Harrogate BID Halloween Trail HARD clues

  1. Located on West Park, 4 letters, another name for a chef, sells gourmet ready meals, cakes and puddings.
  2. Located on Albert Street, 8 letters, a female name – selling made to measure blinds.
  3. Located on Oxford Street, 7 letters, meaning Treasurer in ancient Persian – sells stationary.
  4. Located on James Street, 11 letters, What comes out of a tap + What you skim across a river.  Sells books.
  5. Located on Montpelier, 7 letters, this gets the Royal seal of approval! Sells world famous toffee!
  6. Located on Market Street, 3, 4 and 4 letters, founded by Dame Anita Roddick.  Sells beauty products.
  7. Located on Lower Station Parade, 2 & 7 letters, the opposite of down & the opposite of walking.  Sells trainers.
  8. Located on Commercial Street, 4, 3 and 7 letters, the opposite of false, hot drink not coffee, another word for a business.  Sells tea.
  9. Locate at the Entrance of Victoria Shopping Centre, 4 and 1 letters, another name for a smaller restaurant, the letter after L in the alphabet.  Serves food and drinks.
  10. Located on Parliament Street – 8 letters,  meaning wearing a lot of jewellery or decorated with precious stones -sells ladies jewellery, bags and clothing.