting schedule of age appropriate activities, organise fun activities for the children. Keep us up to date and informed. Don’t apply pressure to complete every single activity if we are unable to in the circumstances. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for us- they really, truly deserve to win this award!
  • From the very beginning Western have gone above and beyond to support, communicate and look after the well-being and education of their pupils. They had clearly communicated a plan to pupils and parents before lockdown even happened so that everyone felt reassured and confident of what homeschooling would look like when it happened. Not only have children continued to learn effectively using the plan they put in place but their emotional and mental wellbeing has also been prioritised. From the welfare team supporting pupils who have struggled during lockdown to the teachers running extra class socials on zoom to bring friends together for fun and laughter I have truly being blown away by Western Primary!
  • Fantastic support and communication through lockdown. Their genuine care, compassion and love for the children and families has shone through. We are incredibly thankful
  • Before lockdown started they already had plans in place for continuing education at home. The teachers have conducted zoom lessons every day and communicated with parents really well. I’m so pleased my girls go here.
  • All the staff at Western have gone above and beyond during lockdown. Home learning activities have been fantastic, teacher’s support with online lessons and feedback has been absolutely great. For those lucky families with children going back to school, our kids are enjoying a safe learning environment full of positivity, happiness and an incredible sense of community.
  • The school have gone above & beyond to stay connected with their children via twice daily zoom calls.
    Incredible leadership by Mr Broad and the whole team – delivering lessons every day online, and making the children feel loved, comfortable and maintaining a daily routine on this madness
  • Have just been fantastic with their communication in the lead up to and through lock down. They have also provided a thorough timetable through lock down, which has been a god send with us both working as well.
  • Western Primary School once again have risen to the challenge and proved that they really are an outstanding school. Their commitment to continued education to all their children, from the smallest children in nursery up to the oldest children in year 6, has been second to none. Twice-daily Zoom lessons have been invaluable to bring structure and continued learning to the children’s lives. But, just as importantly, it has allowed the children continued face to face contact with their peers and teachers. The school has provided activities to subtly let then check in with their children’s wellbeing and provided social Zooms as well as academic focused lessons – such an important consideration for their mental health. I’m so proud and grateful to be part of the Western community.
  • The teachers have gone above and beyond with their care of the children, especially during these hard times. They are giving Zoom lessons for all kids working from home Mon-Friday as well as taking classes at school. The co-ordination and communication has been phenomenal and we couldn’t have asked for more. So very well deserved to win this award.
  • Western have been nothing short of amazing through lockdown. For my child in reception they sent out daily phonics powerpoints which were interactive, and weekly ideas linked to the curriculum we had a weekly zoom call with their teachers and other children which my son looked forward to. The headmaster regularly read stories and communicated via Tapestry. I know tor the older children they did zoom teaching sessions and put in huge effort too. They continued to support the children’s education, and mental and emotional state. Now the children have returned to school they have put in place excellent plans to maintain safety, whilst also protecting the children’s emotional needs. They made what could have been a stressful time in returning back to school a completely seamless transition. The children are happy and thriving and it’s thanks to the wonderful and dedicated staff. They go over and above and completely deserve this award.
  • In my view this school and its teachers have gone above and beyond expectation. Teachers have adapted so incredibly well delivering 2 x zoom sessions per day to yr 3 and above to support home learning. This in itself was an incredible challenge but the teachers and school rose to the occassion, adapted and have kept education flowing. Weekly timetables with daily tasks with a varied curriculum have been provided to all year groups as well as assemblies led by the most remarkable acting head, who didn’t only lead assemblies but took the time to record himself reading stories for reception children. The work didnt stop there, teachers made teaching videos for pupils to watch and learn and as soon as the children submitted their work it was being marked by their teachers and feedback given. They achieved ALL this, many of whom were fighting their own corona battles and challenges looking after their own families! If a child was struggling (like one of mine was with maths) they kept him back in a zoom session to make sure he understood. The support has been remarkable. I cant thank this school enough for what they have done and continue to do. This award simply isnt enough (no disrespect meant)
  • They have been absolutely incredible through this lockdown between home learning and returning to school. My son is So happy and they have been so communicative and organized. The staff and administration go above and beyond on a daily basis.
  • They have gone above and behind to help the children throughout the pandemic.
  • Dealt with the whole of the corona virus situation professional, all staff have excelled and gone above and beyond. We have never wondered what’s the next step, we have been kept in formed at every single step.
  • Gone above and beyond in their provision of twice daily zoom lessons and also keeping the environment warm and friendly despite the social distancing for the children of key workers
  • Supporiting and helping the children.
  • Western have been incredible both from a personal situation with my daughter, treating her like their own and going out of their way to help her with her additional needs and also from a general perspective, with the assistant head doing an incredible job stepping into the headteacher role unexpectedly at such a stressful and unprecedented time. Superbly organised and the teachers have all gone out of their way to provide a safe and happy environment for all the children.
  • All staff have gone above and beyond in all aspects. From online zoom classes with teachers twice a day, to receiving feedback and marked work after each lesson. They really have been amazing!
  • They have not only done home learning, but live zoom lessons, personally delivered free school meals vouchers and generally been amazing!
  • Have gone above and beyond to help children and families during lockdown
  • Western have supported their children and families exceptionally well through distance schooling and at the keyworker hub.
  • On-line lessons have been exciting and engaging with fast marking and feedback and lots of time has been given to ensuring children’s wellbeing remains a priority. Amazing individual pupil (and parent) support has still been given to those who require a bit of extra help without adding unnecessarily to pressure on families.
  • For outstanding support and teaching during lockdown
  • Providing great support for pupils, parents and staff throughout lockdown
  • They have been fantastic, brilliant support from the whole school, communications from the head teacher have been clear and supportive, keeping us informed all throughout. The Reception team, support and home learning has been brilliant, we couldn’t have asked for more.
  • The school reopened on 1st June for reception children/year 1 and then year 6. They were open throughout for keyworker children, adapting to work at a hub based at a different school. They have gone over and above to make the transition back flawless. From the logistical organisation of staggered drop offs and separate bubbles, to the way they’ve welcomed the children back with open arms. The teachers were keen to ensure the children had emotional support and put their well-being first after what has been a challenging few months for small people, some more so than others. They’ve kept safety paramount, but ensured quality of care is not compromised. A quote which stuck out from the return to school letter from reception was that as parents we should not worry that the staff would be physically distant from the children and they would “continue to comfort them as they would normally do”. Mr Broad (headmaster) has been a constant reassurance through lockdown with regular updates and explanations as to how things would be managed. The school also continue to provide care and support to those who haven’t returned to school, and the keyworker children. I have spoken to several friends with children at other schools and Western have been far more open, reassuring and positive about reopening than any other.
  • Great support

2020 Love Local Award Winners: Teacher or Childcarer Sponsored by CNG.

Harrogate Mumbler Love Local “Teacher or Childcarer” Award Sponsored by CNG

Initially we said that we would only publish the nomination  comments when we got 5 or more but having read them all, we’ve decided to ditch that rule! Everyone who received a nomination deserves to read their message/s of thanks & support!

Thanks to our amazing award sponsor, CNG, we have some lovely certificates to give out to all nominees. We hope that it will be a lovely reminder for you in the future about how grateful the Harrogate & Knaresborough community are for everything that you do.

If you are a nominee & you would like to claim your certificate then please fill in this quick form here so that we know where to send it to!

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Winners of the 2020 Harrogate Mumbler Love Local “Teacher or Childcarer” Award 

(In alphabetical order-ish! Apologies if a few are out of order, but I have copied them exactly as you wrote them on the nomination form. Some are by first name, some by surname & some by title! Sal x)

Alix Hunter

  • Alix is a wonderful person, mother and nanny. Throughout the pandemic she has lovingly and thoughtfully cared for not only her own family but supported those with children around her sending out gift packs and keep busy bags for children of differing ages. She is now homeschooling as a nanny and still continuing to provide love and support to others around her. Without her compassion I would not have got through some really dark days and I absolutley admire her commitment to the childcare profession on several levels.
  • During lockdown, our nanny Alix Hunter was amazing. She not only stayed in touch regularly virtually with us but she made different activities and worksheets for our children and left them on our doorstep. Thank you Alix, you are amazing!

Ami Stott – Rhythm Time

  • She has gone above and beyond to make sure those that attend her groups are getting their money’s worth during lockdown. As well as checking in on people, and giving parcels and gifts of kindness away time and time again. She has bought a smile on so many occasions and deserves a medal for all she has been juggling the last few months.. not only looking after others, but working hard, homeschooling and running other small businesses!

Amy Dobrashian – Year 6 Willow Tree

  • Miss D rocks! Impossible to communicate exactly why. She was hugely supportive to my son when he was in year 5 and struggling, she wasn’t even his teacher. This year he was lucky enough to have her as his teacher. She has managed to get him back to loving being at school and he has excelled under her tuition. She has been key to his success and I have no worries about his success at high school even taking into account lockdown. Amy has been just as available during this difficult time. Nothing is ever too much trouble, she has been receptive whenever I have needed to talk to her. Always laughing and smiling. So responsible and so young. I joke that she is my “adultier adult”. Even if Amy doesn’t win, I want to say a huge thank you to her.

Anne-marie Haddington

  • Not only is she a teaching assistant but has put in hours on hours of effort in and out of school time to make sure the children that attend feel safe, happy and have fun learning. On top of being a teaching assistant she opened up a before and after school club where she continues to ensure the children are safe, and have fun. On top of this, during the coronavirus lockdown she knew the year 6 pupils would not receive a leaving party, so she took it upon herself to fundraise so that the pupils could all get a leaving hamper full of all the goodies they would normally get at a leaving party.

Ashleigh Miller Kettlesing School

  • She is so kind and friendly to all the pupils my son loves her

Beth Atkinson at Grove Road

  • She has offered incredible support to my daughter throughout this time, and has called to speak with her and myself. She has read stories to the children online and puts the most wonderful and exciting activities for them to do while at home. She always leaves positive comments on their work, and through all of this, has worked at the school during lockdown with all the key workers children. Very grateful and blessed!

Brightstart childminders ripon

  • Michelle and Alison have worked right through this pandemic caring for key workers children. They go above and beyond to keep the children safe and things as normal as Possible for them.

Charlotte Baxter Maths Tutor

  • Charlotte is my maths tutor and she helps me with the things I am struggling on and also teaches me new subjects that I don’t know. x
  • For being the most amazing maths tutor for my daughter during lockdown. Kind, patient and supportive

Charlotte Voakes- Grove Road 

  • She’s my daughters teacher at Grove Road, when we struggled printing an activity she took the time to print it off for us and come drop it off, when I was worried she wasn’t doing the work as much she reassured me not to worry also she’s just a wonderful teacher who I’ve had the pleasure to meet and teach 3 of my children.

Chris Parkhouse (Grove Road Headteacher)

  • A truly inspirational and caring individual who has done everything with a reasurring smile on his face, even when things must have being tricky and incredibly difficult for him. Not only supporting the children from his own school, but key worker and vulnerable children from other schools as the Hub. Working himself on weekends and throughout holidays to ensure welcoming and caring provision was available for our children in the scariest of times. For Grove Road he does a weekly online assembly, sets fun challenges like ‘Rap a book’ challenge and learn a new skill. Delivers food to children who need it. Writes a song to thank his hardworking staff for all that they’re doing. Again the list could go on. He is so inspirational and makes both children and families feel incredibly cared for. He truly deserves this recognition.

Claire Brown

  • She is amazing teacher assistant who goes up above and beyond for anyone and everyone

Clare Howes – Western Primary

  • Mrs Howes has brought a ray of sunshine into our house 4 days a week for the past few months. Not only has she provided fun Zoom lessons for my daughter, she has done so with great humour while juggling the needs of her young daughters. They have been a much-loved addition to her Zoom lessons but I appreciate just how hard it must be to parent these beautiful girls at the same time as Zooming into 30+ other households!

Creation Station

  • Sharon at creation station has been a ‘virtual art teacher’ once a week with our two boys. Every week we receive our pack of arts and crafts and do the fun project on our kitchen table with Sharon advising and guiding us over zoom. It’s been almost as fun as the real weekly classes.

David Riddle-Kumon

  • For helping us with our homeschooling challenge!
  • He’s gone over and above with attention, care and service to his customers during lockdown. Trying hard to help the children who attend his centre, move things online and also motivate the children with weekly prize draws.
  • David, Amy and Rose-Helping Kumon students with their work. They have very supportive and helpful.

Dawn Taylor- Coppice Valley Primary

  • Dawn is our school office manager at Coppice Valley Primary and throughout all the lockdown she has been a superstar, so supportive not only for our families But also she has been the staffs rock. She has worked endless hours, read 100s of amended documents with Mrs Meadus to open the school safely and Her positivity and energy in ensuring all staffs wellbeing is good has been truly outstanding. She is one of the reasons as a school we shine , Dawn Taylor is our brightest star.

Deborah – Language Learners

  • Deborah has been running fantastic online French classes via Zoom for 3-4yr olds! It’s no mean feet to entertain and educate pre-schoolers for half an hour in a classroom let alone online. However her approach with the kids has been fantastic so much so that they all love it, are fully engaged for 30mins and have a great time! Thank you to Deborah and the Language Learners team

Emma Foster

  • For carrying on and volunteering to work with a new nursery and new children after we had merged. Also for giving staff updates on how the children are doing and remaining positive throughout this whole experience. So proud of you!

Enid Moorhouse Dacre Braithwaite school,

  • Receptionist/ Admin of Dacre Braithwaite school, Enid is the glue that holds the school in place and throughout the difficult period she helped me in so many ways, called and checked I was ok and coping and has been a massive support. This woman has been at the school many years and I for one think she’s absolutely amazing !

Fern McCormack

  • Fern continued to work hard each and ever day throughout this pandemic, caring for the children with a smile on her face! Shes amazing!

Georgia at Little Explorers Nursery

  • She has been an absolute star throughout lockdown and now playing a huge role in the return to Nursery life for families. My son has settled back into nursery with ease and loves playing with Georgia. Always smiling and making you feel more confident about the current times.

Grove Road Harrogate-All Staff

  • Have gone beyond and above daily online work and catch ups. Making sure the children do not miss out on their education.

Hannah McNamara Oatlands Junior School

  • Acting Headteacher of Oatlands Junior School, covering maternity leave, she was thrown in at the deep end with Covid 19. Has been a calm and reassuring presence. Caring about children, parents and staff. Working all hours including weekends to ensure everyone is safe, and those that need to can come to school in a safe and happy environment.

Harcourt nursery

  • For staying open for key workers & for taking new kids on during the pandemic

Hazel roman

  • Excellent teacher and activity provider.

Jennie Lyons – Summerbell Dance Academy

  • Miss Jennie goes above and beyond to deliver fun, inclusive and friendly dance classes, which the students enjoy being a part of so much! During the lockdown Miss Jennie has provided practice videos, fun activities, challenges and zoom chats to keep the community spirit going and keep the kids engaged and busy! I’m sure Miss Jennie is an inspiration to a generation of young children to grow up to be kind and caring, hard working, fun and friendly!
  • She has been my dance teacher for over 7 years and has been the most incredible role model and supporter! I started dancing when I was 15 which is quite late and she helped me through all of my exams and eventually I got into university to study musical theatre and now I am a dance teacher myself! If I can be half the teacher and support my students the way she does I will be so lucky!

Jessica Houseman

  • Extremely helpful over lockdown and very dedicated to her work and pupils!

Julie Batty

  • A loving teacher and very hardworking, makes students feel happy and welcome.

Julie Shaw- Nidderdale children’s day nursery, kids at heart

  • The nursery has been open throughout and has done so much for the children. Regular contact, Facebook videos, messages, learning packs, right through to the re-opening of all the nursery to all children, Julie (the owner) has had the staff and children’s interests at heart the entire time.

Katie Ward Burnt Yates School

  • I would like to nominate Katie ward of burntyates school. For the hard work and dedication to providing the best education and support during the pandemic.
  • All her dedication to her school. She’s has worked tirelessly for her key stage 1 children whilst also home schooling her own children. She’s a true star xx

Kelly Nevett Performatots 

  • Kelly has gone above and beyond for her preschool children families and staff. While unknown to what is going to happen next in lockdown she’s always kept a smile on her face and organised for her team to move the pre school online. She’s been like superwoman with it all. Kelly truly deserves this
  • Performatots have been excellent online support during lockdown

Kirsten Stewart Western 

  • Nursery lead at Western has been fabulous! She was so interactive while having her own children at home and is just as much so despite being back working. The kids love seeing her and hearing her voice. Their faces just light up!

Lauren Meakes – Playaway Nursery

  • Lauren at Play Away has been amazing with my daughter who absolutely loves her. Thank you for everything you do!!
  • Playaway nursery has been through many changes with a new ownership and three managers in the last year. Lauren has been a stable positive influence for the preschoolers throughout this time and now in lockdown looked after key workers children and welcomed back those who had stayed at home with such enthusiasm and love. My little boy talked about her constantly during his time away from nursery and hers was the face he most wanted to see. Thank you Lauren for you enthusiasm, dedication and genuine fondness for our children.
  • My son has been going to nursery from 10 months old and he started at playaway at aged 2.5 years. Every single drop off he has cried, until Lauren became his key worker. He thinks the world of her. She is a total superstar and has pretty much ran the pre school during the pandemic. She truly deserves recognition for her positive attitude, her friendly and caring ways, and the incredible bond she forms with all those she cares for.
  • She is amazing, so positive and caring both before lockdown and throughout. She is a key person in my sons life, so much so that he wanted to proudly tell her about becoming a big brother. They had a long catch up chat and he can’t wait to go back and see her! Thank you Lauren, you’re amazing and loved by all!
  • Lauren is so wonderful! She always goes over and above what’s needed! She has steered the (pre-school) ship through some rocky waters before lockdown and during. All the pre-school parents rave about her! She is the reason my daughter loves going to pre-school. Lauren makes it a home from home for her. She’s so kind and caring. We couldn’t ask for more from her! We have missed her dearly during lockdown. Lauren has worked throughout, taking care of key worker children, putting her own health on the line for others. We can’t thank her enough!
  • Lauren has always been brilliant but she has worked throughout lockdown and has been absolutely amazing with everything. Keeping the kids feeling safe and happy during these tough times. My daughter considers Lauren one of her best friends. She speaks to all the children in such a way as to make them feel special. You can tell how much she cares about all the kids she looks after. Can’t praise her highly enough!
  • Lauren is amazing with the preschoolers at nursery, my little boy loves her and has even kept talking about her through lockdown despite having been away from nursery for nearly 3 months, showing the impact she has on the children.

Lindsay Richardson, knaresborough St. John’s c of e school

  • Mrs Richardson has taught my younger three children, And i cannot credit her work and support through reception/EYFS for my children and others, a true confidence raiser and fun teacher, my children have all adored her, she is genuinely a lovely, kind and fantastic teacher who works hard for all the students under her care and always has a smile, I feel blessed for my children to have had her as their guide through the first year of school.

Lisa Abbott

  • Lisa has been brilliant support throughout lockdown and then when she was able to reopen she has provided a lifeline to our family. My little boy loves going to her and the whole process has been seen less and stress free.

Little Explorers & Lizzie Green 

  • Even during lockdown all the team of this great nursery been keeping in touch with all of is through the social media. Everyday they updated us with a new ideas how to intertain a child, every evening each member of the team been posting a video where they have been reading to kids a wonderful stories. They encouraged all of us to do many exciting things with kids and exchange with our experiences. We are really lucky to be a part of this great team!
  • Berny and Steph and all at little explorers have helped my little boy settle in so well during the pandemic as I’ve continued to work as a key worker.
  • The team have worked really hard throughout lockdown to ensure our children and families feel connected in these unsettled times by creating a brilliant online service through the private parent page and also through tapestry (children’s online journals) they provided daily activities, story’s read by different staff each night (including weekends) we even provided personal video’s to our children and families so they could still feel connected to us as a nursery. Go Little Explorers Team!!!!
  • Always have time for you and your child and you feel like a part of one big family x
  • Providing daily online storytime with the different staff members, activities to do, seedling and nature trails left outside for children to collect. The list is endless. Always going above and beyond. They’re Bubble system for reopening was viewed and shared thousands of times.
  • Lizzie has been just amazing through lockdown, keeping everyone connected a informed and lots of lovely activities to keep the children connected to nursery throughout.

Mandie Tissiman – Little Crickets Pre-school

  • Going above and beyond as always to provide the love, care and very professional attention to detail at all time’s for the children at Little Crickets Pre-school even during a pandemic!

Matt Sowerby Sports teacher at Coppice Valley

  • His PE Videos during lockdown were excellent
  • Matt Sowerby: Legend.
  • Great PE videos during lockdown
  • Sports teacher at coppice valley who has filmed daily sports challenges for parents and children to follow, who needs joe wicks, Harrogate has Matt Sowerby
  • Mr Sowerby has gone above and beyond during these unprecedented times with the children. Mr Sowerby has dynamically recreated physical education through virtual platforms, engaging children to continue their love of sports and promote their physical and mental heath in these times. Mr Sowerby is an exemplary teacher that deserves to be truly recognised for these efforts in which has also helped us as parents deliver a structured activity during lockdown. I believe Mr Sowerby should be recognised for all the hard work he has put in this year; recognition I hope will help maintain this continued enthusiasm to delivering top class teaching to the children of Harrogate.
  • Pre lockdown videos for school kids
  • Mr Sowerby has gone above and beyond during these unprecedented times with the children. Mr Sowerby has dynamically recreated physical education through virtual platforms, engaging children to continue their love of sports and promote their physical and mental heath in these times. Mr Sowerby is an exemplary teacher that deserves to be truly recognised for these efforts in which has also helped us as parents deliver a structured activity during lockdown. I believe Mr Sowerby should be recognised for all the hard work he has put in this year; recognition I hope will help maintain this continued enthusiasm to delivering top class teaching to the children of Harrogate.
  • His lockdown Videos were excellent for my children
  • Throughout covid, Mr Sowerby has provided both physical and digital support to his pupils and the children of Harrogate. Mr Sowerby is without question a credit to his school, and an ambassador to the profession of teaching and education. Covid has produced a response from the nations’ key workers, that has not and will not been seen for generations to come. As many workers and pupils remained home and in isolation. Mr Sowerby selflessly continued to work and provide a level of care and education to the children of the key workers of Harrogate. It is the actions of Mr Sowerby and his colleagues that we as a Nation will be forever indebted to. Put quite simply, when Covid came, Mr Sowerby answered. Well done Mr Sowerby.
  • For doing his lockdown pe videos.
  • PE lockdown.videos were amazing!
  • Lockdown videos!
  • PE Lockdown videos
  • Amazing lockdown videos
  • For doing his lockdown PE videos.
  • His PE lockdown sessions really gets my blood pumping around
  • Brilliant engaging lockdown videos keeping people active
  • He started doing his own PE videos to keep the kids active at home. My son loved trying each challenge!

Michael Finan

  • Amazing teacher who gets involved with everything the school and children are up to. Great with the kids and parents.

Miss Daniel Killinghall school 

  • We feel our child’s School class teacher for year 2 at Killinghall school has gone above and beyond each and every week of lockdown she had provided work by Sunday evening each week. The work has been manageable at home and well thought out into subjects that join together. Our child has found them fun and interesting. Not only has she provided work for the term-time she has also provided fun and educational ideas during the Easter and Spring bank holidays. Miss Daniel has held weekly Zoom class chats for those that wanted to and provided reply emails to childrens work, sent for review. We could not have for much more. We also know she has had to attend school to help out with the Keyworker group of children and teach other year groups who have been back in class.

Miss Dayne 

  • Kind, caring, wonderful way with my son who is sensitivite and just started school this year.

Miss Dodd

  • Miss Dodd’s goes above and beyond for her pupils and has been there for me and my daughter throughout lockdown with help and advice on homeschooling. She is passionate about their learning and my daughter has really missed her throughout lockdown. She’s definitely a star teacher!

Miss Dodson at Coppice Valley

  • She is a fab teacher, was great before going into lockdown. The children love her! During lockdown she has kept in touch regular and set weekly work for the class. She also gave individual work for my daughter as she was struggling.

Miss Houseman – Oatlands juniors Y4 Grizzly Bears

  • The best teacher in the world (according to my daughter!!)
  • Miss Houseman has been a great support throughout the school closure and kept the children motivated – she really cares about their wellbeing and I know she feels a great sadness that not all children can return to school.
  • From day 1 of lock down Miss Houseman has provided the most welcomed support to the class children and has made the whole experience somewhat easier. She is always available for the children to speak to online with her prompt responses and her wonderful encouragement to the children daily. A much needed motivation for the online work set and and providing a constant contact, one less change for the children. We are very thankful parents.
  • Going the extra mile for her class. Online, all day, five days a week through lockdown. Adding encouraging notes to the children’s work and her funny voices during story time.

Miss Jenkins – Meadowside School

  • Miss Jenkins has stayed in touch with us all through lockdown with weekly phone calls, a YouTube channel with short learning sections, reading of a chapter of a bedtime story. Also provided an amazing daily blog with learning activities. Miss Jenkins has gone over and above to make every single child in her class feel connected and the return to school (Yr 1) has gone amazingly well. We really appreciate everything that she has done.

Miss Lucy Hargreaves (Tockwith Reception)

  • Miss Hargreaves is a wonderful teacher and has truly gone the extra mile throughout lockdown, she has produced a host of activities and videos for her class to partake in whilst at home. Every morning (without fail) we receive the online learning, and the variation in the activities for her reception class has been fantastic. She is always so prompt to respond to any queries or worries and is very understanding and reassuring. Thankyou Miss Hargreaves for helping so much with our children’s home schooling journey!!

Miss Pollard (Aspin park)

  • We have just been so impressed with the home school work that has been set and the support and love that has been given through messages during homeschooling.

