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The lovely people at Heal invited me to their medical and wellness spa to try out their signature medical pedicure. It’s a fab idea – bringing medicine and beauty together under one roof. Heals has been open for around a year now, and is owned and run by husband and husband team Oliver and Matthew.

As soon as I entered this place I instantly felt relaxed. They’ve nailed the interior design – it’s an Instagram and Pintrest dream! The smell of the place was divine and the staff were utterly lovely and super attentive. Mumblers – if you are in need of some much needed pampering time you have to check this place out! Hair salon, chiropody, beauty and reflexology – they do it all!

Oliver is a trained podiatrist and is so passionate and knowledgeable about what he does. He believes – and rightly so – that medicine shouldn’t be utilitarian, it should be enjoyable. The medical pedicure is essentially a full pedicure but done by a medically qualified podiatrist using the correct sterilized equipment. I cannot tell you how gorgeous my feet looked and felt after Oliver had done his magic! No more hard skin – I could now give my little girl a run for her money in the soft feet stakes!

To finish the pedicure Oliver handed over to his husband, and in-house beautician Matthew – who finished my feet off with a gel polish. Matthew was equally as lovely and passionate about Heal as his husband. I have to say, this is one of the best – actually scrap the one bit – this is THE best pedicure I’ve ever had! The products they use throughout their spa are very luxurious, and all super environmentally friendly.

It’s worth mentioning they do a loyalty scheme – collect stamps each time you receive any nail polish service. For every six stamps – you get the seventh service totally free! As well as this they also run a subscription scheme called Devotees. For £14 a month you receive a treatment or product worth greater than your fee. Their July Devotee treats included eyebrow tint and shape, file and polish or a milk body spray. I think it’s a great gift idea – I’ve added it to my Christmas list already!

For those of you that fancy some child-free time – get down to Heals, set in Harrogate’s beautiful Montpellier Quarter, as quick as your soon-to-be beach-ready feet will carry you! In fact, if you mention Harrogate Mumbler when booking you will receive 25% off your first beauty or medical treatment. But hurry – all good things must come to an end, and this offer is only valid for June appointments.

For more details check out their website

Reviewed June 2018

Disclosure: We were lucky enough to receive this treatment for free however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account. 

Introducing Lyndsay Wells PT

I’m Lyndsay Wells, A PT and nutrition coach with a passion for helping women feel and become the best version of themselves. I work with men and women, but a lot of my clients are perimenopausal and I love being able to support them through this phase of life. I have over 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry, two teenage daughters and a lot of life experience which enables me to understand and empathise with my clients.


My friend and fellow PT and nutrition coach, Lauren Randall and I , have started a podcast called “Fit and Feminist” which you can listen to weekly. We encourage people to send in questions and we’ll do our best to give you the help you need to succeed. The podcast covers a range of issues that our clients are faced with and we aim to offer help, advice and a sense of humour around the challenges of life today.

The most important things for women as we pass 35 and beyond is to really think about prioritising protein and getting in some resistance training. I can’t emphasise enough how these two simple changes can make a big difference to how we feel, our body composition and future health. We should be aiming to preserve as much muscle mass, strength and bone density as possible for healthy ageing and enjoyment of life.

Resistance training and being generally more active has so many health benefits and I’d encourage everyone to take it up in a way that they enjoy. Feeling stronger carries over into other aspects of our lives; we are more confident, self-assured and motivated to push ourselves to go for a new role at work, to assert ourselves and try other new things. There is nothing more empowering than lifting something heavier than you ever thought you could.

Resistance training is any movement where we are pushing, pulling and pressing against a force or weight. We can use our own body weight, resistance bands, kettle bells, dumbbells or a barbell. You don’t need much space or equipment and you can start by performing exercises like press ups, squats and deadlifts at home and you don’t need to work with really heavy weights either. When I work with people in a personal training environment, we build up confidence and technique over time, gradually increasing the load and variation depending on an individual’s needs and goals

In terms of nutrition, the thing I see most people struggling with is negative self-talk and a poor relationship with food. We tend to have an “all or nothing” approach and expect fast results which then leads to yo-yo dieting which is always slower in the long run. Patience really is a virtue when it comes to losing body fat and having some support from a coach and your friends and family makes a big difference.

There is so much conflicting advice out there and an abundance of social media “influencers” with contradicting messages and products to sell – it’s not surprising we can feel overwhelmed. My advice to everyone but especially women entering perimenopause and onwards is to make sure you base most of your meals around a protein source like chicken, fish, beans, tofu or plant-based meat alternatives and vegetables. For breakfast, high protein yoghurts are great to add to porridge but things like omelettes or eggs with beans and mushrooms would be a good savoury option.

As a general rule, 25g of protein per eating occasion would be a good place to start and around 100g per day spread across your meals to optimise the benefits. A more specific number of grams of protein needed per day is down to the individual and this would be given as part of a nutrition plan when I am coaching someone with a fat loss or body composition goal.

Eating a variety of coloured fruit and vegetables will help keep you satisfied, reduce your risk of several health issues like type 2 diabetes, colon cancer and high blood pressure. I always recommend that people think about protein and vegetables before adding a carbohydrate and fat source as we generally tend to consume more than enough processed carbohydrates and saturated fats.

All foods can be included in our diets, nothing is bad or good, we just need to learn how to balance our energy input and output.

