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For an extensive list of online classes for both adults and children currently being offered.  If you’d like to be added to the list please email


Virtual newborn baby massage class
When: Friday’s 
Time: 10am
Class time: 35-40 mins
Online booking:
Blooming Babies virtual newborn baby massage courses will teach you how to harness the soothing, nurturing power of touch.
The virtual setting as well the shorter class time of 35 to 40 minute is perfect for you and your newborn. The class is a lovely introduction into baby massage, set in your home, one to one, with no distraction as you get to know your new baby. We will explore your baby’s behaviour, their baby cues as you learn to soothe and relieve baby ailments through touch.

Groups will deliberately be kept small to provide opportunity to ask questions as Annie, a registered Midwife can offer support during the class.

It’s absolutely fine to have toddlers with you during the class, as the class is virtual, we practice the massage strokes on mute. If you need to attend to your toddler feel free to leave and re join at any point. Daddies are welcome too.

Blooming babies absolutely love Baby Massage!

FREE live online classes are conducted on Zoom & Facebook. Class timetables are updated each week on our facebook page, so check here for the latest information.

If you haven’t already, head over to our Instagram page and follow us @brimhamsfitnesscentre for bonus workouts, food ideas and fitness tips👍There’s something for everyone. Why not virtually bring someone along?

The NSPCC Pregnancy in Mind service is for pregnant women who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression. We know that pregnancy can be an anxious time for many women and that the current circumstances are likely to be causing additional stress and uncertainty.

We usually run a group work programme but as we are currently unable to offer this we are offering a remote one-to-one service.

The service will offer approximately 4 x weekly sessions. The focus is around reducing anxiety/improving mood and providing techniques and strategies to manage this. Once you’ve contacted us a worker will be allocated and they will be in touch to have a chat with you about your needs so they can make sure the sessions offer you the support you need.

Contact will be by phone initially but then if you prefer we can use alternative media to support video contact.


Please get in touch to find out how we can offer you support.


If a worker isn’t immediately available then someone

will get back in touch as soon as possible.

Please leave your name, contact number and email address.

 01904 232800

Our Parties must GO ON line for now!

We can still bring excitement and fun entertainment to a party with an online Virtual party with friends and family!




*Workshop for pre walkers with Teacher Hollie & Jack* Wednesday at 10.30
At The Little Gym Harrogate & Leeds classes start from just 4 months old and we are missing seeing all the new Bugs joining our classes.  Sadly our gyms are closed and are unlikely to be reopening in the near future.  I’m sure you had plans to attend a range of classes and your maternity hasn’t quite worked out as you have planned.  Teacher Hollie has certainly experienced this and she is still off on maternity leave with Baby Jack.  We are keen that you don’t all miss out!!
If your little one is still a pre walker, Teacher Hollie & other instructors will be running a regular Zoom class on a Wednesday morning at 10.30, which is free to attend. We would love you to join us and experience why we at The Little Gym believe movement is such a key part of child development.

We would love to have you all join us for our first workshop. Drop us an email to and we will send you the login details for the Zoom class on a weekly basis! Or if you have any questions you can also get in touch. We hope to see you all next week!

Why do we focus on physical development and movement at such a young age?
The brain’s master plan is for movement to become automated. As movement becomes automated, it will free up our little ones brain to focus on another task.  This is how we become able to multitask. Multi tasking is laying a thinking task on top of automated tasks. The only way for a movement to become automated, is through repetition. By spotting our little ones through a range of movements we can help with this automation, whilst engaging all their senses and working on basic resistance exercises.  Basic movement exercises will help with bilateral coordination, development of proprioception awareness, depth perception, core strength, balance and other benefits!
 Don’t forget our social media pages are jam-packed with lots of ideas to keep moving, to keep learning and to keep having fun!  Subscribe to our YouTube   Facebook and Instagram pages for even more activities, live classes, tips and ways to keep in touch.

We look forward to seeing your smiling faces in the gym as soon as possible, but until then, we can’t wait to hang out with you online!

Kate & Your Little Gym Harrogate and Leeds Team

Baby Sensory Harrogate, Weatherby and Knaresborough

Classes are now running online.  For more information visit their facebook page.

Beyond Imagination Emporium

Beyond Imagination Emporium are offering real time / live stream video chats with some of their Fairytale characters. They’re also offering one live bedtime story session for FREE once a week for the next few weeks, so follow the Beyond Imagination Emporium Facebook page here for updates.

Buds and Blossom Online Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga online, every Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 7.30pm via zoom. Our Pregnancy classes are designed to:

• Bring comfort to pregnancy
• Prepare you for a positive birthing experience
• Keep you fit and health

More details contact Jal on 07877051246

Crafty Tales

Now online Monday Wednesday and Friday!

Enchantica’s Workshop

Although it’s scary feeling times we are reaching for positivity and linking arms to find solutions here @enchanticasworkshop ….After this evenings announcements we have decided to move the majority of our classes to online starting this week … although it feels sad and terrifying that the doors to our hub of magic @enchanticasworkshop have been shut in what feels like over night… we are embracing the excitement of creating a positive and nourishing online community for all to enjoy. As a small independent business and home to lots of beautiful self employed practitioners we would really appreciate your support and hope you can join us when we launch.
For more info check out their FB page.

