Mini(ish) Mumbler Tilly Reviews Urban Circus

My experience at Urban Circus has been nothing but great! I love it there because its really active, enjoyable, engaging and there is so many wonderful people. when I first came I was with my best friend Martha but I was still a bit nervous because I had never done anything like this and I was sure we would be behind everyone but it turns out as soon as we came in we felt so welcome because the staff there and other kids are so nice and friendly. (Phew!)

When you first get there you put your shoes, socks, bags and other accessories in a nice room where there is comfy sofas to wait on. There is also clothes that you can look at and buy with the logos on. Then you go in to a medium room with poles, hoops and aerial hammocks. Every session you use the poles but depending on which day it is will decide if you use either the hoops or aerial hammocks as well. When you come in to the class you will take off your shoes and socks so you have better grip (stud earrings are ok, but I don’t recommend loose necklaces, dangly earrings or bracelets etc..)

For me personally I think the best things to wear are tight or semi loose tops and tight leggings. I wouldn’t recommend vests or really baggy clothes because you need tight ones so that you can move around. I also strongly recommend that you wear shorts under your leggings, it may not be the most fashionable but it will help you loads with grip. Personally I prefer shorter shorts because you use your thighs for grip.

Every lesson is jam packed full with new and exciting tricks and I have loved them all. A great thing about it is that the teachers are so friendly and supportive. If you’re are struggling they will always help you and make sure you are comfortable and that you feel safe. Even if you think you cant do it, they are always there to encourage you and find new moves that you can do instead.

The instructors (depending on your age) will treat you as adults and make sure you are cooled down at the end and so you feel proud of yourself and that you feel like you have really achieved something.

If you’re interested to find out about Urban Circus head over to their website here.

urban circus

Reviewed July 2021

*Disclosure – this review was written by Mini(ish) Mumbler Tilly . We had full permission from Urban Circus! All classes were paid for.

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Mumbler Reviews: Baby Beats Sing Along Adventure.

On Friday morning I ventured out for my first class with Rafferty my two year old and Trillium who is now six weeks old. Having attended Baby Beats with Raffy, when he was a baby, I was excited to get back to it and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It was even better than I remembered! The classes are held on Thursday, Friday  and Saturday mornings for 0-3 year olds in the purpose built Enchantica’s workshop found at Beech Avenue Business Park.

Everything is very Covid safe. Suzie greeted us at the entrance (with space to park your pram)where we sanitised hands, removed our shoes and were shown to our mat which were all socially distanced. Every child had their own bag of instruments and resources for the class.

From the moment it started until it finished it was none stop action, music and engagement. Every week is a different theme and our class theme was pirates, a real favourite with Raffy. Suzie makes a massive effort to incorporate the children’s names into the songs and she’s helped along the way by her lovely friend (puppet) Beatie. Suzie’s enthusiasm and amazing singing voice are just fantastic and you just can’t help getting involved,  we were singing along throughout the session.

The great thing about being in the workshop are the fantastic lights and surround sound which make the class a sensory explosion. We really enjoyed the yoga aspect of the class too as it just makes it that bit different and encourages the children to be active and move in different ways.

As for Miss Trilli she had a feed and slept through her first ever class but I know it is something she will enjoy in the coming weeks and months. This is a great thirty minute class that caters well for the different age range. It’s also a great one to attend if you have more than one child as it’s a lovely safe space and  very relaxed. A big thumbs up for our experience and we can’t wait to go back and have more fun soon.

Reviewed May 2021

*Disclosure – this review was written by Mumbler Volunteer Nic. The review was entirely voluntary and not endorsed by Baby Beats in any way, although permission was sought from the course leader beforehand.*

Mumbler Reviews: Baby May Massage

I was so excited to start Baby May Massage back in June and the classes certainly lived up to expectations. The classes provide a real opportunity to take a little bit of time out for you and your baby so you can really focus on each other in a relaxed and peaceful environment.

The classes are taught by the fantastic Kate Felgate. Kate is really warm and friendly and made everyone feel so comfortable right away. Every week you learn the different moves for a different body area to massage and gradually build it up until you complete a full massage during the last class. As well as massage their is sensory time, yoga and songs. Miss Trilli particularly loved the bubbles and disco lights time.

The best part for me is that it’s all about going at your own pace so if baby needs to feed or falls asleep it’s absolutely fine. Kate is on hand to fill in any gaps and offers good advice for helping baby with things like constipation.