My top 5 most important actions for overall health would be:

  • Drink enough water
  • Prioritise protein
  • Eat a variety of coloured fruit and vegetables
  • Walk every day
  • Get plenty of sleep

We tend to think there is a magic diet, we label foods as good or bad and over complicate things. Think about more and adding in rather than less with the mindset of restriction, depriving ourselves or finding eating healthily a chore. This way, we have a much better chance of success.

If you’d like more information on how to work with me and the services I offer, you can contact me on any of the platforms below

T 07919 090788




Podcast: The Fit and Feminist Podcast

On Monday we headed down to LIFT Gym for one of Lyndsay’s PT sessions.  We focused on strength training and OMG – it’s true what they say – IT WAS AMAZING!

I think apart from Emma, whose a regular, we were all a little apprehensive about going to an actual gym and doing weights with a PT.  I had visions of being shouted at whilst I lift 100kg for 50 reps, followed by another 50!  I never expected to actually enjoy myself!  And now I realise the idea of a PT is not to shout at you until you keel over.  They’re there as your cheerleader – your biggest supporter who knows exactly what to do, and more importantly, how much you can do.  Think less shouting and more words of encouragement.

Lyndsay was great at putting you at ease, correcting you if you were doing something wrong, but mainly she was just brilliant at empowering you to do the very best you can.  The way she made all of us feel was just incredible!  I’ve heard a lot about strength training recently – and the effect it has on your mental health.   I was always a little dubious when people said what a positive impact it has had on them.  But one session in, I’m sold!  You’re lifting weights, you feel strong, you ARE strong – and that attitude carries on long after you leave.  I honestly felt invincible after that session, like I could do anything!

The session itself was about an hour, full warm up and stretches afterwards, with a whole range of circuit strength training in the middle.  Using our bodies in the first instance – resistance training, and then going on to the weights.  Nothing felt un-doable, in-fact I’ll go as far to say as all of it was enjoyable (well maybe not the press ups!).  I have to say though – nothing beats the feeling of lifting actual weights.  We all managed to deadlift 45kg (my PB!) – I can certainly see how people get addicted to this.

Take a look at how we got on over on our Instagram reel.

Reviewed March 2023

It’s clear to see that Lyndsay knows her stuff and  is AMAZING at what she does!  Don’t believe us?  Then just read these testimonies:

“I have worked with Lyndsay for some months now, and I can honestly say, because of her, at 49yrs, I am now the person I have always wanted to be.  Lyndsay’s knowledge of how our bodies work and what we need is exemplary.  But the best thing about working with Lyndsay, is the patients, the kindness and understanding of how our lives are.  Busy, complicated, often unpredictable, but I have never been judged or “told off”, I have been encouraged and heard.  If anyone is looking to help themselves understand how to make ourselves understand how to make ourselves feel better, to fit the clothes we want to and how to change how we speak to ourselves, then look no further.  Lyndsay has truly changed my life and I will be forever grateful.”

“Where do I even start!  I found Lyndsay when I was in a very dark place and needed to make some changes.  I have been working with Lyndsay for some time now and I have to say that Lyndsay’s knowledge is unbelievable.  She challenges me in a way that puts me out of my comfort zone but builds my confidence at the same time.  No two sessions are exactly the same but there is always a plan to build progression which i love.  I have worked with PTs before and can honestly say that Lyndsay explains in a way that makes so much sense.  Which muscles we are targeting, how to set realistic goals and I get soooo much out of every session not just exercise!  We have a giggle but we work hard.  Lyndsay is a true inspiration to me – she practicaes what she preaches.  She’s helped me beyond words!  I adore Lyndsay.”






Mumbler Reviews: Ebru Evrim Reformer Pilates

The Ebru Evrim Harrogate studio is a beautiful setting to enjoy classes and workshops in yoga, Pilates, meditation and mindfulness. Whether you are an absolute beginner, an accomplished yoga or Pilates fan, or a would-be teacher looking to train, they offer something for everyone.

Over 50 different day time and evening classes which run 7 days a week. The types of yoga on offer include; Hatha Flow, Power Vinyasa, Yin, Booty Barre and Ashtanga with a mix of female and male teachers. Pilates classes are available in the mat studio and on the reformer and circuit class apparatus, featuring gentle pre-natal classes through to high intensity cardio reformer Pilates.

There are over twenty mat classes – including Yoga classes for teens and kids.  For Teens: Aside from the physical benefits of yoga, yoga teaches teens techniques for coping with the unique issues they’re faced with everyday—insecurity about their changing bodies, the enormous pressure to fit in, stressful schedules, and uncertainty about their beliefs and their futures.

Being playful is a great gateway to introducing yoga to kids. Not only will kids have space for self-expression in this class, they will also strengthen their bodies, as well as their connection to mindfulness and breathing techniques. Through yoga poses, art, music and more, kids release energy and learn how to relax.

Ebru Evrim Harrogate have just launched their wellness cafe – coffee and sweet treats are currently available to purchase – take away or eat in in their beautiful cafe setting at the back of the ground floor.  A full brunch menu is coming soon – but for now we can confirm the coffee is good!

Find out more about Ebru Evrim Harrogate here

Mumbler Reviews: Ebru Evrim Reformer Pilates

We were invited along to review an Introduction to Reformer Pilates being taken by Ebru herself.  This is a 45 minute class which needs to be completed first before being able to book on  more advanced classes.  The class is set up to familiarise yourself with the equipment and go through some basic poses and stretches.

