Stirrd are moreish treats to your letterbox or doorstep!

Each batch of fudge, brittle, coconut ice, honeycomb or mallow we make is lovingly stirred by hand. And each month – in our obsessive quest for taste perfection – we stir in unexpected, delicious new flavours combinations for you to enjoy.

The single defining trait of our small Harrogate team is that each and every one of us are dyed in the wool foodies – constantly on the look out for tempting new tastes.

We only ever cook in small batches to guarantee quality and our fudge is still stirred in vast old copper pans, because it tastes properly amazing that way.

Our brand new Winter Wonderbox is out now and packed full of six special scrumptious treats, crafted in small batches in very limited quantities just for the winter season. These delicious goodies won’t last long.

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