Miss Pywell St Josephs Catholic Primary

  • Miss Pywell, the reception teacher at St Josephs Catholic Primary school has been outstanding with the children. Remaining in school during the lockdown to look after key worker children whilst still recording daily videos of reading and school work, sending home appropriate levels of work for the children and on top of this making herself available to children and parents/carers at every opportunity. An absolute credit to teaching and to the school community.
  • Fantastic teaching resources provided by Miss Pywell during lockdown
  • Miss Pywell really has gone above and beyond to help reception class. She created weekly learning that was simple enough for parents to do with judgment and no pressure to complete everything. She made a YouTube channel very quickly with story time and then phonics lessons. It was such a relief to have these as my son definitely listened to Miss Pywell more than me!! Miss Pywell responded to every update from me as a parent and wrote encouraging words to my son. She truly is a star.
  • The home learning packages were outstanding. She created her own YouTube channel for teaching phonics daily and story time. Such a lovely warm caring lady. Couldn’t have got through the last few months without her.
  • Miss Pywell is the most amazing reception class teacher we could ever have wished for. She is just amazing with the children they all love her so much. We literally woulsbt have got through lockdown without her from the incredible daily home learning she provided with personally made YouTube videos to all her words of encouragement on our home learning not just to our daughter but to us the parents as well. Miss Pywell has helped the children transition back into school so easily. She puts so much effort into the childrens learning. We are so blessed to have had her as our daughters teacher throughout this unprecedented time.
  • Miss Pywll has been incredible at providing the best home learning and really helping us as parents keep motivated with her words of encouragement. The children love her and she has made their return to school so easy.
  • Miss Pywell has created the most amazing content for home schooling. Daily phonics videos complete with music and interactive tasks…daily stories and live bedtime stories…and fantastic encouraging feedback for the children and always with a smile!

Miss Robson – Grove road school

  • She has done an amazing support to children during lockdown.
  • As an NQT what a first year teaching!! She has been a supportive, kind and nurturing teacher putting her pupils at ease and nothing is too much trouble. She’s a 10/10

Miss Sarah Ford – Pannal Primary

  • My daughters yr5 teacher last year. Great support with technology glitches during lockdown. Now she is leading the Yr6 girls bubble & doing her very best to make the last few weeks as normal and fun as possible as my daughters Yr6 teachers Are shielding. Hannah really looks up to her & enjoys her company.

Miss Sherwood (Richard Taylor Bishopdale)

  • Miss Sherwood has been a wonderful teacher to her reception students, she helped me with my daughter even sending advice well after school hours she has made coming back to school fun and engaging and always treats her students with so much care.
  • Miss Sherwood has been a dedicated reception teacher. Her efforts to provide the children with a wide range of learning opportunities during each week of lockdown have been amazing. The work has been differentiated to cater for different abilities and she has made sure to comment on every single piece of work the children uploaded on to the online learning platform. The children have enjoyed the videos of her reading stories to them and the continued communication with her. Now that school is back and those not back should be using Oak and Bitesize, she has not just left them to it. She has continued to upload work for those children too so that they can experience the same learning going on in the classroom.

Miss Taylor

  • Fantastic teaching, always has a smile

Mr Broad – Western Primary

  • Mr Broad has risen to…and well above the demands of acting head teacher since the beginning of 2020! His leadership, empathy and style and timeliness of communication to both parents and pupils has been thoughtful, informative and reassuring during such an unprecedented and anxious time! He deserves a flipping knighthood!
  • For taking on the role of head teacher at short notice pre covid then rising to the occassion of leading his team and school through this. His communications with parents and children has been second to none.
  • Outstanding head, excelled in every way he could for the school and the pupils.
  • For keeping parents continuously in the loop by communication well.
  • Mr Broad jumped into a new role as Head teacher and he has excelled himself.
  • For leading the school with enthusiasm, supporting the staff and generally being fantastic!
  • Having stepped in as acting head he has faced the challenge of COVID 19 head on and managed to keep both children and parents happy and informed throughout. ‘Long may his reign continue!!’
  • Even before Covid 19 struck Mr Broad has done an incredible job under difficult circumstances. The Head Teacher has been off all year due to personal reasons and Mr Broad has stepped into his shoes effortlessly. Then when Covid 19 happened he took all that on board too and always has the kids safety and mental health at the forefront of every decision made. He has co-ordinated the staff, us parents and the kids exceptionally well and keeps everybody informed with what’s going on. A real credit to the school and definitely deserves a medal.
  • For leading his school and staff through these hard times
  • Unexpectedly launched into headship shortly before the pandemic, Mr Broad has risen to the challenge of leading the school community and excelled in this at this astonishing time. It has felt as if the children, families and teachers wellbeing have been at the centre of everything. Plans to ensure every child gets the best support possible at each stage of the pandemic have been developed and enacted at an incredible pace with frequent clear and open communication to families. The school could not have served their community better at this time!
  • Headteacher at Western Primary School for leading the school through this unprecidented time.
  • Has done an amazing job as Acting Head Teacher at Western Primary School during lockdown
  • Tim has been at the very core of how fantastic Western Primary School has coped during the school closures. He has lead us through such difficult times with compassion, care and always with the children at the forefront. He has ensured that all the children have received quality education throughout, be it with our daily Zoom lessons or in school with The Hub. He is a fantastic Acting Headteacher and we really ‘couldn’t have done it without him’.
  • After having to step into the acting head role at Western primary school at short notice, Tim has had to deal with the Corona crisis on top, and has done an amazing job. He has had high praise from parents and staff, and has lead the school through this. Many parents have commented on how well the school has given home provision and support, and he continues to do an outstanding job as the school reopens.
  • Despite having to step into the Head teacher position just prior to going on lockdown, Mr Broad has led the team & the school community brilliantly.
  • As Acting Head he has been great at organising home learning, reopening the school and communicating with parents and staff throughout lockdown
  • Acting head teacher, Tim Broad, deserves immense recognition for the incredible role he has played in keeping the whole of the Western Primary School community together over the past few months. Through his factual but personable and humorous communications, he has kept the morale of the staff members high, ensured that parents/carers have complete confidence in the constantly changing workings of the school and kept in touch with the pupils in a fun and engaging manner. Mr Broad, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
  • Being suddenly thrust into acting head teacher at the start of the year, then having to deal with COVID lockdown, Mr Broad has done a fantastic job under very difficult circumstances, and kept the school morale high. All the staff at Western Primary School have put in endless amounts time & effort to provide as much help & support as they can to parents, children and each other at such a strange time. Well done to all! 🙂

Mr Cawte, Coppice Primary School

  • keeping in touch with all children. Weekly live story time on Facebook
  • Weekly storytelling and interactive and fun videos to help home learning
  • Mr Cawte speaks with such passion about his job. During the lockdown we have been tuning in to his story time on a Thursday evening and he is a joy to listen to. He is the type of person that our children need to ignite a passion for books and imagination.
  • He is an amazing teacher anyway but has been very supportive while the children have been away from school. He provided them with home learning and tasks to try at home such as den building. He was also in touch by email every day. He even reads a story online for the kids every week even though he is now back at work full time.
  • He’s provided support for our son every step of the way since lockdown. He’s answered every email we sent (daily) and nothing has been too much trouble. He still provides support whilst even though some children back at school. Every Thursday he does Story’s via facebook which the children love and long may this continue.
  • Love his Thursday evening story time, fantastic entertainment and keeping everyone’s spirits up and a great connection for all pupils at coppice valley
  • For his hilarious Live Thursday story readings from home during school closure (and even now when we’re back at school.) He’s kept everyone’s spirits up and never lets us down.
  • Entertaining the children with fun and daily stories on Instagram throughout the lockdown. He has always been an amazing teacher.
  • Mr Cawte presented a weekly story time at 7pm every Thursday, with stories, jokes and Happy Birthday messages, children, even outside of the Coppice family tuned into facebook weekly for their bedtime story. He was always happy, smiling and upbeat !

Mr Greg Jones Dacre Braithwaite school 

  • Mr Jones at Dacre Braithwaite school has been there with the children and the parents/gaurdian’s throughout this whole experience. From day one they were ready sending children home with ‘back up work and home learning workbooks ‘just in case’. When lockdown happened he sent work home which was always ‘suggested’ and we had messages of how important wellbeing was. Mr Jones has replied to emails and calls throughout and taken time out to do a 1 to 1 call with our daughter when she was struggling with her self confidence in her learning. He gave her a mini virtual school report so she could hear where she really was with learning. Mr Jones has adapted things to feedback and modified home learning. Mr Jones has held weekly Zoom wellbeing wednesday class calls with chances to share learning or things they have made or done. He also has organised online scavenger hunts and bingo to keep engagement with the class. Mr Jones always sends emails back on work being sent in and adds personal humour and story telling to the learning objectives t make work interesting. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Mr Jones and he has made both my daughter and I as a parent feel supported and connected to school.
  • For support provided for home-schooling support. Daily work and support and weekly Zoom sessions and always keeping positive.

Mr Parkhouse – Grove Road Headteacher

  • It should really be every teacher at the school as well, he’s done weekly celebration assembly’s for the children, and gave some of the most epic speeches during a lot of them. As well as working extremely hard to support key worker & vulnerable children in the community, whilst being the husband of a key worker and having 3 children himself.

Mrs Ashworth-Jones – Belmont Grosvenor School

  • A superb Headmistress who has acted with kindness and concern for all the children and fluster-free through the closure and re-opening of the whole school, to which we are very grateful.

Mrs Askew Birstwith school

  • She has been amazing support to all of the children . She has made going back to school in reception class so enjoyable for the children by holding videos to put them ease . Her home learning packs were amazing and she has genuinely missed all of the children . She is a superstar

Mrs Claire Haddleton (Brackenfield School)

  • This is the first teacher qualification for Mrs Haddleton who is our Year 1 teacher. Mrs Haddleton used to be my Reception teaching assistant. She makes every lesson fun and is always so happy and positive which helped during lockdown. She taught us about Amy Johnson and we made bi-planes. Mrs Haddleton then dressed up as Amy Johnson and had an interview with us. She is a fun and loving teacher.

Mrs Coatesworth – Western Primary

  • Starting every days with a booming “Hello my lovelies” Has been the highlight of our lockdown. All smiles and reassurance to a class of worried 7 and 8 year olds has been amazing. She really is the “Gorgeous One”.

Mrs Edwards Western Primary

  • In addition to daily live maths lessons Mrs Edwards offers 1:1s every day for any child needing additional help. She has now invited every parent to a 1:1 with their child to make sure they are up to speed with everything and to check in to make sure everyone is ok. I’m pretty sure this is on her own initiative.

Mrs Elizabeth Turner at Highfield Prep School

  • Mrs Turner has been fantastic throughout. My son is always happy and motivated after their Zoom lessons, and Mrs Turner always marks his work and provides feedback promptly. Her lessons have been fun and engaging. Mrs Turner is also very sympathetic when my son has had days where he has been a bit down NBC and not wanted to do any school work.

Mrs Emma James, Rossett Acre Primary School

  • Constantly positive, nurturing and encouraging – such a support while the children were off, so responsive to messages and genuinely very caring. My daughter is overjoyed to be back with her at school now.

Mrs Emma Meadus Headteacher of Coppice Valley Primary School

  • She is awesome! Great at her job, has led wonderful innovations at Coppice and thrown her heart and soul into her job since becoming Head.
  • Mrs Meadus has gone above and beyond her duties as a headteacher during the past few months. She has been the engine behind the support, information, advice and help provided to children and parent/carers by her teachers and staff during lockdown and she has also been a rock in these very turbulent and uncertain times. She has always remained positive, calm and assertive, even when updates on rules and advice by the Government came in every few hours or were lacking for days. She put herself and the school out there in the open as a positive and courageous example of how lockdown, homeschooling and the phased return to school can be managed in the interest of most – if not all – children that attend Coppice Valley. Mrs Emma Meadus really deserves this Award.
  • Emma has transformed the school over the last year, and she has impressed us so much over the lockdown period with all she has done for the school, keeping parents in the loop as to the education changes, she has been a very busy lady, praising her staff, always replying personally to parents concerns, and supporting the children in and out of school. She haseven found time to write several articles for publication discussing how she has survived running the school during lockdown. Emma is an amazing headteacher, and the coppice family love her for everything she has and continues to do, x
  • Headteacher of Coppice Valley Primary School (and regular on the national BBC news) – always positive, goes out of her way to look after every single child in her care and puts the welfare of the children at her school above anything else. When the government announced that certain year groups would be coming back Mrs Meadus sent us all an upbeat email – sounding hopeful and filling every parent with confidence that our children are in safe hands. The parents and children adore her and her staff team obviously love working for her. A new head who has turned Coppice Valley into ‘The school with heart.’ – A travesty if she doesn’t win!
  • Headteacher at Coppice Valley Mrs Meadus, has worked so hard to ensure that the school provides a safe, successful learning enironment whether that be online or in school for both children and staff. Communication has been fantastic and learning priorities focused on children’s mental health on returning to school, recognising that this is central to children’s learning.
  • Amazing headteacher who provides never ending support to the families of Coppice Valley and the staff. Definitely an unsung hero!
  • There is no one who deserves this more. Mrs Meadus has worked MANY hours through lockdown ensuring she has done her best for the children, the families and the staff at Coppice Valley Primary School. She has always got the children at the heart of everything she does. The school is full of happy, smiling children because of all she does.
  • Coppice Valley head teacher. She kept us fully up to date with every development, she has supported parents as well as the children including phone calls to ask our opinions. She is there every morning including before lockdown to great each child by name. She makes our school a family
  • Mrs Meadus is the Head Teacher at Coppice Valley Primary School. Although new to the headship she has been at the school many,many years! What a way to start your headship though you wouldn’t wish it on anyone! She has worked tirelessly attending meetings, holding meetings for her staff instructing and guiding them while also looking out for their health and well being, creating a safe school environment, keeping in touch with her pupils and their families giving guidance, looking out for their well being and making sure they have a well balanced home schooling opportunity also keeping in touch with a fun weekly newsletter. She has reached out to many in her profession by speaking out and representing them on many platforms such as social media blogs (excellent reads!) local radio stations interviews and also National BBC Interviews (twice!) This is all on top of her very heavy work load. She is such an inspiration and very innovative. A great Head to have, nothing is too much trouble!

Mrs Graham, cook at Bishop Monkton School

  • For doing her best to keep the amazing home cooked quality for each of the children even when she has faced the challenges of the new covid 19 measures. Mrs Graham makes sure every child has an enjoyable hearty meal.

Mrs Hawkins

  • Mrs Hawkins is our Year 4 teacher at Coppice Valley and she has always been at the end of an email or phone if needed during lockdown.

Mrs Ingle- Rossett Acre 

  • She has helped our school provide care for keyworker children, and then helped the school reopen in a safe, efficient manner. A brilliant problem solver, always ready with a joke and a smile.
  • This is a hard one to pick as so many teachers are doing their utmost at this time so I’ll chose a friend/colleague/child’s teacher – sometimes special people move amongst us and she is definitely one of them. Her commitment and focus on the children at Rossett Acre is reassuringly supportive. The school and our children are in very good hands.

Mrs Jeffery

  • Has been fabulous at keeping in touch throughout & encouraging with my child. She is pregnant & is not back working in the school but had been working hard at home with a little one in tow & has been producing great content for home learning. Thank you Mrs J!

Mrs Kendall- Grove road school

  • Amazing goes above and beyond for her reception children

Mrs Magee Saltergate School

  • Absolutely amazing teacher, mummy, sister and daughter!

Mrs Magill- Western Primary

  • Brilliant teacher and support all throughout, very comforting to know she is always there for advice, help and continued support for home learning, even when the school reopened! So much praise for her and her team. Thank you

Mrs Martin, Aspin Park Academy

  • For the continued love and care you have shown my family during this time. It is constant and unwavering and as always beyone what iis expected.

Mrs Moon

  • Mrs Moon has been a rock to us parents and our children. She is amazing!

Mrs Richardson, Mrs Sanderson and Mrs Moore

  • Brilliant teachers of reception and year 5 students at Knaresborough St John’s.

Mrs Robertson Headteacher Aspin Park Academy

  • Lead the school through a difficult time with amazing compassion and understanding of the children’s needs. A great new addition to the great time at Aspin school
  • Aspin Primary School reacted very quickly to the lockdown and within a couple of weeks had an online learning platform with high quality learning materials. The communication and engagement from the Headteacher (Mrs Robertson) has been first class throughout. The process of Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 returning was very well managed and again communication was clear on what to expect. I was happy for my child to return in the confidence that they would be safe. Considering Mrs Robertson had only just joined the school in role of Headteacher, and has had to deal with such unprecedented circumstances and done it so effectively and compassionately is a fantastic achievement and a real credit to her.
  • Mrs Robertson joined Aspin in January 2020 and is truly fantastic. Welcoming the parents and pupils in the morning and saying goodbye every night. The way she has dealt with COVID-19 has been outstanding and she has such a good relationship with parents and students having only been at the school a short time. She has implemented changes for the better and is just a breath of fresh air to the school.

Mrs Whitelow (Western Reception)

  • A positive, supportive and wonderful teacher who clearly loves her job and the children she teaches. Always there at all times of the day to help with any concerns or queries. Nothing is too much trouble

Mrs Wilson and Mrs Ingle at Rossett Acre Primary School

  • They have been outstanding during school closures and returning to school. I work at the school and can’t believe how much work they have put in to keep staff and children safe and happy. They have gone over and above to make everything run as smoothly as possible and we couldn’t have done it without them!

Mrs Wilson at Belmont Grosvenor School

  • Mrs Wilson is the drama teacher but has taken on a much larger role during lockdown. She’s provided engaging and enriching English work for my year 3 daughter and equally sent home drama work that the entire family has enjoyed getting involved in. Her assignments allowed for personal exploration and growth. She also took the time to always respond to the work and offer constructive thoughts.

Mrs. Moore

  • She is an incredible teacher, so supportive and caring. Her support during this difficult time has been amazing. She has responded to emails, provided emotional support and has had an invested interest in my daughters wellbeing. She is simply the best.

Mrs. Whitelow and Mrs. Magill from EYS at Western Primary

  • They are warm, fun and engage and understand our children very well.
  • Absolutely brilliant EYFS at an outstanding school. We have continual daily communication throughout lockdown. Mrs Magill went a daily Power Point for phonics which was interactive and interesting for the children. They sent ideas for the topics, covering all curriculum areas and made it clear whatever we could do was beneficial. They made constant updates to our Tapestry posts and encouraged the children through positive comments. They did stories daily, and regular interactive zoom calls. We never felt like we were on our own and the work they put in was incredible, especially compared to many of my friend’s schools

Mud & Puddles Childcare

  • Best childcare in the area. They have made a safe, but fun environment for the children to still enjoy their days there. 3 of my grandchildren are loving their days there
  • My daughter has recently been able to go back to Mud and Puddles and she couldn’t be happier. Steph goes above and beyond in everything she does to keep the kids healthy and happy. Ruby adores her and I trust her implicitly.
  • Because through all of lockdown they’ve kept us informed about what is going on and since reopening have done an amazing job of making it seem “normal” for the children all the time whilst playing outdoors.
  • For being so flexible and adaptable. An outstanding team
  • They run an amazing childcare practice and are fantastic and friendly
  • Our family would like to thank Steph (and her husband Mark) for all that they did for us during lockdown. They’re more than just a nursery, they’re a support network and they’re like family to us.
  • Steph has four children of her own but still found time for each and every nursery child during lockdown. She was always at the end of the phone/zoom/email when we needed her and I am so grateful for the support she gave me and my family.
  • Steph has worked tirelessly through lockdown to make sure we always had what we needed whilst nursery was closed. Every day came with a new idea for us to try, she read and sang to our children over zoom and she answered my frantic messages with patience and warmth. Our children are so lucky to have her.
  • Lockdown was particularly difficult for our family, and Steph at Mud and Puddles made sure that the children never had chance to miss nursery. She put on zoom meetings every day to read stories to the children, run music times and games. She also zoomed our family to reassure my daughter about the return to nursery, and made videos to make sure she wasn’t nervous or worried to come back. We’re so grateful for Steph and all the Mud and Puddles staff.
  • Mud and Puddles were wonderful during lockdown. Steph kept everyone up to date all the time with what was happening. She gave lots help with home schooling and ideas and suggestions for the younger children. There was always a zoom session to log into each day so the children kept contact with nursery.

Rachael Pearson -Brackenfield

  • Miss pearson guided key worker children and children learning at home throughout lockdown. She has been consistently positive and helpful keeping us all sane and structured in these challenging times.

Rachel Earnshaw

  • For working throughout the lockdown to provide the best childcare to keyworker families. And been the best team leader and deputy you do fantastic activities for all the children who get a lot out of everything you do.
  • Simply amazing

Rebecca Vass – manager at Little Crickets

  • She spent so much time working behind the scenes to get the nursery and pre-school back up and running to allow as many children back through the doors. It has been run so well!
  • For keeping little crickets going so well whilst caring for her own kid’s too.
  • Rebecca runs Little Crickets pre-school and has done a fantastic job in ensuring the pre-school can safely remain open throughout lockdown and ensuring the safety of all children upon the broader return. As a parent I feel very reassured that all the right measures are in place as it has been so well thought though and planned.

Richard Skidmore-Tockwith Junior School

  • Been brilliant teacher (teaches Year 2 @ Tockwith Junior School) to our 7-year old. Organises all the work we need to be teaching through SeeSaw App and gives a weekly video to update us all on it, how and what we should be focusing on and then when we upload work does a video or audio feedback so that our little’un feels engaged. Brilliant!

Sharon Hardcastle HGS

  • Sharon works at HGS and has been an amazing support to the kids of Keyworkers during lockdown. Always fun and finding something they want to do-Pretty impressive when she is dealing with teenagers!

Siobhan Pywell

  • For her outstanding dedication and going over and beyond to deliver best home learning for her reception class

Sue Harrison

  • Goes above and beyond to help where she can

Suzanne Cummings – Lotus Learners Mandarin Chinese classes for kids

  • Because she has been teaching mandarin Chinese to children during lockdown via online games etc. and the children enjoy the interaction so much.
  • For teaching Mindfulness classes to children and helping them through lockdown via virtual lessons
  • Some local public recognition is long over due for Suzanne Cummings. Lotus Learners have been going for 8 years now. A business started while 8 months pregnant….Universally loved and appreciated, Suzie has built an exemplary reputation. After her two sons were poorly 10 days before lockdown the family had to isolate, so two days later Suzie contacted all her parents and was delivering ALL her classes online over Zoom. This while dealing with the challenge of lockdown and taking care of her own family. Frankly, Suzie is a legend among the mums and dads and most importantly children that attend her classes. Her online classes were just as professional, fun and interactive as her live classes. Oh…. I forgot, Suzie also delivered online mindfulness classes for kids during the last two months helping children through an incredibly difficult time and providing effective strategies to cope. Mum of two young boys, owner and director of two successful, respected and completely unique local businesses. A caring and dynamic contributor to the local area.
  • Suzie has been teaching Mandarin to primary school kids in after school clubs and the kids love her for her energy and enthusiasm returning year on year for the great lessons including games and songs

Suzanne, Woodlands Day Nursery

  • She made our child’s first day back in their changed premises so special. we couldn’t bring them into the room, but we knew she would care fro them so well, they settled in very quickly and the staff were quick to reassure us when we called during the day to check they were ok.

Teachers at Aspin Park Academy especially Mrs Robertson

  • What can I say but perhaps in the past parents can be quite judgemental of things at school but since covid 19 & the fact I am home schooling I have learnt as a parent that all teachers are worth their weight in gold and appreciate them far more

Tracy Hornby Tiny Teapots

  •  Tracy works around the clock to make sure Tiny Teapots is working to its full potential and not once has she complained. She is kind and compassionate and makes sure everyone is happy throughout the day. She really is the best manager.
  • Tracy is my wife and also the manager of Tiny Teapots Nursery. Throughout the past few months during this crazy time, Tracy has worked tirelessly to ensure the children and staff in her care have remained safe as well as having fun. Tracy has worked extra hours when needed, has juggled her position of manager alongside working with the children and for the past 7 weeks has also taken on the role of nursery cook. (She has even started baking!!!). Over the past few weeks Tracy and some of her team have also volunteered their time on a weekend to ensure the nursery has been safe for more children and staff to return. Tracy always says she couldn’t do the things she does without some of her staff team and I’d also like to take this opportunity to also say thank you to Emily Cropper and the rest of the unfurloughed staff team for the support they have shown Tracy

Vickie Lamb Little Lambs Childminding

  • Honest can’t do life without this amazing woman always goes above and beyond the call of duty and looks after our daughter like one of her own
  • Vickie is the most fantastic childminder, teacher, carer and friend to my little girl. She is absolutely amazing in what she’s doing and children love spending every minute with her!

Vicky little Fiit Like A Girl

  • Always checking up on us

Zoe Atkinson

  • A brilliant childminder who provided care for key worker children throughout the lockdown.

2020 Love Local Award Winners: Virtual Class or Activity Award Sponsored by BCT Accountants.

Virtual Class or Event Sponsored by BCT Accountants

Drum roll please! Here we go, the first celebration blog in the 2020 Harrogate Mumbler Love Local Awards!

Initially we said that we would only publish the comments when we got 5 or more but having read them all, we’ve decided to ditch that rule! Everyone who received a nomination deserves to read their message/s of thanks & support!

Thanks to our amazing award sponsor, BCT Accountants, we have some lovely certificates to give out to all nominees. We hope that it will be a lovely reminder for you in the future about how you adapted your classes & events and how grateful the Harrogate & Knaresborough community are for everything that you do. If you are a nominee & you would like to claim your certificate then please fill in this quick form here so that we know where to send it to!

We’ve also got some digital badges for all nominees. Please help yourself & download your badge (see list below for different versions) You are welcome to use them wherever you want- on your social media channels, on your websites etc. Let everyone know how loved you are!

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If you know any of the winners, please be sure to tell them about it. We want to spread this lovely news far & wide!

Love from Sally, Kate, Kayti & Evie at Harrogate Mumbler x

P.S Coming next on Monday 6th July is the “Star Teacher” celebration blog.

Winners of the 2020 Harrogate Mumbler Love Local “Virtual Class or Activity” Award 

(In alphabetical order)

20th Harrogate (Rossett) Cubs 

  • Scouting values have been amazing – regular online meetings (treasure hunts, doughnut making…), world record camping challenge, badge activity and even arts & crafts kits delivered to our door.  Debbie and the team truly live and breathe the values of scouting and it’s had a huge positive impact on our family.
  • Debbie and Joe have worked so hard to allow the Cubs some fantastic experiences through virtual meetings over the past few months. I’m not sure my ears will ever recover from the online drumming workshop they arranged but the mug cake the Cubs made together was rather tasty!
  • Debbie and Joe have been holding zoom cubs meetings which have been amazing fun including online drumming lessons, making microwave donuts and of course a scavenger hunt. I was amazed to receive a hand delivered supplies bag with envelopes labelled up for each meeting for the next month. Above and beyond.