We were talked through the apparatus – shown how to move safely around it, and how to change weights etc.  We were then shown various exercises and given an explanation as to which muscles this exercise was working and how.

The introduction class was a 45 minute class, and it simply flew by!  We had so much fun doing each exercise – that it didn’t actually feel like we had done any exercise.  But boy – did I feel it the next day!

Ebru Evrim offer Pre Natal Reformer classes with Emma Ryder.  Every Wednesday 13:00- 13:45 – limited spaces available. Book through app or call 01423 391201.  Please note you must have completed an Intro Reformer Class before attending this class.

They also have daily Reformer Pilate classes as well as one on one sessions.

Take a look at our video to see how we got on here.

Reviewed April 2023


Mumbler Reviews: Enchantica’s Adult Yoga Magic

I’m sure all of our users are familiar with Enchantica’s magic – and now she’s done it again – this time for us adults!

New for 2023 Suzie now runs two nourishing yoga flow classes for adults.  These sessions are on weekdays during term time allowing some daytime well-being magic for adults to enjoy and hugely benefit from.  The classes run on Wednesday and Friday at 1pm-2.15pm.  It’s £10 for a drop in class, or you have the option to purchase two classes for £17.  Classes take place at Enchantica’s Workshop in Harrogate and there is ample free on-street parking is available nearby.

More about the class

Yoga is a scientific way of life which has been practiced for centuries in India with the unique aim of reaching a state of complete physical, mental and spiritual development of the individual. Suzie’s classes combine ancient practices with a playful delivery style making these classes not only accessible for all but also lots of lighthearted fun.


Each class will start with a grounding guided relaxation before a gentle warm up to music to support healthy energy flow. Students will enjoy the benefits of pranayama (breathwork) asansa (movement) and to seal in the magic, a nourishing end of class savasana (relaxation). There will also be an optional herbal tea social at the end of class for anyone who would like to enjoy bathing in the delightful class energies a little longer whilst enjoying spending time with class friends.

Mumbler Review

I headed over to Enchantica’s workshop on a nice bright Friday afternoon.  I was greeted by the lovely Suzie and her beautiful little puppy Waffles!  I’m not sure Waffles is at every class – but it was certainly an added bonus for me!

As soon as you enter the workshop you’re transported from an industrial estate behind M&S to a beautiful zen space.  Incense is burning, lights are low whilst lovely chilled out tunes fill the room.

There is no need to bring a mat – it’s provided for – just dress in comfortable clothes and bring some water.  This is a completely inclusive class, from beginners to experienced Yogis.  If you haven’t done yoga before, there is no need to worry – Suzi will talk you through all the poses – and she’s there in the middle of the class.  So if you don’t know your downward dog to your cat cow then don’t worry – just follow Suzi!

The class starts really chilled out and relaxed, focusing on your breath work to begin with.  You slowly build up energy through simple movements – and before you know it you’re building up quite a sweat!  The music gets a little quicker and so does the flow – this was my favourite part of the class – part yoga class, part dance class.  It was really lovely to move in such a free way – it certainly got the energy levels rising!

The end of the class was a really lovely Savasana.  This completely chilled me out – Suzi uses drums to make this experience even more magical – an added bonus of a little sound bath.  We are then invited to pick cards at the end of the session and take some herbal tea.

This really was a magical experience – Suzi put’s her spin on a typical Yoga class and I loved it!  Such a great way to spend the afternoon.

Book your class now.


Mumbler Reviews: HEAL Therapies

Our Mumbler Champion Elfie reviewed HEAL Therapies earlier this month.   They are offering all Mumblers a fantastic 30% off ALL of my treatments* throughout  March 2022.

*First treatment only. Appointment availability Monday – Friday, morning and afternoon appointments available.

Here’s what Elfie though…

Reflexology is often described as simply “a good foot rub”, but after experiencing my facial and foot reflexology treatment with Jane at HEAL, I can say it is so much more than that! Who doesn’t love a foot massage? But how about with added benefits of tuning the energy within our (incredibly intelligent) bodies to heal, grow, repair and cleanse itself?

I have experienced reflexology before (with a different practitioner), when my husband and I were trying to conceive. We had been on the tumultuous journey for almost two years, and we were feeling unworthy, like we had failed, empty and stressed. I was offered reflexology through a colleague, and at that point I really would have tried anything. Co-incidence or not, I was pregnant three months later. (It’s worth noting that Jane specialises in different areas of reflexology, including fertility. More information is available on her website).

When you read about reflexology, the word “balance” is often used, and I truly believe this. The intelligence that resides in our bodies is truly awe-inspiring, but plenty of things get in the way of that working (Nurse-mode, on!) Stress is one of the main factors, and this can be easily explained, biologically. The body has to use critical resources to manage its response to stress, which makes those resources unavailable for anything else: the body totally focuses on managing the stress. When you can bring your mind and body into a state of relaxation you create a state in which your body can do its best work. You can help it to help you; it doesn’t have to manage the stress. Instead, it can concentrate on healing, growing and repairing itself.

I arrived slightly late at Jane’s beautiful treatment suite, because I mistakenly followed my sat-nav to the address she provided. My first piece of advice is: ignore the sat-nav and follow her instructions! The address is not in Bilton, but on the way to Knaresborough, just off Forest Lane Head. Needless to say, when I finally arrived after travelling across Harrogate at 4pm I was certainly ready for my treatment! I had booked in for the facial and foot reflexology treatment, which to describe in a nutshell, 90 minutes of bliss.

