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Mumbler Review: Ordered Space

We have a very lived in house, otherwise known as messy (!), but it is very much a home. However, I am sure like many of you, space is always an issue and tidying up sometimes only involves piling things into a bag to sort through later. When I was given the opportunity to review Ordered Space, I was extremely excited!

Ordered Space is an Organising and Decluttering service run by Kimberley. Offering a range of services tailored to each client, common areas Kimberley tackles are:

  • Games rooms/toy storage
  • Nursery/kid’s rooms
  • Garages/sheds
  • Kitchens/cupboards
  • Wardrobes/drawers
  • Utility room
  • Office space/paperwork
  • Attics/loft space
  • Daily family routines

When Kimberley asked me if there was anything I particularly wanted to focus on tidying/sorting, I knew immediately what I wanted to work on. We live in a 2 up 2 down terrace where I predominately work from home. Our lounge is the dining room, playroom, as well as my office, so it can get a little busy! I wanted to concentrate on Edward’s bedroom, working out how he could have room to play, have friends over and enjoy some breathing space of his own.

Kimberley came over to my house one afternoon to have a look at Ed’s room to see what we needed to do.  We worked out what furniture could be moved and generally what the plan of action was and agreed a time and date for the organising session to take place.

Let the decluttering begin!

On 4th April at 8:30am, Kimberley arrived promptly to start. We moved as much out of Edward’s room as possible so we could relocate the furniture and dismantle the wardrobe (to be donated to charity). Kimberley has the most fantastic “can-do” attitude and resolved problems almost as soon as they occurred. She brings her own tools, measuring tape and plenty of enthusiasm.

Kimberley also has a large car so can easily fit bags of charity donations or things for the tip. I don’t have a car, so for me, this was a massive help, as everything we cleared was removed that day and I wasn’t tripping over it for weeks waiting for a chance to take it to charity myself.

We had moved all the furniture into place by the morning, so a great amount of the work was done quickly. I think it helped having a meeting beforehand and a clear idea of the objectives of the day. Kimberley is really hands on and got stuck in wiping walls down and hoovering too! She is truly amazing!

We had a break for lunch and Kimberley did a charity shop run then too. The afternoon was all about making the room right for Edward and sorting out his toys in a way that made it easy for him to get them out to play with and tidy away. We also put some hooks up at his height so he can take some ownership for putting things back in the right place. Pictures and posters were put up with ease, thinking which he might want to change in the future to make sure they were easily accessible.

Kimberley has a label making machine, so made some labels to go above Edward’s hooks as well as some for my Airing cupboard which she also organised. I have the most beautifully folded towels now – I don’t want to use them!

Another thing Kimberley can help with is flat packed furniture assembly. I often struggle with this as a single mum, as the first page of the instructions nearly always starts with a picture of two people building the item!

You can book Kimberley in sessions or create a more bespoke option which suits your needs.

It might be that you need help twice a month to keep on top of the house or once every season change to help put away the clothes you don’t need. I found it really helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes to help me see the potential space behind the clutter and I am excited to rebook Kimberley in the future to help me sort out more of my house.

Session prices:

6 hour package – £200

12 hour package – £380

24 hour package – £700

Kimberley can offer tailored sessions for less than 6 hours (from £35/hr)

The above packages include:

A free 30-minute video call or in-home consultation (depending on where you live) and the removal of charitable donations.

Everyone’s situation is unique. We can find a flexible solution to suit your needs, availability, timeframe and budget. Contact Kimberley for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Reviewed April 2022

Disclosure: We were gifted a 6 hour session from Kimberley at Ordered Space however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account. Phew, we were really pleased with the result! (otherwise that could have been awks!)

Mumbler Reviews: Urban Circus

We’ve been working with Urban Circus for a while now – our biggest Mini-mumbler Tilly is a big fan, and whenever we post about Urban Circus online we get such a positive response from you guys!  So when Natalie Aka Captain Circus invited us down for a private Mumbler party we bit her hand off!

Urban Circus offers alternative fitness classes in Ripon & Harrogate, open to all!  They pride themselves on offering fun, addictive and rewarding classes you will look forward to each week!   Based across 2 venues, offering 40+ exciting, alternative classes including, but not limited to, Pole, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Hammock and Children’s Classes! These classes are open to EVERYONE – all ages, shapes, sizes and genders!   Their wonderful instructor team are experienced, insured, qualified and continually trained to ensure the highest quality of instruction and with your safety as our number 1 priority. Instructors are first aid certified and those working with our younger students are also DBS checked.