Aim martial arts

  • They have continued to set challenges and regular classes throughout lock down and offered to help when children were needing a pick me up or support
  • Master Milo – a zoom legend!!!! Classes have continued as normal for my boy – been lovely to have some form of consistency. Despite battling financial hardships & worry about the future he has always been on screen on time & positive. A legend!

Alicja Palutkiewicz

  • Pilates and yoga for free through Facebook, asking for donations. Such a generous offering to make. This has helped me to get exercise around my shifts and donate money to her to keep herself going through the crisis. She is so full of energy and has kept me going

Baby massage and yoga with hazel

  • Our girls love hazel and her classes
  • She quickly adapted her baby yoga classes so we could do them from home. At the start of lockdown, it was a sliver of normality where little man and I could do something we enjoyed. She was always a ray of positivity and made sure that we were all okay

Baby Sensory

  • This class has been wonderful during lockdown – on every week without fail and so many wonderful ideas.

Beyond imagination Emporium

  • For the video story times via fb life plus linking up with me and bringing Mrs Doubtfire to my online zoom fitness

Bilton & Woodfield Library – Storytime

  • Bilton & Woodfield Library do a Storytime session every Tuesday at 10am which is normally held in the library (even out of term time). When lockdown hit and the library had to close, the volunteers kept the storytime going by publishing videos on their facebook page. Fantastic to be able to keep that routine up for the younger children – it has meant so much to so many, thank you

Blue Cat Fitness

  • Lesley-Ann has been offering online zoom and Facebook live workouts for absolutely free right the way through lockdown. She has been doing this to look out for her current clients, old clients, new clients and anyone who has needed a physical and mental connection. A wonderful lady who has provided much needed support for many many people 🥰
  • Lesley-Anne has gone above and beyond she has done Facebook live and Zoom classes and all for free through the lockdown absolutely amazing lady xx
  • I would like to nominate Lesley-Anne Nadin of Blue Cat fitness who during lockdown has provided fitness classes on zoom and facebook live for free, not just to her regular clients but also to anyone too. It really helped me keep going during lockdown by providing a little bit of normal life and maintaining my wellbeing and fitness.
  • Lesley Ann has continued to provide free exercise classes through most of lockdown, keeping people physically and mentally fit. I really appreciate how much time she has put into this and asked for nothing in return, a true selfless act.
  • Lesley-Anne has done over 6 free classes a week via Facebook or zoom since the beginning of has been amazing being able to do them all
  • Blue cat fitness Lesley – Anne has continued to support her class members and welcomed new members providing Virtual classes. A wonder lady
  • Lesley-Anne quickly adapted to lockdown offering free fitness classes via Zoom and Messenger to new and existing clients. Her tag line has become “From my living room to yours” and it is amazing how creative she can be in the space between the couch and the TV! Being able to continue doing something that brings such positive mental and physical benefits throughout lockdown has been a lifesaver.

Carole – Ripon Dance Academy

  • Bringing dance & fun into our home by continuing ballet, tap, freestyle, etc classes. Bringing continuity & also contact with friends.
  • When things were looking very bleak with home schooling, these dance classes kept a sense of routine in our house. Although I am banned from being in the room, I can hear that along with the dancing, she encourages the children to chat with one another and she always asks them how they are and whether they are coping. They have been a godsend – not just Carole but all the teachers.
  • Carole has provided zoom dance classes which have been fabulous for my daughter to maintain normality, fitness and some social aspects during lockdown. It’s been lovely to see her smile because of these classes.
  • Carole and her team of teachers at Ripon Dance Academy have kept dancers active and supported through lockdown while also offering opportunity to connect with their dance school friends through online classes and also a fun-filled virtual party.

Catherine Wright

  • For organising hglockdown, a May bank holiday weekend of online activities, which provided great entertainment and learning opportunitues and raised thousands of pounds for local charities.

Chantelle at Moo Music

  • My son has been going to her classes since he was 4 months old and when lockdown hit, everything stopped. Chantelle was running her classes online the following week. My son has kept the only bit of normality he had and I am so grateful for that. His face lights up every week. She is truly amazing

Chatsworth Dance

  • They have posted a dance tutorial most week days for our children to follow, including monthly challenges and videos. They have covered ballet, modern jazz, tap, contemporary, etc. My daughter has loved them! Throughout the whole of lockdown, they haven’t asked for any fees. As a family run business, that can’t have been easy. We can’t wait to get back!

Chris Hughes, Zen pilates

  • Chris rapidly adapted and created online Zoom classes to replace the sessions she delivered in person previously. Fabulous teacher, varied classes and always provides different levels depending on experience of participants. She is so engaging. I have no idea how she can make each class so fresh. Provides a sense of purpose and supports our fitness

Chris Jones Martial Arts

  • He has been relentless in his pursuit to keep his students fit and active, up to date with skills by creating new Daily challenges (60 of them!) and both real time and virtual sessions. It has helped my children’s mental health and made sure they continue to feel part of such a strong fantastic and professional local MA fitness centre.
  • Mr Jones has done a fab job at making online daily activities and classes for his students.
  • Fantastic classes every time we would of been lost without them
  • Has brought some normality and structure for my boys as almost all other aspects of their lives have been turned upside down
  • Chris has been doing live classes and challenge videos nearly every day since lockdown started. It’s really helped keep a bit of ‘normality’ for my son during lockdown
  • Excellent online provision for members including daily motivational challenges and keeping in touch. Cant wait to return to classes!!
  • Continuing to provide high quality classes throughout lockdown beyond the regular timetable. Including daily interactive challenges, live and pre-recorded sessions through Facebook and Zoom.
  • Chris has gone above and beyond to ensure that every single one of his members have been able to still enjoy competing in their martial arts lessons via online live lessons, daily challenges and pre recorded sessions. He has kept in contact with all members and kept us in the loop of things he would be doing throughout this period. He has done this every day since lockdown and i feel this has been really beneficial as we have used these lessons to ensure my little boy still gets some exercise Like he would at school in PE lessons. The daily challenges set were to be complete by the children and uploaded to the groups page and Chris went that extra mile to create award certificates for the children which again encouraged the children to want to do more. My 5yr old really enjoys this and can interact via the iPad to still do the activities set out in these lessons. Even in these tough times Chris made a kind gesture to all his members and reduced member fees which he didn’t have to but we really appreciated this due to our furlough circumstances. We can’t wait to get back to Chris Martial Arts school.
  • My daughter had been attending CJMA since she was 8. Chris has really gone above and beyond with his virtual classes for his members which has not just been good regarding fitness levels but keeping postive mental attitudes as well.
  • For reaching into the homes of those who need it.

Claire Walker

  • Claire’s online sessions are engaging, fun and easy to fit into your day. Claire dedicates a lot of time making fun and well resourced sessions and the activities linked to each session gave us something different to focus on each day which was so helpful during lockdown!

Create Pottery

  • Because of the amazing range of classes.

Coppice Valley Primary School and Dan Cawte

  • Daily stories on Insta with lots of fun and news.
  • Inspiring art videos throughout lockdown with unbelievable professional production. My kids loved them so much! Thank you!

Dan Cawte

  • Every Thursday Mr. Cawte, Deputy Head at Coppice Valley Primary School,at 7pm has gone live on facebook and read stories a bit like Jack-a-nory! His unique delivery is quite entertaining. He makes it so much fun. He reads out the comments he gets sent along side the story and has a bit of banter with everyone. He also does a birthday shout out for those who have had a birthday that week. Such a wonderful way to keep reaching out to the Coppice Valley children, their families and the wider community at these tough times. Even though the school has reopened he has still carried on!
  • For his weekly bedtime stories on the Coppice Valley facebook page.

Dance matt

  • Free dance Matt discos! Weekly!
  • Kept my kids entertained
  • He has done a great job to provide free online discos during lockdown and raised a lot of money for Harrogate Theatre so deserves a shout out!
  • Doing online dance parties for children during lockdown, and raising money for Harrogate Theatre. #Bestchildren’sentertainerinHarrogate


Emergy Fitness

  • Emma Spalding has been posting on-line fitness and well-being classes from her home since the beginning of lockdown. The sessions can be live or catch up. She is always cheerful and positive. She has encouraged so many of us to keep moving in these trying times.
  • Eternally positive and forward thinking. Emma found a way to keep her classes going via Facebook live. She motivates and encourages us all to get active for both our physical and mental wellbeing. Her classes are exceptional proved by how she raised over £4K for a bereaved family by asking us to donate to a fundraiser rather than her own pocket. That amount speaks for itself at £3.50 a class. Simply the best at what she does as well as selfless, positive and forward thinking.
  • Emma has been a real inspiration to all her class members during this time. She has kept us going with our fitness with her enthusiasm and really embraced the virtual class concept, even going as far as to make sure we had the right equipment at home, and for one full month, requesting donations to a local charity. She has really gone above and beyond and that is why I am nominating her for this category.
  • Emma moved all entire class timetable online, providing the option of taking part in a live class or catching up from the library of previously recorded classes. What a life-saver through this difficult period. Emma has kept her Emergise community feeling positive and motivated to get through this pandemic. Emma provides support with so much more than just physical fitness – she has a very positive mental attitude and is a great role model. It is hard to feel down when Emma is around!!
  • For Emma’s continued enthusiasm throughout these difficult times. For finding ways to motivate everyone, to help with our well-being.
  • Emma has been an absolute diamond 💎 keeping everyone fit and health through lock down. Injecting massive amounts of energy, enthusiasm, smiles and positivity to everyone’s day. She is a ray of sunshine ☀️ on a rainy day ☔️ She also has been busy raising money 💵 With her online classes and managed to raised £4625 during 23/3 to 31/5 for a North Yorkshire Police Family in need, whose Husband/ Daddy (Craig Ainsley) took his own life on 6/12/19 xx She is just an absolute super star ⭐️ and in my eyes really deserves the award 🥇
  • Emma took her classes online as quickly as possible, and didn’t charge for the first period – instead taking the opportunity to raise money via donations. She has set up a great library of online classes, easily accessible or attended live – always cheerful, always there to support her members.
  • Emma Spalding is a legend! I cannot praise her, or the classes that she has been providing online during lockdown, enough. She has gone above and beyond to keep us all motivated and positive. She is unfailingly cheerful and positive herself which is a help when you are having the ‘lockdown wobbles’ There are ‘live’ classes and also a recording of each class so that we can dip in as and when we need an exercise boost. She is an amazing inspiration to us all.
  • Emma is just fabulous, she’s created a community spirited group and kept us going with a mixture of on line classes that are also available on catch up in a library that she has created. She has kept us mobile, fit and helped our mental health too – I am so grateful to her She is just awesome 👏
  • Amazing classes right from the start. She raised over 4K for charity by taking donations for the online classes.
  • Emma has created a complete series of new online workouts to suit all levels throughout the lockdown, and kept up the same pace and enthusiasm. The classes can be done live or at your own convenience; in the bedroom or your garden, your pyjamas or full gym kit. Well done Emma.
  • Classes have kept my routine going throughout lockdown and kept me in contact with people
  • Emma took her fitness classes on-line but instead of charging she asked for donations to a charity fund set up for a widow and children of a police staff member who sadly took his own life. An inspiration who kept us all and she kept us fit throughout Lockdown.
  • Emma is consistently positive and in the first 2-3 months of lockdown raised over £5000 for the young family of a police officer who had died
  • Enthusiasm, inclusion, includes all abilities
  • Emergy fitness, running live classes online and raising money for local charity, brilliant welcoming classes made so much fun, wouldn’t have been without them during lockdown!
  • Emma has a fabulous array of exercise sessions online – something for everyone. For the first month she asked us to donate money to a local family coping since death of husband/ father In lieu of her payment. We get live classes and an online library to dip in to when we want. Always upbeat and motivating sessions.
  • She did online fitness classes for students and parents ,Free of charge .
  • Emma has run a variety of online classes since lockdown started. Initially donations were made to a charity, which raised thousands of pounds to help the family of a deceased police officer. She adapts her classes so many levels of fitness are catered for. Emma is always a positive, sunny and happy and has brightened many a day. I’m exercising more now than I did before.
  • Immediately adapted to offering a comprehensive range of activities online. Transferred her classes to live sessions with ease and all for a contribution to charity to help a family who were devastated by the loss of a husband / father. Constant unwavering positivity and encouragement she has been brilliant at keeping me motivated and maintain some level of fitness during this crazy times. Thank you Emma you have been amazing !!!
  • Emma has done an amazing job of keeping us all fit & motivated, she’s worked hard to keep our spirits up during these difficult times she always has a smile on her face & a kind word for everyone & has raised over £4000 for charity during lockdown, I personally would like to say a Hugh thank you to Emma she is a fantastic person who no matter what will always have time to help others.
  • She has given up her time to give all the kids and parents of Goldsborough school free PE lessons during the lockdown twice a week. It was amazing and helped my kids.
  • Emma has continued to do FB live classes all throughout lockdown. March and April all donations were made to a local charity. Emma is inspiring and keeping us all fit. She is an absolute star.
  • Emergy Fitness & Wellbeing has really kept me sane and motivated during lockdown. Her enthusiasm is catching. Emma has worked so hard
  • For her awesome motivational online pe sessions during lockdown for our fab school. Helping all the kids/parents/ staff stay active! She always goes over and above to support everyone.
  • Emma switched all of her classes to online on Facebook and has been amazing at keeping us all fit and healthy during this crisis. Even when I missed the live sessions I could go and catch up thanks to Emma creating a bank of class videos. It must’ve been very strange for her to be teaching to a phone rather than a room full of faces to interact with. I think she’s dealt with it all amazingly and in her usual positive and cheery way!
  • She’s kept us motivated and fit throughout lockdown. Absolute superstar … couldn’t have got through it without her!!! 🤩
  • She has given encouragement and fun to a group that would otherwise really struggle in lockdown… Emma has helped give a connection that has been vital. Her classes are structured and has clear instruction. She has grouped them and put them into library format so that they can be used at any time of the day- this means they can be used in conjunction with work and family life. Emma also did classes free until a June 1st – in return she asked for donations to a charity that helped a family who were really struggling….
  • Emma is a parent of goldsborough primary school abc dedicated her time free of charge to deliver virtual classes for the children . Amazing lady 😊
  • Emma radiates welcome and encouragement in her classes. She caters for all ages and levels, offering alternatives for many exercises. She also explains the benefit of particular exercises and tries to ensure that they are being done correctly. Her ‘well done’ and ‘go for it’ and ‘just two more, you can do it’ make you feel she is connecting with you personally. I always feel so much better afterwards. Instead of benefiting financially in the earlier weeks of lockdown, Emma chose to contribute her takings to a local family in need. She raised more than £4000 on their behalf. She has also been helping schools and in the NHS during this period. I highly commend her for this award.
  • Emma has provided inspirational fitness classes throughout lockdown that have helped with both physical and mental wellbeing. She has also taken the time to ask all class participants their preferred medium for the online classes as well as listening to feedback to ensure the classes have been challenging and fun throughout this period. Not only has she provided amazing classes, but also forfeited her own income in order to raise £5000 for a local young family who suffered The loss of a loved one due to mental heath issues. Well done Emma!!!
  • Emma’s online workouts have been wonderful to follow during lockdown. She has kept all of our family fit during these unusual times and our mental wellbeing in a positive place. We would love for her to be recognised for her amazing work!
  • Emma has been amazing throughout lockdown, providing 2 PE sessions per week to all the children at our school free of charge. We are a federated Primary School, so it has been open to 2 schools. She has also set up a closed group on Facebook for her classes to continue online. Her positivity and approach to the PE has been amazing. I know many parents who have been extremely grateful to her.
  • Fabulous teacher Very inclusive for all abilities
  • Emma has a lot of energy and enthusiasm which motivates everyone to keep moving and exercise. She is very knowledgable and explains every movement and how it affects each part of the body.
  • I would like to sponsor Emma for this award, because she organised all her classes on line and arranged it so that everyone who had attended the classes could participate on line through Facebook. This enabled everyone to go back to her previous classes if you could not do them live. She did wonders for everyone’s morale by keeping them fit and mentally motivated. She also held a fund raising event for a family with 3 very young children to help them through a very difficult time on the loss of a father and husband who had committed suicide and raised the sum of £5,000 pounds.
  • Emma has been teaching all her clients throughout lockdown and continues to keep us all healthy. Emma has raised £5000 for charity during the time by asking all of her clients to donate to the charity instead of paying for her classes, which has meant she didn’t receive an income for 2 months. If you have never experienced one of Emma’s classes I can highly recommend them, she keeps them fun, you can work at your own level and she is always encouraging us to be better. Emma has also during lockdown been giving her time to a local school to keep them healthy too.
  • Emma has been an inspiration to us all. For the first two months all monies went to support the Craig Ainsley Family Support. Not only is Emma keeping us fit but she is also always encouraging us to remain positive

Enchantica’s Workshop: Rising Stars class

  • Fairy Enchantica (Suzie) has pulled out all the stops to move her drama, yoga and mindfulness classes online. Her enthusiasm and energy come across like she’s in our living room. We have loved her classes every week and we can’t wait to get back to classes in person ASAP as my daughter misses Suzie so much. Suzie goes above and beyond, giving up her time for kids locally. She offering to have a chat with my daughter (for free) to give her reassurances and offer ways to handle her feelings during the current crisis. She’s wonderful!

Fiit Like A Girl

  • Having consumed my body weight in junk food for the first month of lockdown, I was so grateful for Vicky’s online classes to get me back on track. I did everything from a Basic Nutrition class, a Glutes Masterclass and Fitness Pilates, and I’ve enjoyed it all (which is saying something as I hate exercise!) I’m feeling so much better now and it’s all thanks to Vicky!
  • Vicky’s online classes are the only reason my clothes aren’t now bursting at the seams! I have been able to keep my fitness going in some way by joining Vicky and Lisa’s classes each week and working out at home on Zoom.
  • I can see my friends and keep fit
  • Great zoom classes, trying to carry on as normal which is great!
  • Vicky has adapted to the crisis brilliantly. As with everyone, she has her own personal struggles but she has remain engaged and keeping close to her families. She has provided a platform for the children/teens to open up and help each other through it. Sadly she’s lost her beloved studio as she couldn’t social distance safely, but like a phoenix she has risen and will hopefully be stronger than ever!
  • Vicky is an incredible human being. Since lockdown she has battled through some tough and challenging circumstances but come up with some fantatsic ways to support and maintain contact with her classes. She is a true inspiration
  • Vicky has moved her classes online to Zoom during Covid19. It has been fantastic to still get the support , classes and expertise during these very difficult times.
  • Fab online Pilates classes for a much needed hour of me time away from work and home school.
  • HIIT, Pilates, Activation Band classes – Vicky has kept us fit and strong during lockdown and burning off those extra calories eaten! Classes were all free of charge for the first 2 months of lockdown too. The classes are very structured and I’m now doing more exercise than I ever did!
  • Vicky Little is a special kind of person, one who you don’t meet too often. I’m nominating her for this category although she can easily fall into some of the others too. Amongst her many classes for adults and kids, Vicky runs Fiit like a girl which is so much more than just a fitness session – in fact, the fitness element is just a byproduct! Although Vicky inspires and encourages girls and young women to be more active, her classes also teach them about self worth and self esteem, how to stay mentally healthy in the world of social media, how to believe in themselves and the importance of being kind to each other. You only have to speak to the parents of some of these girls to know what a hugely positive impact Vicky makes on their mental and physical well-being. This makes her sessions, virtual or otherwise, even more important in the current climate.
  • Because putting on zoom classes gave me a chance to do exercise from home and work it round my son, it’s been a really supportive group and it’s helped me stay healthy

First Step Phonics

  • Whilst during lockdown I have been working and having Mum guilt of not spending quality time with my children. Claire’s virtual sessions gave us a focus every day and activity ideas to help engage my daughter. Claire’s fabulous teaching and enthusiasm/passion for teaching children really shows and my daughter always looked forward to opening our emails for the new link! Highly recommend the classes!
  • Providing incredible, creative and engaging sessions to pre schoolers on line.
  • We really enjoyed the sessions. Every day we looked forward to the next one. We enjoyed joining in the activities. We are waiting patiently for the classes to restart after lockdown.
  • Before lockdown we loved attending the classes which captivated both my 4 and 1 year olds. A new class offering something wonderful, growing as word was beginning to spread about this little gem that offered fun whilst learning such important early literacy skills. Then lockdown was forced upon them and so all they had built had to stop–but Claire undeterred went online offering phonics sessions that we could participate in at home to keep that love of literacy going. She is so gifted and skilled at what she does. Thank you
    First Steps Phonics
  • Outstanding provision of online videos and resources during lockdown. My young children love watching Claire and we still rewatch many of the videos. Who said learning had to be boring. Claire even got me dancing along!

Flora yoga

  • Online yoga via zoom from her home. Kept me excercising and grounded. Her classes are amazing – thank you

Freedom performing arts

  • They have done so much for the kids. Daily / weekly challenges / zoom classes / private lessons / its been amazing

Gillian McBride – Clubbercise with Gilly

  • Gilly has adapted her classes to the technology requirement so that everyone can still have their time to shine. Gilly’s classes are disguised as fitness but really provide a safe space for us all to let loose, be ourselves and switch off from the pressure. Gilly is a warm, compassionate lady who has tirelessly kept in touch with all her clientele to ensure they all keep connected and are getting through. Her honesty about her own experience and feelings help us to relate and feel ‘normal’ and without judgment. Amazing lady.

Harrogate Community Lockdown Fest

  • A weekend full of fun and free online classes, talks, activities and more. This HG Community Lockdown Fest was organised by local people for local people in aid of a very good cause: to raise money for charities during the early phase of lockdown. Fantastic event for the whole family from babies/toddlers to grandparents.
  • Great idea to keep everyone entertained, find out about local business and raise lots of money for a fantastic cause

Harrogate and Knaresborough Toy Library

  • I have been so impressed at the effort to keep children entertained providing a massive online catalogue to be viewed, making weekly orders and delivering to our doorstep. They have definitely kept things alive for us by allowing the kids to experience a whole load of new toys.

Harrogate Gymnastics

  • Provide so much content over lock down to help keep the children engaged whilst missing their classes.
  • They have worked really hard to keep the children engaged on zoom meetings throughout lockdown. They have also had some amazing competitions which have not been gymnastics related, like talent competitions which the children have loved.
  • They have been brilliant at providing zoom sessions for my daughter’s.
  • Since day 1 of lockdown we have had online zoom lessons and optional facebook sessions. The support has been great and the zoom sessions so enjoyable. Great for our kids to get some interaction with others whilst maintaining their skills. Can’t really thank them enough!
  • The team of excellent coaches at Harrogate Gymnastics Club have made the transition from coaching the children in the gym to running zoom calls in our homes. They have kept the children motivated under very unusual times by carrying out activities, quizzes and competition. We cannot thank them enough.
  • You wouldn’t have thought it possible to coach gymnasts without the coach actually being next to them but they have done this in the most amazing fashion. Not just zoom training but using videos the gymnast have sent in of them doing tumbling and gymnastics at home the coaches have been able to use software to demonstrate where their technique needs to be adapted to improve outcomes truly exceptional adaptation during lockdown.

Harrogate Personal Training

  • Hayley and Lisa have run a timetable of virtual exercise classes online. It’s been fantastic to do live classes and interact rather than following a pre-recorded video. Great works outs with some added humour from interruptions by toddlers and dogs 😂 reflecting life in lockdown! Thank you both for keeping me on track with my fitness.
  • When we couldn’t attend gym classes anymore, the Harrogate PT girls put on virtual classes so we could still keep healthy and focussed. Without any childcare it also meant that it was possible to still exercise and my toddler could even join in (or at least make me work harder by carrying him whilst I did a squat!) Hayley and Lisa are really encouraging and motivating and have given me so much positive energy during lockdown. Thank you so much for keeping me going!
  • I have spent lockdown on my own at home with my baby as my husband is a key worker and has been out at work throughout. Harrogate PT’s classes have not only kept me exercising they have kept me sane! The classes are adaptable for all levels of fitness and the girls are so motivational.
  • When the government closed all gyms Lisa and Hayley had to find another way to deliver workouts for their clients. They worked hard and more hours than ever to build up a new online business where they teach a variety of LIVE Fitness classes, Personal Training sessions and support people working from home and who are self isolating. They even offer ALL key workers FREE unlimited classes. They are professional, their music is always upbeat and suitable for every class, Their energy and personalities shine through the computer and they have kept hundreds of people enjoy working out at home! Thank you ladies


  • Hartbeeps at home has been an amazing lockdown home baby class to do with my baby. When my baby hears the songs, her face lights up with excitement. Thank you to Emily and Jane!
  • Emily and Jane have worked so hard to create daily online classes. We miss seeing them so much but their online classes have been brilliant! They have also delivered hartbeeps toys which have provided hours of entertainment! Thanks Emily and Jane!
  • They have kept a lot of mum and dads sane in these crazy times! They have been providing daily classes online and Emily and Jane are so kind and caring.
  • Hartbeeps have been running lovely Virtual classes which must be so different and difficult to do. It’s such a magical time to spend one on one with my child without thinking I should be cleaning!! Thank you for remaining so enthusiastic throughout 😘
  • They’ve adapted their classes so we can access them online and brought a lifeline to so many parents at home with little ones. Thank you so much Emily and Jane, although we miss coming to classes at least you’ve made feel included with your fab sessions!
  • The content and activities they have presented has been incredible
  • Entertaining us all during lockdown
  • Providing classes from home everyday. Amazing!