Jane greeted me warmly and I got comfy on her treatment couch, which was generously sized and incredibly cosy. There was nothing clinical about this at all. There is an electric blanket tucked in underneath a layer or two of soft sheets, and she offered me another warm blanket so I could get snuggled up, ready for my treatment. Jane had sent me an online consultation form to fill out, so we did not need to spend any extra time on the questions (unless of course, there was anything Jane felt needing discussing). It was easy and straight-forward to fill out (and secure) and also adds to the holistic nature of this treatment; you don’t feel that you have a time limit or rushed, so can share other elements that may be troubling you rather than specific symptoms.

Jane explained that she would start on my face first, before moving on to my feet. There are reflexology points on the face that correspond to the body, in a similar way to foot reflexology. I hadn’t experienced this before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Jane started by cleansing my face with a gentle cream and hot towels. I have been having some issues with my sinuses recently, and the pressure points she used felt a little tender, but not unpleasant at all. She then moved on to my feet. If you haven’t experienced reflexology before and are worried that it may tickle, it doesn’t at all, but instead feels like gentle pushing and massage on various areas of the feet, which mirror parts within the body. I actually dozed a couple of times throughout the treatment; you know the time between being awake and dreaming but you’re not sure whether you’re awake or not? I was in this state for a large part of it, which is testament to how talented Jane is.

Afterwards, Jane discussed a couple of things she picked up on, some of which I had been experiencing discomfort with but had not mentioned in my consultation form. Reflexology is not just for relaxing the body, but also relaxing the mind and emotions, which certainly worked for me. As a Mother to a two-year-old, with a demanding job as a Macmillan Nurse, I definitely felt the benefit of feeling more balanced emotionally. Jane reminded me to drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins, and explained that I may feel differently for a day or so. I actually felt quite emotional that evening, with no particular trigger, but I have since read that it is fairly common to experience this after reflexology treatment as a way of emotional release. Others may sigh, or laugh. Jane mentioned that it was likely I would have a good, restful sleep that evening but unfortunately my toddler had other ideas! But for a day or two afterwards, I did feel a positive change and more balanced.

Reviewed March 2022

Disclosure: This review was written by Mumbler Volunteer Elfie.  Elfie was lucky enough to receive this treatment for free however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account. 

Mumbler Reviews: Heal Therapies Pregnancy Reflexology

Anna is our newest Mumbler Champion – at 29 weeks pregnant with her second child, we sent her on her first Mumbler assignment!  To review Heal Therapies Bambini and Me Ritual, including reflexology.

What a treat!
I had looked all over Harrogate for a spa day that was suitable for pregnancy, but there was nothing…. you would think that people who are pregnant are the most of need of some relaxation and pampering, but not a pamper session could be found.
So when I was given the opportunity to go to Heal Therapies for a Bambini and Me Ritual that would last an hour and a half I could not say yes quick enough.
I’ve never had reflexology but I had heard good things. On the day of my treatment, I had had a typically stressful day. The mum juggle at its best, world book day costume to finalise, carpet fitters at my house, oh and a dash of work to try and squeeze in. I think to say I was looking forward to the treatment would be an understatement, but my mind was not in a relaxing state, so Jane had her work cut out.
Prior to the session Jane had sent me a form to fill out with details of my medical history and highlighting areas where I felt aches and pains. Any other 29 week pregnant person knows that the list was LONG. She also gave me directions on how to get to her lovely cottage. The cottage is located just off Knaresborough road tucked down the cutest lane with allotments and  horses right next to the cottage. The session took place in a small summer house next to Janes beautiful cottage. As soon as you step in you feel like you in a spa. Twinkly light, the classic spa music and the amazing aromatherapy smells. Jane is the loveliest person. She immediately could see I was a bit frazzled but went about putting me at ease taking my coat and making me feel comfortable.
Once I had decompressed Jane got me comfy on her heated treatment chair which shapes to your body and gets you so cosy and comfy it’s like being in a little cocoon. The treatment started with a facial , scalp, neck and shoulder massage. When I say that this was dreamy….. I mean it…. by the time she was half way through my facial I was already drifting off to sleep. The music mixed with the rhythmic reflexology massage is SO calming. I hadn’t quite realised how sore and tight my shoulders were, but Jane made them feeling amazing. She then moves on to a reflexology massage on my feet. By this point I was in and out of sleep waking myself up by snoring…. Which Jane said after was the best compliment…. It made me feel slightly less embarrassed . But the best bit of the whole thing was taking the time to concentrate on my baby moving and feeling the more discrete movements that would normally be missed in my busy life. It was so nice  to relax and connect with her.
The whole experience was so much better than I even thought it could be. Which is saying something as I was really looking forward to it. Jane was so lovely and calming and I left the whole experience floating on a bubble.
Heal Therapies do a whole range of reflexology rituals helping with infertility, migraines, pregnancy aches and pains, digestion and so much more. Jane offers vouchers so would make a fantastic baby shower gift or gift in general. Could not recommend more. I look forward to going again.

Reviewed Feb 2023

Disclosure: This review was written by Mumbler Volunteer Anna.  ANNA was lucky enough to receive this treatment for free however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account. 

