Harrogate Mums launch Tie-Dye business: Dipididodye

We always love hearing about local mums who have launched businesses in Harrogate, particularly when the business helps us keep our kids busy. When we heard about the tie dye kits by Dipididodye, we couldn’t wait to have a try!
Dipididodye came about during lockdown when local mum Lisa Kos and her friend Geri Payne were both running out of new creative things to occupy their kids. Lisa had bought a tie dye kit but found it difficult having to find everything that she needed for her kids to create a t-shirt without spending a fortune. It occurred to Lisa & Geri that no one had thought of collating everything you need in terms of a package and so Dipididodye was born!
Dipididodye started out as DIY t-shirt kits for kids, containing everything that you need to create a fashion masterpiece, but then Lisa & Geri started getting requests to design and deliver bespoke clothing as well. As well as the traditional kits, they also offer awesome Halloween themed kits.
Here at Mumbler we were lucky enough to try out 2 of the t-shirt kits at Mumbler and we absolutely loved them. The main thing that impressed us was how the kits contain absolutely everything that you need to keep the tie-dye as mess-free as possible. They’ve really thought of everything: gloves, apron, table covering & pre-filled dye bottles (they come with the dye pre-filled as a power, you just top it up with water) You have to request a specific sized T-shirt when you order your kit (I’d recommend going up a few sizes as they are slim fitting) and a really lovely touch is the lolly included with each one.

Each kit has a clear set of instructions telling you exactly how to do the dying. Basically, you twist the shirt in whichever pattern you want, then secure it with elastic bands. When you apply the dye the elastic bands work both as a barrier and to keep some of the shirts dye free. The dye is in small, easy-to-handle bottles & you wear the gloves whilst you are doing it. It’s extremely experimental and so whilst you can follow a rough pattern design, you never quite know what you’re going to get until the big reveal!

Once you’ve applied the dye, you wrap your design in clingfilm & leave it for between 8 & 24hrs to set. (The longer you leave it, the stronger the colours will be) Once ready, it’s a case of popping the gloves back on & rinsing the bundle under cold water. You release the bands while you’re doing this (We had to cut them off as they were pretty tight) Once the water runs clear you can have a first peek at your masterpiece. My daughter Tilly was convinced that she’d made a mess of her pumpkin design because she got a small amount of black dye on the orange, but little things like that don’t matter- the finished result looks fab!

Once rinsed, you can wash your t-shirt in the machine (I wouldn’t put any other clothes in with it mind you!) Once dried it’s ready to wear. My daughters (and I) thoroughly enjoyed doing the tie dyeing, it was great fun and because Lisa & Geri have thought of everything, it’s as mess- free as you could possibly make it. The T-kits are really well priced as well, at £15 they are ideal for a gift for a birthday or Christmas. The Halloween kits are a brilliant idea, especially this year as Covid restrictions may limit our usual spooky activities.

You can follow the Dipididodye team on Instagram & Facebook Drop them a message on either account and they’ll arrange a delivery. You can also find their brilliant kits in some other fantastic local businesses:

Tiger57 on Cold Barth Road are stocking halloween kits. Mama Doreens in town are offering kids afternoon tea with kit delivered & the Lifestyle Lounge are selling their bespoke clothing.
Prices: Kids T-shirt kit £15, Kids Hoodie kit £25. For bespoke clothing prices, see image below.

Disclaimer: Dipididodye kindly gifted the 2 tie dye kits to Mumbler for the purposes of this review.

Mumbler Reviews – Car Shades UK

Car sun blinds! Essential in our car for any journey now it’s getting sunny.

Mumbler Reviews: Christmas Crafts toucanbox

Enjoy a hand crafted Christmas with toucanBox with 50% off your first box when you subscribe!

Click here to sign up and receive 50% off! 

Make the season merry and bright by spending quality time crafting with your little ones. The toucanBox Limited Edition Christmas crafts are the perfect way to spark festive fun and help children learn through play.

Construct and decorate a glittering, glowing Gingerbread House, featuring a moving mechanism that flings the doors wide open to reveal a gingerbread friend! Then build and experiment with the Iceberg Bobbing Walrus, simply twist the handle of your blubbery creation and watch as the walrus bounces along the arctic ice! Your Christmastime toucanBox is also stashed with the Christmas edition toucanBox magazine and awesome sticker sheet.

Here’s Kate and her family’s review:

Our Toucan box arrived and I am not sure who was more excited me of my children!  I think its safe to say – we all felt like kids at Christmas!  The box is inviting & really brightly coloured so great to look out for in the post.

I’ve got three children – Louis (9), Theo (7) & Ida (4)  and I  really find it difficult to find something to do that they will all enjoy (that isn’t watching TV!).  I can happily report that we all absolutely loved working our through all the crafts!

One afternoon after school we sat down together  and set to work.  Louis picked the Walrus and was able to complete on his own following the instructions without any help whilst myself & Theo & Ida got to work on the Gingerbread house.  This was fab & the instructions were really clear – we loved building it together & adding the finishing touches.

Everything you need is included in the kit which makes arts & crafts an easy activity which is perfect for this time of year, as it’s often too dark to go out on the bikes or to the playground after school, and if you don’t want to resort to the TV!