  • They kept my daughter going through online activities with dance

Heaven & Hell Fitness

  • Amazing classes put on and sorted out so quickly into lockdown – they kept us sane.
  • From week 2 of lockdown they have created a whole new business with loads of different Live classes online at all different times of the day. Now offering pre-recorded classes too so can do anytime. Great fun classes with easy and hard options to suit everyone with a friendly attitude – love them & they’ve kept me going in lockdown doing more exercise than I’ve ever done before in my life so feeling fittest & strongest I ever have. Well done Claire & Louise.
  • Claire and Louise have provided multiple daily online classes aimed at all abilities, with a huge variety of content. Their endless enthusiasm and the consistent high quality of classes has been amazing, and it is very cheap!! They listen to the users, change things as needed and have adapted brilliantly to doing classes online. The group of people it brings together get to have a chat before each class which has been lovely. Thank you ladies ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Louise & Claire took covid19 by the horns, adapted & overcame. Their fitness classes went online. Available to everyone. Delivered professionally & with fantastic energy.
  • Claire and Louise super professional and been an amazing asset during lockdown
  • When coronavirus hit we all thought what are we going to do to keep fit?! Louise & Claire to our rescue. After a lot of hard work they set up online classes. They offer us so much choice & their enthusiasm never wains. I’m very proud of everything they have done, keeping us fit & sane.
  • Keeping us all fit & sane with such a smile & continued positivity
  • Inspirational teachers who deliver an essential service in challenging times offering fabulous online classes encouraging health and wellbeing both physically and mentally.
  • Swapping normal classes to online zoom classes so I have been able to maintain my physical well-being
  • Louise & Claire took covid19 by the horns, adapted & overcame. Their fitness classes went online. Available to everyone. Delivered professionally & with fantastic energy.
  • Motivating & inspiring in these difficult times. Great variety of classes. Helpful instructors. Feel part of a community.
  • Claire and Louise are amazing ladies who have worked sooo hard to keep me fit mentally and physically Classes to suit everyone at different times of the day 6 days a week, recording sessions for those unable to join the classes so they can do them at a time that suits I’m fitter than I was before lockdown all thanks to them 👏👏
  • Louise & Claire have set up an online fitness timetable , with loads of classes . They are so motivated and manage to keep all their members sane during this lockdown period .
  • These girls stepped up to the mark very early in lockdown & are still providing online fitness classes. There are so many to choose from every week with a different theme. These classes have kept me sane the last 4 months they are so enthusiastic it keeps everyone focused
  • Clare and Louise have amazing energy and have brought so much fun into lockdown with their virtual classes
  • Superb training sessions, two brilliant trainers, supplying all our fitness requirements on line, throughout lockdown. Without Heaven and Hell on Line fitness supporting and caring for individuals and groups many would have missed their friendship and compassion as an extra throughout training.
  • These girls are seasoned fitness professionals who have the most fantastic energy. Their Varied range of virtual classes have been excellent
  • Louise and Claire have set up virtual classes (17 classes a week) they both have so much energy and are so very enthusiastic that it’s kept me sane throughout lockdown The routine/structure of the classes gave me a purpose to get out of bed each morning when there was nothing else to do It was lovely to see their smiling faces each day when other wise I might not see anyone till the evening Thank you to you both and hopefully I have stayed fairly fit as well
  • Louise and Claire have set up virtual classes (17 classes a week) they both have so much energy and are so very enthusiastic that it’s kept me sane throughout lockdown The routine/structure of the classes gave me a purpose to get out of bed each morning when there was nothing else to do It was lovely to see their smiling faces each day when other wise I might not see anyone till the evening Thank you to you both and hopefully I have stayed fairly fit as well
  • These fitness online classes were initially put together for the present Covid 19 crisis. The timetable has been updated & the offer of outside classes have been available as the government regulations have changed. Every class has been professionally & enthusiastically presented. There are weekend & prerecorded classes for those who want to access them. My spirits & wellbeing have been totally lifted due to being able to keep fit at this difficult time. I can’t think of a more deserving nomination for this award.
  • They responded so quickly and creatively to the fitness needs and wishes of our community once lockdown arrived. They’ve lightened the experience of isolation and brought fun and boundless energy into countless homes. Without them I’d have turned to blubber.
  • They are true harrogate girls who have passion for what they do
  • Provide a brilliant wide range of physical activity from Pilates, HIT, boxercise, yoga and Zumba. Great energy, really kept me afloat during lockdown! They are absolutely fantastic!
  • Louise and Claire have been amazing in transforming their local fitness and pilates classes overnight into an online service. They interact and feedback on technique to people joining the classes. Every class is different and their enthusiasm and happiness has been a lifeline to a lot of people. They’ve now added yoga to their weekly timetable. There really is something for everyone of any age and any ability at various times throughout the day, 6 days a week. It’s just fantastic what they have achieved and I know that I am one of many who are extremely grateful to them for keeping us sane in lockdown!
  • Both instructors- Claire Eccles& Louise Annat had a very steep learning curve to set up online classes – getting music included etc… Then adjusting the timetable to offer lots more depending on feedback needs.. Most importantly they introduced a 15minute early log on so that clients could chat to them or each other. Both have remained so encouraging and positive throughout… they really have made a difference to the community during this difficult time☘️☘️☘️
  • Louise and Claire have provided an excellent selection of classes and so quickly after all their classes got cancelled in March, they make you feel welcome at all the classes and deliever them with such enthusiasm, I miss then when i can’t do a class.
  • Louise and Claire are both wonderful at what they do. They are non judgemental, upbeat, positive and doing their classes definitely had an impact on my mental health during lockdown! They learnt how to do Zoom in an hour, reduced the price, increased the range of classes and tried to get as many people involved as possible. They always go the extra mile for people they train, they clearly love what they do and they genuinely care about their clients. Well done Heaven and Hell!
  • Their fitness class response to lockdown was fast, innovative, inspiring and has continued to develop and bring together a community of followers, getting fit, physically and emotional well being and maintaining a local connection through the online classes.
  • Claire and Louise worked very hard to quickly move their face to face classes into an online format via Zoom in order to provide a range of fitness options during lockdown. During this time they have listened to customers and adapted their classes to ensure there is truly a class for everyone. They always deliver a service with a smile and have a brought a small amount of normality back to day to day life. I couldn’t have got through lockdown without them.
  • Claire and Louise have been amazing throughout lock down…. helping keep their clients motivated with a great timetable of classes. They have been on-hand with advice and support to keep us all moving and keeping fit. They have even loaned out equipment to help those who didn’t have weights etc. They set up a chat room for the group so there was a social side too aswell as before and after class Q and A’s. They really deserve this nomination!!
  • These are 2 wonderful ladies who have kept us sane and fit. We have a really good laugh before the class start and they make sure that everyone is doing okay. Even after the class had finished they stay in touch through their group chat. Couldn’t have coped without their weekly contact!!
  • Providing online fitness classes throughout lockdown. So many creative, new classes. Keeping me motivated and in good shape. Always with a smile and a laugh.
  • Claire and Louise who run heaven and hell fitness have worked so hard to provide on-line fitness sessions. Their timetable offers a very imaginative variety of classes 6 days a week with at least 4 classes to chose from at times to suit everyone’s commitments . They are always so cheerful and motivating keeping us all fit during lockdown. This award would reward them for all their very hard work.
  • Claire and Louise are super motivators, always smiling and encouraging people of all abilities, from newbies to exercise junkies. Their varied online classes are professionally taught with technique being observed and corrected. Everyone feels great after their classes.
  • Louise and Claire have successfully moved their fitness sessions online creating a real community spirit. Their encouragement and enthusiasm is infectious. The sessions are fun and varied and suitable for all levels of fitness. They have motivated many many people to improve their fitness throughout the lockdown and their whatsapp chat group has provided entertainment, advice and support across the whole group.
  • Where do I start?! From the very beginning of lockdown, Louise and Claire worked incredibly hard to transfer their brilliant fitness classes and personal training online. The result has been amazing! A packed and varied schedule of fun-filled, energetic and motivating online classes that cater to all levels. Their classes give you fantastic workout and have been a lifeline for me while stuck at home. My teenage daughter has also joined in and is loving them. Thank you ladies for all your hard work and for keeping me fit and healthy these past 3 months!
  • Have provided outstanding online classes that have not only kept my fitness up but have helped amazingly with my mental state during lockdown with providing classes throughout the day that are so encouraging and enthusiastic. could not recommend enough
  • Claire and Louise have been running online classes throughout lockdown. Not only have they kept me motivated and fit, they’ve also created a virtual community! You can join the classes up to fifteen minutes prior to them starting so there’s always time for a natter. There’s also a group WhatsAp which is also used to give feedback on classes, ask advice Or just to chat. All of which have proved so crucial during lockdown which has proven to otherwise be a very isolating time for many. Thanks Louise and Claire for keeping me sane! X
  • Claire and Louise have gone above and beyond their normal classes by challenging themselves with virtual classes which has been a new learning idea for them, hard working lovely ladies are there for you whatever happens.
  • Inspirational, motivating and fun Adapted their skills to keep the exercise group together with zoom classes.
  • Have provided outstanding online classes that have not only kept my fitness up but have helped amazingly with my mental state during lockdown with providing classes throughout the day that are so encouraging and enthusiastic. could not recommend enough
  • Claire and Louise…. They inspire, motivate and smile. Everyday!! Without fail… amazing! Good for your soul and your buttt! Everything we need in lockdown and beyond xx
  • Great community spirit, excellent adapting to keep us sane during this time with a great selection of classes at an extremely affordable price. Cant praise them enough. Worked their backsides off to get up and running so we could stay fit and healthy from our own homes.
  • The amazing energy and enthusiasm of these two is contagious. Kept me sane during lockdown by giving my days structure and meant that I got fitter during a period where I could have become very unfit. Every class is different, every ability catered for . It’s really enjoyable to be part of .
  • Claire and Louise worked incredibly hard to get their online classes up and running within a week of lockdown. This was such a difficult time for so many people and having access to ‘normal’ fitness classes was fantastic. They are full of energy and are absolutely inspirational. They bring SO much happiness into so many peoples homes and keep us fit at the same time. They are incredible.
  • Excellent online training – organised swiftly after lockdown to allow us to continue exercising. Not only keeping is fit but physically but mentally too. Louise and Claire are Great motivatorS and so positive. Thanks
  • Louise Annat and Claire Eccles changed from gym based fitness classes to an on line fitness classes – bring their expertise to our own homes, joining us all together on line to see friends and familiar faces -keeping us motivated , fitness sessions for all levels and ages , their enthusiastic positive energy In theses unprecedented times of isolation , they have kept us involved maintaining and improving our personal fitness and our mental well being – so important, more than anything during theses difficult times – I for one can’t thank them enough for their efficiency and hard work
  • Claire and Louise…. They inspire, motivate and smile. Everyday!! Without fail… amazing! Good for your soul and your buttt! Everything we need in lockdown and beyond xx
  • Claire and Louise have been amazing throughout lock down…. helping keep their clients motivated with a great timetable of classes. They have been on-hand with advice and support to keep us all moving and keeping fit. They have even loaned out equipment to help those who didn’t have weights etc. They set up a chat room for the group so there was a social side too aswell as before and after class Q and A’s. They really deserve this nomination!!
  • Great on line fitness classes which have been put in place after HGS closed and we could no longer use their premises for our actual exercise classes.
  • They adapted and went online straight away. Three months on they have been able to provide additional classes such as yoga and masterclasses. They have provided that all important me time in the crazy time of lockdown!
  • They have transformed their business during lockdown , they always have a smile and lots of energy to keep us all going at such a difficult time. They make time for a fun chat before each session adding that personal touch.
  • Smiley happy energetic keep fit instructors – Claire and Louise have kept us motivated during lockdown with a range of classes morning noon and night! Having a chat room that is always pinging with advice and friendly comments, the routine of classes with friends has been absolutely fabulous and kept us all sane! Thank you so much both of you!! X
  • Claire and Louise have gone above and beyond with their virtual classes.. so many classes to choose from..they always have a smile on their faces..amazing ladies.
  • Claire and Louise had to learn really quickly how to do virtual classes… They talked to everyone before classes to find out what was best and make everyone connect. They set up a disco to raise funds for the NHS It really is amazing what they have achieved and how much fun they have created for people during lockdown
  • Claire and Louise had to learn really quickly how to do virtual classes… They talked to everyone before classes to find out what was best and make everyone connect. They set up a disco to raise funds for the NHS It really is amazing what they have achieved and how much fun they have created for people during lockdown
  • Always positive and smiling, creating amazing workouts and finding ways around the challenges of lockdown to keep us fit and happy. Thanks Claire and Louise!
  • Brilliant classes, always positive. Got up and running online super quickly. Very professional.
  • Claire and Louise…. They inspire, motivate and smile. Everyday!! Without fail… amazing! Good for your soul and your buttt! Everything we need in lockdown and beyond xx
  • Louise and Claire are truly inspirational. They have kept me fit and happy during lockdown. Their enthusiasm for fitness and motivation is exceptional.
  • Two amazing girls who provide a variety of online classes to suit all levels of fitness. The classes are fun, professional and inspiring. I have really enjoyed the zoom classes and getting my fitness back during lockdown.
  • They have put together a fun supportive programme which is effective fun and motivational. Their cheerful manner , enthusiasm has really kept me focused and got me through the tedium of being in isolation. I join the class in Derbyshire but am made to feel included and very much part of their fitness gang . Always ways helpful and respond to questions so efficiently. The WhatsApp group support has been amazing . Great to have this in my life during COVID . Well done girls you are an real inspirational team !
  • They have put together a fun supportive programme which is effective fun and motivational. Their cheerful manner , enthusiasm has really kept me focused and got me through the tedium of being in isolation. I join the class in Derbyshire but am made to feel included and very much part of their fitness gang . Always ways helpful And respond to questions so efficiently. The WhatsApp group support has been amazing . Great to have this in my life during COVID . Well done girls you are an real inspirational team !
  • For swiftly adapting and getting their fitness classes up and running virtually so I and many others can continue to keep fit physically and mentally throughout lock down. Louise and Claire are the fantastic motivators, full of good humour and energy.
  • Louise and Claire moved their fitness business online and are now providing an incredible variety of classes on Zoom (Pilates, yoga, HIIT, stretch, body blast etc), both live and pre-recorded. Same excellent quality of instruction and motivation but from home and to fit round people’s schedules (home-schooling, work etc). I moved from Harrogate to London several years ago but have loved being part of the Fitness Club again! Thanks Lou and Claire, you’ve been amazing!
  • They both deserve it for all their hard work and support throughout these difficult times. Keeping spirits high!
  • great live classes on Zoom keeping me going in lockdown. thank you ladies!
    They were able to get up and running with online exercise classes almost immediate with lockdown. Their enthusiasm is infectious and always helps to keep motivated even while times are tough during the pandemic. They’ve also been responsive to the needs of those at home and have recently added prerecorded classes to their options. These two have made coping with Covid 19 a whole lot easier. I don’t know what I would have done without them!!
  • Enthusiasm, encouragement and accountability!
  • Louise and Claire both are amazing. They provided online classes to keep us fit and sane. HITT, Pilates, yoga, cardio, over 20 different classes a week. Brilliant. Love them all. Thank you.
  • Claire and Louise have been amazing motivating threw exercise and keeping everyone sane .promoting positive wellbeing
  • Their online classes have been a lifesaver for me and I’m sure I speak for many others. When lockdown happened Louise and Claire quickly responded and set up online classes with their clients and encouraged families to join in. The price was set at £12 per month to begin with – you know they weren’t making money out of this – it was to keep everyone going during lockdown. Their classes are not only challenging to get you fit but they are also fun and motivating! And very professional. Music is good and the range of classes available will suit everyone. It’s a really good mix whatever u want to do and to your level. They have got online classes just right and they’ve been amazing!

Hi-lites netball club

  • Throughout lockdown they have provided a 45 minute fitness to session, open to all members of the club from u12’s to seniors. It has received such positive feedback from parents not only form a fitness perspective, but from a mental health and social engagement Perspective too. The sessions have averaged 45 girls per session and are challenging and morale boosting. The coaches at hi-lites run the club voluntarily and the planning and effort that goes into the zoom sessions is outstanding.


  • They are just amazing. The support the program and the community they have created!
  • For reacting quickly and responsibly turning the gym classes to online. The enthusiasm from all the staff is second to none bringing the gym and all it stands for to our homes!
  • Because they have taken difficult decisions on the chin. Kept on trucking and provided a great service to their clients.
  • The owner took the selfless decision to close the gym before being forced to by the Government, as they put client safety first. Within 48 hours they had managed to get the entire business on line so members could do live work outs with the coaches, exactly as they would have done in the gym. It is only a very small team of people who work for the company (5) and despite their own worries about job security etc in these challenging times, their energy, enthusiasm and support has been utterly amazing.
  • For keeping our gym community going throughout lockdown, for giving us all focus and access to amazing live on-line gym classes, giving us headspace and helping with our mental and physical well being while we have been at home
  • Ongoing keep fit classes, set up straight away . Building a sense of community locally very quickly. So friendly and welcoming xx
    Innovate Fitness
  • For having the sense to close the gym before being told to. Adapting so quickly to the new environment, moving classes online and continuing with their amazing motivational classes to keep us fit, motivated and sane during a difficult time.
  • Been amazing keeping going doing online classes.
  • Since going on-line the team have kept all the ladies in the group going, being involved in the group zoom classes has kept the group together. The team are fantastic in what they are doing from doing the on-line classes, keeping in touch through emails and sending cards out which all makes you feel part of the team.
  • Chris closed the gym before being told to doing absolutely the right thing for all his members. Within a couple of days classes were set up on line and we were able to continue our classes – giving hope determination and consistency to us all. We have been kept informed from day one. Not through email but through heartfelt verbal communication. The network he and his coaches further developed are second to none. This gym deserves to be recognised.
  • Put safety first by closing the gym before the government told them to and set up awesome online fitness classes, even lent out equipment at no charge. A lifesaver for mental and physical health during lockdown with numerous sessions live every day delivered via Zoom
  • Making the difficult decision to close down before other gyms but instantly switching to an online platform. Still providing a full class schedule live and play-back, Online community including Friday night Quiz nights and individual contact from coaches.
  • Closed the gym before they were forced to because they wanted to act responsibly. Switched to online classes quickly and adapted their operation to still be able to deliver essential support to their members
  • Smooth translation to online when everything was falling apart and kept on going giving a sense of normality in a time of weirdness
  • For complete support …… care, motivation, vision, adaptation, flexibility and overall enthusiasm ……… keeping a group of people together whilst also encouraging and welcoming a new group of people to join – a true family feel
  • They have been proactive, enthusiastic and life changing. The coaches are excellent and the owners really care about their clients, taking a real interest in their clients lives and health.
  • Transformed their business overnight to meet clients needs in lockdown. Every coach has so much energy and enthusiasm. They have created a really supportive culture within the client community. Even gone the extra mile with daily fun challenges and Friday quiz.
  • They have stepped up amazingly, started delivering exercise sessions online before anyone else did. They closed the gym a few days before they had to and signed all the members up to online memberships, leant out their gym equipment including kettlebells and rowers, ensured 6 day a week live sessions including replays, and recently started sunday sessions!
  • Fab online sessions….
  • For moving to online sessions within 48 hours following closing of the gym due to Covid-19. They did a fab job in getting things set up. They check in on their members and lovely personal touches such as personalised cards to your home address with motivational and supportive message.
  • World class online fitness classes – wide selection of classes every day, fantastic choice – every day is different, pre recorded sessions if you can’t join the live ones, within class coaching, like having PT but fraction of the price!
  • Acted decisively to keep clients and staff safe and closed the gym before being instructed by government. And despite the financial pressures they faced personally. Lived up to their name by moving their fitness offer online, delivering daily classes and keeping community together and attracting new clients at the same time. They take the time to get to know clients and include everyone. Feels more like a family than a gym.
  • Bounced back immediately after lockdown. Not only maintained the usual timetable but extended it. Each session a coach still checks your posture (and effort!) and encourages you individually. They limit numbers to make sure of care. There have been social events and healthy challenges too. Loaned kit to members! All round brilliant.
  • Switched to online classes within days of lockdown being announced, so there was a seamless transition to live zoom classes, complete with coaches giving feedback on technique. Way better than Joe Wickes!
  • They are simply the best. Life savers during the lockdown, fantastic coaches, no two sessions the same and great encouragement. Amazing support, can’t thank them enough.
  • As they adapted quickly to develop on line sessions and were responsible and brave to close the gym before the government made it law to do so which was absolutely the right thing to do. Throughout lockdown have continued to support clients and deliver their usual personal service.
  • Closed the gym just before lockdown and transitioned to on line classes within 48 hrs . Regular check in s from the coaches to check in on how you are doing. Cards sent in the post thanking you for your loyalty. Great classes with enthusiastic and motivational coaches .
  • Switched very quickly to Running online fitness classes 5 times a day when Lockdown struck which kept me sane and fit over past 3 months.
  • This is the best gym for women that I have ever been to & they have been hosting classes online since lockdown which has kept us all sane, fit & happy. They give it their all, are always cheerful, encouraging & keep the classes interesting as well as effective. They deserve to win!
  • Amazing online fitness and well being class. Wonderful coaches, great support and lots of fun thrown in
  • They have adapted their business to sustain their employees throughout the lockdown as well as ensuring their bespoke classes are available live each day. They have maintained the individual one to one interaction and focus on nutrition as well as using new methods to communicate with their members .
  • They have been doing online, real time, fitness classes which are absolutely brilliant. So positive and encouraging, particularly teacher Zoe. If you need an alternative exercise because you have a niggle, then they are mentioned as a possibility too. Messaging to check we are okay etc and just generally very supportive.
  • They were agile enough to offer online classes in lockdown almost straight away. Great community of dedicated coaches, excellent and varied classes with constant positive motivation. It has saved my sanity during lockdown. Providing structure in a positive friendly and approachable way. Great gym! Great coaches! Highly recommended!
  • I’ve managed to lose 20lbs in weight despite the stress and temptations of lockdown. Their online gym sessions have provided me with structure during a time when the normal routine has broken down. This is a highly interactive business and the trainers are all known to clients. This business individually communicates with its members. Its! Than a gym, it’s a community and a source of support.
  • They closed the gym early to protect all members and managed to get online within days to keep us all fit and moving. I would have been lost without the coaches constant encouragement and the check ins and catch ups to see we are doing ok. Online classes are as much fun as in the gym.

Jane Crotty

  • Her online classes are just as intense as they are in the gym. Jane always spots what you’re doing or not doing! She’s a great PT, encouraging and positive. Fantastic classes for the last 15 weeks!

Jenny Cook for Thula Mama

  • This has been a source of comfort, community and support in these tough times. Knowing Jenny is there to inspire, create and teach new beautiful songs from around the world and keep new mums spirits lifted is a lifeline to many.

Karen Allen

  • Offering her classes online to families at a great price & keeping some “normality” for the children.

Ellen from Kidslingo

  • Every week since lockdown started my boys have done Ellen’s Spanish classes on Zoom. They absolutely love her classes and have learnt so much! When homeschooling isn’t going well, I always know that they will at least have 30 mins a week of educational time!!
  • Online Spanish has given us a well needed routine on a Wednesday morning though out lockdown, not only that but my daughter loves it, she gets to see her friends, sing songs and learn Spanish, she loves it just as much if not more than before lockdown! Thank you
  • Ellen is very enthusiastic and always comes up with great fun activities for the kids.
  • My nephew loves this class! It keeps him entertained plus he has picked up a lot of Spanish too! The teacher Ellen is lovely too and is great with the kids.
  • Ellen is a fantastic host keeping kids occupied throughout lockdown!
  • Ellen is very enthusiastic and always comes up with great fun activities for the kids.
  • A great weekly activity we can still continue to do, learning a new language through song and activities. Ellen is consistently enthusiastic and engaging through the screen.

Knot another choir

  • Craig and Declan are amazing and keep us all enthusiastic with our singing


  • Weekly classes have been very helpful with Kumon! David and his team has been great help to the kids.
  • They have provided continuous and consistent online sessions for children and parents to drop in, whether they need a chat to support/help with the work that has been set for them. They have multiple workers to help handle and be able to focus on the people they are talking to.
  • Always there, twice week on hand with encouragement and explanation.
  • They have provided continuous and consistent online sessions for my son to stop in and my husband and I can’t help (as we are both key workers). They have multiple workers so they can focus on my son and they are so polite and supporting and help me everyway they can.
  • They have provided regular lessons and support for parents and students
  • Harrogate Kumon online class and activity continued all through this lockdown to keep children engaged and study during this hard time.We appreciate their hard work.
  • David, Amy and Rose have been helping Kumon students with their work. They have very supportive and helpful.



  • The lovely ladies at Lingotots ran wonderful classes (often for free) during lockdown and my children absolutely loved them.


  • All way through the lock down they communicate with parents gave us plenty of activities idea’s… They also did every evening story time for children… They are simply the best ❤️

Little Gym Harrogate

  • These guys have provided you tube classes from the beginning of lockdown and then they started so.e live Zoom classes which have been fantastic for the children yo see the teachers and vice versa.
  • Fantastic gymnastics classes for both my 6 month old and 4 year old. Great body workout

Matt Sowerby

  • On line sports videos with challenges for all groups/ abilities that have kept the children active
  • Coppice Valley Sports Challenges, simple, accessible physical challenges, great family fun.

