Harrogate BID Christmas Trail: Clues

For our Halloween Trails we did a set of clues for families to find the participating retailers!  Even though this year we have a map of where to find all our retailers – we know a lot of the older Mumblers enjoyed trying to figure out our clues – nearly as much as we enjoyed coming up with them!  So if you’d like to play a long – here are our clues:

Red Trail:

  • A**: Sells cast iron range cookers!
  • F****** (O**** S**** S****) : This sweet shop gets the Royal seal of approval! Sells world famous toffee!
  • B*******:  Meaning wearing a lot of jewellery or decorated with precious stones -sells ladies jewellery, bags and clothing.
  • B*****: Where you’ll get your Fat Rascal fix!
  • J*** M**** B***: UK’s favourite boutique mother and baby store!
  • M*** & H****: Children’s clothes shop – ideal remedy for a sore throat!
  • N**** B**: Opposite of South, serves food and drink.
  • S***** L****: A quirky independent shop: a girls name beginning with S + another word for enjoys
  • N***& B***** N***: The natural beauty specialists!  Things you’ll find at the end of your fingers and toes + Disney film ______ & the Beast + another word for geek
  • P**** F****: Suppliers of everything you’d need to throw the ultimate party!  So good its giving me a temperature!

Green Trail:

  • G**** C******: Harrogate independent toy shop
  • I******* & C*: “To ________ and beyond!”  Jewellery shop located in the Victoria Centre
  • H********* O******* C*.: Sells organic and natural healing products!
  • C******* C*.: Furniture and accessory shop named after quintessentially  group of  English market towns and villages built from honey-coloured stone
  • H***** & C*: Latest independent cafe to open in Harrogate.  Shares its name with 2019 American comedy film staring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson
  • E******* C*****: A great place for all the boys to watch a film!
  • C**** M******: Italian Cafe on Princes Street famous for its pizzas!
  • D**** D***: Independent clothes shop, when you’re feeling a bit faint + a bird that quacks.
  • C***: Another name for a chef, sells gourmet ready meals, cakes and puddings.
  • C******* C*****: Someone who is artistic could also be called this + a small picked flower bud with a distinctive salty taste.