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Carpet, Wood floor & Tile Cleaning in Harrogate: The Mumbler Review

As anyone with kids knows, the floors in your home take an absolute battering! Throw in a dog, a muddy garden (with 5 chickens) and building work and you can imagine what a state Harrogate Mumbler gets into… A friend of mine’s husband recently brought the Zero Dry Time cleaning franchise to Harrogate so they asked me to try it out & give my honest opinion on Mumbler. Knowing that my house is a tough gig (and desperately in requirement of some TLC) I was happy to oblige.

Zero Dry Time offers a variety of services- carpet cleaning, upholstery & leather cleaning as well as wooden floors & hard floors. My sofas are pretty new so I didn’t need those doing, but I laid my living room carpet & engineered wood hallway & utility room 8 years ago. In fact my utility floor used to be my kitchen floor but I moved it when we did some building work 18 months ago. As a kitchen it had serious foot traffic but it also seemed to be looking really dry since we had all the building work done- I guess the tiny plaster particles & brick dust really affected it.

The final area that I needed cleaning was my bathroom floor- it is a white limestone tile and has been a big regret since I laid it 8 years ago. It looked lovely in the showroom & I got it cheap as it was a line-end but it just doesn’t work for a busy family & never looks clean. I’ve tried various sealants over the years but it’s porous & it stains. As it is limestone I have to be very careful about what I clean it with as any limescale removing bathroom products can dissolve it. Basically it’s a nightmare.

Anyway, on to the cleaning… Phil Harrison, who owns Zero Dry Time Harrogate, is a local dad with 3 young sons (also with a pooch) so he well knows how much punishment family homes get. He made his appointment to come & have a quick look at a time to suit me (after school runs) and took his time testing my stone floor (to make sure it would respond well) and advising me on what to expect, & what the cleaning process would be. We agreed a date a few days later to come & do the job.

Phil turned up on time & was very efficient (& tidy) bringing in his seemingly endless cleaning equipment. I work from home & Phil was really careful to work around me and not to disrupt me. He started on the wooden floors first (as they need cleaning & drying before 2 coats of polish were applied) in between this process he did a thorough cleaning of my living room carpet and an unbelievable job on the limestone tiles.

The carpet in the living room is now completely free of all the spot marks and he had managed to lift the pile (especially noticeable in the doorway) The bathroom tiles look like new- I opted for a very slightly shiny finish (as opposed to the previously matt one) in the hope that the finished floor will retain it’s finish & stay stain free (so far so good) Phil took his time to advise me on the pros and cons of the various finishes & made sure that I was happy with the results.

The finish that he achieved on my wooden floors is just unbelievable. They look like new! I can’t help but feel like I’m on a shampoo commercial, but they are nourished! The wooden boards had been so dry looking before and now they are glossy & gorgeous.

Phil is a really lovely bloke and I am absolutely thrilled to give him the Mumbler stamp of approval. Phil covers the following areas: Harrogate, Wetherby, Ripon, Ilkley, Bourghbridge, Tadcaster, Boston Spa, Otley, Masham, Knaresborough, Ripley, Pateley Bridge, Harewood, Collingham, Church Fenton, Bardsey, Addingham, Wike, Allwoodley, Bramhope, Moortown.

Phil is currently running a special offer whereby if you book him for a sofa clean, he’ll clean your living room carpet for half price. He has also agreed to knock 10% off wood floor cleaning if you mention Mumbler. 

You can contact Phil Harrison on 0800 180 4054 on e-mail or follow him on Facebook here 

Disclaimer: Phil cleaned my floors for free in exchange for a review however as I told him, just like Shakira- my pics don’t lie! This review is my honest opinion and I was genuinely thrilled with the service (phew!)

Mumbler reviews…. Preen and Clean Window Cleaning

So, window cleaners……. we all need one,  and Preen and Clean are new to the area, and are, in my opinion, great value for money.

When you book in with them you get a welcome text message with lots of information about how to pay, what access they will need, what will happen in adverse weather, and a friendly welcome.

You also receive a reminder message the day before, which, if you’re anything like me and a little bit scatty, will be very useful indeed!!

Reece arrived very promptly and was super polite and cracked straight on with the windows. We live in a terraced house and parking is tricky, but nothing was too much trouble and he had an incredibly long stretch of hose to ensure they could reach all the windows.

The back of our house is only accessible through the house and that was no problem, and no mess was made carrying the brushes and hose though the living room.

All of the windows were spotlessly clean after they’d finished, which was impressive as we’ve recently moved in and they hadn’t been done for at least 2 months!

Preen and Clean use pure hot water (which apparently not a lot of window cleaners do) and were professional and polite throughout the process. I would not hesitate to recommend them to all you lovely Mumblers.

The best bit is that they are very reasonable too- we received a complimentary clean in exchange for the review, but no amount of sparkly windows would make me write a dishonest review. We have a 3 bed terraced house and the cost would have been £13 (£10.40 for the first 6 months with their introductory offer)

I have since signed up as a regular customer as I was so impressed.

Here’s how to get them booked in…

  • 20% off for 6 months
  • Instant online quote and book online at
  • Trustworthy, Reliable, Friendly