Military 1st fitness

  • Military 1st fitness provide daily FREE workout sessions live from their front rooms, garden or garage! They have kept us all motivated and fit during lockdown
  • Paul & Jimmy quickly set up free online classes with all their usual enthusiasm & encouragement & detailed instruction on how to perform moves correctly & giving easier / harder options as required . Their enjoyment was inspiring with genuine concern about keeping us happy & healthy throughout lockdown . Always upbeat & they deserve recognition for all their efforts
  • Both Paul and Jimmy have been awesome throughout lockdown. They have done daily online fitness sessions keeping a lot of people active in the safety of their own home. Hugely helped lots of us get through this difficult period!
  • They provided online fitness classes for the hole community and continue to do so. This has helped so many people in so many ways . Paul and jimmy are amazing
  • Jimmy Proffit & Paul Garden created a timetable of online fitness classes, free of charge, which provided structure & focus and the motivation to continue exercising throughout lockdown. This had been so helpful to many people throughout this period & id love them to have some recognition for their unwavering efforts and enthusiasm.
  • Jimmy Profitt and Paul Garden have been hosting daily and sometimes twice daily online fitness sessions 7 days a week. This has been such a saving grace throughout lockdown when we haven’t been able to go to our regular fitness classes. It’s given me something to look forward to and motivate me. They are so dedicated to their followers and we really appreciate them!
  • Paul Garden and Jimmy Profitt at Military 1st Fitness have provided Facebook live classes throughout lockdown which are incredible! They deserve this award so much.
  • Virtual training in lockdown keeping us fit and focused. Life savers
  • Paul Garden and jimmy Profitt where amazing and kept us going with online fitness. They didn’t even charge anybody…. in my book they are true Heroes!!!!!!!!!
  • Fantastic trainers showing dedication by hosting live online classes everyday. Keeping us motivated throughout lockdown! Thanks 🙂
  • They have been exceptional during lockdown as always, providing free online fitness sessions that I believe made a great difference to many.
  • Free on-line fitness classes. They take the time to say hi to each person taking it by name, helping all of us stay connected. Just really good people.
  • Daily classes 7 days a week, often twice to fit in with key workers… all delivered with encouragement and spirit by two of the best fitness instructors I know, Jimmy Profitt and Paul Garden. Could not have stayed sane without them and all free of charge, donations at discretion. Personal sacrifices to help everyone through the darkest times, huge thanks to both.
  • They have been amazing many people been missing the gym during lockdown and these guys for free have down online lessons each day to support people’s mental wellbeing . I would have been totally lost without them. They are amazing
  • Jimmy and Paul have been absolutely amazing during lockdown, and their classes have kept me sane. They have been doing live online fitness classes every day since lockdown began and are so dedicated to keeping us fit and healthy. Amazing effort by two fantastic instructors; I can’t thank them enough.
  • Jimmy and Paul at Military First Fitness (which normally takes place on The Stray) had to tackle their tech phobia but started running their online fitness classes online twice a day via Facebook live. They have kept everyone fit and sane in lockdown and ensured we kept off the pounds and the lure of the fridge. Anyone could take part in the classes and all they asked for was voluntary donations. After 11 weeks they will be back on the Stray in socially distanced groups of 5s from 22 June. Well done boys!
  • Providing daily (sometimes twice daily) workouts off their own back free to anyone on both FB & YouTube, so if you couldn’t make the live class you could catch up later. Jimmy & Paul. Top blokes
  • An amazing effort by Jimmy Proffitt and Paul Garden to offer a daily programme of fitness classes, not only to keep us fit and healthy during lockdown but to maintain our sense of being connected to a motivating and supportive community.
  • Daily live classes run by Paul Garden and Jimmy Profitt. Totally brilliant. Keep you motivated to keep going. Can’t thank them enough for this.
  • They have adapted their outdoor fitness business to provide online classes every day throughout lockdown, asking only for voluntary donations. The classes have kept me going through lock down, really motivating.
  • Their range of online classes has been great and they have adapted classes to fit everyone’s needs and circumstances throughout the lockdown.
  • Jimmy and Paul For offering FREE online classes on FB live during lockdown (and still continuing now) to keep us all fit, healthy and sane! In addition to this, their classes were then posted onto their FB page for us to go whenever we want…..this was a great help for those of us working during lockdown! Thanks to you both!
  • These guys have been amazing. They have hosted live exercise classes twice daily every day of lockdown and not asked for anything in return. They have enabled me to not only stay fit during this period but I feel the fittest I’ve been in years without having to leave my living room. I cannot thank these guys enough! Cheers Jimmy and Paul!

Miss Carole – dance teacher extraordinarie

  • Miss C has continued high energy dance classes via zoom since lock down. Without this lock down life would have been unbearable. She has remained committed to all her students & made everyone feel they are part of the dance family although apart. Miss C rocks!

Moo Music

  • Chantelle has gone above and beyond just providing a weekly class. She shares practice sessions, activities and memories. There is something every day which really helps fill the day and my little one just lights up when he says her face.
  • Chantelle was very quick to adapt her amazing weekly classes into an online version. Some of the children are now convinced she’s got her own TV show. Their faces light up when they see her on the screen. Thank you so much, we can’t wait for your actual classes to start up again.
  • Chantelle has done such a fantastic job, of adapting the classes to online. It has brought such happiness to my son. Who has really missed the classes each week. Thank you so much for bring some normality to these crazy times. It’s helping him still develop even in lookdown. He has learnt to sing alomg with the songs can say peek a boo. Also can say pop and bubble all thanks to moo music.
  • Amazing fun intetactive classes with the fabulous Chantelle! We have especially loved the Maggie Moo appearances!!
  • Chantelle has been providing activities to do each day and an online class at the end of each week during lockdown. It’s been lovely to be able to continue with Moo Music and my children have really engaged with the activities plus the craft suggestions have been great to fill a bit of time each week. Chantelle even delivered some shakers and bubbles for us to use.
  • By switching Moo music to an online platform, my little one didn’t lose his future of joining in and having social interaction, really appreciate the efforts Chantelle Has gone to to make Moo work at home during these difficult times.

Mrs Howes – zoom teaching – western primary school:

  • Amazing, they all have been amazing and it was so hard to pick one.

Mud and puddles

  • Daily story time videos uploaded to connect and engage with the children.


  • For keeping me sane during lockdown!!! I only managed to attend one class in the gym after the birth of my daughter and before lockdown hit. Exercise in the gym is really important to me as it’s what motivates me to move! The MummyFIT live classes have enabled me to hold myself to account for my exercise but also still have a brief chat to new mums!!!
  • Keeps us active and sane during this time
  • Nina Meads has kept me sane during lockdown, amazing workouts, cheery smile and we’re in this together attitude has kept me going ❤️
  • Nina Meads has been hosting daily love classes. She has been an inspiration to all us mums and kept us motivated throughout lockdown. She is a busy mum herself with two boys at home but she has been an absolute trooper during all of this. She deserves a big thank you!!
  • Nina has provided the Harrogate and York MummyFIT community with On-line Fitness classes during Lockdown. This has helped new mums and mums-to- be continue on their Health and fitness journey, while also supporting emotional wellbeing and mental health during lockdown. Despite having two young children, and no doubt facing her own lockdown struggles, Nina always puts others first and does all she can to lift our spirits and keep us motivated. She is a real inspiration and deserves to be recognised.
  • She has been the rock keeping lots of mums and pregnant ladies fit and sane in this crazy covid time. She always is fully of energy and smiley and give all us mums and mums to be the boost we need to keep going.

Natalie Ramsay – Baby Sensory

  • Natalie has put so much effort into the online classes, it has really been the highlight of our week. Each week coming up with different ideas of sensory play we can do at home. Having a smile on her face all the time. Making my baby smile and giggle every single class. Allowing grandparents to join in on zoom, this was so special. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!


  • Sam transitioned to virtual classes during lockdown and delivered excellent sessions to new and existing clients.Almost as soon as lockdown started, Sam moved her class schedule online. Some weeks I was doing 4 classes a week and it gave people a chance to see others over Zoom whilst keeping up with exercise.
  • When the lockdown was announced Sam stepped in very quickly to offer her Hypopressive & Pilates session via Zoom. Sam was concerned that if we didn’t keep up our exercise regime we would loose the benefits of all the hard work we had put in at the classes we had been previously attending. Sam knew the benefits of these virtual meetings for our mental wellbeing too. The fact that we could all meet up via Zoom a number of times a week, being able to see and chat with our friends has been a life saver. Although the sessions are being done on line Sam continues to push us each week introducing new exercises but just like in the normal classes each person works to their own ability. Sam is so very professional and always asks if anyone has any issues or new injuries that she should know about before the Zoom class begins. Sam is a great instructor and has a wonderful personality.
  • OoberMama has been providing fantastic fitness classes on Zoom throughout lockdown while gyms have been shut. Sam has switched to virtual classes for her full programme of HIIT, Pilates, Hypopressives and Cardio at times to suit everyone. One-to-one and group classes, always fun and fiendishly hard work sometimes! It’s been great to keep going with all these – I have been going out to work in the NHS but my daughter has been working from home and we can both join in the classes. Always great fun and tailored to all of the disparate age groups. Very deserving of an award nomination.
  • Sam has set up all her prenatales and post natal classes online once Lockdown started. My two classes a week with her is making a huge difference in my post natal recovery. It helped me mentally too during lockdown to have adult conversation with other mums. Always supportive and knowledgeable, Sam had played a key part in my lockdown wellbeing.
  • Sam has reinvented herself on zoom for those of us previously attended her classes meaning we were able to keep going with hypopressives and pilates to help those of us with core problems post having children. She has also welcomed new postnatal Mums who have been isolated since lockdown and expanded her business beyond Harrogate and has class members in Cornwall, Singapore and South Africa.
  • Sam is a great inspiration in the various Pilates and Hypopressives classes she holds. She goes that extra mile to ensure we are not only staying fit, safe and healthy, but enjoying ourselves as well. I have benefitted greatly by her classes.
  • Immediately went online to support those she supports and trains. Supplied sanitized equipment to help those without any. Offered emotional and psychological support as well as physical exercise and challenge. Understanding of the individual needs and fears of people she worked with, lots of ideas to help people through lockdown and offer of practical help to those who could not run errands.
  • I was introduced to Sam during lockdown and I’ve loved her online classes! She’s excellent at what she does.
  • Fabulous online classes to keep us fit in this difficult time
  • Sam is my Pilates instructor , she is helping me to keep fit from past 2 years. During my pregnancy she made me feel confident to workout and modified exercise when it was necessary. She pays close attention to each one of us in class. I am so comfortable with her classes that I am continuing to workout even after delivering baby. I highly recommend Sam Blakey’s Pilates classes for all pre natal and postnatal clients.
  • Consistently provides high energy Pilates classes, adapting her style to training online and making the classes as enjoyable and effective as they are in the flesh
  • Sam has older clients who are vulnerable to covid. As soon as things became unsafe she immediately found a way to keep her Pilates classes via Zoom. It also gave those clients who were unable to go out a friendly face/faces to chat to to help keep their spirits up.
  • When it was not possible to meet in a gym nor was it possible to train at the cricket ground, Sam created an online family fitness class (branded Family FiiT) so children and parents could exercise together at home. During the sessions, Sam specifically tailored the exercises to develop the strength and agility needed to play cricket. Sam always checks on the physical limitations of participants before the session and ensures that exercises which are high intensity and low impact can be carried out by anyone with a strain. Sam’s classes are helping children to stay healthy and are good for the children’s mental health during the coronavirus lockdown.
  • Sam has provided me with great 1-2-1 Pilates & PT on Zoom since she’s not been able to do home visits during lockdown. Never having used Zoom before I wasn’t sure how things would work out but Sam talked me through it all and explained everything clearly. She has really helped me maintain and improve my fitness level which has been very important to me during the uncertainty of the last few months. Thanks Sam
  • Helped keep me fit with enjoyable
  • Sam adapted so quickly during lockdown, we didn’t even miss a week of classes. I thought I’d struggle to get motivated to do online fitness classes at home but thanks to Sam, I actually look forward to it every week. Sam’s enthusiasm and personality really does shines through. She tailors exercises for different individuals and motivates us all. She really does care for us as a group, offering help with shopping/errands etc if we needed it during lockdown.

Painting Pots

  • Laura has, as always, managed to turn a bad situation into something lovely by delivering craft kits so children can still make her wonderful creations. Thank you Laura!


  • Been amazing and creating an amazing online platform for the children in record time. For going above and beyond for my daughter whilst in lock down.
  • Outstanding online support and classes for little ones not able to go to their nursery. They kept parents informed, set fun challenges and even sent out little seeds for the children to plant. So much thought and care went into everything they did.
  • Due to coronavirus Performatots struggled to stay open, They took the Pre school online and did family fun challenges every Tuesday for not just the children and families of Performatots but to everyone. In such uncertain times Performatots tried to keep families happy and upbeat
  • They provided an online daily schedule for their pre schoolers to continue throughout the whole of April/May. Daily activities, videos, challenges and competitions were held to keep children and their parents engaged and busy. Amazing job by a wonderful one of a kind pre school
  • In an amazingly short space of time Miss Kelly and her team created an exceptional website filled with daily activities, fun interactive videos featuring all the Performatots teachers, daily planning and incredible support for parents of pre-schoolers which made juggling work and childcare so much easier, it helped our children to still feel included and adjust to the change in their routines and was a fanatic resource in the crazy lockdown days!

Phonics with Robot Reg

  • Reinforced home learning with fun activities such as singing, dancing, and games.

PQA Harrogate

  • The virtual academy has been absolutely amazing, the variety and quality of the lessons just out of this world. My daughter has loved taking part every weekend but can’t wait to be back in person
  • Kellie and the team have been on hand for the kids throughout lockdown and the PQA virtual academy has been a fantastic resource. We can’t wait to get back to class

Rascals Entertainment

  • Kept my daughyter entertained many a sat morning!
  • Easter Bunny visit to our street, it made our Easter the Easter Bunny was dancing & waving arms all the children, my 4 year old loved it. He is also been watching the Saturday morning parties too all free
  • Their Saturday morning discos have got me and my daughter dancing around the house together with big smiles on our faces- what a great thing to achieve during such strange times!
  • They have been providing free entertainment on Saturday mornings, which my children have loved. Lots of different themes so always different & something the children looked forward too. They also did loads of free Easter activities & went around lots of local streets with their Easter Bunny when lockdown was at its worst, it really cheered my children up.
  • For their online entertainment & Easter Bunny visits around local roads in South Harrogate over Easter , they made such a difference to my 4 year old what was otherwise a miserable Easter. We even walked to other roads to see them twice
  • Online disco parties were fab thankyou

Rhythm Time Harrogate, York & Wetherby

  • We used to attend the classes but due to lockdown it’s been done online, It’s been fantastic to do at home and keep a bit of routine for my toddler, Ami has been great doing the classes as well as having her two boy at home to homeschool
  • She has worked tirelessly and constantly to keep little ones entertained as well as juggling her own family! Every post I see from Ami makes me smile!!!
  • Positive, welcoming , supportive, adapts material to include the children online with her and respond to them, unfailingly cheerful and inclusive.
  • She is so passionate about what she does and works so hard to make it fun for everyone
  • We loved our Rhythm Time classes and we were so sad when they suddenly came to an end. However, amazingly, Ami has somehow managed to create the excitement and fun through virtual classes and we can’t thank her enough. You are our superstar Ami and we love you loads xxxx
  • As soon as Ami knew she had to close she didn’t stop. She immediately started doing her Rhythm Time classes online in a Facebook group. Not only is she doing the classes for all her little ones, she does craft sessions, nursery rhyme time and has even done story time too. This has been such a huge help to the little ones who are really missing being in their live classes with their friends, as well as being a huge uplift to parents stuck at home who needed to see a smiley face and see their little ones faces light up too. Ami even took the time to drop off instruments to those who didn’t have anything to use and has shown us how to make our own home-made ones too!!
  • She has gone above and beyond to make sure those that attend her groups are getting their money’s worth during lockdown. As well as checking in on people, and giving parcels and gifts of kindness away time and time again. She has bought a smile on so many occasions and deserves a medal for all she has been juggling the last few months.. not only looking after others, but working hard, homeschooling and running other small businesses!
  • Ami has been my hero of isolation!! From day 1 Ami has had such a positive approach to how she can help and support her Rhythm Time families through this challenging time. She quickly adapted her classes, started story times, performed songs and dances to entertain the kids and developed new events such as the fabulous Saturday morning rhythm time parties! Her enthusiasm has never wavered and she has ensured there is something for everyone to join in with each week and often each day! Ami has been a key part of our lock down life and has been a true inspiration all the way through. Thank you Ami!!! X
  • We have been attending rhythm time classes since my daughter was 3 months old. We went into lockdown the week of her 1st birthday and live classes had been cancelled but the response from rhythm time and Ami was brilliant. There was a recorded class available very quickly, and we then moved to classes provided via a members hub with live video sessions for each age category. Also provided were videos to help us create our own instruments and other things to assist in the classes which have been great fun to do. Throughout it all Ami has asked for feedback on what is working and tweaked things as needed. Every Saturday, Ami has hosted a fancy dress party with a different theme. We have the ability to watch the videos live, or if needed we can catch up with them so we can have Rhythm Time fun at any time! Without our Rhythm Time classes lockdown would have been much harder. They have helped us to feel connected and Ami goes above and beyond to engage with the children. Seeing how happy and excited my little girl gets when she hears Ami’s voice as Rhythm Time starts is a joy to watch. Having the regular routine of Rhythm Time has brought a sense of normality to our lockdown lives. I can’t wait until we are allowed to have live classes again but the virtual ones have been absolutely amazing. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our little ones. You really are the best!
  • Always does her best to make the children and adults! laugh, have fun and join in with her classes. Brilliant ongoing classes all throughout… lots of themes and extra things to take part in online. It’s not just a one off class a week… it’s a week of activities if you want to be involved. Her dedication and enthusiasm is infectious. We love her
  • Ami has done an amazing job of keeping my 3 year old and 8 month old occupied during lockdown. We have loved the virtual classes.
  • Amy has been amazing! These classes have helped keep my active 18mth old entertained and has help keep some sort of routine throughout this strange time! We LOVE this class and would of been lost without it!
  • Ami is the BEST teacher & her classes have made lockdown so much more fun- thank you Ami!
  • Amy’s online classes were amazing during lockdown. She thought of everything to keep the children entertained throughout each class
  • It is a very isolating time for parents and families who often rely on children’s classes as entertainment and also a way of socialising with other parents. Ami not only provides the class and activities (throughout the week) but also provides a community for parents. We look forward to it every Monday!
  • Ami has kept us going through lockdown. She has gone above and beyond with online classes, zoom sessions, story time. I don’t know how we’d have managed without her
  • Ami is a star. Despite being a Mum and home schooling her 2 boys she continued to present all the RT classes and lots of extra sessions on weekends. Children adore RT and it would have been a great loss had she not done the on line classes.

Rossett Adult Education classes

  • Thank you Rossett for moving your language classes online! I’ve been able to keep going with my French evening class and also take up a new class in Spanish. It’s been a real lifeline to be able to continue like this and preserve a bit of normality. Thank you!

Sharon @ creation station

  • Not sure what I would have done without Sharon’s craft pack delivery, and additional weekly sessions. My little boy loved them and the content, it provided a little structure in an otherwise unstructured time, and opportunity for myself and little one to engage with the activity alongside seeing others on zoom!
  • Sharon is amazing. She adapted so quickly during lockdown. She provided online classes via zoom, Facebook live videos for crafts, made craft kits, slime kits, baby keepsake craft kits with everything in that you could possibly need. What’s even more incredible is that she did all this for us during lockdown while she had her own 3 boys at home to look after. We miss seeing her and her big smile in class as much as she misses seeing all the babies there each week, but we have loved her online classes. She’s gone above and beyond to help brighten up lockdown for so many of us and give us a small slice of “normality” every week.
  • Sharon ran zoom classes and sent out craft packs so we could carry on our classes from home. My 20m old daughter loved being able to interact with Sharon on screen and it gave us a slice of normality
  • When times have been particular tough over the last few weeks Sharon has always been there! Her weekly sessions, activities and fantastic crafty packs have provided some much needed entertainment for my two boys & for that we will be forever grateful!x x
  • Sharon goes that extra mile to ensure all the little ones are getting the crafty fix

Slimming World @ St Joseph’s

  • The consultant Emma, has been there constantly. She’s been through her own struggles during lockdown and has taken on the struggles of so many of her members too.
    Slimming world st Joseph’s
  • Have been there throughout of lockdown helped all her clients to stay positive and stay healthy
  • During this difficult time, Emma has been there every week on zoom to support us through this difficult time and keep our spirits up. Keeping us all on track and every week we see our SlimmingWorld Consultant together with all our friends at SlimmingWorld
  • During this difficult time, Emma has been there every week on zoom to support us through this difficult time and keep our spirits up. Keeping us all on track and every week we see our SlimmingWorld Consultant together with all our friends at SlimmingWorld
  • During this difficult time, Emma has been there every week on zoom to support us through this difficult time and keep our spirits up. Keeping us all on track and every week we see our SlimmingWorld Consultant together with all our friends at SlimmingWorld
  • I joined Slimming World during lockdown and have managed to lose over 1/2 a stone so far. I could not have done this without Emma’s virtual Slimming World group. I look forward to our weekly image therapy Zoom session!


  • Loved the weekly zoom singing class

Sophie Zealand (Katrina Hughes Dance School)

  • Continued to put on ballet classes every weekend for the children and made them as fun as possible for everyone

Sue Hardaker

  • Sue is an amazing coach, life, food and exercise. From injury to strength, Sue’s knowledge is fantastic. Lovely lady too who I would be lost without

Summerbell dance academy

  • Super On line adult dance classes to keep us going during lockdown
  • Despite being really busy she has set up zoom calls for us and some other classes, they are the highlight of my week and I love my dance family.

Susie sparkles/anything could happen

  • We have loved watching susie sparkles and anything could happen leading their online shows/performances. They have worked constantly and professionally.

Suzanne Cummings

  • For teaching Mindfulness classes to children and helping them through lockdown via virtual lessons
  • Miss Suzie quickly adjusted her after school lessons in Mandarin to on line maintaining her high energy level and stimulating teaching. She also transferred her mindfulness class on line, particularly relevant at this time, including a 5 min mindfulness session each evening for all affected by this worrying time.
  • Miss Suzie quickly adjusted her after school lessons in Mandarin to on line maintaining her high energy level and stimulating teaching. She also transferred her mindfulness class on line, particularly relevant at this time, including a 5 min mindfulness session each evening for all affected by this worrying time.
  • Some local public recognition is long over due for Suzanne Cummings. Lotus Learners have been going for 8 years now. A business started while 8 months pregnant….Universally loved and appreciated, Suzie has built an exemplary reputation. After her two sons were poorly 10 days before lockdown the family had to isolate, so two days later Suzie contacted all her parents and was delivering ALL her classes online over Zoom. This while dealing with the challenge of lockdown and taking care of her own family. Frankly, Suzie is a legend among the mums and dads and most importantly children that attend her classes. Her online classes were just as professional, fun and interactive as her live classes. Oh…. I forgot, Suzie also delivered online mindfulness classes for kids during the last two months helping children through an incredibly difficult time and providing effective strategies to cope. Mum of two young boys, owner and director of two successful, respected and completely unique local businesses. A caring and dynamic contributor to the local area.

Transdev ( The Harrogate Bus Company)

  • Each week they have produced a Transdev Teach Pack online to help with home schooling. We have really enjoyed doing these and it has been so helpful to have different material and fun activities to do at home. Thank you Transdev!

Wellbeing Wednesday – Dacre Braithwaite School

  • A fun, regular way of keeping the whole school connected.

Yoga with Lou Moore

  • Every day through lockdown, Lou has been delivering a live yoga session from her front room!


2020 Love Local Award Winners: We Missed Your Face Sponsored by The Yorkshire Nanny Company

Initially we said that we would only publish the comments when we got 5 or more but having read them all, we’ve decided to ditch that rule! Everyone who received a nomination deserves to read their message/s of thanks & support!

We Miss Your Face Sponsored by The Yorkshire Nanny Company

Thanks to our amazing award sponsor, The Yorkshire Nanny Company, we have some lovely certificates to give out to all nominees. We hope that it will be a lovely reminder for you in the future about how much we missed you and how grateful the Harrogate & Knaresborough community are for everything that you do. If you are a winner & you would like to claim your certificate then please fill in this quick form here so that we know where to send it to!

This award is aimed at recognising an individual that hasn’t been able to work whilst we’ve been on lockdown ( a business owner, a member of staff, a helper or volunteer)

If you know any of the winners mentioned in this blog, please be sure to tell them they’ve been mentioned. We want to spread this lovely news far & wide!

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Click here to download “We Missed Your Face” badge as PDF

Love from Sally, Kate, Kayti & Evie at Harrogate Mumbler x

P.S Coming next on Thursday 23rd July is the “We’d Have Been Lost Without You” celebration blog.

Winners of the 2020 Harrogate Mumbler Love Local “We Miss Your Face” Award 

(In alphabetical order)

Ami Stott (Rhythm Time)

  • Ami runs rhythm time in Harrogate and we attend every week. She has kept the positivity and classes alive through virtual classes whilst also looking after her own boys.

Amy and Sam (Freedom Performing Arts)

  • We miss our dance teachers so much! We miss all the dance classes during the week and the competitions on the weekend. We just miss their faces so much.

Amy at Divine Hairdressing, Knaresborough

  • Not only has my hair missed divine but I have missed all the girls that work there especially Amy who I have been going to for at least 5+ years. She’s not only my hairdresser but more importantly my friend and confident and it’s been hard without her over these past 3 months

Amy Meikle and Freedom Performing Arts

  • Ella and Ollie are missing their dancing and I’m missing the fabulous shows you produce. Fingers crossed you can return soon.
  • My daughter use to dance every single day. After the pandemic she was lost. Amy isn’t just an inspiring dance teacher she is a mentor, child therapist, and friend to her students. Amy has tried hard to provide dance classes online, competitions, and motivation but it’s been hard. It’s not just my daughter who misses her it’s me too. As a mother you want so much for your children and I always knew my daughter got so much out of being part of the Freedom Family. Simply put we just miss her.
  • Amy is such a positive mentor to the kids. Sam is so motivating in her teaching….Although they have done loads of online zoom classes etc, face to face classes are much better 🤩 we are looking forward to seeing you both in person soon

Baby massage and baby yoga by Hazel Roman

  • Hazel brought a sense of normality back for maternity leave with her online classes for a few weeks during lockdown. Hazel kindly provided the classes as recordings after the block had ended but it certainly hasn’t been the same without her in person. Looking forward to resuming face to face classes in person hopefully.
  • We was looking forward to toddler yoga with my girlies before lockdown. We’ve loved our classes with hazel since my girls where newborn.
  • Closed due to covid pandemic but provides amazing baby yoga classes.
  • very and friendly classes 🙂

Cherished Nails Ripon – Sam

  • Sam provides high quality nail services and i and others are really missing her lovely always cheery nature and how she looks after everyone of her clients.

Chloe Carey

  • Chloe is head coach at Harrogate Gymnastics club and has kept her squad & others going by adapting and making her life even busier ! She has been trying to keep her club afloat , staff on board and virtually coach Our kids , planning outdoor & garden sessions when able – carting her gum oudoors ! She’s has kept them going with challenges, games and sessions – she’s amazing !!

Chris Jones martial arts academy

  • My son has missed going to training and having fun at lessons with the instructors

Emma Terry

  • From little beans play cafe

Helen Jaymal

  • Miss my hair and beauty appointments in the friendly, relaxed and chattering salon. Cant wait to see you again!!

Hannah – Musicality Kids

  • Hannah has worked incredibly hard to create her own business, entirely from scratch. She has props, a magic circle blanket, different theme each week, wonderful playlists, and an overwhelming enthusiasm for introducing children to music and rhythm. This is only her second year running her business, which has had to completely shut during lockdown, and she is so missed within the Harrogate community. My little boy can’t wait to get back to class. Whenever Hannah is allowed to run classes again, we’re hoping for a space theme the first week back, as Musicality kids is out of this world!