As well as the guided practical activities there is also a book crammed full or maths, science, technology engineering & art challenges.  They were easy to follow and the children loved doing them.

I found the box was great for all of my children with something suitable for every child, and finding something that keeps them all occupied is a winner in my book!  Plus there were NO arguments – hats off to you toucanbox!  Ida has already put a toucanbox on her Christmas list!

Disclosure: Mumbler was lucky enough to receive the toucanbox for free however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account. Phew, we really enjoyed it! (otherwise that could have been awks!)

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Terms and Conditions:
For new toucanBox customers in the UK only. Valid payment details required. This offer entitles you to receive a 50% off discount on the first toucanbox in a Monthly box subscription. Usual price is £11.90 including shipping. toucanBoxes are delivered monthly and suitable for boys and girls aged 3 – 8 years. After you have received your first box, you will automatically continue to receive monthly boxes at the normal price (£11.90 including shipping) unless you stop your deliveries. You can pause or cancel your order at any time via your account atwww.toucanbox.com/account. Limited Edition Christmas Crafts go on sale November 16. Order before midnight Dec 15 to guarantee delivery before Christmas. Contents of the box may vary from image. For more information, please see our frequently asked questions atsupport.toucanbox.com


The Week Junior Magazine

Mumbler have recently partnered up with The Week Junior magazine, and we couldn’t be happier to tell you all about it. We’ve actually been buying the magazine ourselves for about 5 months & we absolutely love it. It’s an award-winning magazine, aimed at children aged 8-14 years old.


The Week Junior delivers news, information & current affairs to kids in a way that they understand, but without scaring (or patronising) them. It is read by over 90,000 families each week. Each edition is a round-up of what’s been going on in the world & is packed with news and events as well as nature, science, history, books, sport, technology, films, recipes, puzzles, quizzes, ideas on things to make and do and more. it’s written in a way to help kids that age engage & understand and it covers all of the main news events but also less mainstream stories, that they might not otherwise hear about.

We originally subscribed for my eldest daughter, she is 11 years old. She loves that fact that the magazine gets delivered addressed especially to her each Friday (without any plastic wrapping- she’s well-aware of environmental issues!) and she devours each issue cover to cover.

My youngest daughter isn’t a great reader (she’s dyslexic) but she loves The Week Junior as well- each week she snatches her sisters copy without fail. She has a good flick through as she finds the imagery & photography incredibly appealing. Her favourite pages are the “Photos of the Week” As a parent, I love that The Week Junior is so visually appealing that it actually encourages a dyslexic reluctant reader to pick it up & have a browse!

Rather than review The Week Junior myself, I thought I’d let my daughter Tilly (11 years) tell you about it in her own words.

“I have been getting The Week Junior for about 17 weeks now and it has been my favourite way to stay informed throughout the whole of lockdown. Even before lockdown I read the Week Junior at my school. Me & my class mates would always try & find it first because we love to read all the exciting stories going on around the world.

My favourite issue so far was probably the one about the 75th anniversary of VE day. I loved to learn about what people did to celebrate the end of the war in Europe on VE day.

I like the way that the magazine explains the stories that I heard on the news, but in a way that I understand. I also like the science bits- the magazine told us about the Space X rocket (although we didn’t manage to see it on the night!) and it tells me all about nature and what good news stories are going on such as rare birds nesting & the Big Butterfly count”

The magazine is really well read in the Mumbler house. Once the kids are in bed, I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a read as well (it was invaluable for setting ”pub quiz” current affairs for zoom quizzes during lockdown!) We are thrilled to give it our Mumbler stamp of approval & to thoroughly recommend that you give it a go.

It’s a no-brainer at the moment as The Week Junior is absolutely FREE for the first 6 issues. After this free trial, you’ll pay just £25.99 every 13 issues – saving 20% every week

-As well as this, for a limited time, you’ll also get a £5 Book Voucher to use at Scholastic as a welcome gift when you subscribe – perfect to join in their Summer of Reading challenge (minimum spend £20)

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Treat Trunk Mumbler Review

When I was asked to review the Treat Trunk I jumped at the chance. We have a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter who is the snack queen! She’ll happily graze all day, but put a plate of food in front of her that resembles a nutritional meal and she’ll turn her nose up at it! So after months of throwing these meals in the bin, I now try and focus on getting as much goodness into her via her snacks as I can. But it’s hard work – and there’s only so many packets of raisins she’ll have. So we gave the Treat Trunk ago and we were impressed!

Treat Trunk is a brand new subscription box filled with healthy snacks for all the family to enjoy together. It’s the only healthy subscription snack box in the UK created for both children and parents. You can sign up to receive the Treat Trunk on a monthly or quarterly basis, or even as a one off Gift Treat Trunk and it gets delivered direct to your door. The Trunks contain a mixture of snacks for all the family, some especially designed for kids, and some chosen specifically with parents in mind. Their products are dairy-free, vegan, with no nasty additives, and sugar sensible. Many of the products also come in recyclable or biodegradable packaging and each brand’s ethics are taken into consideration before going in the Trunk.

