About Us

Sally Haslewood founder of Mumbler with her daughtersWelcome to Harrogate Mumbler!

Harrogate Mumbler is run by local mum of two Sally Haslewood, and has been her third ‘baby’ since launching the website in November 2012.

Sally was born and brought up in Harrogate and is a passionate advocate of the town and all of it’s lovely people. After 12 years of living away and following her husband’s job (who was serving in the forces back then) Sally came back home to settle once again in Harrogate just four days before her second daughter was born.

Familiar with the town, but unfamiliar with it’s parenting community Sally saw a gap in the market and Mumbler was born. Initially as a Facebook chat group in 2011 it’s popularity rapidly grew and saw the launch of the Harrogate Mumbler website in 2012, the first Mumbler Awards in 2013 and the first franchised Mumbler site in Hull in 2014.

Sally spends most of her time glued to her iPhone, shamefully overusing social media and desperately trying to keep her kids from feeding Lego bricks to the dog. She doesn’t miss her past career as a Chartered Surveyor but has since discovered (much to her husband’s disappointment) that she’s a fairly crap housewife. She likes nothing more than that deep sigh of relief when the kids are finally asleep and that bottle of wine is cracked open…

Meet the rest of the team!


Kate moved to Yorkshire after finishing uni (more years ago that she cares to disclose) and she has never left.  Kate has 3 children Louis (8), Theo (6) and Ida (4) and lives locally with them and her hubby Solo.  Harrogate Mumbler has been her go to when she wanted to find out anything from where to go for date night to where is the best place to see Santa.  Kate joined Harrogate Mumbler in September as is responsible for looking after all our lovely customers.

When Kate isn’t at work she can be found being a taxi driver for her children ferrying them to swimming, parties & football!  She also loves to drag the family on walks and anything that gets them all out into the fresh air.  On the rare occasion she hits the town without her babies she can be found anywhere where the food is good and the red wine even better!


Evie moved back to Harrogate from Cumbria two years ago, with her husband James, originally from Harrogate, their son Eddie, two ½ going on 27 and their dog Bear (3 ½).

Having previously lived in York, Knaresborough and Harrogate, Evie thought it would be easy to settle back into Yorkshire life, but as a new mum, she was seeing Harrogate from a new perspective entirely i.e. only going anywhere if she new they had baby changing facilities! A friend recommended the Harrogate Mumbler website and it was like a light had been switched on! Finally, life could move on from the previous pastime of wheeling a trolley round a supermarket for about an hour whilst you try to remember what you came in for (baby-brain really does exist).

Evie joined Team Harrogate in September and is responsible for engaging with the local community, supporting charities with fundraising events and raising awareness of what we do through the powers of Instagram.When not in Mumbler HQ, Evie can be found at the local park, jumping in muddy puddles with Eddie and Bear, building train layouts at home or taking Eddie on adventures on buses or trains.

When she gets a chance to put her glad rags on, she loves nothing better than to visit one of Harrogate’s great independent Cafes or Bars for a wonderful hot cup of Yorkshire tea (or a refreshing G&T depending on the the hour) and a good browse on social media without a little voice saying “play trains Mummy”!



Kayti moved to Harrogate from London nearly two years ago, with her husband Joe ,originally from Harrogate, and their little daughter Esme, now three.  Not knowing the area or anyone in it, she took full advantage of the Harrogate Mumbler website and FB group and pretty much discovered everything child related going on in the town, and made a fair few  friends on the way!  Having volunteered for Harrogate Mumbler as a guest blogger for over a year, Kayti is now a fully fledged member of Team Harrogate and is responsible for the content on our website and managing our social media channels.

When not busy working away at Harrogate Mumbler  Kayti can usually be found in Valley Gardens or Goose (depending on the weather!), chasing after her mini-me.  Like Sally, she also spends far too much time on social media, either looking at old photos on Facebook and reminiscing about the good old party days or looking at photos of food on Instagram!  On the rare occasion she gets to go out, she can usually be found in one of the many amazing Harrogate independent Restaurants inhaling all the food!

A general note about advertising on Harrogate Mumbler.

“Harrogate Mumbler is my job and and I am one of the lucky few who gets to make a living doing what I love. Whilst I will never charge mums for using my site, companies do pay me to advertise and to promote themselves on this website and social media and I make no secret of that. It is very similar to how traditional advertising works, like in a magazine or local newspaper or radio.

I also subscribe to affiliate schemes whereby if a Mumbler clicks a link on my website and purchases an item then Mumbler may get a small commission, at no extra cost to the customer. I will only put items on that are relevant to my blog and the Mumbler community  or if I have or would use them myself.

I closely vet the companies and service providers who approach me and I regularly I turn down all sorts of things because I don’t like the company, the product, or don’t agree with the brand’s ethos, or don’t think it’s relevant to my Mumbler audience or even if it doesn’t “feel” right (yes, I am that vague).

Whenever I do talk about a brand or a product, it’s because I genuinely like it and think that the Mumblers might too. I’m always honest, I won’t recommend someone or something if they are secretly a bit rubbish- even if I do get a free meal out of it!

Sally x