Learn French and Spanish in your welly boots with LinGo Explore!

LinGo Explore – Pre-school outdoor language classes from a trained and experienced language teacher.  Learn French and Spanish in your welly boots!

Want to inspire both a love of languages and nature?  My lessons are based in the enchanting garden at Horticap in Harrogate on Thursday mornings.  We also have access to a classroom for very rainy days.

In the lessons I include lots of games, songs, crafts, role play activities and stories to engage with and inspire young children.  The garden is simply magical and perfect for little boys and girls who like to play outdoors.  I speak in French and Spanish much of the time and use drama to help them understand.

Each lesson is 45 minutes long and it is £6.50 per child.  The lesson times are as follows;
French – 9.30 -10.15
Spanish – 10.30 – 11.15
French – 11.30 – 12.15

What people say about me; “Caroline takes my girls who are 2 and 4 to explore the outside gardens of Horticap teaching French through play. The girls love it, they have picked up lots of new words, developing phrases and songs. Caroline is a fantastic tutor and has a great relationship with the younger ones, her enthusiasm is infectious!” Issy Rowe

You can visit my website www.lingoexplore.co.uk for more testimonials or email me on caroline@lingoexplore.co.uk.  Please feel free to call me too on 07841167141.

07841 167141

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