Fiit Like a Girl

Fiit Like a Girl are doing family fitness classes.  Check out their facebook page for more info.

Generation Dance Boroughbridge

Generation Dance Boroughbridge are doing Tots ballet and more dance classes online.  See facebook for more details.


Go Yoga

Go Yoga have gone online!  For more information see their FB page.

Hartbeeps: Harrogate, Knaresborough and Wetherby

Booking is OPEN for our Hartbeeps @ Home ONLINE Program!

It will start next week (Monday 30th) and we have so much exciting content to share with you.

Join us in your own home for some magical Hartbeeps adventures, stories, crafts and more! follow the link for more info and to book!

This is open to all customers old and new Hartbeepers 🙂

The cost to all our online material is £5.50 a week and you can watch all the videos as much as you like over the week. All videos will then all be deleted midnight on Sunday, ready for the next week.

We would love for you all to join us!

Heaven and Hell Fitness

We are now just 1 week into changing our business from face to face exercise classes in Harrogate and Knaresborough to creating a brand new online fitness club- heaven and hell fitness online .
We are really pleased with how this is going and it is incredible how many people are finding our classes are helping to “keep them sane” “brightening up their days” “picking up their spirits” and many many more comments.
We operate our classes through an online platform called zoom- you can see all of your friends and recognisable faces from classes. We get to see our clients so we can correct them if they aren’t doing things correctly- so it’s not just like exercise in front of a video- all are classes are live and interactive. We are really positive and are putting across really good messages to our customers about keeping active, having fun and bringing some kind of normal from our home to theirs.
Sport England and the government  are having a big push on keeping active whilst staying at home #stayinworkout
We have a full weekly timetable of 14 live classes a week, everyone in the family can join in and on a Saturday morning we run a family class. £12 per month- we’re keeping the price low so we can reach out to everyone, making it accessible to all.

Kindermusik with Cath Smithson – Live Online Classes!

Where Music and Learning Play – Delivered to your home via Zoom.

Parents with brand new babies through to 7 year olds meet weekly for classes that include singing and vocal play, musical instrument & object exploration, creative movement and dance and listening purposefully in a small, friendly setting.

Come and join our unique Kindermusik Community. Introductory class £5. Visit our website or FB for more info.

Contact Cath Smithson
Tel: 07982 607674

Knaresborough Thula mama – sing to your baby!

Thula Mama is an informal and friendly singing group for women and their babies. We sing songs and lullabies from a variety of traditions and cultures around the world, mostly with a theme relating to families or babies, mixing gentle lullabies with upbeat songs.  No experience is
necessary as everything is taught by ear and everyone is welcome.
Jenny firmly believes everyone can sing, all they need is a bit of
encouragement. Most of her ‘Thula Mamas’ start by claiming they can’t
sing, but before they know it they are singing beautiful harmonies

During lockdown Thula Mamas are continuing to sing and chat together
in weekly zoom meetings. Jenny is also providing sing along videos to
keep everyone singing all week. Thula Mamas who would like to be involved are also working together with Jenny to create virtual choir videos.

Everything is provided on a pay as you can basis with a suggested
donation of £3-£5 per week but no obligation to pay anything if you
are struggling due to the crisis.
Check out our facebook page and group and the national Thula Mama website for more details
or you can ring or text  Jenny Cook for more information on 07971200801

Louise Roberts PT

Fun family friendly PE with my son via fb live on my Pt page around 11am Tuesdays and Thursdays

Moo Music online classes NOW available!! 🎶

Running out of ideas to keep your little ones entertained?

Haven’t had the chance to try Moo due to work commitments/ location?

Well NOW is the chance to join us!!


Our Summer term kicks off soon with plenty of singing, dancing, sensory play & signing through song all in the comfort of your own home.
Sign up to the term for FREE access to our Special VIP Facebook group which includes a mixture of pre-recorded & live sessions for you to enjoy at your leisure, plenty of crafty activity ideas & weekly competitions to win some super Moo Music goodies! All of this for just £3 per week!!

Our sessions are fully accessible for all ages from birth up to pre-schoolers with plenty of weekly themes & original songs to enjoy (be warned – they are super catchy!).
So why not add some excitement to your day with a weekly trip to the farm, a super mission into space as astronauts or a lovely trip to the beach all curtesy of Moo!


To book or to find out more please contact Chantelle on:

Move Yoga

For the parents!You can join for just £30 for 30 days. Classes are being added daily. We’ve kept the price low as we navigate transitioning to an online community so we really hope you’ll try us out. to sign up❤️🙏

MummyFit Harrogate and York

Running online sessions daily, with free sessions on Monday night.  Pre and Post natal.


If you are interested in a free trial for our new LIVE sessions then register here

Musicality Kids

This is the sign up for my free weekly Musicality Kids emails. You’ll get an email with a video, link to a Spotify playlist, instructions and activities you can do in your own time.