Hannah Shackleton

  • Best nail tech in Harrogate! I miss our fortnightly chats & I can’t wait to get back in to get my hands looking pretty again.

Hayley Duke – Water Babies

  • We have been swimming with Water Babies since Zachary was 12 weeks old. We have learned so many great skills and lots and lots of water confidence over the last 9 months. It has been the highlight of our week to meet so many lovely parents and babies as well as learn vital life saving skills. When our swimming lessons were cancelled due to COVID – we have continued to be supported by water babies online throughout the COVID period including online classes and Facebook updates. We miss your face Hayley – Zach and I cant wait to be back in the water with you soon!

All the coaches at Innovate Fitness 

  • Really friendly coaches, always welcoming and encouraging

Jennie and Miss Anthi from Summerbell dance academy

  • They are so inspiring and fun to be with and I miss them so much. Every class is so fun and I can’t wait to go back to dance.

Jennie Lyons

  • Jennie owns Summerbell Dance Academy which is still shut. She is pregnant and suffering from bad morning sickness but she still insists on staying in contact with her girls and has been a great support to them all through lockdown
  • Miss Jennie provides a fun and caring dance school, which all her dancers from little ones to grown ups have missed attending every week, not just for the dances they learn, but for the social aspect and family feeling that this dance school shares!
  • A lovely and very caring dance teacher. Jennie has kept in touch with all her pupils and families throughout Lockdown, despite being really poorly through her pregnancy. We’ve really missed seeing Jennie’s smiling face each week, and that of her Mum!
  • Brilliant dance teacher who has made sure she’s kept all the children in her dance school included in regular competitions and Zoom calls throughout Lockdown, despite being really poorly through her pregnancy.
  • Owner of Summerbell Dance Academy, despite having to close her business, she’s pregnant and suffering badly with morning sickness but has kept in contact with her pupils and kept them motivated with weekly zoom calls and texts
  • All your dance students miss your smiling face. They miss your fun, laughter and great dance teaching. Life is a little less shiny without Miss Jennie in it.
  • Miss Jennie had to close as most dance schools did in lockdown. Her dances class bring so much joy and fun to kids and adults lives every week, it has been difficult not to be around her positivity and infectious smile when the world is a little crazy. She has kept in communication with students making sure they don’t miss out on dancing by setting dance challenges for everyone to take part in, even the adults! Can not wait to get back to classes!!
  • Miss Jennie IS Summerbell Dance Academy. She has not been able to run classes due to “throw up in the middle of Morrisons” type morning sickness but even though she’s been feeling rubbish, she has arranged zoom calls for her classes, played games with them, set challenges for them each week and generally made them feel special at this difficult time. All the dancers adore her and miss her loads.

Laura Dudley – Painting Pots Knaresborough

  • Laura’s infectious smiling face always brightens the dullest of days. Not seeing her or spending time at the studio has been a true loss for me during lockdown.
  • Laura is such a lovely woman who brings joy to kids and adults alike with her gorgeous pots. Whilst the take away kits are fab and my nieces greatly enjoyed painting some heart flr key workers… We miss her face. We miss her kind voice and happy to help manner. We miss being in awe at the new pots she has available and we miss her bunny hunt.
  • Laura is beautiful inside and out, she is an amazing person who puts everyone before herself
  • Being a hub for the local community and a friendly face and smile
  • Laura throws herself into so many community activities, we miss your face!
  • For all Laura has run a successful distanced service from painting pots, she is just missed being around because of her friendly and bubbly personality.

Lauren Doherty

  • Lauren was involved in a life changing accident 12 years ago which has left her in a wheelchair. She set up the charity “Road Safety Talks” to share road safety messages to school children with her talks and to date has spoken to over 8000 pupils in the Harrogate District. Obviously Covid-19 has had a huge impact on this and Lauren has had to self isolate for 12 weeks. Not wishing to be beaten the charity is working hard with online material & a new interactive officer at her house so RST can go national & when things are up and running again she will be able to “be in the room” to take questions from pupils from out of the Harrogate area. A truly inspirational lady who gives up so much of her time to make a difference and in my opinion a very worthy nominee.
  • Because Lauren works fantastically hard through her charity, Road Safety Talks, to promote road safety to children and young people of all ages following on from her own RTA which resulted in her becoming a quadriplegic overnight. Despite this, she is honest and frank about what happened and teaches the children to take care.
  • Lauren is an inspirational young lady who has set up a charity ‘Road Safety Talks’ to promote road safety following a collision she was involved in and sustained life changing injuries. Due to the pandemic she has been prevented from doing her usual work in local schools, but has still been working hard to promote road safety using online resources. Due to her vulnerability she has had to isolate for 12 weeks and lots of us have definitely missed her beautiful face and are looking forward to when she can get back out and about to do her wonderful work with children again.
  • Lauren was paralysed in a road accident and for the last 4 years has been successfully presenting her road safety talks to thousands of people. She has done this on a voluntary basis and has made a huge impact on many people\’s lives. Classed as a vulnerable person she has shielded totally during lockdown – not even seeing close family. This was hard for her (and all that know her), however she\’s not one to be beaten or feel down, and wrote blogs regarding being paralysed and mental health during lockdown. Everyone that meets her is inspired at how positive she is. She\’s been hugely missed during lockdown and we all can\’t wait for her to be able to get out and face to face present again as well as via videos. This award would give her and many others a huge boost through what has been a very difficult time for all.
  • When lockdown was announced for the vulnerable, this meant that Lauren, who was left paralysed after crossing the road at the wrong time resulting in her being hit by a van, was unable to continue to deliver her road safety message to local Schools, Clubs and Organisations as she has been doing over the last 4 years and stay at home. Lauren set up her Road Safety Talks project 4 years ago and to date has spoken to nearly 8000 individuals personally as well as reaching thousands through the media. After needing to stay in hospital for a total of 16 months after her accident, Lauren has found the same strength, motivation and determination to stay positive throughout lockdown and it will be lovely to see her back out and about sharing her story again soon.

Lisa Bowerman Stump Cross Manager

  • Missed her friendly face at Stump Cross Caverns. Always working incredibly hard to be a happy face for the kids at Stump Cross. She’s spends so much time educating them about the wonders of the caves.

Lisa Riley

  • She’s my person. I miss her and our classes

All Staff at Little Explorers

  • Little explorers did so many staff videos and posts to stay in touch with all of the children and remind them who they are and what the nursery looks like. They provided all the children with welcome back packs with rainbows on them. They all drew letters to make into a video explaining how much they missed the children. They also made individial birthday videos for each and every child who\’s birthday was in lockdown.

Lorna Norton

  • Wonderful lead at Kith Homestead! We love it there – our favourite place to be.

Lucy Heywood – More Good Hair Days

  • Lucy Heywood is an incredible Self employed hairdresser – she is knowledgeable, informative, friendly, and goes out of her way to give the best service…. I can’t wait to see her again!!

Mandy Nunns

  • I asked my youngest who she missed seeing every day and it was an easy answer – Mandy Nunns from Rossett Acre. We miss your cheery smiles every morning at the school door.

Maria and Dawn, Knaresborough Library

  • Our wonderful librarians at Knaresborough Library are missed so very much. The effort that they go to for children and families never goes unnoticed and we miss visiting and seeing their faces!

Melissa Monsey

  • Melissa is not only boss but a good friend too! She currently owns and runs the George and Dragon Pub in Knaresborough. Even though we’ve been in lockdown she has still had to work x1 of her day time jobs. (she has 3 jobs in total) she’s been working almost everyday. On an occasional Sunday Evening she hosts a quiz live streamed from the pub itself. It’s safe to say, everyone is excited for the pubs to be open, as we have missed her so much!

Miss Viv

  • Studio 3 Dance You bring sparkle into my little girls life.

Moo Music – Chantelle

  • My little one is only 9 months old but he loves Chantelle. He has really missed her and saw her in passing the other day and could not stop smiling
  • Chantelle is amazing! Friendly and so welcoming! My little boy loves her!
  • We have really missed moo music each week. It’s so great for the children to interact with each other. My son loves all the songs. He has missed all the activities. Plus we have just had a second baby who is now 4 months. We really wanted to take her so she can enjoy it as much as our son does.

Mr Jones, CJMMA

  • You are such an important part of our sons weekly routine.

Mrs Magill

  • Mrs Magill is our reception teacher at Western Primary School and she’s been fantastic and we are missing seeing her each day for school as we haven’t returned.

Mrs Scott Saltergate School

  • My daughters really missed her whilst she’s been off.

Mrs Smith (Mrs Smith’s Cafe)

  • We have been really impressed with how Mrs Smiths Cafe have adapted to provide services during lockdown, and they have obviously been working very hard. We have missed being able to actually go into the cafe since it had to close, but have ordered for delivery a couple of times, the service and food have both been amazing. It has been nice to be able to support them still and we are looking forward to being able to visit the cafe again when it reopens.

Natalie Milburn

  • Natalie works at HDH in the Woodlands ward. She is the happiest, smilies person I know and never fails to keep everything positive. Shes continued to care throughout the whole pandemic and I miss her face a lot!

Nicole Mangan

  • The general manager of farmhouse who always makes our visits special and remembers the guests. A busy place on the weekends and she still makes individual and familys at home
  • The best host, doesn’t miss a trick. Completely customer focussed and goes above and beyond every time, a trait that is rare to find in the current hospitality trade.

Nikki Owen

  • I have missed you lots and missed your positive attitude you have towards work and life also the care you have for all the children at Safehands and the Pre school. I know it would have been sad for you not to have said goodbye to some that would have moved onto school but i’m so proud of you and miss your cuddles lots!

Rachael Howard

  • Rachael is the heart of goose. She is the most loveliest lady who has a very creative mind. She wants the best for her staff and customers and the children. I couldn’t have a better boss. And even through these scary stressful times she’s has been there for me… On the end of the phone. She deserves recognition for being an awesome business owner, mother, boss, and friend. X

Reception Teachers – Western Primary School

  • Although Mrs Magill and Mrs Whitlow have delivered zoom sessions for her reception children my little one cant wait to see them and all the support staff in person again.

Sam Blakey

  • Amazing woman

Sam Ellis

  • Sam is the other half of the teaching faculty at Freedom Performing Arts and my best friend too! We have gone from seeing each other every day of the week doing what we LOVE! To not seeing each other at all 😢 I miss her so much it hurts!

Sarah Leach – Family Spot Starbeck

  • Family spot is the loveliest of play groups where you always get a warm welcome. Sarah and her team always go above and beyond in providing activities for the children from sponge painting to bread making. I have no idea where they get their ideas from week after week. This is the most friendly and supportive playgroup I have attended. During lockdown Sarah set up a Facebook page with loads of ideas of activities to keep your little ones entertained. They are just fabulous and we can’t wait to go back x

Shane at Dangerfield & Keane Hairdressers

  • Shane I’ve missed you so much! My lockdown hair has taken on a life of its own (and aged me about 20 years!). I very much hope to see you and all the lovely staff at Dangerfield and Keane soon.

Sharon from Creation Station Harrogate

  • Sharon has been an absolute godsend over these last few weeks! Without her amazing online sessions, crafty zoom meetings & fantastic ways to keep my two young boy entertained I would have gone mad!! Her ability to adapt her business & provide endless opportunities to bring joy to us all over these last weeks has truly been an inspiration to me and my business. Thank you Sharon, you are a star!!x x x

Staff at Pannal Primary

  • Missing your friendly happy faces!

Stephanie Fagan

  • Has been a big support to ur family

Teacher Matt Sowerby

  • Pre lockdown videos!

The children of Western Primary School

  • All the teachers have missed the fantastic children so much. Even though we have had zooms actually seeing them has been missed.

The Royal Oak Ripon – all staff

  • While I have cursed you in the past for the amount of hours my husband has spent in there, I am very much looking forward to you coming back so you can have his company for a little while 😉

Tiny Teapots Staff

  • My little goes there every Wednesday and it helps with routine and missed all the friendly staff and his nursery friends

Tracey Lodge, Little Fishes playgroup St Luke’s.

  • Tracey works at the Little Fishes playgroup at st Luke’s Church hall in Harrogate. This playgroup is the friendliest place in Harrogate with wonderful supportive people who have kept me going and had been the one thing I most looked forward to all week to come and chat with Tracey and all the lovely mums. My youngest is due to start school in Sept despite him still only being 3 (turns 4 end of July!) So when lockdown happened and I was told to shield I was deeply saddened that that was it for attending this amazing place. However Tracey has been posting on their Facebook page weekly Thursday mornings to check in and have a chat which has helped me to feel connected to these lovely people.

Vicky Little and Lisa Riley

  • The are so fun and the classes are fun and I miss them
  • I desperately miss my adult ladies classes with Lisa and Vicky. We’re doing online classes but it’s just not the same sense of comradeship and motivation. I cannot wait to get back into the studio and my daughter can’t wait to start classes now she’s old enough

Zoe and Victoria at Winkies

  • They have the most welcoming smile and I miss there wonderful cakes.

Zoe  – Water Babies instructor

  • My 2 year olds favourite event of the week & sorely missed through lockdown!!

2020 Love Local Award Winners: We Missed You – Sponsored by Watson Training Services

Initially we said that we would only publish the comments when we got 5 or more but having read them all, we’ve decided to ditch that rule! Everyone who received a nomination deserves to read their message/s of thanks & support!

We Miss You, Sponsored by Watson Training Services

2020 Love Local Award Winners: We’d Have Been Lost Without You – Sponsored by Wonder Media

Initially we said that we would only publish the nomination  comments when we got 5 or more but having read them all, we’ve decided to ditch that rule! Everyone who received a nomination deserves to read their message/s of thanks & support!

We’d Have Been lost Without You – Sponsored by Wonder Media

This Award is for businesses or organisations that have stayed open in some form during lockdown, or even adapted their old businesses.

Thanks to our amazing award sponsor, Wonder Media, we have some lovely certificates to give out to all nominees. We hope that it will be a lovely reminder for you in the future about how grateful the Harrogate & Knaresborough community are for everything that you do.

If you are a nominee & you would like to claim your certificate then please fill in this quick form here so that we know where to send it to!

We’ve also got some digital badges for all nominees. Please help yourself & download your badge.  You are welcome to use them wherever you want- on your social media channels, on your websites etc. Let everyone know how loved you are!

Click here to download “We’re Loved Locally” badge as PDF

Click here to download “We’d Have Been Lost Without You” badge as PDF


If you know any of the nominees, please be sure to tell them they’ve been nominated! We want to spread this lovely news far & wide.

Love from Sally, Kate, Kayti & Evie at Harrogate Mumbler x

P.S Coming next on Thursday 27th July is the “Lockdown Local Hero” celebration blog.

Winners of the 2020 Harrogate Mumbler Love Local “We’d Have Been Lost Without You” Award 

(In alphabetical order-ish!)

53 Bo Grove

  • We only discovered this place during lockdown and it has been fantastic in bringing a bit of normality to our lives- you can’t underestimate the power of a takeaway coffee and cake served by friendly people when the world around you is closed! Their fresh fruit and veg have kept us healthy too!!

Alan Evans

  • During Lockdown Alan’s business we’re closedown and he volunteered to deliver HGFD food parcels to elderly and vulnerable people who were self isolating. We were in that category and his visits were a blessing.

Ami Stott

  • Rhythm Time class with Ami has kept us going and entertained. It’s lovely to have her (virtually!) in our room each week.
  • As soon as Ami knew she had to close she didn’t stop. She immediately started doing her Rhythm Time classes online in a Facebook group. Not only is she doing the classes for all her little ones, she does craft sessions, nursery rhyme time and has even done story time too. This has been such a huge help to the little ones who are really missing being in their live classes with their friends, as well as being a huge uplift to parents stuck at home who needed to see a smiley face and see their little ones faces light up too. Ami even took the time to drop off instruments to those who didn’t have anything to use and has shown us how to make our own home-made ones too!!
  • She has gone above and beyond to make sure those that attend her groups are getting their money’s worth during lockdown. As well as checking in on people, and giving parcels and gifts of kindness away time and time again. She has bought a smile on so many occasions and deserves a medal for all she has been juggling the last few months.. not only looking after others, but working hard, homeschooling and running other small businesses!
  • Ami has been my hero of isolation!! From day 1 Ami has had such a positive approach to how she can help and support her Rhythm Time families through this challenging time. She quickly adapted her classes, started story times, performed songs and dances to entertain the kids and developed new events such as the fabulous Saturday morning rhythm time parties! Her enthusiasm has never wavered and she has ensured there is something for everyone to join in with each week and often each day! Ami has been a key part of our lock down life and has been a true inspiration all the way through. Thank you Ami!!! X
  • My little girl started attending Rhythm Time just over a year ago when she was 3 months old. It has been a massive part of her life, and has helped develop her love of music and dancing. When lockdown started it was the week of her 1st birthday and live classes had been cancelled, but then they went virtual. The online rhythm time classes run by Ami have been wonderful and have helped to keep some level of normality for us and Ami has, as always, been fantastic. She is so engaging with the children even via a screen and is such a lovely, friendly person. She has really helped to keep us connected, going above a beyond. There are 6 activities a week that we can do and she has run zoom sessions as well. She is a fantastic person and lockdown would definitely have been a darker place without her. Thank you Ami!

Baby Beats with Suzie and Dante

  • AMAZING classes (via zoom) full of music, mindfulness and magic!


  • We have enjoyed bread and pastry collection every week from Baltzersen’s, making lockdown more bearable and a lot more tasty!
  • Amazing response to diversify their business. We enjoyed contactless takeaway, and I managed to send a delivery to my sister in law in York! They’ve done brilliantly to adapt to the situation and keep on going, supplying delicious treats to keep spirits up!

Beyond imagination Emporium

  • Throughout lockdown they have offered a range of free and paid for services helping to keep magic alive for our children during this scary time. This has included princess story times, slumber parties, and magic mirror messages. The princess slumber party via facebook live where children could message the princesses and get a response in almost real time made my daughter smile for the first time in a while. Beyond Imagination have gone above and beyond and should be applauded.

Blind Jacks Knaresborough

  • I was bought ‘pub in a box’ from Blind jacks for my lock down birthday. They went out of their way to provide a great service. And the products were great! It made my day.

Booths Ripon

  • When it was all a bit scary and going shopping was a bit like going a dangerous mission, Booths felt like an oasis of calm. The staff have been polite and helpful throughout. The store rules have been well organised and it has altogether been as pleasant an experience as it could be given the circumstances.

Castle Creamery

  • Keeping my children cooled down and topped up with their amazing ice cream. Love them

Catherine Pyman

  • Without the constant financial business support from Catherine throughout the last few months, we would have been severely hampered. She was continually on hand to help, gave regular up to date advice and always remained calm and professional throughout. Thank you!
  • She’s has been fantastic in helping our business navigate the complexities of the Covid crisis.
  • She was so much help in accountancy, VAT and keeping us up to date with HMRC matters during the past 3 months.
  • Catherine has been so helpful during this time where our business effectively disappeared. Helping her clients stay afloat by navigating various grant and funding options available to us. Above and beyond what we would expect from our bookkeeper.
  • Catherine gave all her clients daily updates on the ongoing situation and how it would effect our induvidual businesses, putting all the information from the Governmen, local councils , HMRC etc into specific emails with links . She was also constantly available on the phone for any queries on furlough, sickness, tax etc. Her professional, pleasant and happy personality made the stressing times a lot more easier to deal with. “I’d have been lost without her “!!!
  • Always so helpful and knowledgeable Nothing is ever a problem to her. She is so bubbly and positive She’s great
  • Catherine has been really helpful and supportive through these worrying times
  • She gave us updates every week about the government announcements for grants, and help for the self-employed. She graciously answered any questions.
  • During the first few weeks of lockdown it was SO useful to have regular emails from Catherine updating us on what we could do to help our small business to get through the crisis. Absolute life saver! Invaluable! Star!
  • I had only worked for Catherine for 12 months when we went into lock down. She has done everything possible to enable me to work from home, she brings me all the paperwork I need and provides me with amazing support by email and telephone. I could not wish for a better socially distanced boss.

Chantelle at Moo Music

  • My son has been going to her classes since he was 4 months old and when lockdown hit, everything stopped. Chantelle was running her classes online the following week. My son has kept the only bit of normality he had and I am so grateful for that. His face lights up every week. She is truly amazing.

Chloe Carey

  • Chloe has kept our daughters active during the lockdown by continuing their gymnastics training remotely at home. She gives the gymnasts at Harrogate Gymnastics Club so much time, patience, thought and superb training. We would be thrilled if Chloe’s dedication could be recognised.
  • Chloe is head coach at Harrogate Gymnastics she has kept the gymnasts training throughout the lockdown through zoom training sessions and outdoor training as the lockdown eased. She has shown immense calm and leadership during the most difficult period for her business keeping the gymnasts healthy physically and mentally throughout this difficult period-the gymnasts literally would not have made it through this time without her and neither would the parents.
  • Chloe has done an amazing job through lockdown for the children of Harrogate Gymnasyics Club. Endless zooms, WhatsApp groups, challenges, Facebook updates, and more recently outdoor sessions at saint michaels. My daughter really would of been lost without her, not just physically but also mentally. It has kept her spirits high during lockdown.
  • My daughter’s gymnastics coach has provided zoom sessions, plans and more during lockdown. My daughter and her teammates would have been lost without her !!
  • The online training provided by Chloe has been overwhelmingly outstanding. It has been heartwarming to know our kids haven’t been forgotten throughout lockdown. Chloe has really gone above and beyond for the kids and us as families setting weekly challenges and also just being on the end of a call. I honestly think she is superwoman disguised as a gym coach!

Chris Jones Martial Arts Academy

  • He has been relentless in his pursuit to keep his students fit and active, up to date with skills by creating new Daily challenges (60 of them!) and both real time and virtual sessions. It has helped my children’s mental health and made sure they continue to feel part of such a strong fantastic and professional local MA fitness centre.
  • Chris has been posting loads of online challenges and lessons for the kids to do at home and encouraging them to join in. It has given my lad extra things to do at home to keep the boredom away that little bit longer
  • His online classes have played a massive role in keeping me and my son sane during lock down
  • Going above and beyond to continue to provide interesting and engaging activities (Not just exercise based) for adults and children throughout lockdown. And thereby helping to maintain a daily routine and sense of normalcy for my children and myself.

Coppice Valley Primary School

  • The school has offered sincere support to parents during lockdown; friendly phone calls and supportive of emerging needs. Key workers’ children have been happy and well cared for. Thank you Coppice!

Country Butchers of Harrogate

  • With lockdown necessitating different ways of acquiring our weekly shop, we stumbled across Country Butchers of Harrogate. They have reliably delivered meat of the highest quality -but at a reasonable price- to us during this time, and always communicate in a friendly but professional manner. Will I be going back to supermarket meat? Definitely not. Country Butchers have a permanent customer in me!

CPY Business Solutions

  • Catherine always goes the extra mile to help her clients even in the good times not just in these difficult times
  • Great advice during covid 19 Continued business support over many years. Great communication and focus!

Crimple Valley Fresh

  • Local fresh food delivered

Dance Matt

  • Doing weekly dance Matt parties free of charge for the children! Doing shout outs for the children and lots dancing and fun!!

Dive Harrogate

  • This club And coaches Rosie, MIke and Lara have tried their best to keep their young divers connected whilst they can’t train at the hydro. Let’s hope there’s some positive news soon as our divers would be lost without you and they miss you like crazy!!

Doe Harrogate

  • The best donut delivery in lockdown!
  • For working throughout lockdown to provide us with goods to our door steps!

Dragonfly Card Shop in Knaresborough

  • Despite the shop being closed Rachel still managed provided local people with cards and balloons on request..
  • For being so kind with balloons and cards for my father’s 80th birthday. It made his day more special and added meaning to it while under lockdown. Thank you so much
  • Rachael worked hard to supply and deliver cards and party ware to lots of people so they could still celebrate special occasions during lockdown. Especially balloons for milestone birthdays! She did this by adapting her business to online shopping. When collecting their orders customers were always met with her usual smile! Well done Rachael so proud of you!

Emma Spalding

  • For keeping us fit and motivated with her on line classes for all abilities and at the same time raising money for a worthwhile cause. She is so friendly and enthuastic and always on hand for help and advice if needed. Emma has made lockdown so much easier for so many.
  • Emma very kindly gave her time during lockdown to keep our children fit by offering online fitness sessions via Facebook twice a week in replacement to the childrens usual PE sessions at school. They were great sessions, enjoyed by all and we were all extremely grateful for her time and support.
  • Emma has been an absolute diamond 💎 keeping everyone fit and health through lock down. Injecting massive amounts of energy, enthusiasm, smiles and positivity to everyone’s day. She is a ray of sunshine ☀️ on a rainy day ☔️ We definitely would of been lost without her, lucky for us we weren’t Emma you should be really proud of yourself A super star, a super hero 🦸‍♀️ xx


  • Best restaurant in Harrogate, great value excellent service. A menu inspired by the world, traditional Yorkshire, American, South America, Asian cuisine, Turkish even a German dish. (So gooood!!) I kept the best for the end…. EXCELLENT BREAKFAST, using LOCAL FARMERS to guarantee a high quality product.. definitely need business and people with this kind of mindset .. now more than ever with this pandemic… Best independents restaurant, always an excellent service and great food. Having a huge selection gluten free , vegan… must try the vegan brownie , I am not vegan , but this dessert is to die for !!!!! Dog friendly restaurant, and I almost forget the best part …. breakfast serve till 4pm, what or who can beat that ?? Can you imagine the pleasure of having a amazing tasty really feeding breakfast late on Saturday ?! The best solution after a Friday night out !!! Well I’m gonna stop there as I could write a book about them saying how much they are amazing!!! FARMHOUSE – THE RESTAURANT HARROGATE DEFINITELY NEEDED !!!!

FiiT Like a Girl

  • When the studio was forced to close, Vicky and team quickly moved their teen classes on line. Not only did they support our girls with their fitness, they Really rose to the occasion to ramp up the well-being support too. Free weekly journaling classes and check-ins were set up and this has been a brilliant way for our teen girls to feel connected and stay fit and healthy during lockdown.


