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Blooming Babies Couples Antenatal

Antenatal classes (Couples):  Sunday 10.00am-1.00pm Nuffield Health Harrogate, Hornbeam Park Rd, Harrogate, HG2 8RA

Classes are suitable from 28–36 weeks pregnant

Cost £120 – 2 x 3hr classes

Includes complimentary 1 x day pass to Nuffield Health Harrogate

The Midwife run classes are both practical and informative, are kept fun and interactive. This course is delivered over 2 weeks, with a reunion a few weeks after the last baby is born.

Class 1 – Labour & ways to cope with labour. Class 2 – Feeding & caring for your newborn

Antenatal One2One Home Classes:

Cost on application

Classes led by Midwife Annie Robinson

These classes are perfect for couples unable to attend antenatal courses or who want a refresher course. Who would like a class in the comfort of their own home at an agreed time.

Contact: Annie Robinson

t: 07580004021



Qualified Nurse RM BHsc (HONS) Midwifery, Aquanatal level 1 & level 2, Diploma in Teaching Infant Massage (Instructor Course)


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Reflect – Pregnancy Support

Reflect is a pregnancy support charity based in York and Harrogate. We provide free, impartial and confidential support to men and women facing an unexpected pregnancy choice and to those struggling after experiencing pregnancy loss, including miscarriage, still-birth and post-abortion. We can offer face to face advice and support at our venues in Acomb and Harrogate, or if this is not convenient, we can also arrange other appointment locations or provide help over the telephone or by email.

Why We Help:

  • 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime
  • 1 in 4 early pregnancies end in miscarriage
  • 97% of abortions in 2013 were carried out solely to reduce the risk of harm to the well-being of the pregnant woman. However, the number of women seeking post-abortion support is rising.
  • Research shows a woman is best able to cope with an unintended pregnancy decision made free from pressure or fear. A woman (and her partner) are far more likely to cope with a decision that has not been rushed, knowing they have made a truly informed choice, even if it is difficult at the time.

We offer this time and space at Reflect, with non-judgemental support and information to help people make the decision best for them. We provide emotional and practical support whatever the outcome and aim to help all men and women access the services they need.

Phone: 01423 206710
Mobile: 07517 638007
Address: Reflect, The Gateway Centre, Front Street, Acomb YO24 3BZ

Rebecca’s Story

“When I contacted Reflect I literally felt like I couldn’t go on…I thought I had to be strong and ‘get on’ and not show my vulnerable side…I knew they would help me, being specialists in what they did, but I never expected such warmth, love, support and gentle encouragement…Without Reflect I hate to think where I would be now…The pain and heartbreak hasn’t gone away, but Reflect has helped me to see the sunshine through the clouds…I am forever and eternally thankful.”

Emily and Karl’s Story

“Losing two much wanted babies in quick succession last year left Karl and I feeling that our light had gone out and that only darkness lay ahead for us…I was a complete mess and unable to return to work, and Karl’s heart was breaking as nothing he could do or say would comfort me…We can safely say that the day we found Reflect was the day that changed our lives forever…We cannot emphasise enough the importance of the work that Reflect does, or how essential it is that they become more widely recognised so that other people in need can benefit from their incredible support. Their help has had a huge and everlasting impact on our lives.”

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Smart Cells: Umbilical cord blood storage

Your baby’s umbilical cord is a valuable source of stem cells which can be collected and stored. These cells may be used as a crucial part of treating or curing an illness. Cord blood is the blood that remains in the placenta and umbilical cord after a baby is born, which are both usually thrown away after the birth. However, as this is a rich source of stem cells, it can be collected, processed and stored to be used later for potential treatment.

Based just outside London, Smart Cells are the UK’s first cord blood storage company. Collecting and storing cord blood from newborn babies has become more well-known over recent years, but many are still unaware of the fantastic opportunities it can give your child and their siblings throughout their lives.

More than 80 medical conditions, ranging from cerebral palsy to sickle cell disease and many more in between, can currently be treated using cord blood stem cells.

Smart Cells are currently leading the way in advances into stem cell research to identify more conditions and symptoms that can be treated using cord blood, with 20 stem cell samples released for clinical use since 2005 – this is more than any other private cord blood company in the UK.

Pregnancy and starting a family are full of special moments that you don’t want to miss. You only have one chance to store your baby’s cord blood. Contact Smart Cells to find out more.