Mumbler Reviews: Move Yoga Harrogate

It was another #fitnessinfluencers day out for us all on Monday.  This week we were invited to Move Yoga Harrogate to take part in an Introduction to Yoga taster class.

Move Yoga Harrogate is a fun and friendly yoga studio, located right in the heart of Harrogate towncentre. Their purpose is to offer a safe, welcoming space to share the wisdom of yoga and the gift of community. They have classes for all levels offered by loving and experienced teachers.

Our teacher for the class was Alissa.  For anyone considering taking up Yoga for the first time she runs regular Introduction to Yoga courses, with the next one starting on Monday!

For those of you already familiar with yoga, there are classes throughout the day and evening – you can see their full time table here.

I’ve been coming to Alissa’s classes for years now – I cannot recommend her classes enough.  I started on the Introduction to Yoga series and have been hooked ever since! I regularly go to her morning class – I mean I even get up for her 7.30am Wednesday classes – so I must REALLY like them!  There is a lovely vibe before class starts, where we all usually chat about puppies! Classes themselves vary, depending on the type of class, but i guarantee you will leave which ever class you attend with a spring in your step!

This is what our lovely #fitnessinfluencers thought of the class:

” I thought Alissa was really approachable, friendly.  She made me feel completely relaxed and at ease whilst explaining all the movements in a way I could relate to.” Jen

“Alissa is incredibly friendly and instantly made me feel at ease.  I’m a newbie to Yoga, but she took time to explain the basics.  For each move there was an easy and also more challenging modification – this helped everyone go at their own pace.  It was a great class & I’m looking forward to going back soon!” Sally

“It was my first time doing any form of yoga so I was nervous.  Alissa was so friendly that my nerves disappeared instantly.  I love the way she explained each move and gave us options to make it harder if we felt comfortable doing so.  I learnt a lot in the session and would definitely recommend.” Evie

“Really enjoyed the class, I’ve only done a yoga class once before and felt totally out my depth!  But not this time, Alissa was fantastic as explaining all the moves, and stressed that we should only stretch as far as felt comfortable.  Will definitely be booking the beginners course.” Delly

“I’ve done a small amount of Yoga previously but nothing on a regular basis and loved how well Alissa explained everything to us, she also gave you the reason why it was so important too!  I left feeling chilled out and felt it had totally eased some aching muscles.” Emma

Find out more about Move Yoga here.

Reviewed April 2022

Disclosure: We were gifted our class at Move Yoga Harrogate however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account. Phew, we really enjoyed it! (otherwise that could have been awks!)


Mumbler Reviews: OneWellness Club Harrogate

We are fast becoming #fitnessinfluencers here at Harrogate Mumbler.  Something I never thought I’d say!  But as we’re getting older we’re valuing me time a little bit more – and wanting to get a little bit healthier.  I guess after over a decade (for some of us) of motherhood – it’s time to start putting us first!

We were kindly invited along to OneWellness in Harrogate – who put on a special Pilates class for us – run by the lovely Sam – better known to us at Harrogate Mumbler as Oobermama.  If you’d like to know more about Sam – watch this space #fitnessinfluencer Nic will be reviewing her specialist one to one classes very soon!

OneWellness Harrogate is a wellbeing and fitness club offering mind and body workouts. The last thing it looks like, or feels like is a gym!  I felt more like I was at a spa!  Which is exactly the vibe this tired 40something Mumma needed.  It’s like an oasis of calm right in the centre of Harrogate.   They have a huge fully equipped gym space – the light just floods the room, as well as a beautiful studio.

Our class was an Introduction to Pilates class run by Sam.  It was the first time for most of us – Sam went round the room and got an indication of our experience and tailored the class accordingly.  She was just brilliant, at points we were doing pretty intensive exercises but she had us so wrapped up in conversation we didn’t even notice!  Yes that’s right – I was able to hold a conversation and do exercises at the same time!  It’s amazing how less something hurts when you’re distracted!

We came away from that class feeling invigorated and with a new friend!  Thanks for having us Sam – we loved it, and you!

Here’s what the other #fitnessinfluencers thought:

“Incredibly knowledgable.  As a PT I feel qualified to be able to say her experience and ability to take on a class was second to none” Jen

“Class was amazing!  I had fun, felt at ease and the instruction was really clear.  I’m definitely still feeling the class benefits 2 days on!”  Zoe

“I really enjoyed the class and left feeling energised with a spring in my step! And the best thing was I didn’t ache lots the next day, just enough to know I’d done something!” Evie

“Sam made me feel so comfortable and was able to suit my needs.  Loved how I used muscles I didn’t even know existed!  Definitely want to do more classes” Nic

“The centre was welcoming, bright and relaxed, all the staff were incredibly friendly and Sam, who led the session was really knowledgeable.  She took the time to understand each of our own experiences with Pilates, then tailored the session appropriately.” Sally

OneWellness Club – Harrogate is a Wellbeing and Fitness Members Club located in the heart of the town with a beautiful, dedicated Yoga, Barre and Pilates studio, light and spacious gym and wellbeing space.  Our team of Personal Trainers, Physios and Instructors deliver both gym and studio based classes and appointments.   Find out more about their membership and class packs here.  If you are interested in one of their classes, you can even try them for free!

If you’re interested in seeing what OneWellness Club Harrogate has to offer, why not join them on Saturday 2nd April for their Festival of Wellbeing.