  • In the first 2wks of lockdown we couldn’t get a supermarket delivery slot and were shielding. We are not in the catchment area for Fodder to deliver, but a member of staff volunteered and brought deliveries to our house in Wetherby taking care of us, my parents and an elderly neighbour. We would literally have been lost without them. They are still helping now I can do click and collect by bringing the delivery to the car as I can’t get out. Superstars!
  • In a time where online food slots were impossible to get Fodder stood head and shoulders above all else making self isolating shopping a breeze. They mobilised their online shopping swiftly and have a been a godsend whilst we could not get out. They have been friendly and lovely to deal with and their food surpasses all that we used to get in supermarkets.
  • The airstream caravan was fabulous for coffee & cake and the shop was well organised and rewarded we NHS workers too!

Harcourt Nursery

  • For staying open so key workers could continue working

Harrogate and Knaresborough Toy Library

  • The lovely Lauren & Rachel at the Harrogate and Knaresborough Toy Library found a way to brighten up the lockdown for us by launching a lockdown delivery and collection service for toys, big and small. They’ve put in place a safety policy and put together a Catalogue of items to choose from. My little girl loved choosing something new to play with every weekend or fortnight, which would make a change from our usual toys at home during the lockdown.

Harrogate Brunch Club

  • Jamie is well known in the Harrogate area for running brunch club and providing a service for the homeless which the community can get involved it. Due to staff being furloughed he has run brunch club independently offering take away services by Uber and just eat. Although reducing his hours and having to close for a week to be able to sort stock he has provided food for those stuck at home during the pandemic. His business has been extremely busy and although slightly delayed delivery times the food quality has not been impacted. Thanks Jamie.
  • Where would we be without pancakes? Flour shortage and an egg shortage and Brunch club still managed to provide pancakes for all to enjoy! Brunch club for the win!
  • Jamie has singlehandedly managed to run Brunch Club adding to his menu and altering opening hours, Having to close for a few weeks ,he was determined to keep going, managing to find stock has been extremely challenging especially flour for those delicious pancakes! Brunch club has been extremely busy Jamie has done an amazing job .
  • Jamie works alone and faced the challenge at this unprecendented time by changing his opening hours, delivery and even menu if he struggled to get supplies. A small business taking pride, working hard and looking after his customers.
  • Managing to stay open with supplier issues, and extending opening hours to allow for delivery when no do oh could leave. Was an extremely tall order for a man working on his own. I couldn’t be happier I still got to eat his food. Great local business.

Harrogate Cookie Co

  • We have missed Little Breads while it has been closed, but have loved being able to still order their treats since they set up Harrogate Cookie Co during lockdown and provided a great delivery service. One of the highlights of our lockdown!
  • Because I don’t think i could get through the day without some sugary pick me up. These hit the spot every time!
  • Delicious pick me up delivered to the door
  • Because lockdown would have been unbearable without treats and these guys came out of nowhere and saved us all!!! All hail the king of cookies!
  • We love the cakes at Little Breads and they are a family favourite treat, so it was very sad when you had to close. So when you adapted to create The Harrogate Cookie Company we were overjoyed and placed an order straight away. Absolutely amazing treats which really helped lift spirits in difficult times. Thank you


Harrogate District Diving Club

  • All their guidance and support to their divers in a time when we cant give them a return date x
  • My lad is a member of the harrogate diving squad. He’s been lost not been able to go training and diving. The coaches have been posting up training videos and ‘beat the coach’s challenges throughout lockdown. They definitely deserve some recognition!
  • They have been amazing, lots of wonderful ideas and great support.
  • My eldest is in the TID squad and the coaches and committee have always been fantasticly supportive but have been even more amazing by providing online challenges amongst other online support during the pandemic

Harrogate Fine Wines

  • Home delivery of wine & a social wine and cheese at your home even from day one. Andy always takes the time to check on you and say hi.

Harrogate Fisheries

  • We would have been lost without you providing us with yummy fish and chip suppers throughout lockdown. Such delicious food and great service, thank you so much for finding a way to keep going.

Harrogate Mamma

  • Harrogate Mamma is relatable yet inspirational too, including through lockdown. As a single parent, instagram has been great as as way of feeling connected to the outside world in a safe way and perfect for dipping in and out of through a day during breaks from homeschooling.

Harrogate PT

  • Without the online classes and virtual PT I wouldn’t have kept healthy during lockdown. At a time when mental health can suffer it’s so important to exercise and the Harrogate PT girls kept us motivated and full of energy. I’ve actually managed to lose weight during lockdown! Thank you so much Hayley and Lisa


  • The way Jane and Emily have evolved their business so it’s now online has been amazing.

Heaven and Hell Fitness

  • Needdd to see a friendly face throughout lockdown Needed to have a routine and something positive to do every morning Needed to keep fit Needed these girls… would of gone a bit crazy without them Both ladies are always happy, professional and just lovely
  • Because they have kept us motivated during lock down with the online classes . Claire and Louise are both amazing and I know they have worked so hard to keep everyone going with there fitness. Love them both .
  • Provide a brilliant wide range of physical activity from Pilates, HIT, boxercise, yoga and Zumba all through zoom! Great energy, really kept me afloat during lockdown!
  • Claire and Louise who run heaven and hell fitness have worked so hard to provide on-line fitness sessions. Their timetable offers a very imaginative variety of classes 6 days a week with at least 4 classes to chose from at times to suit everyone’s commitments . They are always so cheerful and motivating keeping us all fit during lockdown. This award would reward them for all their very hard work.
  • I have been really enjoying the classes at HGS which I attended 3 times a week until the pandemic. Heaven and Hell fitness then began virtual classes via zoom which has been great to continue my fitness and support my mental health as a key worker (nurse) . I really would have been lost without them.
  • They took their fitness classes online – added in some extra time so that people could speak to each other.. They adapted things so clients had flexibility in using the classes They also did an amazing disco so that all the funds could go to the NHS…. Above and beyond…..
  • They went on line with classes – never before having used media- and talked to everyone and checked they were ok. Best they did a disco to raise funds for the NHS… Amazing


  • Fantastic service when needed children’s shoes. They delivered and then exchanged, picking up one pair of shoes and substituting another size next day after I bought. Also numerous phone calls and sent me Messenger photos! Hopscotch were brilliant and really went above and beyond to help my kids have shoes that fit!


  • Their Freshbox deliveries have been great with an ever increasing list if items that can be delivered quickly.

Innovate Fitness

  • Having on-line fitness has kept me going through these tough times and all involved with Innovate fitness would be lost without the on-line classes and the support all the trainers give us.
  • Chris closed the gym before being told to doing absolutely the right thing for all his members. Within a couple of days classes were set up on line and we were able to continue our classes – giving hope determination and consistency to us all. We have been kept informed from day one. Not through email but through heartfelt verbal communication. The network he and his coaches further developed are second to none. This gym deserves to be recognised.
  • Switched very quickly to online fitness classes 5 times a day when Lockdown struck which kept me sane and fit over past 3 months.

Jar Full

  • Kept us going in eco friendly food and home products right through the lockdown!

JC Arborists

  • A very professional, friendly and hard working team, excellent job done and I will definitely use them again and highly recommend.
  • Fantastic company, great lads, professional and efficient!
  • Excellent professional tree and landscape specialists.
  • Amazing landscaping and tree work carried out at our home during lockdown! Thanks guys!
  • So please with the work carried out by JC Arborists during lockdown!
  • The boys at JC arborists have been working so hard over lockdown. Making sure they’re adhering to social distancing from customers yet ensuring their high quality of work.
  • Fantastic company, great lads, professional and efficient!

Julie Mills- Supplies for Key Workers in&Around Harrogate

  • From the minute things started to get tricky Julie stepped up. She let her house be used as a drop of point to help coordinate items. The Scrubs group originated from this group…. Julie talks to key people to help find out what is required and who has the needs… she is very good at encouraging people to help in any way they can. Everything that is done she makes people feel it is for her personally- very thankful for the efforts. Her energy levels have been amazing and still going….

K’Rescue Knaresborough

  • Even during a pandemic, animals need saving. K’rescue have been working hard throughout to feed animals & take in rescues. Forgotten heroes that won’t get the media coverage or any help they deserve. Then run on donations to provide for the animals 🖤

Katie Alexandra

  • She is my daughter’s gymnastics coach and has made the sessions fun and enjoyable during lockdown. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word for anyone… one in a million!!

KD Fruiterers

  • During lockdown, they have provided a wonderful service delivering fruit and veg all over the town to make sure we all stay healthy. They’ve worked so so hard to keep the service going.

Kumon Harrogate

  • Our home school provision has been poor, especially in the first 8 weeks so we would have been lost without the support of Kumon, giving us a set simple-to-follow daily structure. David has gone over and above with attention, care and service to his customers during lockdown. Trying hard to help the children who attend his centre, move things online and also motivate the children with weekly prize draws.
  • The Kumon worksheets have been a godsend. Our oldest child does the maths and English everyday as a basis for his home schooling. Kumon were very quick to adapt their service to a live online format and they’ve kept the children entertained and engaged with competitions and prizes.
  • They have provided consistent tuition online for all the students and support them and their parents, as well as providing months worth of work so that the student don’t miss out. At a time when students up to GCSE and alevel are really struggle and need that extra support, Kumon has really help provide some type of stability.
  • My brother has been given regular work and support that his school couldn’t provide. They have also done multiple competitions where he won a scooter.
  • Helping Kumon students with their work. They have very supportive and helpful.

David Riddle from Kumon Harrogate

  • I am so proud and honoured to be married to this amazing person! Having only just begun his private tuition business just before lockdown he has excelled all expectations – he has gone above & beyond ensuring his customers are able to continue their learning at home as well as providing fantastic incentives with competitions & prices to help keep them motivated & positive! I am so inspired by his resilience and his ability to adapt his business in these tough times. Super proud of you David x x

Lancasters Bakery

  • The highlight of Cold Bath Road – fresh bread every day, and the lovely staff smiling and making life feel relatively normal!
  • Open through out the whole crisis and always happy to feed the locals!

Lesley-Anne Nadin (Blue Cat Fitness)

  • Lesley-Anne, you have got me through lockdown!! I know we were all unsure about how classes via Zoom would work out but it has been amazing and I can’t thank you enough. Not only have I been able to maintain my fitness but it has been a massive benefit to my mental health and even made me feel like I’ve ‘socialised’ with people!!! Lesley-Anne, you are amazing, we all love you and I quite literally would have been ‘lost without you’. xxxx

Little Explorers

  • My daughter just only started to get use to spend a time outside of her home. But since lockdown happened she always remembered the road which takes to this nursery and constantly been pushing us to walk there to check if they back to normal or not.
  • Despite being closed throughout lockdown, every single member of staff stayed in contact, went above and beyond to provide ideas as well as sharing daily videos (including the weekends) so the children could still see their faces. I have always know they were amazing, but they really kept us going through this difficult time.

Manna Bakery

  • Takeaway coffees never seemed like such a treat until lockdown! Manna Bakery was a little bit of normality that was so gratefully received during lockdown. The fruit & veg that they were selling was such great quality along with all of their usual breads etc. I can’t tell you how happy I was when the McManna Muffins went back on the takeaway menu!
  • Manna bakery have kept baking and filling our stomachs with delicious bread and treats through out the whole of lockdown. They even started stocking fruit, veg and dairy products when the supermarkets were out of stock.
  • Lovely array of choice, every day!!! Ladies who run the shop are always helpful and cheery!

Matt Sowerby

  • Videos for school kids

Military 1st fitness

  • Military 1st fitness provide daily FREE workout sessions live from their front rooms, garden or garage! They have kept us all motivated and fit during lockdown.
  • They have helped so many people stay safe keep fit/get fit and with their mental wellbeing all with a smile and massive positivity Thanks Jimmy and Paul !
  • Jimmy and Paul have been brilliant at providing online exercise classes twice daily without fail during lockdown and continue to do so. They are always positive, upbeat and professional delivering a different session each time. Well done both of you for your dedication at keeping us all fit and giving us a focus each day, too job! 👍
  • Life saver of lockdown keeping us focused and fit by on line training. I lost 10lb!

Millfield Fitness

  • They have worked really hard to keep us all motivated with our fitness throughout lockdown. They have done 7 day challenges, set up support groups and just been there when we need someone.

Miss Pollard: Aspin Park Academy

  • We have just been so impressed with the home school work that has been set and the support and love that has been given through messages during homeschooling.

Miss Pywell at St Joseph’s RC Primary School

  • We literally would not have survived lockdown whilst both working full time and home teaching our daughter if it wasnt for Miss Pywells amazing home learning which she provided.

Moo Music

  • Online classes meant that my little boy was able to join in with his favourite group even if it was a little different!
  • Moo music has helped my son develop so much. We definitely would be lost without moo music each week. Chantelle bring such happiness, fun and imagination. He loves music all because of moo music.
  • Chantelle has provided amazing online classes to help keep the kids entertained when we have been stuck in. Chantelle is just an amazing class leader.
  • Chantelle has continued to give us online music classes, with fantastic enthusiasim and plenty of extra activities to keep us and our little ones busy. This has given myslef and my daugther something to look forward to each week while being in lockdown. I love the online sessions but cannot wait to get back into class and enjoy her sessions even more. Thankyou for everything you have done!
  • By switching Moo music to an online platform, my little one didn’t lose his future of joining in and having social interaction, really appreciate the efforts Chantelle Has gone to to make Moo work at home during these difficult times.

Mr Tim Broad

  • Thrown in at the deep end in January as acting head at Western Primary. He has risen to the challenge, providing leadership to the staff and clear, concise communication with parents throughout.
  • Because he’s been absolutely amazing over the last few months, stepping in as head teacher and getting us through the corovirus epidemic.
  • Acting head of Western Primary School, Mr Broad has held the school community together magnificently during these challenging times. While the service that Western are providing is a full team effort, Mr Broad has lead the school fantastically and communicated exceptionally with staff, parents and pupils to keep everyone up to date with the latest goings on and how the school are reacting to the ever-changing situation and guidelines. His letters are factual yet personable, written in such a way to give complete confidence in the decisions that he and the school team are making. It’s been a pleasure to see his cats making star appearances in the school Zoom assemblies too! An absolute star. We really would have been lost without him…
  • He is the Acting Headteacher of Western Primary School and has led the entire school brilliantly since the start of the lockdown. He has ensured school has been there for Keyworkers and vulnerable children the entire time, has made sure online teaching has been in place every day for all year groups at home and has overseen the safe return of some years groups to school. He keeps the whole team motivated and we couldn’t have done it without his leadership.
  • Headteacher of Western Primary who led us through this time with compassion to all staff and always with the best interests of the children.
  • Tim has been at the very core of how fantastic Western Primary School has coped during the school closures. He has lead us through such difficult times with compassion, care and always with the children at the forefront. He has ensured that all the children have received quality education throughout, be it with our daily Zoom lessons or in school with The Hub. He is a fantastic Acting Headteacher and we really ‘couldn’t have done it without him’.

Mr Men’s Barbers Harrogate

  • They are amazing with my 2 boys. So kind and patient and the boys love them! Great price haircuts and super service. We have missed them so much during lockdown!

Mud and Puddles

  • Zoom seasions for children all throughtout lockdown with stories singing and bingo sessions. Even did a P.E session live too
  • The lovely ladies (and Mark) at Mud and Puddles kept us going all through lockdown. With our daily zoom stories and songs, Immi’s wonderful recorded music sessions, Marks fantastic zoom PE sessions and Steph and Tracy’s brilliant Bingo sessions, we were never bored and we always had something to look forward to. Thank you all for making such a stressful time so much better for us all.
  • very supportive and always willing to help
  • For accommodating all their families needs at the drop of a hat, making what could have been a difficult time Over the past few months anything but!
  • Our lovely nursery gave us lots to do during lockdown. Our “lockdown Facebook page” became a place to share ideas and make friends at a difficult time.
  • Where do I start? Weekly pre-school bingo on zoom, daily story and song sessions, individual one on one zoom sessions for our children, activities and support on our closed Facebook page – genuinely no idea how we’d have got through lockdown without our amazing nursery. Going the extra mile as they always do.
  • For keeping us (and our children) sane during lockdown – always keeping us full of ideas on how to entertain and educate our little ones, and for doing daily stories and weekly chats on zoom so we always had something to look forward to.
  • They have always been fantastic with my daughter and feels like she had a second family going there 3 times a week from 7 months old and now she is 4. My daughter loves going and its obvious to see they are very children centred. During lockdown they kept the children and us adults too informed and stayed in contact through zoom,story time and preschool amongst other things. Mud and puddles will be part of the memory of lockdown in a positive way.
  • My little great nieces have been lost without this amazing place there are so happy to be back there with their little friends

MummyFit Harrogate & York

  • Nina has adapted her Mummyfit classes so we can exercise at home. She does a daily workout at 10:30 which you can do live or if you wanted to or need to the video stays on for 24hours allowing the ladies to do the class when they have time. I was a brand new member during lockdown and even though I haven’t been to a group class, Nina is so welcoming and makes a huge effort for everyone. I really feel part of a big group of friends. I feel so much better being part of the MummyFit group and it has definitely helped me through lockdown.
  • I was introduced to MummyFIT with my first baby in 2017 and it was so good, not only for my physical health but also my mental health after experiencing the biggest change in my life. I made life long friends and just loved the energy and mums who were going through the same things as me. So when I had my second baby I was absolutely going to go back for more feel good endorphins. I was just getting into my stride when Covid hit and all the gyms had to close. I was so upset as for twice a week I’d been able to do something for myself, catch up with other mums and feel physically and mentally stronger. For it to end I just didn’t know how I was going to cope through lockdown. Then…MummyFIT Live was invented! I was able to work out in my living room as many times as I wanted and still feel connected with the outside world, chatting to Nina and the other girls. Owners Jenny and Alex and their team have been amazing at keeping us mums motivated with workout and meal plans, challenges and support throughout this strange time. I’ve still got work to do but I actually think I’m in better shape now than I was pre babies. I want to give an extra special, BIG thank you to Nina who has just been so upbeat and encouraging EVERY single day. Myself and a lot of other mums in your group really appreciate the time and energy you (and team MummyFIT) put in to make us feel good about ourselves and our bodies. We definately would be lost without you. THANK YOU!!!

Musicality Kids

  • Raising spirits with a wonderful weekly collection of children’s songs and related actions. A definite tonic!

Oatlands Comunity

  • When I was at my lowest point, about to suffer a bereavement, they brought me a paper bag and left it on my doorstep. Inside was a card, cakes, biscuits and a keepsake. All because they cared! They have done this for other people throughout Covid 19, and all are volunteers. Provided VEDay afternoon tea gift bags for all the elderly residents, and have shopped for those who are self isolating. So appreciated.

Painting Pots

  • Laura’s takeaway kits have saved more than one rainy day afternoon for us. Getting the pots back after glazing and firing was so excited and like a mini Christmas as they appeared on our doorstep. Laura always goes the extra mile to help us. I’d definitely have been lost without her.
  • For adapting and spreading your colourful excitement into families throughout this difficult time allowing them to enjoy a familiar treat and comfort.
  • Fabulous lady. Sending out great painting pots for the children at home.
  • she has done so much for knaresborough, such as the bunny hunts for charity, she does the baby stuff drop off too
  • Laura has kept her business ticking over by an amazing immense amount of looking outside the box and using her car to enabling families all over the area to keep creative with pots to paint or cover with foam clay, teddies to make and even new skills to learn like needle felting. She even finds brilliant creative/painting activitIes online for people to try at home-love them.
  • Whilst Shielding I couldn’t shop for birthday presents and needed something to help with my anxiety too – Laura started supplying home kits which gave me a creative outlet and also for my Shielding daughter and birthday presents for her and 3 grandchildren too! Laura is a superstar delivering and collecting the kits and delivering our finished artwork too! All safely sanitised too!
  • Laura’s delivery kits through lockdown were a lifesaver for birthdays and other occasions.
  • Not being able to spend time in the studio and see Laura has been a true loss throughout lockdown. Laura has totally remodelled her business to continue providing a service to her lovely customers. She has provided takeaway kits for people to have at home to pass the endless hours of boredom and get a ‘Painting Pots Fix’! A delivery service following all social distancing measures has been expertly undertaken, nothing has been too much trouble. Along with this she launched a ‘sponsor a heart’ campaign which raised awareness and funds for the incredible staff involved in the continuing care required throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic. Laura has done tutorial videos for both adults and children and provided lots of inspiration for those of us who have experienced artistic block! I would certainly have been lost without Painting Pots throughout lockdown and I believe many others would have been too! Thank you Painting Pots!
  • Laura has done an epic job of keeping contact with those who access her service but it just isn’t the same as seeing her fabulous smiling face.
  • Laura is amazing, she has changed her painting pots business dramatically over these months and is again in high demand from what her posts suggest. Not only is she adapting to the situation and bringing painting pots to our homes she is a mum too with 2 children who need her support, emotional regulation and schooling she is juggling a lot and has struggled with her own anxieties just as many of us have too, yet she posts the most happy smiley videos on fb and let’s people know what’s next and what’s on offer. When she delivered my home pack it was so so lovely to see another adult and a wonderfully smiley one too. My son enjoyed a family painting pots party for his 10th birthday and I managed an evening of mindful painting to help me calm. Laura then paid me the most wonderful of compliments to my art that I’d painted. I’ve never read such lovely of words. Laura is amazing.


  • Been amazing and creating an amazing online platform for the children in record time. For going above and beyond for my daughter whilst in lock down.

Phonics with Robot Reg

  • It has been great to keep some sense of routine for my 3 year old and she has always loved the classes in person and online. The year 1 classes during lock down were a bonus for my older child, who loved her classes just as much.

Pilates and Fitness

  • Claire and Louise have gone all out to try to accommodate every type of class, at all kinds of hours. They have been faboulouse

Rachel Earnshaw

  • Putting everyone else first.

Rascals Entertainment

  • Ella and Ollie are really missing the Rascals events and parties they attend but have loved the online live discos you have done, thankyou so much for keeping them entertained on a Saturday morning.
  • Their business had to completely stop as no face to face parties but they adapted! Every Saturday they had a mini disco with different themes each week. They also ran a family quiz. At Easter they dressed as the Easter bunny and toured the streets waving at kids – amazing!

Resurrected Bites

  • A team of volunteers based at St. Mark’s Church providing food and meals during lockdown.

Rhythm Time Harrogate

  • Ami has kept us going through lockdown. She has gone above and beyond with online classes, zoom sessions, story time. I don’t know how we’d have managed without her

Ripon Post Office

  • From singing to everyone when they arrive and always going the extra mile for every customer, the team at ripon post office have been always there and always helpful eben through the toughest times.

Roots & Fruits

  • Roots and Fruits are our local greengrocers and they’ve done so much for the local community with their home delivery of fresh foods. They’ve really helped, especially the elderly
  • Their lovely shop had to close, they adapted and deliveries of wonderful fruit and veg, bottled milk, local eggs etc continued to our local community in Harrogate and many villages beyond., NHS and vulnerable/elderly got priority. Not only is this shop a fantastic asset to our local community, Julia and James have worked so hard to turn this business around. I am biased, they live over the road and I have seen the long hours they work and they go above and beyond to serve their community
  • They have delivered in extreme circumstances with diligence and care throught this chaos. A small shop thrown into supporting a turnover of massive proportions when only ever a small local greengrocer. They overcame difficulty, setting up new systems and really have been amazing throughout.

Rossett Adult Learning

  • They have provided a huge variety of online courses during this crisis. This has been crucial to The community’s mental health

Sam Blakey

  • She has encouraged us all to keep fit


  • Missed seeing the wonderful ladies in Stomp in Knaresborough. Whilst they had to close their doors to customers, they adapted their services and supported many families during lockdown. Helping families to properly measure little feet from home, choose shoes, be able to either pick them up or have them delivered safely and then return them if not quite right! As children have grown more than ever during lockdown, they have provided an invaluable service to families, to buy properly fitting shoes rather than having to order online. Their communication and support have continued to be second to none throughout this time. A wonderful local, independent run by mums for local families.
  • Fantastic service during lockdown, described how to measure my daughters feet and sent pictures of loads of trainers to chose from. Then delivered the trainers free to my door (with a smile), in time for my daughters birthday! Just amazing service from an outstanding shoe shop!!
  • My son needed his first shoes at the beginning of lockdown !! They talked me through how to measure his feet and delivered his first pair of shoes not how I expected to buy his first pair of shoes but they were amazing fantastic service
  • They have been out measuring and delivering
  • Amazing service – distant shoe fitting for my small boys on our doorstep. The team really went above and beyond, even going back to the store when I had measured in effectively to get the correct size!
  • What to do when you need shoes in lockdown?? Luckily Stomp offered an amazing doorstep delivery with guidance on sizing, plenty of choice and it was super easy. Thank you Stomp, we love you!

Sue Hardarker Bee-lieve in You

  • Being a personal trainer and wellbeing coach Sue was hit hard with the lockdown and restrictions, but that didnt stop her reinventing her business to keep ‘us’ our fitness community motivated and exercising through everything, setting up and reinventing a timetable of workouts throughout the week from stretch and relaxation sessions to body blast sessions to kettlebells workouts live with Zoom, but also recording them so that if we missed them we could catch up, motivational calls to each of us to check in with us especially if we’d been quiet. Sue went above and beyond what she needed to do and will forever adapt her business. She is constantly making sure she was within the guidelines and safety restrictions making sure also that we, her clients also felt comfortable in the outside spaces that Sue is now able to use for training. I for one would have been soooooo lost without Sue Hardaker she was my life line during lockdown with cabin fever, home schooling and isolation with an asthmatic fiance and son. I have been training with Sue now for 5 years and I dont intend on stopping now. Sue you are my hero so much more than a personal trainer and wellbeing coach. Thank you from all of us

Sugar Rush Confectionary Harrogate & Knaresborough

  • It’s been great to get sweets delivered to cheer us all up during lockdown, so quick and easy to place an order and the sweets are fantastic

Susie Little

  • She and her team of helpers have worked tirelessly making sure other people are ok. They’ve done so much for Harrogate and ensured food parcels for people who can’t get out, quite an amazing lady
  • Susie, opened COVID cooperation, Harrogate. To help those in the area get the help and support they really need during this awful pandemic. Following to open shielders support, aimed at those shielding, for full support & a safe place to be able to seek help. Without Susie & her team a lot of people would have potentially suffered and struggled.
  • Suzie started a help group in Harrogate for Covid 19 and those struggling. She set it up within days of the crisis, and along with a team of people…all volunteers, she helps with food, shopping trips, prescriptions, food parcels those in serious need, clothing if needed and the list is endless. She deliverys meals, essentials, and a whole heap of things. She then set up a shielders support group to help those isolated be able to keep in touch with likeminded people in same situation and now has started the process of apply for charity status on a new venture. She is a remarkable person, not withstanding that this has all been achieved since March. She has made Harrogate a better place for sure!