Held in the yoga studio on Hornbeam park it’s a fantastic location, with handy parking, changing facilities and also gives you the opportunity to have a post class coffee in Indulge Cafe with the other mums and baby’s. I met a fantastic group of ladies and we have formed a lovely support network.

The classes are aimed at babies from six weeks to to pre-crawling. Some of the mums on the course had done it previously with older children. This in itself speaks volumes about just how fantastic Baby May massage, led by Kate is.

In summary if you are expecting a baby or are looking for a new class to try from September definitely get this one booked. Kate also offers the Little Wrigglers class for  baby’s from five months so if you missed out on baby massage last half-term get signed up for this, you definitely won’t regret it!

The next 7 week courses start 7th September, Little Wrigglers at 11am and Baby Massage and Yoga at 12pm.

For more information please visit their website or see their Facebook Page for more information.


Reviewed June 2021

*Disclosure – this review was written by Mumbler Volunteer Nic. The review was entirely voluntary and not endorsed by Baby May in any way, although permission was sought from the course leader beforehand.*

Mumbler Reviews: Musicality Kids

Recently, I had the lucky opportunity to attend a Musicality Kids class. I’ve been on the lookout for an inspiring, innovative class that my music-loving 14-month-old and I could attend regularly at a convenient time and place – and this class ticked all the boxes.

musicality kids

Hannah does a fabulous job of running the class solo; she brings light, enthusiasm and excitement to the class and has a natural manner with children and adults alike. It is clear that she has a real passion for music and wants to share it with the world! You can learn about her backstory and read about her passion for music on her website  and on the Musicality Kids Facebook page.

I love the ethos of this group; I felt very comfortable and although we still had to adhere to the government Covid-19 guidance, it felt informal and friendly which was just right for the type of group Hannah is offering. She says “I’d love one of my Musicality Kids to confidently pick which instrument they’d like to learn when they’re a bit older by knowing what it sounds like, what you can do with it and what doors it will open for them”. I love that booking is flexible; although you have to pay for a block of 6 classes (£36), you can use the class passes at your leisure (i.e. you don’t have to commit to every consecutive week) which I found to be a real plus.

There were clearly marked spaces (socially distanced) in the hall and next to it, a canvas bag containing a selection of musical instruments and props. Everything felt very safe – there were hand sanitisers dotted around and we were asked to wear a face covering when moving around the room. All props were sanitised prior to use. We attended the mixed class (babies/toddlers/pre-school) at St Marks Church which was held in a hall up a flight of stairs. There was a room downstairs allocated for parking the buggy.

Every week has a different theme, this week was ‘seasons. As we travelled through each season, Hannah introduced the babies and children to a different musical sound/tempo/volume/genre which provided a fully immersive experience. Rowan was captivated! Some of the activities involved not only musical instruments but props too such as bubbles (always a winner), sparkly/shiny wands and woolly “snowballs”. Rowan loved all the activities, and the time (40 minutes) was just right. Overall, a great experience and we’re both looking forward to going back again soon.

What we loved about the class:

– Flexi-pass booking system, allows flexibility to attend when it’s convenient for you. There is also a discount for 2 siblings which is a great plus for those with more than one little!

– Hannah offers a “free trial” before booking, just get in contact with her directly to organise this – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

– There are two different classes available depending on age, which is well designed in accordance with developmental need and attention span etc.

– Informal, friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Reviewed May 2021

*Disclosure – this review was written by Mumbler Volunteer Elfie. The review was entirely voluntary and not endorsed by Musicality Kids in any way, although permission was sought from the course leader beforehand.*

Mumbler Reviews: Songbugs Singalong

Typically, as my maternity leave ended, the world started opening up again – which included baby classes and groups. As I was preparing to go back to work, I was on the lookout for a local baby group/class that my Mum would be able to take Rowan to. Although we are fortunate that in Harrogate most places are accessible on foot, ideally, I was looking for something in our local area (Bilton), and as if by magic, an advert for Songbugs came up on my Facebook news feed!

I’d not heard of the classes before, but they sounded perfect for my music-loving thirteen-month-old. For such a young age he does bop and bounce along to beats and will always choose to play with his musical instruments; he must have inherited the musical gene from his Daddy! When I mentioned it to my Mum (a retired nursery nurse), she was so excited to take her first Grandchild to a class; not just to be able to relive some of the activities she did at nursery, but also for her own sanity to get out of the house and socialise! It was also important to me that Rowan continued to be involved in some classes for his own physical, cognitive and emotional development.