Physio Elise – Ante and Post Natal FREE Pilates Sessions

My name is Elise and I’m a 2nd time Physio Mummy who is 35 weeks pregnant and trying to keep active and sane during this COVID-19 isolation.
I want to use this opportunity to support the other pregnant and Post natal Mummies in Harrogate who are not only going through the anxiety of giving birth in these crazy times, but also trying to get in some exercise while looking after little ones at home 👶🏻
I am managing to get in some daily morning Pilates with my family for 30 mins each morning to keep my strength up and body moving in prep for labour, and I would love to share these exercises and tips with other Mummies for free to keep you moving ❤️
I will be offering a combination of Facebook LIVE sessions, as well as videos of exercises you can use at your own leisure, so please like and share my page to get involved 👍
Drop me a message with any questions or concerns, and sending lots of virtual hugs from my family to yours ❤

Reading Fairy York LIVE @Home Interactive classes

Phonics and storytelling classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers, from our home, to yours. Active sessions also include; songs, nursery rhymes and speaking and listening games. ‘Reading Recruits’classes help to prepare children for school.  A trial is £12 per family for 3 weeks.
Gemma 07739961391 

Rhythm Time

Don’t let the fun stop! You and your little ones can have all the same Rhythm Time fun at home! We’ve adapted our fun, award-winning classes for YOUNG & OLDER BABIES, TODDLERS & PRE-SCHOOLERS for you to enjoy in your own space! We’ll even show you how to make your own musical instruments!

Our popular classes have been specially created for Little Ones aged from birth to school – enjoy fun, music-based activities designed to help their development including their COMMUNICATION, SPEECH, CONFIDENCE, LITERACY, LISTENING SKILLS & PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – all whilst having fun to music!

With every booking, you’ll get FREE access to our Online Exclusive Members Hub full of fabulous resources to enjoy at home with your little one!

Enjoy Rhythm Time wherever you are! Music is a great tonic!

Book your online class at or email Ami at

Story Circle

Story Circle at Harrogate Theatre via You Tube!  Each week experience a new story!

Story time with Kiki for under 10’s – FREE

Storytime with Kiki for 6-9-year-olds

Entertaining, Educational, Empowering Stories every Monday to Thursday.  Join me and Kiki on Facebook every day at 3pm starting Monday the 20th of April.

I would love to “do my bit” for the families of Harrogate. I’m going to entertain the “mini troops” with stories from my books. All you need is a comfy sofa and a child. (

I know you’re stretched. I know you don’t have much time at the moment. I know the kids are doing your head in! Let me and Kiki entertain them for a while. If I could just tame my own cat to sit on my lap and look cute whilst I read…ha ha, not likely. And if you know me, you know I read at local schools, and Harrogate Library, I write courses for PSHE Yr 5s and 6s. So, your kids are in safe hands!

Come meet Kiki!

The stories are inspired by my cat, who sadly passed away. She was small, polite and sweet and she made me laugh. She represented the values of kindness, selflessness and extraordinary powers for one so small. I wanted to immortalise her amazing abilities for my children in the form of fun adventure stories. I believe all children should have the chance to enjoy them, as each story explores a moral through plots filled with twists and mischief, culminating in an inner victory and lessons learned. Kiki and her friends are always faced with a big dilemma. They triumph over seemingly impossible situations following the virtues of honesty, teamwork and of course, Kiki’s amazing powers. The pivotal element is Kiki’s self-confidence, which in times of uncertainty, enables her to outwit the baddies and be a strong beacon of calm, reliable hope.

Meet me!

As a single mother working from home for 15 years, I genuinely relate to the challenges involved in getting everything done without feeling like a peeled and baked potato at the end of the day! Use and abuse this session of wholesome fun for your kids and, perhaps more importantly, a rest for YOU!

Join me and Kiki on Facebook every day at 3pm starting Monday the 20th of April.

Stress & Wellbeing Workshops

Andrea Edmondson

Stress & Wellbeing Educator and Coach


Offering virtual workshops for parents and teenagers covering how to manage, use and recover from stress, plus skills and strategies to enhance brain function and wellbeing. Approach based on neuroscience and self-regulation

Image preview

Waterstones Harrogate

They will be doing live bedtime stories at 6.30pm via Facebook live.



White Rose Beauty Colleges – online courses

If you’re considering a change of career – or you’d just like to learn a new skill whilst being at home

White Rose Beauty Colleges in Harrogate, rated outstanding by Ofsted, has a full range of Level 2 and 3 courses starting this April and May time.

From massage to reflexology, beauty therapy to media make up – our courses are available for everyone aged 16 and over.

Your expert tutor will provide you with high quality distant learning materials and support you with the theory element of your course, until the time is right whereby you can access the stunning Centre with its cutting-edge facilities to fulfil the practical element – and funding is available


To find out more about courses – online please contact

Yolo Family Dance Class

Online family dance class.

Yorkshire Born Yorkshire Fed Weaning Workshops

Online Weaning Workshops!

Check out a review we did a while ago to know what to expect!