As well as classes, which you can find here.  Urban Circus also offer parties, and that’s what we reviewed!  There were 7 adults, and of course our little Mumbler mascot Baby Trilli (10 months).  The class was about 1.5 hours long, and we were able to try out the pole,  aerial hammock and aerial hoop.  Seven worked perfectly – we all had our own pole, as did Natalie, and then when it came to the aerial hoop and hammock we had one to use between two.  Believe me – you needed the break when your partner was taking their go!

Everything and everyone at Urban Circus is really chilled out and relaxed.  They’d set up a play area for Trilli, which kept her amused for the whole class!  We started up with a warm up – which was hilarious, fun and actually really hard!  We all had quite a sweat on once we’d finished, but I can totally understand why it was necessary.  What I loved about Urban Circus was that, apart from the warm up, nothing seemed like a work out.  It was all good fun, yes a bit of huffing and puffing now and then – but I certainly didn’t feel like I was doing actual exercise.  It wasn’t until the next day, that I realised that that had probably been the best work out of my life!  EVERY muscle in my body ached, muscles  I didn’t even know existed.  I’m no gym bunny, so to do something that was such good fun, and didn’t seem like a work out at the time is a big big sell to me!

First up was the pole dancing -harder than it looks!  I thought this would be the easiest of the three but I think we all found it the hardest.  We couldn’t quite master the sexiness of the moves!  But what a laugh – it was such good fun, spinning around, giving  our best Beyonce impressions!  Some of us even managed to get quite far up the pole!  Not me – I think I managed half an inch of the floor at one point!

We then moved onto aerial hoop.  This was my favourite!  I thought this was the opposite of the pole – it looked almost impossible, but with a little help and words of encouragement from Natalie was actually quite easy!  I have zero upper body strength – so when I realised we had to get ourselves up on the hoop – there was no little step ladder on hand, I had kind of ruled myself out.  But if I can do it – anyone can – a bit of a pep talk from Natalie and she soon had me hanging upside down, and even sitting in the hoop.  Even if I do say so myself, I looked like I knew what I was doing!  I was by far the worse in the group – some of the others in the party were amazing!  Fancy getting to your 40s and finally realising your sport is aerial fitness!  By this point in the class the arm aching was starting to set in – so having that break whilst your partner took a go was much needed!

We then moved onto the Ariel Hammock – this was probably easier than the hoop, but there was a lot of hanging upside down on this one.  Given I get dizzy getting out of bed, this wasn’t for me! I managed a good old swing though!  The rest of the team loved it!  When Natalie showed us how to do it – there was a lot of gasps and wows.  It looked amazing, but difficult – there was no way we’d be able to pull off some of the moves she did – and look as good as she did!  But boy was I wrong, everyone that had a go could do it – and looked pretty amazing too!

Time went by so quickly, but at the same time I was amazed at how much we’d managed to fit in.  Natalie was such an awesome teacher – we all had an absolute ball.  We all came away with massive grins on our faces, a bit of a spring in our step and we all felt massively empowered!  It really is amazing what our bodies can do!  We felt it the next day (and the day after that) but it was so worth it!

We couldn’t recommend Urban Circus enough – I’ve already signed by daughter up for some classes, and a few of the ladies who rocked at the aerial hammock and hoop have signed up for courses too!

Thanks for having us Urban Circus – it was AWESOME!



More about Urban Circus Parties


Whatever the occasion , Urban Circus can make it one to remember!

Parties are available Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings, and can last 1-2 hours. We offer various types of parties, which can be tailored to your specific needs. These can include mixed disciplines for our children’s parties, and either pole, aerial hoop or aerial hammock for our adult classes. Adult parties can be ran as ‘intro classes’ covering a range of beginner friendly moves sure to leave you sweaty, or as dance classes where beginner movements are combined for more of a fun, flirty feel. If booking for more than one hour, more than once discipline can be selected.

Parties are £15 per person for 1 hour or £25 for 2 hours, with a minimum of 6 per party. The studio space is also available after the party for food / drinks/ party games for unto an hour. Please note, although adult parties are perfect for nights out, please save any drinking until after your session! Alcohol and aerial do not mix well and if any party members are thought to be under the influence, they will not be allowed to participate but may still be charged.

Click here for to book your party.

February 2022

Disclosure: Mumbler was lucky enough to try out Urban Circus for free however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account. Phew, we really enjoyed it! (otherwise that could have been awks!