Reviewed March 2022

Disclosure: We were gifted our class at OneWellness Harrogate however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account. Phew, we really enjoyed it! (otherwise that could have been awks!


Mumbler Reviews: Oobermama Hypopressives

I’m very familiar with the desire to get back into shape after having a baby, and after four relatively close together, I perhaps know more than most that wanting to find your figure again whilst at the same time just living everyday life and the juggle that brings, can he much harder than you imagine it will be.

My body has never been what it was before Cici (my eldest), and nor do I ever expect it to be, but after my first three babies I managed to lose the weight and feel fairly happy with where I was at body wise. Along comes baby number four and a combination of being pregnant through Covid, not walking and getting out as much as well as over indulging way too much meant I put on more weight than ever before so when Trilli turned 9 months and the “9 months pregnant 9 months to work it off” clearly hadn’t worked it was time to do something about it.

Healthier diet, tick! More exercise, tick! Smaller tummy, nope! Something wasn’t quite right and I wasn’t sure what to do. I had a lot of excess skin and whatever exercise I tried – squats, walking, resistance bands etc I still looked about five months pregnant. I decided I needed to do something about my core and whilst in the midst of Pilates and Yoga class research I was invited to review a Pilates class with Sam from Oobermama.

Sam is a PT, Pilates teacher and also one of a handful of senior Hypopressives trainers in the U.K. Her focus is on rehab and in particular on the pelvic floor. Whether you are pregnant or post-natal, suffering from an abdominal separation (Diastasis), bladder or postural issues or simply just searching for those elusive core muscles, Sam aims to give you the tools you’ll need.

Fortunately for me this is where fate really intervened. I had thought for a while that I may have a  diastasis recti, the medical term for a tummy gap , a really common post natal condition.  About two out three post natal mums will have some degree of separation of their stomach muscles.  It is a widening of the two sets of rectus abdominus muscles (six pack). When I went along to the class with Sam the first thing she did was check my abs for this gap and what she found was a four finger gap with a depth down to the second knuckle.

I can’t tell you the relief of having someone confirm that there was actually an issue and it wasn’t in my head and that I could work to do something about it. But also I was nervous. The gap seemed so big, would I be able to close it and get close to my fitness and body goals?

The very next week I went along for a one to one with Sam at her house for an initial assessment. Sitting on an exercise ball in front of the mirror I cried at what I saw. Poor posture and a body that just didn’t feel like mine. Having Sam there saying there is something you can do, I can help you and we will do this together restored some confidence and belief in myself. That day I had my first introduction to Hypopressives and I can tell you I’ve not looked back.

Hypopressives is a breathing and postural technique that uses the whole body to activate the deep core muscles, improve posture and release mysofascial tension. Crucially, it also teaches the pelvic floor to match pressure from above. Sam started me off very slowly ensuring that I adopted the correct positions and avoided making anything worse and to also to help build new muscle memory.  As I have very little core strength, my whole posture needed improving. With Sam’s programme, it’s very much designed to fit around the individual. I have a short programme of exercise to complete every day and I check in with Sam, in-person, once a fortnight. Sam also offers weekly online classes as well as an in-person ones, so I’ve definitely felt supported along the way.

Photos taken week 1 (L) and week 11(R)

Nearly 12 weeks into the programme and I can’t believe the improvements I’ve had. Firstly just looking at my tummy it’s so much smaller but also the gap has closed. Already, my gap has reduced by over half, both in width and depth. But more than that, because I can see the positive impact it is having it’s really upped my motivation to be more active and eat more healthily too. My overall aim is to be fit for forty and I’ve still got time to hit my goal and it now feels so much more realistic and achievable. I can’t thank Sam enough for all that she has helped me to achieve so far and I’m excited to see even more incredible results in the next few weeks to come. 

So if you are like I was, wanting to kick start reclaiming your body after childbirth be it 5 weeks, 5 months, 5 years or even more, then don’t hesitate to contact Sam and give her programme a go. You’ll be so glad you did.

We also asked Sam to comment on Nic’s progress:

“I think from my point of view – aside from the obvious physical changes –  it’s the psychological ones you see in Nic. A mum who had disconnected from her body because she didn’t recognise it any more is not uncommon, but then watching her reconnect with it is so rewarding. I think it is illustrated clearly in these two pics of Nic, where she’s noticeably taller in the second and not so dejected.”

Find out more about Obermama.

Sam will be running a new Mums and Tums class at OneWellness studios from July, for more details visit their website.

Reviewed March – June 2022

Disclosure: Nic was gifted these sessions with Sam, however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account. Phew, we really enjoyed it! (otherwise that could have been awks!)

Mumbler Reviews: PT Charlotte Henwood

Charlotte’s PT expertise includes pre and post natal fitness enabling her to support clients regaining their fitness after childbirth.


Whatever your training needs Charlotte is available for 1-1, small group PT and classes for pre and postnatal as well as general PT.She’s a mummy and pre and post natal trainer so she knows the score!  You can find her at  Fitness Garage Harrogate.

As well as 1-1 and small group PT she is also launching a Post-Natal Group Class – every Thursday 10am at the Fitness Garage.

Are you a new mum looking to start or restart your fitness programme? Come along to Charlotte’s post-natal class and learn how to engage your core correctly and safely after pregnancy. A qualified pre and post-natal trainer and a mum herself, Charlotte will provide full body training to help strengthen and condition your whole body. The exercises will include body weight and free weight exercises. Charlotte will also offer tips on nutrition post pregnancy.