Songbugs Singalong describe themselves as “Children’s TV but live in HD” which is absolutely what they offer. Dani is an enthusiastic, energetic leader who engages with the children well and is able to capture their attention naturally – Rowan looks at her with such fascination (or perhaps it’s the puppet!). It’s great to see a leader who is clearly passionate about what she does. Dani’s background is in live performance and production shows and this shapes the whole backbone of the SongBugs product. With a wealth of experience performing live and delivering children’s concepts too; it is clear to see her passion in entertaining and engaging young children and adults alike! Songbugs offer three different groups which are classified by age: Bumble Bops (“3 months to moving”), Bumble Bounce (“toddling to 2 years”) and Bumble Beats (“2 years to pre-school age”). Rowan attends the “Bumble Bounce” class.

The classes provide a good mix of musical and sensory activities. A range of musical instruments and sensory items are provided in an individual bag for your little one’s own personal use throughout the class. Dani uses puppets which provide great engagement for the little ones and good repetition throughout classes so they become familiar.

Dani provides full reassurance at the start of every session that all items have been sanitised in accordance with national covid-19 guidance and ensures that everyone is PPE compliant (wearing a facemask) and sanitises their hands on entry into the building. Face masks are required when moving about the centre but don’t need to be worn when you’re sat in your individual space (which are all socially distanced). I felt very safe and reassured that all the correct guidance was been followed which is so important to keep ourselves and everyone else safe.

Overall we have really enjoyed the Songbugs experience to date, and my Mum has signed up for more classes, which speaks for itself. The classes have now become part of our Wednesday routine, and Rowan’s little face lights up when the building is in sight, as he’s learned to recognise what’s coming and looks forward to his little bop on the floor mats!

I would not hesitate to recommend Songbugs to anyone who is looking to introduce their little one into music, and it’s the perfect class to spend some one-on-one bonding time with them whilst having lots of fun!

What we loved about the class:

· Rowan is gaining confidence – he is engaged and is able to concentrate on songs and listen to beats

· Online booking system via their website – convenient and easy to use

· Flexible booking offered by a week-by-week basis is really useful rather than booking a term if you prefer this option (I found this a really helpful option financially but also the level of commitment is up to you)

· Classes are run on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays (x2) and Fridays across Harrogate, Knaresborough and Boroughbridge which offer great options throughout the week

· There are three different classes available depending on age, which is well designed in accordance with developmental need and attention span etc.

The only real negative I found was that the class names confusing and it wasn’t obvious which class I needed to book without having to look it up elsewhere on the site beforehand.

You can learn more about Songbugs by visiting their website or by visiting their Facebook page.

Reviewed May 2021

*Disclosure – this review was written by Elfie Astbury with information and thoughts on the class added by her Mum, Elfriede Goulé. The review was entirely voluntary and not endorsed by Songbugs in any way, although permission was sought from the course leader beforehand.*

Mumbler Reviews: Summerbell Dance Academy

Mabie loves to dance. Over lockdown she had been watching dance videos on youtube and would be begging me to put them on so she could try and copy the different moves. Her favourite was a video of the Royal Ballet doing the Nut Cracker. We must have watched it a 100 times. So when we found out that Summerbell Dance Academy ran by the lovely Miss Jennie had started a new class for 3 year olds I was quick to sign Mabie up.
Having been a toddler at Ballet myself I had memories of stuffy rooms, thick tights and wooly itchy cardigans. But the experience Mabie had at SummerBell dance Academy could not have been further from this. From the moment we signed up using the easy online forms sent though by Miss Jennie it was made very clear that this was a dance school with a difference. Mabie could wear whatever she felt comfortable in. No expectation for uniform for the preschool class, meaning added excitement as she got to choose a lovely tutu she had asked for while copying the royal ballet.
The dance school is based out of St Andrews Church Hall, Starbeck, Harrogate. Mabie was greeted at the door by the very lovely and smiley Miss Jennie who immediately put Mabie at ease and meant any nerves ( if she had any) were gone.  As you walk in the room it becomes clear very quickly that this is a family run business. We got to meet and say hello to Auntie Gill who is Miss Jennie’s mum who helps out with the class and it was lovely to see the older dance school pupils there to help keep the little ones entertained.
Once in and settled the little ones were encouraged to come and sit on the floor and tell Miss Jennie all about their day. They each had time to speak and you could see the group slowly shake off any last min nerves. Then class then starts. The class was a mix of the classic good toes, naught toes, feet positions and magical imagination games with bubbles to end the session. Not at all what you would imagine a ballet class to be. It was all about the little ones being themselves and having fun. Miss Jennie was such a good teacher I found myself doing good toes naught toes and joining in with the class. Parent participation is encouraged in the first class to make the little ones feel comfortable.
The cherry on the cake was the very thoughtful dance certificates Mabie got at the end of the class. She was so proud and before we had left the room was already asking when we could come back.
The whole experience was magical, easy and just a delight to be part of. There is a show that Mabie can be part of which includes the whole school, 100 children, 50 adults and 3 teachers, ages ranging from 3 to 100! I can’t wait to see Mabie in the show.
If you are looking for a dance school that is all about building confidence, making friends as well as all the added benefits of ballet such as posture, balance and strength then this is the dance school for you. It has such an inclusive and warm feeling about it. First class is free so go along and try it for yourself if you don’t believe me.
For more information visit their website or Facebook page.

