Urban Circus: Pre & Postnatal Class

These sessions are open to Mums and their babies up to the age of 1. These hour-long sessions are also open to pregnant students who were already participating in pole, hoop or hammock classes for 3 months prior to conception. The sessions are taught by a pre and postnatally trained instructor who can adapt each move to suit your individual stage in pregnancy or postpartum healing. The class combines conditioning with a very relaxed approach to training aerial, either pole, hoop or hammock, and also incorporates baby sensory class elements. There will be no judgement if someone’s little person decides to have a screaming off day during class – so don’t worry about needing model behaviour as everyone’s in the same boat! This class is as much about support as it is about fitness. 
Find more details and book online at www.urban-circus.co.uk 

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