Each session will last for 45 minutes and will cost £12/session.
Bringing a pram or buggy? Don’t worry, they have a designated buggy park.

Find out more here.

Mumbler Review

We went along last week to test drive one of Charlotte’s small group PT classes.  There were four of us in total – we were really pushing the post-natal angel as much as we could – with most of us at least 5 years+ post natal!

It can be a little daunting coming into a gym, especially post baby, and the first thing that I noticed is how lovely Charlotte was – and how she put you at ease straight away, something that I think is really important.  If you are looking fr post-natal training – your babies are more than welcome to come along – as long as Charlotte gets a cuddle!

Charlotte gave us a tour of the gym and explained how all the equipment worked.  We were doing a small group PT session, doing about 6 different circuit exercises.  Each exercise she explained how to do, and more importantly why you were doing it.  She also gave us different variations, and explained how she’d adapt these exercises if you were to looking too train whilst pregnant.  We worked our way around the circuit, spending about 90 seconds on each exercise.  Enough time to get stuck in, but not enough time to get bored!  She’d come round and help you if you needed it, but we also had plenty of time to chat – and have a laugh whilst still exercising!

Our PT class was about 45 mins long – with a warm up at the start.  All exercises focussed on strength and resistance training, especially for the post natal body.

If you’re looking to start your post natal fitness journey – we can’t recommend Charlotte enough!  Exercising and having fun with someone who gets it – what’s not to love!

Fitness Garage – Charlotte Henwood

Reviewed by Harrogate Mumbler July 2023


Mumbler reviews Rudding Park Spa

The Supper & Spa offer at Rudding Park makes a very luxurious treat a bit more affordable…..

It really is the perfect place for a child free evening with the girls or a romantic date night. The Supper & Spa included a two course meal from 6pm followed by a few hours using the Spa facilities. Due to the timing, we were offered the festive menu, but on previous visits you tend to get a choice of 3 starters, 3 mains & 3 desserts. Drinks aren’t included within the deal so you just pay for those at the end of your meal before heading off to the spa. The food was absolutely amazing and the service was top notch.

We followed the signs to the Spa and were given the wristband for access. First we headed downstairs to the Escape Rooms. There were 4 different rooms including the Visual Relax Zone, Sleep Zone (for those much needed Zzz’s), Audio Relax Zone & the Mind Relax Zone. These rooms were perfect to just put your feet up and chill out.

The Rooftop Spa was our final destination. It is hands down one of the best spas I have ever visited, with such an array of different things to try out from infinity pools, hot tubs, saunas, tropical showers & even foot spas. For people who aren’t drawn to the Spa experience, you’d definitely find something to do at Rudding. We enjoyed a refreshing strawberry daiquiri whilst sat in the outdoor hot tub.

I chose the Chakra wellbeing massage for my 50 minute treatment; I arrived 30 minutes early and was allowed access to the spa before and after. Chloe was my masseuse, she sat down with me beforehand and explained what the massage would entail and asked about allergies and the pressure that I’d like. The massage was very relaxing and peaceful. The rooms are very silent with just some light music in the background so you really do get a therapeutic experience. My massage was followed by some frozen grapes and rose flavoured water. I would highly recommend Rudding to anybody wanting the perfect spa day.

Having visited Rudding Park several times, Mumbler were excited to see the Supper & Spa offer at £99 for two people, so we booked it as a little Christmas Treat and were delighted to be offered a complimentary 50 minute treatment. However, no amount of lovely oils and relaxing music would make us give a dishonest review, so rest assured that this it really was this lovely!

Mumbler Reviews – The Harrogate Spa

It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.  This Monday I was invited along to check out The Harrogate Spa at the Double Tree by Hilton Harrogate Majestic Hotel and Spa.  The whole hotel has recently undertaken a massive refurbishment, with the Spa only re-opening a couple of weeks ago.  This was my first time at the Majestic, but my friend use to take her little boy swimming here and she couldn’t believe the difference!  The once, leaky dark inside/outside corridor leading to the spa is now a beautiful, light filled space where you can relax between treatments.  As soon as you walk through the doors leading from the hotel the colour schemes, music and lovely staff all start making you feel super relaxed!

We were greeted by two members of staff who were lovely and gave us a quick tour.  We’d had our treatments booked for after lunch but after re-thinking we probably thought it would be better to do our treatments first.   The staff were really helpful and were able to accommodate our last minute requests!  We pre-ordered our lunch and off we went to get our spa on!  There’s plenty of lockers (no loose change needed – all code locked), hairdryers and ghds (they really have thought of everything!).  Off we went robed up into Spa area.  There’s a 12.5 meter indoor pool, surrounded by sun loungers as well as a range of thermal experiences including a spa pool, Himalayan salt sauna, steam room, Rasul, experience shower and ice fountain.  It all overlooks a huge patio area – which we were told will be open in the summer months, with outdoor dining tables and large sofas.  It’s a real sun trap – so if you love vitamin D as much as me, this is a must to visit next summer!