Reviewed June 2021

*Disclosure – this review was written by Mumbler Volunteer Anna, owner of the wonderful Mabie Makes. The review was entirely voluntary and not endorsed by SummerBell Dance Academy in any way, although permission was sought from the course leader beforehand.*

Mumbler reviews: Zen S&B Sensory

Yesterday I was lucky enough to try out the aged three and under session at Zen S&B Sensory which is just off the Skipton road just outside Harrogate. ZEN by S&B Sensory is a deluxe 4 room therapeutic sensory centre in Harrogate offering quality experiences for all customers. The centre opened its doors to customers in January 2020 and the facilities it offers are really something special.
The session we attended was a special two hour session where little people have the opportunity to explore three amazing sensory rooms and play in the main activity room for just £6. The sessions run on a Tuesday and Friday morning from 9.30-11.30.
The first thing I noticed when I arrived this morning was just how welcoming Zen is. After explaining how it all worked the first thing the lovely ladies running the session offered me was a hot drink and muffin. This is all included in the price and for a sleep deprived mama was very much appreciated. The second thing I noticed is just how wonderfully clean this place is and the little touches like underfloor heating, particularly on such a chilly day, was very much welcomed.
The main activity space is well equipped with a range of interesting toys and things to do. My favourite was the huge almost tent like swing in the centre of the room enjoyed by a number of children just sitting or laying back and relaxing. There are plenty of bean bags and comfy seating areas as well as a number of bouncers and baby seats. There were also a number of trays holding a great variety of things to do from musical instruments to motor cars and bouncing balls. Plenty to keep your little person or people occupied within a safe environment. You are also welcome to take any of the toys or activities into the sensory rooms which is always helpful particularly when they get attached to something they are playing with. Off this main space are the toilet and changing facilities. Again these were scrupulously clean and it was really helpful to see a well stocked changing area with everything you may need if you’ve forgotten something or indeed get caught short.
Off the main activity space you will find three sensory rooms each with a different theme. My favourite room was the water inspired one. I loved the interactive floor panel with its ocean scenes. It was great fun making the water appear to ripple across the panel and we also enjoyed searching for and uncovering a range of sea creatures. The bubble tube, bubble wall and bubble dome are all a great way for visual stimulation and relaxation with the gentle colour change and the constant movement of the bubbles. There is also the vibro-acoustic waterbed which we didn’t try out but looked like it would be very relaxing.
The ultraviolet room was really interactive with all sorts of neon objects to stimulate the brain in a range of vibrant colours and textures. The entire room is Ultra-violet reactive and was certainly a hit with my one year old. There was lots of different things to try from the life sized shadow board to the UV reactive fibre optic wall panel. This was certainly a room which would keep any little person busy.
Finally there is light room which I found to be the most relaxing. This room is described as the brightest and most colourful and it certainly didn’t disappoint. With the LED ball pool full of white and clear balls with a slow rotation of colours around the pool, the rotating projector with a series of interesting scenes and the interactive beanie fibre optic island once again there was plenty to experience.
Throughout my time at Zen this morning it never felt over crowded or too busy and there was no wait to use the various pieces of equipment and different toys. I think this is down to the maximum number of little people which stands at 20 per session. For this reason booking is advised. It is also useful to know that you can book all three rooms and the activity area for parties or you can book one or two of the rooms if you would like exclusive use. This works out pleasantly affordable when divided by a few families.
So would I visit again? My answer is most definitely a yes and I have already rebooked and will also be bringing my 3 year old along as well as my 1 year old. If you’re looking for an activity where your little one gets to run around then this probably isn’t it. However there is so much to do that I think my active 3.5 year old will very much enjoy a session. A big thumbs up from us for this new Harrogate venture that offers something new and exciting to the little peoples market.

Guest Blog by the lovely local Mumbler Nic Bostock-Hayes