The Boogie Babies

Baby Wearing Dance Classes in Harrogate, Knaresborough & Ripon

Come and join our baby wearing dance classes for a fun and active way for you to bond with your babies while getting in some exercise! In these classes, parents wear their babies in your own baby carrier while learning various dance moves and routines. We understand that wearing your baby for the full class may not be possible so we also offer a boogie baby zone for your little ones to play while you get to dance!

The classes incorporate elements of different dance styles with a range of music to accommodate everyone’s preferences. It’s a great way to combine physical activity, social interaction, and quality time with your little one.

Our aim is to make a safe place for mammas, dads or carers that are struggling at home to find time for themself and to enable to them to have some fun, meet new friends & release endorphins and make there day a little brighter!
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