Cycle Races 2019 Harrogate

What’s on for families: UCI Road World Championships – Harrogate 2019

Harrogate 2019 UCI Road World Championships

It’s a very exciting time for our lovely little town as the routes for the 2019 UCI World Championships have been announced and basically- it’s all about Harrogate!

So what is the UCI World Championships?

Well, do you remember the Tour De France stage that we hosted here in 2014? Well, this is going to be bigger- much bigger! What does UCI stand for? Why, it’s the Union Cycliste Internationale (yes, I had to Google that to find out!)

The Championships take place for nine days, from 21 – 29 September. The races will start in towns and cities across Yorkshire, and every race will make its way around Yorkshire before heading to the ultimate finish line in Harrogate.

The Harrogate Circuit

Many of the routes include the Harrogate Circuit which is a circular route around part of the town ending ultimately on West Park. This circuit will give residents (and tourists) tons of opportunity to watch the racers whizz past.

From West Park Stray, the route goes up Otley Road to Beckwithshaw, right to the Pennypot Lane mini roundabout, right past the old Queen Ethelburgas site, down to Birk Crag, along Harlow Moor Road and down the side of the Valley Gardens down Harlow Moor Drive, Valley Drive and at the bottom of the VAlley Gardens onto Cornwall Road,  next it will pass along Hereford Road and onto Kent Road. Turning right again onto Ripon Road, down the hill then right onto Swan Road, Crescent Road and then finally up Parliament Street to the finish line on West Park.

Do you want to be involved?

Why not volunteer to become a race champion? You can find out full information here:

What will it mean for our lovely town?

Full details haven’t been announced yet, but as hosts for this major sporting event, the worlds eyes will be upon us!

At Harrogate Mumbler we desperately hope that this will mean opportunities for us locals to get together with neighbours, friends & families to enjoy this major event. There is no doubt that the whole town will be completely disrupted and therefore we’ll all need to carefully plan our movements during the event however the inevitable road closures will also (hopefully!) also present opportunities for street parties and for kids to actually play out on the streets.

Nearer the time Harrogate Mumbler will feedback on local road closures and will give you details all of the activities and events going on that are suitable for families.

So what is the race programme?

Harrogate will serve as the finish line for every race, with start locations across the county to ensure the Championships reach as many people as possible.

The full race programme is as follows: (source

Day 1: Saturday 21 September: Beverley-Tadcaster-Wetherby-Harrogate Circuit – Para-cycling Road Races (C1 Event)

Day 2: Sunday 22 September: Harrogate Circuit – Team Time Trial Mixed Relay – 28km (two circuits)

Day 3: Monday 23 September: Harrogate Circuit – Women Junior Individual Time Trial – 14km (one circuit) and Men Junior Individual Time Trial – 28km (two circuits)

Day 4: Tuesday 24 September: Ripon to Harrogate – Men Under 23 Individual Time Trial – 32.5km (route plus one circuit) and Women Elite Individual Time Trial – 32.5km (route plus one circuit)

Day 5: Wednesday 25 September: Northallerton to Harrogate – Men Elite Individual Time Trial – 54km (route only)

Day 6: Thursday 26 September: Richmond to Harrogate – Men Junior Road Race – 144.5km (route plus three circuits)

Day 7: Friday 27 September: Doncaster to Harrogate – Women Junior Road Race – 91.5km (route only) and Men Under 23 Road Race – 192.5km (route plus three circuits)

Day 8: Saturday 28 September: Bradford to Harrogate – Women Elite Road Race – 149.5km (route plus three circuits)

Day 9: Sunday 29 September: Leeds to Harrogate – Men Elite Road Race – 284.5km (route plus seven circuits)