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The Kumon Centre

The Harrogate Centre has been established for over 20 years and provides a peaceful working environment to support children studying on Kumon’s unique maths and English study programmes. Our aim is to develop confident, independent young learners, who have the skills and ability to thrive at school and beyond.

The centre was recently relocated to a full-time commercial premises on Westmoreland Street. The new centre contains a dedicated reception and parents waiting area. Students work in a separate purpose-built classroom with a team of up to 8 dedicated staff assisting them.

Students also benefit from the use of a dedicated library and reading area. The library contains over 300 books, all of which feature in the Kumon English programmes reading guide. A love of reading is something we are keen to encourage at Kumon.

New students and early learners are, initially, closely monitored by the assistants and the Instructor in the dedicated early learning area. Once they have developed effective study skills, they will begin to work independently, though still under our guidance. The objective is to further develop their confidence and encourage self-learning, so they can go on to reach their full potential.

We are also able to support students with remote learning over the internet if they are unable to attend the centre.

Students attend on an allocated time slotted basis, with students benefiting from up to 45 minutes classroom time, up to twice a week. We are open from 3.30pm until 6.30pm on Monday and Wednesday as well as from 9am until 12 noon on Saturday.

A free ‘drop of and pick up’ car park is located right next to the centre kindly provided by The Mowbray Community Church.

About the instructor

My name is David Riddle and have been teaching in schools and colleges for over 17 years.  David shares with us how Kumon can help you – click here to find out more

As a parent of two young boys, I understand the importance of helping children to enjoy learning. It is also very important to help children develop their existing skills and discover the benefits of independent study.

The Kumon Method of Learning helps children to thrive. Many of the students at my centre are working above their school grade level, some as far as four years ahead of other children their age.

Conversely, some of the children who attend the centre started initially because their parents felt they were struggling slightly at school. Because the Kumon Method is so individualised, these children are also making rapid progress.

At Kumon, we truly believe our methods enable any child to unlock their full potential. We do this in way, which builds their confidence, self-esteem and makes them determined to be independent learners.

If you believe Kumon could help your child, do not hesitate to contact me.

To get in touch and see the timetable available just click here or call David on 07976 867838 or email harrogate@kumoncentre.co.uk

You can also reach the Kumon Centre Harrogate on facebook

Prices from £69 per month for up to 6 hours dedicated classroom time.

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