The Creation Station

  • Sharon did not want to let the children down and quickly into lockdown she worked out some craft packs to do at home. It was an immense relief as craft supplies were hard to come by. She then sorted out zoom classes so we could participate at home. My 20 month old was delighted to see and interact with Sharon on screen and we’ve made some lovely keepsakes. Sharon gave us a little slice of normality in these trying times and I’m so thankful for herThe creation station Harrogate and ripon
  • Fab craft ideas

The Harrogate Tea Rooms

  • They are genuinely lovely people who have tried their hardest to keep going no matter what has been thrown at them over the last couple of years. Oh and the cakes and scones are bloomin amazing. As number 2 munchkin says when they knock on the door CAKE! CAKE !CAKE!

The Little Yorkshire Cheese Stall, Knaresborough market.

  • The customer service and positivity have kept us not only in cheese heaven each week, but also maintained our faith in the best of human nature. Each week Claire and Gareth (on his bike) have happily delivered cheeses to Appleby each week – including a surprise cheese for us to look forward to and try. In these tricky times it is these small things that maintain our positive spirit! Cheese-licious!

The Old Ticket Office, Knaresborough

  • Delivered freshly baked scones and ground coffee throughout lockdown so we could still get our fix!! The VE Day afternoon tea was amazing, still delivered with a smile despite being run off their feet.

The Shepherds Dog

  • Opening a fresh produce market stall during lockdown serving the local community

The Weekend Factory

  • The Weekend factory has helped us to have family nights outs-in during lockdown and helped with sweet treats and crafts for celebrations like birthdays and Father’s Day
  • Because their take on take away food and activities is just spectacular and all for a reasonable price!
  • Philippa and then team have come up with such a great new venture and I hope they continue long after this is over! We had an amazing afternoon tea for my sons birthday and they made a fab picnic for us! Super special and awesome themes!
  • They have provided an amazing service – we have adored their night out in and crafternoon teas. Great idea- hope it continues
  • The Weekend Factory are brilliant – they did some great family nights in, lots of different themes, as well as party food and delicious breakfasts all delivered to your door. They cheered up our lockdown

The Wine Shop Knaresborough

  • Amazing service and always friendly! Nothing too much trouble

Tiger 57

  • Their delivery service has been so helpful for gifts and treats, their products are beautiful and they are so helpful and accommodating

Tiny Teapots Day Nursery

  • keeping as many children as possible in the setting. Keep things as normal as possible for the children. Making sure they have lots of exciting activities available. Being there!
  • For staying open and merging with another nursery to provide childcare for the key worker children. Also for adapting to the new children and their routines and being supportive to the parents and staff. Well done!

Tracy Hornby

  • Tracy is our manager at Tiny Teapots and she held the lockdown team together with a big smile on her face. She worked throughout the whole of lockdown; managing the nursery, dealing with parents, organising all staff (furloughed and not) while cooking the children tasty nutritious meals! She works so hard and doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. She has been an absolute rock for the team and she deserves this award so much!

Vickie Lamb

  • I can’t imagine how much we would have been lost without you with one even one day a week is making My daughter feel so much better

Vicky Little 

  • Because putting on zoom classes gave me a chance to do exercise from home and work it round my son, it’s been a really supportive group and it’s helped me stay healthy

Western Primary School

  • For their incredible support through school closures and their ability to keep educating our children

Woodlands Day Nursery

  • They managed to remain open (although at a different location) and keep caring for harrogates key-work children!

2020 Love Local Award Winners: Welcome Back Award

Initially we said that we would only publish the nomination  comments when we got 5 or more but having read them all, we’ve decided to ditch that rule! Everyone who received a nomination deserves to read their message/s of thanks & support!

This award is to recognise the schools, nurseries, childminders, nannies or childcare settings that have re-opened or have been looking after key workers kids and has been doing it brilliantly.

We have some lovely certificates to give out to all nominees. We hope that it will be a lovely reminder for you in the future about how grateful the Harrogate & Knaresborough community are for everything that you do.

If you are a nominee & you would like to claim your certificate then please fill in this quick form here so that we know where to send it to!

If you know any of the nominees, please be sure to tell them they’ve been nominated! We want to spread this lovely news far & wide.

We’ve also got some digital badges for all nominees. Please help yourself & download your badge.  You are welcome to use them wherever you want- on your social media channels, on your websites etc. Let everyone know how loved you are!

Click here to download “We’re Loved Locally” badge as PDF

Click here to download “Welcome Back” badge as PDF

Love from Sally, Kate, Kayti & Evie at Harrogate Mumbler x

3 Quick & Healthy Kiddie Meal Ideas for Parents in a Hurry!

Guest Blog by Katy of
I’ve been feeling a tad time poor recently so am experimenting with a few recipes for healthy meals in a hurry. Here are my favourites: in the spirit of saving you time, I’ll keep this brief…..
Breakfast-Wholemeal bagel with peanut butter, Chia and banana
Throw out the sugar laden cereals & say hello to peanut butter (protein, fibre, Vit. E & more) & banana (potassium & fibre rich). Toast your bagel, spread the peanut butter, sprinkle over some Chia seeds and top with banana.
Lunch-Pitta Pizza
I love this super easy recipe from Dale Pinnock: take some wholemeal pitta; spread with organic tomato puree, then the kids can add what they want!
We used cherry tomatoes, sliced black olives (anti-oxidant + anti-inflammatory nutrient rich), ground garlic & crumbled some leftover feta we had in the fridge-you might like to hide some spinach in the puree! Stick the pittas under the grill for about 5 minutes.
Dinner-Healthy Chicken Nuggets & Chips (longer cooking time but pretty quick to prep!)
Cut 1lb of chicken into strips; dip each strip in a beaten egg and coat in almond meal mix. Cook at 180* for 16- 18 mins (turn once). For quick chips, buy pre-cubed sweet potato “chips” -great roasted in olive oil!
The best meal recipe I’ve found is from Paleo Mom
½ cup almond meal, ½ teaspoon of salt (for older children), ¾ teaspoon of Paprika, ¼ teaspoon of ground coriander and a ¼ teaspoon of ground cumin.
Happy cooking! Katy xxx

A fail safe guide to organising a kids party!

Are you the kind of parent who has lists drawn up 6 months ahead of your child’s birthday or do you leave it until 2 weeks before and then panic?! 

If you fall in to the second category we’ve got a fail safe party plan to take the stress out of party planning, so you can do the important things like celebrate keeping this small person alive for this many years!

8 Weeks Before :

Plan the Date and Time– you want to ensure family and best friends can make it.  

Plan the Guest List– Are you going for the whole class or just close friends? 

Plan the Help– Many hands make light work! 

Plan the Venue– Are you having it at home or do you need to look in to hiring a hall? 

Plan the Theme and Activities– Chat with your child about what they would like, are you going to lead the party yourself or take the pressure off and hire an entertainer?

Weeks Before :

Send Invitations- Your child may like to design an invitation themselves 

Plan the Party Food- Whether it is an elaborately themed party buffet or keeping it simple with pizzas. Make a list of what you will need or order online with your selected delivery date. 

Birthday Cake- Professional, Supermarket or Home Made? Birthday cheat- buy a supermarket cake then add your own decorations to personalise it 

Buy the Decorations and Party Bags- Things you may need include: balloons, table cloths, tableware, party bags, party bag fillers, banners.

2 Weeks Before :

Contact Anyone Who Has Not RSVPed- A gentle nudge will help you know how many to plan for 

Contact your Entertainer- Confirm details and number of expected guests as well as a run through of what time they are going to be there and if they need anything. 

3 Days Before :

Purchase Food- Unless you already organised online delivery (clever you!) 

Call Party Venue- To confirm details 

Assemble Party Bags- You could start an assembly line with the family, a great way to get the birthday child excited! 

Make and Decorate the Cake- or pick up your preordered cake 

Pack Party Essentials- Make sure you include matches, candles and a phone charger to get those special pics!

Day Before :

Prep Food- Anything that can be done before the day do now

On the Day :

Set up the Room- Decorations up, tables out (including a table for presents), tie balloons outside so guests can find the venue. 

Sign in Sheet- If parents are leaving their child it may be handy to have a sign in sheet with their emergency contact details 

Enjoy the Celebrations!

 The Creation Station Harrogate is here to help take the stress out of parties, we provide award winning Arty and Slime Parties that have been rated 5 stars by parents. To see our Party Brochure email  


A full day of Spooktacular adventure awaits at the Web Adventure Park!

A fun family day out at the park with some Halloween fun thrown in, perfect for all ages.

*Sponsored Blog

A Grandparents Guide: Guest Blog by Raworths Family Law

A grandparent’s role is a precious one. Most grandparents idolise their grandchildren and in return their grandchildren thrive from this special bond. Grandparents have a wealth of experience in bringing up children, they often have more time and patience than parents have, and can provide children with a sense of family history.

Prior to a separation grandparents may wear many hats, they are often entertainer, advisor, babysitter, taxi driver and financial supporter, however when couples separate many grandparents find their role suddenly changing and the precious time that they had always spent with the grandchildren can either stop or be reduced significantly. Testament to this, it is reported that in 2016 there were over 1 million grandchildren currently being denied contact with their grandparents.

It is all too common that grandparents can get caught in the middle during family separations. Loyalties can become challenged with feelings split between the parent, who is still their own child, and the former partner. This is a difficult balancing act as many grandparents are fearful of losing contact with their grandchildren altogether if they do not manage the situation well.

Unfortunately, in some separations battle lines are drawn and family members take separate sides. This is understandable as it’s human nature to ‘protect your cub’, but quite often this approach doesn’t help. During separations children often feel stuck in the middle and this is when grandparent’s support can be invaluable. Separation is a time when children will need a sense of normality, they will try to keep hold of all that they have known in the face of change and uncertainty. Guidance and support from grandparents can be a crucial factor in helping children cope with their parent’s separation, giving them someone who can be a trusted and neutral voice.

Having said this, it often comes as a surprise to many grandparents who seek advice that they don’t have the same automatic legal right to spend time with their grandchildren as parents have. This doesn’t mean that an application cannot be made to the court, it simply means that there are additional processes that will need to be followed to enable a grandparent to make an application.

Bearing this in mind here are some top tips to help grandparents to try to avoid potential problems:

  1. Try to reach an agreement with the children’s parents directly, either in person or by letter email or telephone. Keeping a dialogue open is important no matter how difficult it may prove. Try to keep discussions as unemotional as possible and always be ready to compromise.
  2. You may often be called upon for advice and support by either parent. It is important that you are a good listener but that you try to stay neutral and view matters from the perspective of the children. This is often easier said than done, but the stability and supporting role grandparents can provide at these times can be invaluable for both the children and their parents.
  3. Don’t get into blaming either parent, it will not help. Remember the parents are in control of this situation and you will need to work with them to reach an amicable agreement. It often doesn’t matter who is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ what matters is that a relationship is maintained with the grandchildren.
  4. It is important for everybody to put their cards on the table and be clear about what their aim is whilst making a decision that is in the best interests of the children.
  5. Consider mediation or family therapy so that all parties can sit down together to try to reach an agreement that will benefit the children. However, for mediation to work all parties will need to agree to attend and usually this will need to be privately funded which will also be a consideration.
  6. Either at the outset, or if the above steps have been tried and exhausted, seek advice from a resolution accredited lawyer, who in certain circumstances may be able to suggest alternative options to try to reach an agreement, such as roundtable meetings, collaborative law or writing to both parents to try to reach an agreement that works for all parties.
  7. If all else fails, an application can be made to the court, although grandparents do not have an automatic right to be able to make such an application and first would need the permission of the court. Many factors would be taken into consideration when deciding upon such an application but most importantly the court would consider what was in the children’s best interest and how any changes from their previous situation would affect their social, emotional and educational well-being.

Although an application to the court is a last resort, the valuable role that grandparents play is recognised. Generally, unless there is a good reason not to grant permission to make an application – such as a safety concern for the children – it is usually seen to be in the children’s best interest to maintain the relationship with their grandparents. Each case will however be decided on its own specific facts and a specialist family lawyer can advise upon such merits from the outset.

A grandparent’s role should never be underestimated and it’s important that the key adults work together to maintain this special relationship. Never forgetting that grandparents are the roots to our family tree – they keep us grounded, safe and stable whilst providing us with all we need to grow.


A Hidden Educational Gem in the Heart of Harrogate

If you have a child who was born between 1st September 2015 and the 31st August 2016 then believe it or not, your “baby” is due to start school next September in 2020! So how do you go about getting them a place? Well firstly you need to look around your local schools and then you need to apply through North Yorkshire County Council before 15th January 2020. We are lucky to have so many fantastic primary schools in Harrogate that you’ll be spoiled for choice, but there is one that you might not know about so here in this guest blog we’d like to introduce you to Coppice Valley Primary School. New Headteacher Emma Meadus has recently taken over at the School and she’s keen to let you all know about this fantastic local primary school and what they’re up to in the local community.

“Nestled on the outskirts of Harrogate town centre, you could be forgiven for not being aware of Coppice Valley Primary School. Located off Ripon Road, Coppice Valley Primary School’s charms are hidden behind a 1970’s façade with the rear of the school featuring the largest playing field of all Harrogate primary schools. It is these extensive grounds which, once you make your way through the doors, you will find yourself in – a beautiful oasis of nature, quiet and calm, safely tucked away from the main roads.

“Amazing community school. Lovely relaxed friendly atmosphere, more like a village school” Facebook Review, September 2019

Coppice Valley prides itself on a family friendly ethos which can be evidenced from positive reviews on its Facebook page. Staff work hard to make sure everyone in the school community feels cared for and valued with a vision to create ‘Learners for Life’ – children who are enthused with a love for learning. Links with our fellow Red Kite Trust schools, including Harrogate Grammar School, allow our children to benefit from the wider resources of the Red Kite Trust.

Our staff inspire children to have ambition and big dreams for their future by introducing them to an amazing world of learning and knowledge. Our school values are Brave, Curious and Kind. We teach our children to be endlessly curious, to never stop learning and to be brave enough to try something new or challenging. Our curriculum topics, such as Dinosaur Planet, Moon Zoom and Enchanted Woodland, invite our pupils into an exciting world of learning, in and out of the classroom.

Child wellbeing and mental health is at the forefront of Coppice Valley’s values and it is their grounds which inspire and support its method of teaching. As well as extensive playing fields for sporting activities, the school boasts wildlife areas, a meadow and fruit trees. Its enriching curriculum incorporates time to play and learn outside in wonderfully tranquil grounds. Nature is at home in our field with our hedgehog boxes and bird houses and a deer that visits from time to time. Gardening, camp-fire making and tai-chi in the meadow are a few examples of how children learn outside.Year 2 pupils, for example, also have the opportunity to benefit from a night under the stars, camping out with their fellow pupils in the grounds.

This school year we will be bringing a community garden to the front grounds. This extensive renovation will see us taking down the fencing around the front perimeter of the school and replacing it with a traditional woodland hedge. The garden will include an orchard, a variety of herbs, a wildlife meadow, a picnic area and more. The work which is being completed, thanks in part to CNG and Horticap, will support our aim of bringing both the community and generations together to make the most of this underused space.

“Coppice Valley has the most amazing team – they are dedicated, fun and most importantly they really care about each individual child. My eldest child is about to leave Coppice and they have helped him grow into a confident and happy young man who is ready to move onto the next stage in his education. I cannot recommend this school enough – they want your children to be more than just great learners, they help them grow as people, encourage them to think about the wider world and the community around them. Big thumbs up for Coppice!”, Facebook Review, June 2019

Throughout October, Coppice Valley Primary School will be hosting “Open October”, a series of tours for families looking for school places for Reception in September 2020. To discover what this unique school can offer your family, call 01423 563760 to make an appointment.

To discover more, follow Coppice Valley on Facebook or visit

Their open days in 2019 are on:

Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd October  – 9.30-10.30 am

Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th October – 9.30-10.30 am

Monday 14th & Monday 21st October         – 1.30-3 pm.

We are also offering an evening meeting on November 6th, 6-30-7.30 pm when you can find out more about the school and what we can offer you”


This is a sponsored blog for Coppice Valley Primary School 



A new baby

A very good friend of mine is shortly due to have her first child and seeing her approaching the end of her pregnancy has brought the memories of my first moments of being a mum flooding back.

It really doesn’t matter how many birthing classes you attend or how many books you read there is nothing that can truly prepare you for parenthood.

Firstly the labour itself; I was encouraged to write a birthing plan. To this day I do not know why I bothered as I had mentally convinced myself that it would be all over so quickly that I wouldn’t need any sort of pain relief or intervention.

Needless to say 23 hours later I was singing a different tune. It was only because I had chosen to have my daughter in a small maternity hospital with no medical facilities that I managed to get through it without an epidural.

At one point I distinctly remember feeling that the midwives, my husband and my mum (who had come along to cheer me on)were all lying to me and that I wasn’t in labour but was in fact dying!

Inevitably it did eventually come to an end and my beautiful little girl was placed in my arms and for the following few hours, time stood still.

I do not remember feeling a sudden overwhelming love for her; it was more of an initial feeling of protectiveness. For me, falling in love with her was more of a gradual process. It happened over the days, weeks and months that I got to know her. Even now, 3 years down the line it can still happen and I can be momentarily floored as I fall in love a little bit more!

As we laid there together in the labour room, the enormity of the situation dawned on me as I came to realise that we were now in sole charge of this little scrap of a girl. Until that moment I had never changed a baby, got one dressed or bathed. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to cope and I was certainly ill prepared for that first nappy. Meconium certainly is a sight to behold!

I distinctly remember feeling quite appalled that the nursing staff were willing to let us take this little baby home with no instruction manual and no clue about what we were doing.

Having said that, she may as well have been made out of glass we handled her so carefully. Miss Daisy had nothing on us as we drove away from that hospital with our little bundle strapped safely in the back.

The next few weeks were a learning curve to say the least! I never knew how little sleep I could survive on, how many nappies a new born could get through or how often my daughter would take my breath away.

So, to all of those parents-to-be out there I wish you a speedy and safe labour and I hope you feel a little more prepared than I did!

(First published in the Harrogate Advertiser 6th April 2012)

A New Royal Baby! Congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Sussex

Here at Harrogate Mumbler, we are absolutely thrilled to hear the wonderful news that Meghan and Prince Harry have welcomed the arrival of a baby boy!

Between the three mums working behind the scenes at Harrogate Mumbler, we’ve got seven children – aged 18 months to 10 years – so I think we are well placed to offer Meghan some words of wisdom as she enters this whole new world of being a mum.

Naturally, Meghan and Harry’s experiences of royal pregnancy and delivery will have been different to ours, but we are pretty sure that many of the ups and downs as first time parents will be the same.

So, Meghan and Harry, a huge congratulations from us at Harrogate Mumbler, but we’re going to let you in on the secret- this is what you need to know…

  1. Try to remember why you fell in love with each other! Now that this little baby is born, your lives will be pulled in completely different directions for a period of time. You will have regular competitions about whose life is harder, who has had less sleep, who does more with the baby. Your marriage may very well hang together by a thread at some points, but cling on to that thread- it’s worth it in the end and it will get easier!

  2. Limit your visitors in early days. The world can wait to see your baby. Those first few hours, days and weeks getting to know your baby are so precious. Be selfish, be rude and tell visitors to come back later!

  3. Don’t worry about the clock. Eat when you’re hungry, feed the baby when they are hungry, grab a snooze whenever you can. Don’t worry about the time- do what feels right for you and your baby.

  4. You’re going to be crazy tired! There’s nothing in the world to prepare you for how exhausting new babies are, especially when your little cutie who sleeps all day becomes a party animal at night! But it doesn’t last forever, and gets way easier with time.

  5. You can’t “spoil” a baby. Cuddle them, coo at them and don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!

  6. Don’t be shocked at how much others will share about their own experiences. Many early conversations with other parents will revolve around bodily functions. You will be utterly amazed by how normal poo, wee and sick conversations become, that is not even to touch on leaky boobs, bruised lady-bits, perineums, tears and rips…. the list is both long and depressing!

  7. Dry shampoo will be your best friend. Buy it by the truckload. Given your royal circumstances, this one might not apply to you Ma’am but for most mums, this one is a game changer. At Harrogate Mumbler we used it until our hair was probably 90% dry shampoo!

  8. Be kind to yourself. No one knows what they are doing in those first few weeks, everyone falls apart a little bit sometimes, everyone will have a moment when they think that they’ve reached their limit and have a good cry. It’s okay, it’s completely normal and I promise, it will get easier. This is when you need your girl-gang around you. Call on your mum, your sister-in-law, and your old friends and make new “mummy-friends” through NCT courses or similar. Sometimes this girl-gang can’t make it easier for you, but just knowing that they’re there or that they have been having sleepless nights too, will make you feel better.

  9. Invest in a sling. Little babies love to sleep, especially cuddled up to mum and dad. Pop them into a sling and they’ll be warm and cosy while you have your hands back.

  10. Look after YOU: The whole world’s going to be cooing over your baby, but don’t forget that you matter too. Let people help if they offer, remember to drink, buy in easy-to-eat snacks (cereal bars and cut up fruit are perfect to munch with one hand while holding a baby) and do whatever makes you feel human again: a shower, bubbly bath, a nap while Harry holds the fort, or binge-watching Netflix.

  11. Trust your gut. You’ll get the hang of looking after your baby in no time, and there will be no end of people and resources to help. But remember that no one knows your baby like you. Don’t be afraid to follow your instincts and trust in what they’re telling you.

  12. Soak it all in. Those perfect little bundles grow more perfect every day, but they really do change quickly. Take pictures, take videos and enjoy them while they are young. You’ll wake up one day 10 years from now, wondering about secondary schools and wonder where those years have gone. The first few weeks are so hard, but they don’t last for ever. It’s just a phase and it will get easier.

  13. You will not even be able to imagine how much you will love that little scrap of a human being! It might hit you like a thunderbolt as soon as they are born, or it might creep over you in the days, weeks and months as you get to know each other but either way, it will take your breath away, it will floor you and it is both terrifying and wonderful. What’s more, if you go on to have a second or third child you don’t share your love- it grows!

A night out

For the first time since becoming a mum of two, I managed to sweet talk my parents into having the children overnight.

The official reason? It was my husband’s birthday. The real reason? I have barely been out for the best part of two years, never mind the luxury of a lie in the following day.

As any parent will know, it’s not just the prospect of getting (and paying for!) a babysitter; but it’s that nagging sensation in the back of your mind; you just know it really isn’t worth having that extra drink as you will be made to pay for it ten-fold in the morning. There is nothing like being woken up by a toddler bouncing on your head, to make you vow “never again…”

So, the excitement that I felt as Friday approached was more than I will admit to you all (yes, I am that sad I’m afraid!) After dropping the kids off I began the almost forgotten ritual of preparing for a night out.

I had planned on soaking in the tub for a good hour, but if I’m honest with myself I was bored after 10 minutes. The house felt eerily quiet. I had a quick word with myself to man-up and enjoy the peace but I can’t be the only one who despite looking forward to a bit of me-time actually spends the entire time with an odd sensation similar to having forgotten my handbag!

A glass of cava later I was feeling ready, we met up with friends and headed out into town. Now please remember I’ve been away for over a decade, but blimey, Harrogate has changed! We enjoyed a fantastic meal at Deano’s Graze & Grill then hit the town.

Now when I was last a regular out in Harrogate, the scene was very different. I’m just a tad young for the Josephine’s & Jack and Danny’s era; I just caught the tail end. My youth was misspent between “The Tube” and “Jimmy’s”. John Street was a new phenomenon and round the corner “Beaky’s” was the favored drinking hole of the underage.

Around that time I was working in bars myself and knew all the important people; bar staff and door staff. I rarely had to either buy a drink or pay an entry fee. Happy days!

These days I know no one. I don’t know where to go or what to drink! Thankfully Monty’s is the same as ever; other than the crowd being younger… (Ok, it’s just that I’m older) and we finished off a fantastic evening in there.

Unfortunately the morning after wasn’t to go as planned. A quick courtesy call to my mum in the morning unveiled a full night of horrors. My youngest had developed chicken pox. A huge thank you to my mum for coping where most others wouldn’t, but of course for the rest of the day I had to look after my poorly baby with a monster hangover. Of course I promised myself “never again…!”

(First published Harrogate Advertiser 23/3/12)

A Very Magical Experience in York after Christmas & on New Years Eve

Advertising Feature from A Very Magical Adventure

If you’re looking for something to do between Christmas and New Year then this could be perfect.

Update 27th Dec We’ve now got a juicy 25% discount code for you! Book using code “YorkMumbler”

A Very Magical Adventure are running a Winter Wizard magic school after Christmas day and also a special one on new years eve.
Harrogate Mumbler Sally took her kids to the Halloween “A very Magical Adventure” earlier this year (She paid for it- it wasn’t a freebie!) and she ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! The kids were particularly impressed with the huge afternoon tea at the end, and the interaction with the actors. Sally loved the walk around York, learning new interesting facts about the city and spotting new things along the way. It felt Covid safe & well thought out. Family groups were kept separate from others and it was a lovely way to spend a few hours.
Interactive quest through York to search for the secret wizard school, find the clues and enter the school meet our magical professors and eat a magical afternoon tea feast whilst you learn your lessons and tackle dark forces.
This 2 hour interactive experience is sure to make your year. Magic and laughs around each corner. Special effects in our medieval building the most enchanting and magical setting

£12.95 for children and £15.95 for adults

This includes
  • Magical quest in York to find the secret wizard school with actors and surprises
  • Lessons of spells and potions at the magical  medieval wizard school building
  • A mini Magical afternoon tea style treat with drinks
  • Special effects and magical happenings
  • Spells to take away
  • this is a 2 hour interactive and magical experience

BOOK NOW via the website for sessions on 28th, 29th, 30th & 31st December plus 2nd & 3rd January.

A-Z of family friendly things to do this summer in Doncaster!

Summer is most definitely on the way! As restrictions ease and we want to head out and about, you might be looking for things to do with the kids a little further a field – then why not see what Doncaster has to offer?