Stump Cross Caverns – Easter

Easter 2024

All events taking place throughout the Easter holidays!

Prehistoric Egg Hunt:Grab an UltraViolet torch and embark on an exciting quest through the natural showcaves to uncover hidden letters, ultimately revealing the name of our resident Dino to win a FREE prize! 🏆

Cavern Exploration:Venture deep into the caverns and witness the enchanting beauty of the calcite as it sparkles under UV light after 3pm, release your inner explorer as you discover formations carefully carved out by nature over hundreds of thousands of years!

Sluice Gem Mining:Our Gem Panning sluice is back! Channel your inner miner and pan for treasures in our Sluice. Discover up to 30 different gems and minerals to take home as souvenirs of your adventure.

Discovery Days:Spend the full day immersed in exploration. Participate in The Fossil Dig, embark on a UV adventure, and try your luck at panning for gems in our Sluice.

Fossil Digs:We have Fossil Digs taking place daily throughout the Easter holidays, Embark on a prehistoric adventure with our enthralling Fossil experience! Join one of our captivating team in our comfortable cinema for an hour of exhilarating discovery.

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