Carla Marcos Hypnotherapy

Find your unique balance with Carla Marcos Hypnotherapy. By using a modern and effective psychotherapeutic approach based on the latest research in neuroscience, Carla Marcos, Clinical Hypnotherapist, helps her clients to use their mind to their advantage so that they can bring more of what they want into their lives. 

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Loraine Slater: Clinical Hypnotherapist

Loraine Slater Clinical Hypnotherapist/Wellbeing & Mindfulness Practitioner over 10 years experience.

Change your Life for the Better! Hypnosis for Losing Weight with the Virtual Gastric Band or Virtual Weight Control Injection, Hypnosis for Deep Relaxation, Stress/Trauma’s, Menopause, Stop Smoking/Vaping, Sleep Deprivation, Anxiety, Improve your Mindset, Performance, Fears and Phobias Get in touch today for your FREE Consultation Session!

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