Learn more about Smart Cells at their website or on social media:

Get in touch to find out more about your options:

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Therapies – with Loraine Slater registered with CNHC click on to see the various videos

Virtual Gastric Band – / Weight Control, this is a 4 week programme.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of hypnosis to retrain you to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food. It changes how you think about food and gives very safe, very predictable results. The clinical hypnotherapy convinces the brain that the stomach is full after a certain level of intake and that there is no need for more food.It is most definitely NOT a diet – we know that diets only work in the short term. The Virtual Gastric Band allows you to eat what you want, but will enable you to intake smaller portions. And, because it’s not a diet, you won’t feel deprived, miserable or hungry, the issues which cause diets to fail. As The Virtual Gastric Band effectively negates these issues, you are left with a long-term solution to your weight problems.

In the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a health problem at any one time, including in the workplace. Most of my clients take up my services where I carry out Counselling / Hypnotherapy where I work with the “Mind set” and teach you skills, tools to make a difference to your life . The 1:1 personal bespoke sessions £60.00 .

· Sports Enhancement

· Post Natal Depression

· I.B.S.

· Pre-Examination Performance Programme

· Motivational Techniques

· Stress Management

· Anxiety – Panic Attacks

· Depression – Insomnia

· Addictions

· Phobias


Body Toning

Electronic Muscle Stimulation you can completely reshape your body quickly and easily. Imagine completing your arm workouts, leg workouts and abs exercises, all at the same time. By using EMS for body toning, you can get muscle tone and replicate the benefits of exercise, without the need for strenuous physical activity. EMS simulates exercise and activates the muscles with contraction and relaxation methods, literally moving your muscles for you.

· Get a flat stomach and lose belly fat – a great workout for Mums after childbirth;

· Strengthen pelvic floor muscle – Postnatal toning; Treat cellulite on thighs, ankles,

knees, stomach, buttocks, hips, and arms: stimulate and make muscle do contracting exercise

· Reduce your waist size – measurable loss of inches – assists in weight reduction;

· Improve skin tone – tighten sagging skin (especially while losing weight);

· Pain management – assists with Pain reduction;

· Muscle Recovery – Promotes oxygen flow throughout your body;

· Reduce pressure on joints;

· Get a leaner, fitter, stronger body without the pain of exercise; and

Increase strength and endurance – passive workout without risk of trauma or fatigue. Relaxation and anti-stress: massage with rhyme by BIO to relieve muscle fatigue. Individual sessions appointment time 50mins from £48. 10 Treatments are recommended over a period of 5 weeks. Book a course of 10 and get 1 session free.

Non Surgical Facial Lift -What are the benefits of the Micro-current Facial Toning Treatment

· Raises and lifts forehead and eyebrows

· Smooths crows feet

· Smooths and lifts upper eye area

· Detoxifies the lower eye area

· Lifts and defines the cheek area

· Tones and reduces sagging jaw line

· Reduces formation of lines to the lip area

Enjoy a mini facial before the micro-current toning treatment. Allow 50 minutes. 10 Treatments are recommend over a period of 4 weeks. £48. per session. Book a Course of 10 – get 1 session free

Reiki – Reiki energy session/chakra balancing can brings deep relaxation, soothing emotions and reducing negative feelings. It can help you be the best that you can be. One treatment is physiologically the equivalent to 3/4 hours of deep sleep. It helps you find true peace of mind and brings positivity to help you cope with life’s daily challenges. From £36.00 per session. Ear Candling (Hopi candles) £28.Regular ear candling are thought to provide benefits such as: * Migraines, Hay fever, Anxiety and Stress, Post Flying and driving ear ache

Please ring Loraine to have a chat regarding various therapies and beauty treatments.

Mobile: 07429541273

Doula: Leyla Erimhan

Doula: Leyla Erimhan
* I cover all of Yorkshire
* I believe every woman deserves support to achieve the birth she wants
* Qualified KG Hypnobirthing teacher
Please call Leyla on 07917865219

For Modern Mothers Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation


Hypnobirthing & complete antenatal courses to inform and empower you for a calm, confident and positive pregnancy and birth. Helping you and your partner to become a real ‘birthing dream team’. Eliminating any fears you have about your birth and filling you with confidence to have a positive birth experience – whatever labour throws at you.

For more information and to book contact me (Susan) call  07954 238 424

Inspired Birth: Hypnobirthing

‘feel empowered for life through a positive birth experience’

Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing Yoga & Pilates

Our newly upgraded  centre is recognised as Harrogate’s Premier Yoga and Pilates studio, offering daily Yoga and Pilates classes, Tai Chi and TRE and workshops on healthy living, holistic therapies and treatments and Yoga Ayurveda retreats at home and abroad. Offering post/antenatal Pilates and yoga, and mummy and baby yoga classes

Anne-Marie Burford

01423 524893

07557 916908