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Chris Jones Martial Arts Academy Knaresborough: Junior Martial Arts

Junior Martial Arts – 6-10 Yr Olds Martial Arts   Our Junior Martial Arts program covers elements of both traditional ITF Taekwondo and modern Kickboxing. We offer classes in a…

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Gracie Barra: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Each of our certified instructors will guide your child in their journey while they acquire:   ✅ Practical self defence skills!   ✅ A stronger mindset by learning from failures!   ✅…

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Hajime Judo Club

Hajime Judo Club now gives judo classes in Harrogate on Mondays from 4.30 at the Jennyfield Styan Community Centre. The fun but challenging classes are suitable for children from the…

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Arashikage Martial Arts Academy

Many Martial arts schools boast “Increase your fitness” and “Lose weight” as part of their package, but how many of them are actually qualified to make these claims and aren’t…

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Kravmaga Self Defence

Give your child a massive advantage in life… Our Safety and Self Defence Programme for Children consists of: Improving physical fitness and coordination, concentration, discipline and respect. Develops confidence and…

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