Blooming Babies Newborn Baby Massage Class

Virtual newborn baby massage class
When: Friday’s 
Time: 10am
Class time: 35-40 mins
Online booking:
Blooming Babies virtual newborn baby massage courses will teach you how to harness the soothing, nurturing power of touch.
The virtual setting as well the shorter class time of 35 to 40 minute is perfect for you and your newborn. The class is a lovely introduction into baby massage, set in your home, one to one, with no distraction as you get to know your new baby. We will explore your baby’s behaviour, their baby cues as you learn to soothe and relieve baby ailments through touch.

Groups will deliberately be kept small to provide opportunity to ask questions as Annie, a registered Midwife can offer support during the class.

It’s absolutely fine to have toddlers with you during the class, as the class is virtual, we practice the massage strokes on mute. If you need to attend to your toddler feel free to leave and re join at any point. Daddies are welcome too.

Blooming babies absolutely love Baby Massage!

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