Our Treat Trunk arrived a few weeks ago and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with how much you got. The packaging was fab – designed to actually look like a trunk – and it got me and my little girl really excited to see what was inside! A little letter, addressed to us all was a lovely little touch and gave a brief description of what was included in our Treat Trunk (and there wasn’t a box of raisins in sight!) There were lots of brands I was familiar with including BEAR and Nakd. There was also a lot of things I’d never heard of and if I’m being really honest there were a few things in there I would never have picked up if I’d seen it in the supermarket. But this is one of the many things I love about the Treat Trunk – you try things you’d never usually dream of!

At around 3pm (prime snacking time!) on the day the trunk arrive my little one got a little peckish and insisted she wanted some chocolate! But armed with my Treat Trunk I was able to offer up a cacao and orange organic raw brownie. It claimed to taste just like chocolate orange. This is exactly the thing I would never consider trying – how could a vegan organic raw brownie taste anything like chocolate? Obviously for the purposes of this review I had to have a little taste myself. And guess what Mumblers… it tastes just like a flamin’ chocolate orange!! It was gorgeous and my daughter loved it too. And an added bonus after she’d finished she, and my sofa were not covered in chocolate, which is what usually happens! Coupled with the fact that she wasn’t swinging from the rooftops in a sugar rush frenzy for the next twenty minutes, we were already sold on the Treat Trunk.

The next day we were off to see my family in the Midlands, which meant a two-hour plus car journey – so that meant more snacks! A delicious cereal bar saved a meltdown on the M1. My daughter and her cousin loved the Super Sour Bears Yo Yo’s. In fact, everything we’ve tried so far has got big thumbs up from us all! We’ve all enjoyed the pear crisps (something I never new existed) and hubby been a big fan of the Nakd bars, especially the salted caramel ones. We’ve had Berry Superbars that have saved us from full on meltdowns in the supermarkets and some rather delicious organic salt and vinegar flavoured chickpea puffs that have curbed our hunger on the train to York.

We’ve still got a fair few things to get through including some yummy flavoured teas and some interesting sounding lime pepper savoury porridge! All-in-all we’ve loved the Treat Trunk, loads of variety and lots of things I would never think of trying which have pleasantly surprised us all! A great idea that’s taken the stress out of trying to feed my family something healthy they’ll actually enjoy!

Treat Trunks are available as subscriptions or one off “gift boxes” Prices are from £19.99 per month.

To order a Treat Trunk visit www.treattrunk.co.uk Use code MUMBLER25 which will offer 25% off your first month’s subscription (any subscription).

Disclaimer: We received a free Treat Trunk for the purposes of this review. We did remind Trunk Treat that we can’t be “bought” so if they sent us a box load of tasteless, weird “healthy” snacks that we wouldn’t be willing to tell porkie pies to our readers. Fortunately this potentially awkward situation never arose as the contents were splendid! (#phew) We are extremely happy to recommend this fantastic company and their delicious boxes. 


You heard it here first – THE most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn 

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Get 20% of your first order with code: NEW ADDICTI’ve been vaguely aware of FitFlop for a while now and if I’m honest, I always associated it with a brand that put practicality over style. Which for many years, wasn’t something I was willing to admit (publicly) was of any great importance to me. After all, who needs to actually be able to feel their toes when your feet are the main topic of conversation at Sports Day…. Well, it would seem…I DO.

I think we can all agree that day to day life as a parent is hard enough without having to deal with both your screaming 2-year-old and tortured soles! So, when a friend turned up at my house for a catch up and I immediately clocked her glorious new slingbacks from a great (social) distance, I was shocked to learn they were from FitFlop.  My first foray onto the site was one of those classic ‘how have I been on here an hour already’ experiences. The full range had so much offer in terms of variety and style. With a social event on the horizon, I finally decided the strappy red espadrilles were up to the task of making this a noteworthy comeback.


Above: Eloise Espadrilles in Red £1

Two short sleeps later (and an emergency DIY pedicure) – they arrive. Giddy with excitement, I opened them up immediately and stomped around the house to ensure the fit was right and to test out comfort levels. I wish I could do justice to how comfortable and light-weight they actually are and how happy they make me…although I am sure the photo below gives some indication!



In my dutiful attempt to get a better understanding of the biomechanics behind the shoes before I wrote this, I read over the information about how they optimise pressure diffusion, body alignment and improve muscle activity. However, this lasted 5 minutes until I ended up back on the main site and considering my next purchase…. What do you all think – studded sliders, tortoise shell flipflops or leather ballet pumps? Remember to apply the Mumbler discount code ‘NEWADDICT’ to get your 20% off.

Above: Stud H-Bar Slides – On Sale at £40 (£32 with Mumbler discount!)

Above: IQushion Tortoiseshell Ergonomic Flip-Flops – £26 (£21 with Mumbler discount!)


Above: Allegro Leather Ballet Pumps in White – £80 (£64 with Mumbler discount)  Reviewed July 2020.

Disclosure: Mumbler was lucky enough to receive this for free however we pinky promised to only write a truthful account. Phew, we loved them! (otherwise that could have been awks!)