First things first, we picked two loungers, lay down and chatted non stop!  As a mother, I really appreciate a spa day – especially with fellow Mummy friends!  I see my friend all the time – but we never usually get to the end of a sentence without one of our children interrupting us!  So to have 30 minutes of just lying down and having an uninterrupted conversation with an adult felt like a spa treatment in its self!  But we had work to do, so off we went and checked out spa pool (tough gig right?!).  We went on a Monday and we’re very lucky that we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  Or at least thats how it felt, but when I look back there were probably about 10 to 20 other guests throughout the day – but there was plenty of space, and thing to do that it never felt crowded.  The sauna included a rose Quartz wall was my favourite, I wasn’t too keen on the ice fountain – brrrrr!

We were then taken downstairs to the treatment area.  It certainly had the wow factor, and thats without the glass elevator (hopefully up and running in 2020)!  There are six treatment rooms, two of which are doubles and an amazing tranquil relaxation lounge.  I must mention there is also a fully equipped gym and studio which looked awesome, if you’re into that sort of thing -I’m probably as far away from a gym bunny as you can get so it was wasted on me!

I went for The Harrogate Spa Signature ESPA Reflect and Renew Ritual treatment.  It was specially designed and exclusive to The Harrogate Spa.  My goodness, it was without a doubt the best treatment I had ever had!  I couldn’t believe how many things were included in the treatment, from a foot spa, to a full body scrub followed by a full body massage and finished off with a scalp massage.  I would thoroughly recommend.    There’s a great range of treatments on offer, something to suit everyone.

After floating back to the once leaky inside/outside corridor our lunch was waiting for us.  It was delicious!  They offer full spa days with your choice of lunch or Afternoon tea.  Everything on the menu looked yummy.  And the views over a sunny Harrogate were lush!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon taking full advantage of the steam room, sauna and pool.   You can book Spa days from as little as £60 for a half day.  A very competitively priced spa, in a serene setting with lovely attentive staff.    We didn’t want to leave, but we had children to pick up! All of this was on our doorstep and we were home in time for school pick up.

A great centrally located spa, if you’re looking for a little time out from hectic family life, then I would thoroughly recommend The Harrogate Spa.  The perfect  gift for any busy parent!

For more information click here.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Treat: Mumbler Reviews The Harrogate Spa

The Harrogate Spa kindly invited us down to review their Spa facilities, just in time for Mother’s Day!  We couldn’t think of a better treat for all those tired Mammas out there.

So off we went, three very tired Mum’s for some much needed ME time.  First things first though, school drop off!  One of the big advantages of The Harrogate Spa to me is the location.  Located right in town it means, there was time to do the school run, pick up a coffee and arrive in time for our 10am start.

Day Spa Packages include a 50 minute treatment, with 4 hours (10am-2pm or1pm-5pm) access to their spa facilities which include pool and experience shower, ice fountain, spa pool, steam room and hymalayn salt sauna.  Also included is afternoon tea or lunch.  £90 per person Monday – Thursday, £110 per person Fri-Sun.

We were treated to full use of the Spa facilities, a mud rasul and afternoon tea.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to sit back and relax for a few hours.  The spa itself is quiet and calming – which we all loved.  We never felt rushed or crowded.  In fact, at one point I think we had the whole spa to ourselves!  The staff were absolutely brilliant.  The mud rasul was great fun – I would highly recommend booking this – especially if there is a few of you, and my hair looked AMAZING over the next few days.  The Afternoon tea was a great finish to the perfect day.  We were done and dusted by 2pm, all feeling a million percent better, and all home well in time for school pickup – and the return to chaos!

We couldn’t think of a more ideal gift for Mother’s Day than a Day Spa at The Harrogate Spa.  They also have a fantastic Mother’s Day lunch offering at Carter’s restaurant that looks amazing!  They got me at unlimited Yorkshire puddings!  More details right here : Mothers Day Sunday Lunch 2022

What Evie though:

“Wow! What a fantastic day we had at The Harrogate Spa at the Majestic Hotel.

The team who works there are all very friendly, helpful, and attentive, particularly Craig, Adam & James.

We had full use of the spa facilities on our visit including the swimming pool, spa pool, Himalayan salt sauna, steam room, experience shower and ice fountain. We also had the opportunity to have a Mud Rasul – amazing experience, do try it if you can. 

After feeling fully relaxed and pampered, we then had the most delicious Afternoon Tea. 

Cannot recommend enough and looking forward to visiting again soon!”

Nic’s review:

“Such a wonderful morning spent at the Majestic Spa, a real treat! We were given such a warm welcome and the staff were super helpful. I love how modern the interior is inside with spacious changing rooms which are lovely and clean.

The pool area is beautiful and so relaxing and I particularly loved the sparkly ceiling lights above the good sized swimming pool.
The Swedish style sauna was really special with the rose quartz wall and the steam room with the blue lighting really helped me to unwind.
I got to try out the mud rasul treatment too which is a real sensory experience. Done in a specially equipped room the three types of mud for applying to face, body and hair were really detoxing. Loved the steamy environment and the rainforest showers for both standing and sitting which were really effective.
With plenty of lovely loungers and outside space too there are plenty of places to relax.

And to finish it all off a delicious afternoon tea! I was literally walking on air as I left feeling throughly chilled out. With lots of great packages to choose from I’d definitely recommend and can’t wait to go back again soon!”

For full details visit

Membership enquiries:

Day Spa Experiences:

Reviewed February 2022

Disclosure: Mumbler was lucky enough to try out The Harrogate Spa for free however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account. 

Thank you Harrogate Spa for making three tired Mum’s very happy, and a little more refreshed than we usually are on a Friday afternoon!